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The Bet - Chapter 44 (Sunday – week 7 Part 9 of 9)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 44 (Sunday – week 7 Part 9 of 9)

As they all stood up to exit the theatre, Mel “offered” to hold Sissy’s cup for him while he grabbed his purse and got to his feet. She noticed that the cup was now totally empty. Not even the ice remained! How perfect was that?
As Chad got to his feet, he immediately realized what he hadn’t realized before. His diapers were huge! Girdle or no girdle, he had peed so much during the movie that they were now super bloated. But were they leaking? He hoped not. As he struggled in his super high heels, with his legs now spread wider than before to get out of the aisle, he stumbled a bit and felt Derek’s strong hand grab his arm to help steady him. “Thanks,” he said as he turned back briefly. He was surprised that Derek continued to hold his arm to help steady him till he reached the end of the aisle. He expected Mel to give him back his empty cup so he could throw it away, but instead she just reached down and set it on the floor out of the way. The cleaning staff would have to deal with it later.
The trip down the steps was interesting for him. Between the super high heels and his super bloated diaper, negotiating the easy steps was more of a challenge than he thought it would be. But he made it. He only hoped that Derek – and everybody else, wouldn’t notice how oddly he was walking now. And… damn! Was that a bit of wetness he was feeling between his legs? Damn! He was leaking! And there was nothing he could do about it. Well, hopefully the girdle would keep that from showing too. He hoped.
Mel and Ray reached the bottom of the steps and “waited” for Sissy and Derek to catch up. Ray was going to lead the way out, but Mel held him back for a moment till Sissy and Derek could get in front of them. She wasn’t sure if she should be surprised or not at the tear tracks that were all too obvious on Sissy’s face he went past her. She quickly reached out and whispered into Sissy’s ear before he got past her, “Grab his hand!”
The command to grab Derek’s hand, on top of all the other things he was feeling just then was almost more than Chad could take, and he let out a bit of a cry at hearing it.
Derek stopped for a moment as he heard something from Sissy. “Damn! Are you still crying over that thing?” He looked back at Mel and noticed that her eyes were still a bit damp too. He shook his head. “Women!” He started walking again with Sissy by his side. “It’s just a silly movie,” he said, trying to get Sissy to stop crying.
“Yeah, I know!” Sissy replied with more emotion than he wanted. Actually, the emotion was mostly coming now from Mel’s order to grab Derek’s hand and hold it than from the movie. But having said that, he reached out his hand and grabbed Derek’s.
Oh brother! Derek couldn’t believe it. Sissy was actually needing some kind of comfort and hand holding? After just a silly movie? And he claimed he wasn’t on hormones… or whatever it was that Sissy’s kind took. But feeling like more of a sap than ever, he “allowed” Sissy to hold his hand to comfort him as they headed down the long hallway toward the lobby again. And over and over again, Ray’s little cell phone camera was snapping picture after picture behind them.
Sissy couldn’t believe it! Derek was actually holding hands with him. It was as if he was a real woman that Derek was out with. He couldn’t believe how strange he felt about that. He couldn’t even begin to explain it. One thing he could explain though was how much wetter and wetter he seemed to feel as they kept walking. His diapers had to be so soaked! But now he was worried about it showing up on the back of his skirt. Would anybody notice? He sure hoped not!
“Is it my imagination, or is Sissy walking funny?” Ray pointed out to Mel as they followed them.
Mel almost laughed. She had also noticed Sissy’s odd walk, and it had nothing to do with his high heels. But she couldn’t tell Ray that at all. “Those heels are probably killing him,” she explained.
“I’m not the least bit surprised,” Ray replied.
Once they reached the lobby, Derek was intent on heading straight for the car, but Mel stopped everyone. “I’m afraid I need to fix my face in the ladies room before we go home again. Coming Sissy?”
Chad gratefully dropped Derek’s hand and followed her into the ladies room – again. Wow, he hadn’t been in a bathroom so much in a very long time. And a bathroom was probably the right place to be going since his diapers were so wet. Unfortunately, he didn’t have his diaper bag and he knew without a doubt that there was going to be no “fixing” them till he got home.
Again, the room was fairly busy, but not as busy as before the show. While Mel went into one of the stalls again, Chad found the mirror closest to the corner and out of the way. Ugh! His face was a mess from the crying he had done. But was it worth trying to fix it all now? Well, there was probably no hope for it. Mel had said she was coming in to fix her face too. He carefully wiped his face, trying to preserve as much of Sandy’s makeup job as possible. Then he started in on fixing things as best as he could. Two minutes later, Mel was beside him doing the same thing. “Is this good enough?” Sissy finally asked.
Mel looked at him. He had done a fairly good job and quickly. At least he didn’t look a horror anymore. She smiled. “Good enough… except… I want you to add another really thick coating of lipstick.”
“More? But I just did that!”
Mel shook her head. “Make that two more coats! Heavy ones!”
Chad wanted to scream. But he went back to the mirror and added another “thick” coating of lipstick to his lips. Then he glanced up at Mel. “One more to go,” Mel said. Once again, he ran the lipstick “thickly” over his lips. They now felt so overly bloated with lipstick that he almost couldn’t stand it. He was starting to get tired of the “taste” too. It was simply too much.
Mel smiled. “Now we can go home.”
“Mistress…” Sissy quickly stopped her. Very quietly he said, “I’m leaking! Badly!”
Mel didn’t know whether to cheer or be worried about it. “Well, there’s nothing we can do about that here. We’ll just have to take care of it when we get home.” She paused for a second. “Wait a minute! Spray yourself with a bit more perfume. That will disguise any smell, just in case there is any.”
Chad wasn’t all that fond of the idea, but it did have some merit. Not that he wasn’t going to do as Mel told him anyway. He dug the perfume out of his purse and “carefully” sprayed his wrists again.
“Here, give me that,” Mel said as she took the perfume from him. She sprayed his neck with it too and also went behind him and sprayed a bit on the back of his skirt. “There, that should do it!”
“Is my skirt wet back there?” Chad asked.
“No. Not yet anyway.”
Chad was very relieved. For now.

Ray didn’t exactly take his time driving back to Mel’s apartment, something Derek was glad about. Sissy didn’t really mind it either. But Mel’s thoughts lingered mostly on Ray and the fact that she was determined that she wasn’t going to sleep with him – tonight – despite how she had felt in the theatre. Another day, well, that was a different matter. But she also knew that Ray was going to “push” the issue when they got home. Well, she would just have to refuse him. Tough if he didn’t like it! Her main concern tonight had to be Sissy! Winning this bet meant a lot more to her than a simple tumble in the sheets… well, even if it wasn’t just a simple little tumble.
Ray pulled into the same parking place he had used earlier and everyone got out of the car. Chad held back a bit and tried to grab his skirt in such a way the no one would realize what he was really doing. He pulled on it a bit and used his hands as if straightening the back of it, but what he was really doing was trying to feel if there were any wet spots. And… unfortunately… he was able to feel damp fabric fairly quickly. He hoped it hadn’t spread too much or was too noticeable.
Mel led the way up the stairs and Chad brought up the rear – walking a bit wide-legged and awkwardly in his heels. Mel reached her door and unlocked it, and pushed it open – slightly. Then she stopped and turned to Ray. “Thank you for such a great evening,” she said. “You have no idea how much I enjoyed it.”
Ray was surprised. “But… you’re not going to invite me in?”
Mel shook her head. “Not tonight. I have other things I have to do tonight, and you’ve still got to get Derek home again.”
“Yeah!” Derek chimed in.
“But…” Ray started to argue.
Mel just put her hand on his chest to stop him. “Not tonight!” Then she added a bit softer. “Call me tomorrow. Please!”
Ray, realizing he had just lost out, was very disappointed, not to mention a bit angry, but he held his anger back. “I had just hoped…”
“Not tonight,” Mel repeated. “But there’s still one more thing we have to do before you can go. Kiss me… please!”
“Damn!” Derek muttered in the background. He turned toward Sissy. “I was really hoping we could forget about this part.”
“Me too,” Chad agreed.”
Since Derek was going to have to kiss Sissy and he was going to get a goodnight kiss from Mel, Ray was at least feeling somewhat better about things. With a smile on his face, he looked down into Mel’s upturned face. He grabbed her face with both hands and lightly planted a kiss on her lips. Then, not really separating, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him firmly, and kissed her so much more firmly – yet tenderly.
Mel was tempted to drag Ray inside with her during that kiss, but she held out and just enjoyed it. It had been a long time since anyone had ever kissed her like that. In fact, she couldn’t remember anyone ever kissing her so well. The kiss finally broke and before he could let her go she said, “Yeah, please call me tomorrow – for sure!”
Ray was a bit more pleased. “Don’t worry, I will,” he replied.
He let Mel go and turned toward Derek and Sissy. “Your turn,” he said tauntingly.
“Damn!” Derek said with a shake of his head. “I’m not doing this!”
Chad was actually relieved. “Good,” he added quietly.
“Sorry pal,” Ray said. “You’ve got to.”
“No I don’t! I think I’ve been a good enough sport tonight already. I went to dinner, I went to the movie. Heck, I even danced with him. But that’s as far as I go!”
Mel stepped forward, “Please,” she said. “You’ve got to.” Then she thought of another idea. “Pretend you’re kissing me,” she suggested. “In fact, think of it as an audition. Let me see how you would do it and then I’ll decide if I want you to call me or not.”
Derek just stared at her. Ray and been practically rubbing into his face the fact that he was dating Mel instead of him all night long. “Damn!” he exclaimed again.
Before Chad could react, Derek turned and grabbed him and pulled him into him. He wrapped his arms around him and held him tightly, lowering his head slowly toward Chad’s face. Chad barely had time to register that the kiss was coming before their lips met – softly. Ever so softly. As Derek’s arms closed tighter around him, the pressure increased on his lips till they were kissing firmly. As horrible as it was, Chad felt the breath go out of him from the passion of the kiss. Then he felt himself being grabbed tighter, and tighter, and… and Derek actually picked him up off of his feet and held him there while still kissing. Chad was feeling so many confusing emotions running all through him, including his body peeing into his leaking diapers again.
Derek lowered him back down and Chad quickly found his balance in the heels he was wearing so he could support his own weight. And just as softly as the kiss had started, Derek began to withdraw – slowly. Their lips parted, and Derek was still looking at him as he slowly drew his head away. Chad barely registered the fact that Derek’s mouth was covered in red lipstick – a lot of it. He felt dizzy for a moment. He had simply never expected anything like that. As if dazed, he just continued to stare back at Derek’s face.
“There! Now let’s get out of here,” Derek said as he turned and strode off toward the stairs.
Mel’s legs actually felt weak from watching the kiss. Wow! First the kiss she had gotten from Ray, and now that she had seen what Derek could do too… Where had these guys been all her life?
“I guess…” Ray started to say as he put his cell phone back into his pocket again.
“Go!” Mel said, interrupting him and giving him a little push. “Just don’t forget to call me tomorrow.”
With a nod and a smile, Ray turned and left too. Mel stared after both of them till Ray’s car drove out of sight. Only then did she turn back toward Sissy. His mouth had lipstick smeared all over the place. She had wanted it thick to make sure that Derek would wind up with a lot on him, and it looked like she certainly got her wish. She and Sissy just stared at each other for a moment. “Wow,” she finally said. “Both of them can really kiss!”
Chad still couldn’t speak. All he did was to nod.
Mel almost laughed. “Curtsey for me Sissy.”
Chad actually smiled as he curtseyed. “Yes, Mistress,” he said in his sissy voice. Only then did he take the time to realize, he had gotten through it. He had gotten through the whole date – kiss and all. And it hadn’t really hurt a bit – other than his aching feet. Whew!
Mel knew she could have stayed with Ray tonight, she knew she could have done it easily. The only real sticking point would have been getting Derek back home. But something could have been worked out for that. It was almost a matter of principal though, she and Sissy hadn’t been separated in the evening since this bet had started. And… she just wasn’t ready for it yet. Tending to Sissy had to be her first concern – a concern above all others. It was almost like… like having a baby. She almost chuckled at the thought. “Come on, Sissy, let’s get you changed for the night.”
A little while later, Chad was clad in four extra large cloth diapers. His plastic panties were stretched tightly over them. But Mel figured that he was probably going to need all that protection tonight – given the amount that he appeared to be still peeing. Mel had made sure to stuff another suppository up inside of him in the process. The one this afternoon had been faked, there was no way she was going to forget this one. Going without one twice in a row was coming up all too soon – tomorrow in fact. And Mel was actually worried about what might happen.
Wearing only the huge diapers, plastic panties, and a bra to hold up his glued-on breasts, Chad headed awkwardly for the door. He could hardly walk his diapers were so huge – and he had only wet them two or three times since Mel had started diapering him. It was going to be a long night. And tomorrow… tomorrow he would have to face Robin… and would probably get fired! He turned back toward Mel, and curtseyed. “Mistress, I’m worried about tomorrow.”
Mel shook her head. “We’ll worry about tomorrow – tomorrow.” She smiled then. “Did you have fun tonight?”
Chad thought about it. He almost spoke without curtseying again, but he remembered just in time. “Yes, Mistress. I actually did. And the movie was great!”
“Yeah, it was good, wasn’t it? Go home and dream about your date tonight Sissy. Dream about dancing with Derek… and kissing him. Just don’t forget to drink three more bottles before you go to sleep.”
Dream about Derek? And kissing him? Chad inwardly shuddered. Yet… it had been a more interesting experience than he thought it would be. And talk about intense! With a nod, he curtseyed one more time. “Goodnight, Mistress.” He grabbed both his old purse and his new clutch purse. He pulled his door key out and got it ready. He grabbed his high heeled shoes in his other hand. Everything else could stay. Everything else had to go into the wash – soon! And then he was out the door and heading home. Dream about Derek? She had to be kidding! Derek was one thing, but Robin and getting fired were another!
Mel stared at the door long after Sissy had closed it behind him. He was right to worry about tomorrow. He was right to be worried because of what she had done… a mistake she had made. And she had no idea how she could possibly fix it. “Good night Sissy,” she said softly into the empty room. “Good night… and good luck tomorrow.”

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sarah penguin said...

Oooh. The end of date night! As good as the rest. Poor Robin, she's had a tough revelation. I hope she'll come around, remember Sissy is her friend, and what's going on is something *hard* for her, and after she gets over being angry for keeping secrets mothers him a bit. *hugs*