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The Bet - Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 5 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 5 of 10)

      “Can I take this with me now?” Sandy asked as she felt the fabric of Sissy’s pink baby dress. 
      “Sure,” Mel replied.  “Is there anything else you need?”
     Sandy looked a bit sheepish.  “Well… now that you mention it.  Do you think you can let me borrow some more bottles and more diapers too?”
      “More bottles?  Sure, do you want them empty or full?”
      “Full would be good,” Sandy replied.  “That way I don’t have to bother filling them later.”
      “How many do you think you want?”
     Again Sandy looked a bit sheepish as she answered.  “Um…  Do you think I could have… at least… maybe… a dozen?”
      “A dozen?” Mel asked shocked. 
     Sandy nodded embarrassedly.  “You said you need to keep him drinking and peeing.  So I plan to make sure he does just that.”
      “No problem at all,” Mel replied.  “It’s a good thing I’ve been making more tea.  We can fill his diaper bag with them if you like.”
      “That would be great,” Sandy replied.  “And instead of putting the diapers back in it, maybe I can just take a fresh package with me.”
     Again Mel was surprised.  “A whole package?”
     Sandy was again a bit embarrassed as she replied.  “I don’t want to run out.”
      “With a whole package of them, there’s little chance of that!  I just wish I could be there to see what you do with him!”
      “Tell you what,” Sandy replied.  “I was planning on taking some pictures.  But of course, you can always stop by yourself if you like.”
     Mel shook her head.  “Not if it’s the kind of place you say it is.  And it really doesn’t sound like the kind of place I want to bring a guy.”
     Sandy shook her head.  “That wouldn’t be the best idea.”
      “I’m afraid I’ll have to settle for some pictures again.  Let’s go pack the diaper bag.  We need to see how Sissy is doing on that floor anyway.”

     It was later in the afternoon when Mel’s phone rang again.  Sissy was back to doing laundry after being sent home for a quick shower after messing his diaper, and Mel had just been contemplating whether they had enough time to do another quick ballet practice before Sandy would be picking him up.  She picked up her phone to answer it.  “Hello?”
      “Hi Mel.”
      “Gloria!  What’s happening?  Are you still going out with Ray tonight?”
      “Oh yeah!  He even called earlier to confirm it!”
      “Well, I hope you have a great time with him.  I know I did!”
      “Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it.”  She paused for a moment.  “It’s been so long since I’ve been out with a man that I don’t know what to do?  How should I act?  What should I wear?  I mean… do you think I should dress real sexy, or kind of play it more mature and professional?  And what the heck should I talk about with him?  I don’t want to scare him off with a lot of my professional talk.”
     Mel laughed.  “I think you shouldn’t worry about it so much and just be yourself!  Dress however you want for him.  Trust me, he’s the type who will appreciate almost anything.” 
      “I just want him to like me.”
      “Don’t worry about it,” Mel replied.  “I’m sure he’ll like you.”  She didn’t add that Ray was the type who liked every woman he met – mostly just to get them in bed, which wasn’t exactly a bad thing in his case.  “If you’re that worried about it, go ahead and dress a bit sexy for him.  I know that will get his attention.”
      “You’re sure?”
      “Gloria, relax and enjoy it.  You’ll have a good time with him.  I promise!  What time is he picking you up?”
      “About seven.  Then we’re going to dinner.  How about you?  Are you still going out with Derek?”
      “Yeah, but he’s picking me up at five.”
      “Wow, that’s early.  What are you doing?”
      “I don’t know yet. He didn’t tell me.”
      “Well…  You have fun too,” Gloria said.  “We’ll compare notes on Monday.”
      “Sounds good Gloria.”
     Mel hung up her phone and reflected on the conversation she had just had.  That had not been like Gloria at all.  The calm, cool woman she knew was flustered over going out on a simple blind date.  She knew that Gloria didn’t date much – hardly at all.  But that was mostly because of her profession and the hours she worked.  One of the hazards of her job.  She supposed that Gloria had a right to be as excited as she was.   She had told Gloria about how great Ray was.  She just hoped that Ray would be half as great for Gloria as he had been last week with her.
     She looked at the clock again, then glanced over at Sissy who was still working on her laundry.  There wasn’t really much time left since she had arranged for Sandy to get him out of her way at four o’clock so she would have plenty of time to get ready for her date with Derek.  She decided to forgo dance practice for today.  He was doing pretty well anyway.
     Sandy was actually five minutes early when she knocked on Mel’s door.  The door was opened by Sissy who looked rather relieved to see that she was the one knocking.  She guessed she couldn’t blame him since he was only wearing a bra with his falsies stuck in it, a diaper, and his pink high heels.  He curtseyed and said hello to her in his silly sissy voice as she walked past him, hardly paying any more attention to him again.
      “Hi Sandy,” Mel greeted her as she came in.  “Are you ready for him?”
     Sandy was all smiles.  “That’s why I’m here.”  She turned to look Sissy over.  “Those shoes have to go though!  Where’s his other ones, the black ones that look more like little girl shoes?”
      “They’re in my closet,” Mel replied as she turned toward her bedroom. 
      “You got some socks for him too?”
      “They’re already out and on my bed.  He wore them this morning with his other dress.  Sissy!” she called without looking back.  “Come along!”
     Chad followed them into Mel’s bedroom.  It looked like he was going over to Sandy’s house again while Mel was out on her date with Derek.  He was glad he wasn’t going to be around when Derek came.  He didn’t want any chance of Derek seeing him.
      “Put your socks back on,” Mel said without turning around to look at him.  Then she opened her closet to look for his shoes.
      “And take your bra off too,” Sandy added.  “I don’t want it.”
     It only took a minute for Sissy to get everything off, leaving him in only his one single diaper.  He pulled the socks onto his feet and made sure they were turned down properly at the top.  Mel handed him his black shoes and he buckled them on.
      “What else?” Mel asked. 
      “That’s it for now,” Sandy said.  “He can stay that way for a while.  I’ll dress him later when I’m ready.  Oh, I almost forgot!  His night clothes.  Do you have any here, or should I stop at his place and get some.”
      “You’ll have to stop at his place,” Mel confirmed. 
      “No problem.”  Sandy turned to Sissy.  “Are you ready?”
     Chad wasn’t at all ready – mentally.  He was only wearing shoes and socks and one very wet diaper.  But he was sure that Sandy wasn’t going to allow him to put anything else on – even to go outside.  He curtseyed.  “Yeth,” he replied in his lisping sissy voice.
      “Let’s go then,” Sandy said brightly.  At Mel’s door, she picked up one of the packages of diapers that Chad had purchased earlier.  “You can carry your diaper bag,” she told him.  “It’s heavy and I don’t want to lug the thing.”
     Chad stuck his purse over one shoulder and picked up his diaper bag.  It was heavy!  Very!  But he had seen them packing it with some bottles earlier.  How many had they put in there?”
      “See you later,” Sandy said brightly to Mel as she opened the door and walked out. 
     Worried about going outside again dressed just as he was, Chad followed her.  He wasn’t at all surprised when she stopped first at his apartment door.  He unlocked it and they went inside.  Sandy set the package of diapers down on the floor and he set his diaper bag and purse down next to them.  He already knew Sandy would be looking for his night clothes so he led her straight into his bedroom.  He opened one of his cardboard drawers.  There were several onesies inside and several of his baby doll nighties too.  “Which one do you want?” he asked.
     Sandy looked through the drawer and pulled out one of the onesies and one of the baby dolls.  She threw the onesie back into the drawer.  “This will do,” she replied as she headed back out toward his door. 
     Chad saw her picking up the package of diapers she had carried in.  He had thought she would be leaving them at his apartment.  “You need the whole package?” he asked her.
      “There isn’t enough room in your diaper bag for them,” Sandy replied with a smile.  She waited till Chad had picked up his purse and his diaper bag again.  Then she frowned.  “Where’s your pacifier?” she asked.
     Without saying anything, Chad quickly dug it out of his purse and stuck the stupid thing in his mouth.
     But Sandy still wasn’t happy with what she saw.   “Leave your purse here,” she told him.  “You’re a baby.  Babies don’t need anything like that!  Just hand me your keys.  I’ll take care of them for you tonight.”
     Reluctantly, Chad handed over his keys and dropped his purse back to the floor.  He knew he was going to get the baby treatment again, but being called a baby the way she had just done seemed to deflate what little was left of his ego – by a lot.  Carrying only his heavy diaper bag and sucking on his pacifier, he followed her outside and over to her apartment.
     Sandy turned to him before she opened her door.  “Remember the rules,” she said.  “From this minute on, you’re a baby.  You’re nothing but a baby.  You don’t do anything at all that a little baby wouldn’t do.  You don’t even think anything that a baby wouldn’t think – for the rest of the night!”  She was about to open the door when she added one more thing.  “No matter what!”
     There was something about that last statement that sent a chill down Sissy’s spine.  But he had been here before and had done the baby bit with her several times.  It really wasn’t so bad.  He just had to relax and not worry about anything.
      “Set your bag down there,” Sandy said as she opened the door.  “From now on, unless I tell you, you can only crawl – as you should well know by now!”
     Chad set his bag down and crawled into her apartment while Sandy tugged his diaper bag in after her and closed the door.  Chad crawled off to her living room where she usually laid out a blanket full of baby toys on the floor for him.  Once again, the blanket was there.  He wondered if she would let him take a nap for once.  He could certainly use one.  He moved some of the toys aside and laid down with his head on his arm. 
     He was just getting comfortable when Sandy came back with a baby bottle.  “Don’t forget,” she said as she handed it to him.  You still have a deadline to meet.  And according to what Mel told me a little while ago, you’ve got just over half an hour to be leaking.  So I suggest you get busy!”
     Well, so much for nap time – for now.

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