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The Bet - Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 5 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 49 (Friday – week 7 part 5 of 6)

Robin said nothing at all to him as they walked through the hallways back to their desks. She was glad that for once he was staying quiet. The only word she said to him came as they turned down the final hallway was, “Thumb.” She didn’t even bother looking at him as she said it.
She didn’t speak again till they reached his cubicle. “My place,” was all she said as she led the way.
Chad followed her to her cubicle, sure now that he was going to be forced to drink yet another bottle. When he got there, she was standing, staring at him. What was she waiting for? Finally, he curtseyed for her.
“Took you long enough,” she muttered. “Now get those clothes off. All of them! Just like yesterday.”
Once again, Chad started to undress in her cubicle. When he was down to just his plastic panties and diapers again, she handed him the same t-shirt she had made him wear yesterday, the one that said “Baby” with an arrow pointed down. The side of it was still knotted where she had done it yesterday so it didn’t cover his diapers at all.
Robin pointed at the floor and waited till he was finally down. Then she picked up the bib that Mel had sent earlier and unfolded it. As she had hoped, it was a fairly large size bib – made for babies who were extra messy. Well, so was he! It had a childish design on it, but otherwise, it was fairly plain. She tied it in place around his neck. “Thumb!” was all she needed to say to get him to put his thumb back in his mouth and start sucking on it again. She stood back to look at him. “The darn bib covered up the word “Baby” on his t-shirt, she wasn’t totally happy about that, but the bib itself seemed to more than make up for it. She felt somewhat satisfied with the overall affect. But she wasn’t done yet.
“That bib is there to catch your stupid drool. So don’t hold back! I better see you drooling like a total fool till I let you go home later.”
Chad hated it – perhaps more than anything else. But he had little choice but to push the spit in his mouth out around his thumb and let it drool down his chin. Ugh! It felt horrible!
Robin felt more satisfied now. And once again she felt that odd little tingle in the places meant only for her husband. Picture of an idiot! A total idiot! But there were still a few things missing. She reached into her desk drawer and pulled out the paper doll set she had printed out yesterday. There was an envelope containing the doll itself and one simple dress. The only items he had already managed to cut out. The rest was all still printed on pages and waiting for a pair of scissors. She handed him the items he had already cut out. Then she handed him two more of the uncut pages. Instead of giving him the scissors from her desk, she fished in her large bag for something else and finally pulled out the pair of child’s safety scissors she had purchased on her way to work this morning. They were small and plastic and covered in pink sparkles. She handed them down to him. Much more suitable for someone like him than a grown-up pair of scissors!
Chad grabbed the scissors. They were so small. It was a very tight fit, but he could just barely get part of his thumb and one finger of his left hand into them. He figured his right hand would never make it. But now what was he supposed to do? His thumb was still in his mouth so he couldn’t use his right hand at all. Yesterday she had relented and let him suck on his pacifier instead. Would she do that today? He looked up at her questioningly.
“What?” Robin asked, seeing him looking up at her. Then it dawned on her. “Oh, you want your pacifier instead?” She watched as he nodded. “Don’t just nod! Stand up!... Take your thumb out of your mouth… Curtsey… Now tell me what you want.”
It seemed worse because he had to actually ask for the stupid thing. “Can I have my pacifier?” Then he curtseyed again and put his thumb back in his mouth.
Robin pointed at the floor. “Down!” She waited till he was down again before asking. “Where is it?”
“Stand up!...”
Chad was dumbfounded. Why did she make just make him get back down again? He stood up, took his thumb out of his mouth and curtseyed. “It’s in my purse.” Then he curtseyed again and put his thumb back in his mouth. But she was just staring at him as if she was waiting for something. Slowly, he sank back down to the floor.
But all the action she was requiring him to do every time he spoke gave Robin more time to think. And something small popped into her head, something she had meant to ask him about yesterday but never did. “Say, if I’m not mistaken – which I’m not! Mel mentioned that she had made some changes to your sissy voice. I haven’t heard any of that yet. So tell me again, and let me hear this new version.”
Chad groaned inside. Not his new sissy voice! It was… horrible! “It’s…” he started to say, but he stopped himself the moment he saw Robin was going to stop him again. He quickly got to his feet, took his thumb out of his mouth and curtseyed. “It’th in my puwth,” he said lisping in his new sissy voice.” Then he curtseyed again, returned his thumb to his mouth… and sat down on the floor.
Robin shook her head, not sure she had heard him right. She needed to hear a bit more than the few words he had just spoken. “Ask me if you can go get it again,” she told him.
Once again, Chad had to climb to his feet and go through the whole routine before speaking in his new sissy voice. “Can I get my pathi fwom my puwth… pweath?” Then he had to go through everything just to sit down again.
It was pretty bad, but Robin figured that at least she could understand him. Mostly. One big thought ran through her mind though, if her son ever talked even remotely like that, she would kill him! “Okay,” she said. “For now, keep using your new sissy voice. And don’t forget it! At least it’s pretty easy to tell the difference.” She looked at him for a moment. “And yes, you can go get your pacifier now.”
Chad didn’t know if he was relieved or not. He didn’t want to be using his new sissy voice around Robin. He didn’t really want to get his pacifier either, but without it, how could he play with the dolls? Play with the dolls? He was doing this so he could play with dolls? Paper dolls? Ugh! Why did life have to be so hard?
He quickly climbed to his feet and curtseyed before he started to go back to his desk where he purse was. But he stopped cold at the entrance to her cubicle. If he went out there, there was too much chance that someone might see him! He couldn’t go dressed like he was.
“What are you waiting for?” Robin asked. “Go! And hurry up!”
Chad carefully peeked around the edge of the entrance way. He didn’t see anybody. He looked both ways, just in case. Nobody...
“Go!” Robin yelled behind him.
Her order seemed to automatically put his body in motion. As fast as he could he scurried back to his desk. Safe! At least he hoped. But it was only half the trip. He found his pacifier in his purse and stuck it in his mouth. Then he cautiously peered out of his cubicle entrance again. He didn’t see anyone, so he ran back to her desk. Whew! He had made it… he hoped.
Robin watched him and chuckled to herself. He was scared, but he had good reason to be scared, and cautious! She didn’t want their little secret getting out either. But a little fun like that should be fine… as long as they were careful. She watched as he curtseyed and got back down on the floor. She turned away from him then so he would just sit there and play – like a baby on the floor. A very big baby on the floor, but still, nothing more than a stupid baby. Lisping as he talked? It was ridiculous! But what about him wasn’t ridiculous?
Instead of opening up their project, she opened up her email instead and typed a reply to Mel’s email from this morning, telling her that she had been making him drink a bottle at least every hour and a half all day and would continue till they went home. She also assured Mel that he would be ready to go home on time.

As often happened, it was a while before Mel had a chance to see Robin’s email. What she saw pleased her a lot. Every hour and a half? That was great! Much better than she had ever hoped for. Quickly, she typed a return email to Robin thanking her profusely.

There was still half an hour to go before quitting time, and Chad was once again drinking yet another bottle – his fourth one of the afternoon. Hopefully it would be his last one of the day. Things had not gone well all day as far as him holding back. How could it, since Robin had made him drink so much?
He had been sitting on the floor of her cubicle playing with paper dolls ever since break had ended. He now had several pages of clothes for the doll cut out. The scissors she had given him were almost impossible to work with. He had to use them left handed since he couldn’t get them to fit on his right hand at all and since he couldn’t get his fingers fully into them, they kept falling off of his hand. The only break in his play she had allowed him was to feed him baby bottles and to spray him down with room freshener a couple of times after he messed himself again. He now smelled strongly of vanilla!
Some of the things he had cut out were distinctly water stained from where the drool had dripped down off of his chin and missed his bib. The big wet spots were all to plain on some of them, but Robin had been making sure he didn’t stop drooling all afternoon. At least he wasn’t having to work at it so much now. The constant drooling she required was starting to get easier.
A few minutes later, he finished his bottle. Robin was still working and he knew she didn’t want to be disturbed. He quietly reached up and set it on her desk. He was just about to pick up the paper doll things and start playing with them again when he saw her turn around.
“You’re finished?” she asked.
He nodded and removed his pacifier from his mouth to answer. “Y…” But the quick warning sound that came from Robin’s throat stopped him in mid word. With no other prompting, he got to his feet and curtseyed. “Yeth,” he finally answered in his sissy voice. Then he curtseyed again, stuck his pacifier back in his mouth and sat back down of the floor.
Robin checked the time. “Okay,” she said, “start getting dressed again. It’s Friday and I don’t want you to be late getting out of here today.”
Chad got to his feet and started reaching for his clothes.
“Aren’t you going to thank me for letting you get dressed again?” Robin asked. “Or do you need a little more time in time-out?”
Chad quickly dropped a curtsey and said, “Fank ku.” Only then, after a nod of approval from Robin did he actually get dressed again.
Robin waited till he was ready to go. The t-shirt she had been making him wear was thrown on top of her desk along with his messy bib. She picked them up and handed them to him. “I expect you to bring those back on Monday – washed and ironed and ready to go!”
Chad went through his curtsey routine, saying “Yeth Wobin” in the middle of it all. He didn’t really mind cleaning them at all, but what he realized by her statement was that Robin wasn’t going to let up on him next week. She was planning on continuing what she was doing. But then, he guessed he had kind of expected that she would.

Mel pulled into the parking lot at the nail salon. She glanced over at Sissy, he was still drinking his bottle that she made him take with him. She figured he had to feel awfully embarrassed to be seen riding around town now while he drank from baby bottles all the time, but there was no way she was about to let up on his liquid intake. Besides, didn’t he crave humiliation in the first place?
“Have you been thinking about a new color this week?” Mel asked as she pulled into a parking space.
Chad looked briefly at the light reddish pink nails on his free hand. “I’ve been thinking about maybe something in a darker red,” he replied.
“Sorry,” Mel replied with a bit of a smile as she turned the engine off. “I’ve already set something up for you.”
“It’s a surprise!” Mel replied with a hint of mischief on her face.
Chad wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. But really, what could they possibly do here that would embarrass him – more than his life already was? Every time he came in here they made his hands look more feminine, which made him feel really good!
Chad’s usual nail technician was up front and waiting for him as they walked thorough the door. Without prompting, he curtseyed. “Hewwo,” he said in his sissy voice. He was just glad that the one word he had spoken was the same in both the old version and new version of his voice. Could he get through this without speaking again? Doubtful!
He followed her back and was soon relaxing as she worked on his feet. “We have lots to do today,” the tiny woman said. She looked up at him. “Something special!”
Since Mel wasn’t in ear-shot, he asked without lisping, “Special? What?”
“Is surprise!”
Chad figured that she wasn’t going to tell him anymore so he remained quiet and just watched her work. Before long, she had removed the old nail polish from his toes and was now replacing it with a very light pink. He quickly decided it was very pretty. It didn’t seem to stand out all that much, but it was still… pretty. He felt pleased by the color – and feminine. But just when Chad figured she was almost done with his feet, she picked up another color. A minute later, she was painting the tips of his toenails with a pearly white color. French nails! Sort of. He was quick to realize that the base color was a bit more pink than most of the French nails he had seen and the pearliness of the white made it stand out that much more. He stared fascinated as she worked on toe after toe. By the time she finished one foot, he decided that he loved it.
A few coats of sealer later, and his feet were done. He stood up and stared happily at them for a moment, wiggling his toes a bit to admire them. He smiled at his technician. “I love it!” he told her.
She just smiled back at him. “Now we have to do your hands.”
A few minutes later, Chad was sitting at the table to have his fingernails done. He was horrified when she first cut his nails straight across instead of the more rounded shape the tips had been. He was particularly bothered by it because cutting them straight across cut the length down more than he liked. And when she tapered the ends, they weren’t nearly as rounded as they had been. But Chad quickly realized that the shape was more in line with a classical French nail shape. Again, he watched in fascination as she went through the process to color them, then apply the pearly white to the tips.
“Have to let dry thoroughly now,” the oriental woman said as she stuck his fingers under the dryer. Then she got up and left him for a few minutes. The minutes seemed to stretch longer than ever before this time and he was getting antsy by the time she returned – with a flat paper bag in her hand. She set the bag down and examined his nails. “Good,” she said. “We can finish.”
Chad was expecting her to start the top coats, but instead she grabbed the bag and pulled out several sheets of stick on letters. She pulled one off and very carefully, stuck it on top of his right pinky fingernail. She pressed down hard, then pulled her hand away. Chad suddenly saw a stylized letter ‘S’ on that nail. The black color of it stood out plainly against the pink background. Then she was back with another letter for the finger next to it – an ‘I’.” He quickly realized that she intended on spelling out his name – SISSY –on his fingernails. He wanted to scream at the humiliation! But the only reaction he could really make, was to pee uncontrollably into the single diaper he was wearing.
A few minutes later, all the letters were in place, spelling out Sissy on both hands. And then she proceeded to put the first of three top coats on his nails, adding shine with each coat to make them stand out more – and further sealing the letters to his fingers, making them impossible for him to remove!
He was speechless as he stared at his finished nails. Everyone would see it! It not only spelled out his name, it spelled out what he was – all too plainly! He was actually shaking a bit from the horror of it as he followed the technician to the front counter to pay.
Mel was already there waiting for him. She immediately made him show her his nails. “Oh! They’re fantastic! Much better than I imagined they would be!”
She would think that! Still shocked over what had been done to his nails, he paid for the manicure along with the more than healthy tip that Mel required he give. His shocked daze continued as he followed Mel out to the car and put his baby bottle back to his mouth. He looked again at his nails as she pulled out of the parking lot. The letters were still there. They still showed up all too obviously. And he couldn’t remove them. He suddenly realized he was peeing uncontrollably again at the humiliation of it.
Everyone was going to see them! There would be no way to hide them – not effectively anyway. What was he going to do?


sarah penguin said...

Oooh very nice nails for a Sissy :)

Anonymous said...

The story is getting kind of weird. How can Chad sit in just a diaper all afternoon and do nothing at WORK? Noboody EVER walks by Robin's work area?