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The Bet - Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 3 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 3 of 10)

      “Are you leaking yet?” Mel asked, as they stowed the large diaper bags in the trunk of her car.
     Chad took a moment to try to feel how wet he was – which was very.  But he wasn’t leaking.  “Not yet,” he replied, “but I’m really wet.”
     Mel glanced at her watch.  “Better hurry!”
     Chad was trying to pee and leak once again.  But now that they were done with the drug store, he just wanted to get home!  In fact, leaking at home would be much preferable to leaking somewhere out in public.  He put his baby bottle back to his mouth to finish it as soon as he was again belted in the front seat.  Unfortunately, as soon as Mel got back on the road, he realized that Mel wasn’t heading home.
      “You must be starving,” Mel exclaimed as she drove up the road.  “I didn’t feed you breakfast this morning.  Why don’t we stop somewhere and get something.”
      “I’m okay,” Chad replied not wanting to go anywhere else in the crazy dress he was wearing. 
      “Nonsense!  You need your breakfast.  And I’m buying, so don’t argue!”
     As if he would – even though he really wanted to.  He was fairly sure that Mel’s main intention was to keep him out in public as long as possible in the silly dress he was wearing!  And he was close to leaking… he knew he was!
     Mel pulled into one of her favorite fast food restaurants, noting that the parking lot was fairly full, which didn’t surprise her since it was Saturday morning.  There were no parking spaces anywhere near the doors so she was forced to park fairly far away.  “Are you leaking yet?” she asked again as they got out of the car.
      “Not yet,” Chad replied.  “But I know I’m close.  Maybe we should go home first?”  The question was worth the try if nothing else.
      “We’re not going home yet.  You need some breakfast first.”  She glanced at her watch.  You better hurry.  It’s starting to look like you’re going to get another beating as soon as we do get home.”  She looked at him and grinned.  “Or maybe you’d rather I beat you here in front of all these people?  You do like to be humiliated!”
     Chad was shocked by her question!  She wouldn’t would she?  But she had been getting bolder and bolder lately about what she did with him around other people so he wasn’t at all sure what she would do.  “No please!” he pleaded.  “I’m trying hard, I promise!”  Another beating for being late was the last thing that Chad wanted – well, almost the last thing.  Unfortunately, the last thing that he really wanted was to be doing just what he was doing now – being out in this busy place dressed the way he was! 
     Heads turned fast as they walked in through the doors.  People stared, fingers pointed, people whispered, and more than a few laughed or exclaimed their surprise out loud.  Chad felt incredibly foolish, but there was nothing he could do about it.  And worse, since the place was busy, they were forced to stand in a long line of people while they waited to order.  And since they were in the line, everybody kept turning to look at them, which slowed things down even more.  Mel didn’t seem to mind at all.  In fact Chad got the distinct feeling that she was happy about how slow things were going.  But he wasn’t the least bit happy about it.  He was especially unhappy when five minutes after joining the line, he suddenly felt the telltale tickle of a little leak from his diaper.  He leaned over close to Mel.  “I’m leaking,” he whispered, hoping that nobody else could hear. 
     Mel heard him, but there was no way she was going to allow him to get away with speaking so softly.  “You’re what?” she asked loudly.  “And when are you going to learn to curtsey every time you speak?”
     Chad was horrified.  She couldn’t mean…  But he knew all too well that she did.  Shaking more than a bit from the embarrassment, he curtseyed to her.  “I’m leaking,” he said again in his sissy voice, but only a bit louder.  Again, he noticed a lot of heads turning to look at him strangely.
     But Mel still wasn’t satisfied.  “What’s leaking?” Mel asked.  “And speak louder so I can hear you clearly.  It’s bad enough trying to make sense of your sissy voice as it is.  I don’t stand a chance unless you speak up.”
     Chad was so embarrassed that he actually felt himself peeing again.  He curtseyed – which seemed to make his leak that much worse.  “My diaper is leaking,” he lisped in his sissy voice, loud enough that everyone around him could hear.  He noticed a few heads bending down to look under his skirt.  Could they actually see his diaper under there?  And then he noticed one boy pointing at him and whispering to somebody else.  The two of them started laughing.  He guessed that maybe they could see it.  The trickle of pee running down his leg felt awful as he waited to hear what Mel wanted to do.  Would she make him wait and keep leaking in the restaurant?  Or would she take him home now?
     Instead of speaking to Sissy, Mel spoke to the people around them.  “Excuse us,” she said as she backed out of the line of people.  It seems I have a baby with a diaper that needs changing before we can have our breakfast.”  Then she led the way back outside again, and Chad followed gratefully.  Home!  Yes!
     But Mel stopped at the car and only pulled his diaper bag out.  Then she turned and headed straight back into the restaurant again.  A horrified Chad was forced to follow at her heals.  She not only led him straight back into the restaurant, but straight back into the ladies room as well.  Chad couldn’t believe it, but he had to believe it because he was in there with her.
     Mel paused a short distance into the ladies room and looked carefully at the plastic baby changing table attached to the wall.  She turned to Sissy, “I guess we’ll have to use something else,” she said. 
     Chad looked at the changing table.  Since it was only about four feet long and looked like it would break under about half his weight, he was glad that Mel was only teasing… he hoped.  The three other women in the ladies room at the time stared hard in disbelief as he passed them.  Fortunately, the handicap stall was not being used and Mel led him straight into it.  Chad was very glad when she closed the door behind them.  Things were bad enough as they were.  He didn’t want that door left open where anyone could see him getting changed too.
      “Okay, hold that skirt up out of the way,” Mel told him.
     Chad did his best to gather as much of his skirt as he could and hold it up high, but there were so many separate ruffles in and under the skirt that he couldn’t really do much.  He felt Mel trying to get at his diaper under his dress, but she was having trouble seeing everything properly under all the ruffles that kept getting in the way.  “This thing is impossible!” she muttered at one point.  But finally, he felt the tapes on one side opening up, and then she let it simply slide down his remaining leg.  Cool air washed over him as soon as the warm wet diaper was gone. 
     He continued to stand there and hold his skirt up as Mel reached into his diaper bag to get a fresh diaper.  But unfortunately, as she did so, he suddenly realized he was peeing again.  He let out a quick sound of distress which instantly grabbed Mel’s attention.  He was peeing on the floor again.  In his panic over it, he noticed the toilet not two feet away.  He started to turn toward it so the remaining pee could go into it.
      “Don’t you dare!” Mel’s voice warned as she saw what he was going to do.  “You don’t use those things anymore!”
     Chad was forced to turn back toward her again.  But even if he had gotten to the toilet it would have been too late.  He was done peeing already.  And now there was a puddle on the floor that he just knew he would have to take care of. 
      “I think you enjoy doing that,” Mel teased as she started fitting the fresh diaper around him.  “Do you?  Do you like peeing on the floor like that?”
     Chad knew she was only teasing but…  “No Mistress,” he answered. 
     But Mel was all smiles as she fastened the first tape on his diaper.  “I don’t know.  I think you do like it!  In fact, I’ll bet you love doing it!  And… I’ve noticed that you’re doing it a lot lately.  Well, let me tell you, I don’t mind at all.  So if you like it, then please keep doing it.  I’m glad to see it.”
     Chad was sure she was glad to see it, even though it was humiliating for him.  She was glad to see it because it was just the proof she needed to see how much control he had already lost.  But the truth was, he simply couldn’t help it!  During these long weekends he had no chance to ever even try to hold back.  He spent absolutely every waking minute of his life trying hard to keep peeing in order to meet her never ending deadlines.  And the result was that now his body didn’t even warn him when he was going to pee.  It just happened – anytime, anywhere.  And if he just happened to be not wearing a diaper at the time, then the floor got wet!  And his problem was compounded because since he was trying to pee all the time, it usually came out in smaller amounts, but much more often. 
     He felt Mel finally get the last of the tapes fastened.  Then it took both of them to make sure all the ruffles from his dress were outside of the waistband.  And finally, he was ready.  Except… 
      “I’ll be out front waiting for you,” Mel said as she opened the door.  Make sure you do a good job of cleaning that up.  And whatever you do, don’t get that dress dirty!”  She turned and left him alone.  She didn’t see any reason at all to wait in a smelly restroom while he cleaned the floor!
     Chad stared down at the puddle he had to clean.  It wasn’t much really, but since he had moved a bit toward the toilet at one point, the wet areas on the floor were more than one little spot.  He didn’t have any of his regular cleaning supplies, so he pulled a bunch of toilet paper off of the roll and wadded it up in his hand.  Then he knelt down to get at the wet spots… or at least he started to.  When he got down, he realized that his darn skirt was so wide that he couldn’t really reach out to get at the spots without his skirt rubbing all over the dirty floor – and most likely getting in the wet spots too.  The last thing he needed was for his darn skirts to soak up all that pee!  He had to stand up and bend over at the waist while trying to keep his crazy skirt out of the way with one hand.  The four inch heels on his feet made the job that much more difficult and his legs were splayed wide as he tried to work. 
      “Oh! Excuse me!” a feminine voice suddenly exclaimed.
     Chad, still bent over at the waist, turned his head to see another customer standing and staring totally shocked in the door to the open stall.  Why hadn’t he thought to close it?  And worse, since his back was to her and he was bent over at the waist, the woman was staring straight at his diaper covered bottom!  He quickly stood up red faced.  “Excuse me,” he mumbled as he reached for the door to close it.  But the woman was now staring wide-eyed at the dress he was wearing.  He had to stand there for several moments with his hand on the door before she recovered enough to move out of the way.  Only after the door was firmly closed again did he go back to the arduous task of cleaning up his mess – the result of which wound up covering most of the stall floor since the wet areas spread as he wiped them. 
     When he was finally ready, he grabbed his diaper bag and purse and opened the door again.  There were two women standing out there waiting on a stall.  Both of them were startled by his appearance.  He walked straight past them to the sinks where he washed his hands thoroughly.  After cleaning up that mess, there was no way he was not going to wash his hands before leaving – crazy dress or not! 
     He found Mel sitting out at one of the tables waiting for him.  “Took you long enough,” she mumbled as she got to her feet.  Once again they joined the long line of people waiting to order their food, only this time Chad was in a fresh diaper with a new time limit, and he had his very embarrassing diaper bag slung over his arm.  Since it had taken him so long in the ladies room, everybody in line was different than the ones who had been there earlier – so he was just as much of a new surprise to all of them.
     It seemed to take forever for them to get to the cash register where they could order their food.  Chad figured that it would have seemed slow even if he wasn’t dressed as such an outrageous sissy.  He was very afraid that Mel was going to make him speak to the girl taking their orders, but Mel ordered for both of them – a child’s meal for him.  He was glad he didn’t have to speak, things were bad enough. 
     After ordering, they had to stand around and wait a little while for their food to get ready, which gave everyone even more time to gawk at him and stare unbelievingly.  He was very glad when they did finally get their food and he and Mel went back through the restaurant to find an empty table.  His skirt was again a problem as he tried to slide into the booth, but he barely gave it a thought.  At least sitting down in the booth hid part of his dress somewhat.  Probably the worst part of it. 
     Mel handed his breakfast over to him, but kept his drink on her tray.  “Do you have an empty bottle in your bag?”
     Chad opened his diaper bag and checked, but all the bottles in it were still full.  “No Mistress,” he replied.
      “Well then grab one of the full ones and drink that instead.  And hurry up with it because we can’t leave till you finish that plus this drink too.”
     Chad nearly grunted out loud.  Now she had him drinking from his baby bottle out in a really crowded place!  Once again, heads turned all around him as he put his baby bottle to his mouth to drink.  This had to be one of the most humiliating mornings ever!  And every time he put his bottle down to eat, Mel didn’t let him keep it down more than a few seconds.
      “Better hurry up and keep drinking,” she reminded him.  “We can’t leave till you finish both drinks.”
     He was forced to drink almost continually as he tried to eat.  And as soon as his bottle was empty, Mel grabbed it and poured the milk she had gotten for him into it.  And his bottle immediately went back into his mouth again.  His diaper was very noticeably wet by the time they finally left and got back into the car – where she made him get yet another bottle out of his bag and drink it while she drove.  Chad was frustrated!  She just never let up!
     From the fast food restaurant, Mel drove straight back to the dry cleaner.  But this time, before they went in, Mel handed Sissy the tickets for the laundry so he could get his dresses.  The same bald man was at the counter when they went in.  Chad had the impression that he was always the one at the counter.  The man saw them coming in and yelled something back to one of the workers in the other room as Chad approached the counter.  He held out the laundry tickets for the man to take.
      “Don’t just hand them to him,” Mel said.  “Be polite and ask him if they’re ready yet.”
     Be polite?  Unfortunately, Chad had a pretty good idea what she meant by that.  He curtseyed for the guy just as three of the workers came out from the back room – one of them holding his dresses wrapped in clear plastic.  “Aw my dwetheth weady yet?” he asked in his sissy voice.
     The man looked startled and glanced uncertainly at Mel.  “Are they ready?” he asked her uncertainly. 
     Mel only responded with a slight nod.
     He turned and took the dresses from one of his workers and hung them up on the long hook by his register.  Mel pulled up the plastic on the pink baby dress and examined it closely.  Clean and perfect!  “Excellent!” she exclaimed out loud.  “Thank you.”  She turned to Sissy.  “Make sure you thank him for the good work he did for you.”
     Chad dropped another curtsey before speaking.  “Danku fow cweanin my dwetheth tho wew fow me,” he said. 
The man just stared at him, not at all sure of what he had heard.  Instead of saying anything, he shook his head and punched in the total at the cash register. 
     Sissy paid the amount and started to reach to grab his dresses when he noticed that there were now five workers besides the man standing around watching him.  In the dress he was wearing, he had been nothing but a big show to everyone all morning long.  He dropped them all a curtsey before quickly grabbing his dresses and leaving. 
     Mel was totally dumbfounded at seeing him curtsey for everyone before he left.  What had gotten into him?  But… she wasn’t complaining one bit.  Wasn’t that the kind of thing she wanted him to be doing in the first place?
     Fifteen minutes later, Mel finally pulled into her parking space at home – just as Sissy finished his latest baby bottle.  Mel smiled as she turned her engine off.  “Now that’s what I call a satisfying morning,” she said.  “We got a lot accomplished!”
     Satisfying?  Maybe to her.  For Chad it was just plain humiliating!  But unfortunately, as much as he hated it, it was also the kind of humiliation he dreamed about.  But satisfying?  Maybe they had two different definitions of the word.
     As soon as they were back in her apartment, Mel had Chad remove his sissy dress to protect it.  She also had him remove his sissy socks.  But she told him to leave everything else on – which left him in just his bra with the breast forms stuck in it, his diaper, and his pink patent high heels.  While she went into the kitchen to put another pot of tea on the stove, she let Sissy get started on all the laundry and house cleaning that needed to be done. 

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