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The Bet - Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 4 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 4 of 10)

     It was nearly lunch when Sandy found a parking place along the busy street.  She got out of her car and walked nearly a block before she got to her destination.  She looked up at the sign over the building – Greta’s.  She had never been here this early before.  She and Cassie always came at night when things were more… interesting.  She went in through the doors, noting as she did how different the place looked during the day than it did at night.  And there were very few customers inside, but then, it was early for much of a crowd.  The big crowds didn’t come to Greta’s bar until later in the evening. 
     She spotted Greta herself behind the bar moving bottles around.  “Hi Greta,” she said as she walked up. 
     Greta looked up.  She was a somewhat heavy woman with a very round belly.  She was somewhat older too.  Her bare arms looked almost muscular instead of just fat.  “Sandy!” she exclaimed.  “It’s kind of early for you, isn’t it?”
      “Kind of.  But I’m not here for a drink… yet.”
     Greta was confused.  “No drink?  So what’s up?”
     But now that she was there, Sandy was finding it hard to ask.  “Well… Um… I’m kind of…  Damn it!  I don’t know where to start!”
     Greta let out a short burst of a laugh and turned away toward her beer taps.  She filled two tall glasses with amber liquid and set one of them down in front of Sandy.  The other one she took a long sip from herself.  “Maybe you better start at the beginning.”

     Lunch was over, the apartment had been cleaned, the laundry was well under way, Mel had faked putting another suppository up inside of Sissy, and now she was working on making her third pot of tea when she heard her phone ringing.  She quickly found it and answered.  “Hello?”
      “Hi Mel!” Sandy’s excited voice replied.  “Are things still on for me to get Sissy tonight?”
      “Of course,” Mel replied. 
      “Great.  Because I think… at least I hope… I’ve found something great to do with him.”
      “Tell you what, I’ll tell you all about it in a few minutes.  I’m almost home now.”
      “Okay.  I’ll see you in a few then.”
      “Oh Mel!  Is there any way I can get you to take those breast forms off of him again.  They kind of don’t go with what I want to do tonight.”
     Mel laughed.  “No problem.  I never got around to gluing them back on.  I’ll wait till tomorrow to do it.”
      “Great!  See you in a few!”
     Mel put her phone down.  So Sandy had finally come up with an idea.  She couldn’t wait to hear what it was.  She only hoped she would get to see it this time!  But if she was going to be out with Derek tonight, then she didn’t know how that was going to be possible.  Once again, she was going to get left out!
     She was almost back to the kitchen when she heard her phone ringing again.  What had Sandy forgotten now?  She quickly went back to answer it, but instead of Sandy, this time it was Andrea calling. 
      “Okay, I took care of it,” Andrea said without evening saying hi.  “But you owe me fifty bucks and next week it’s going to cost you another hundred.”
     Mel smiled.  It would be worth it.  “No problem.  Tomorrow night soon enough for you?”
      “That’s fine,” Andrea replied with a slight giggle.  “I’m looking forward to it.”
      “And everything looks good?”
      “I think it should work out perfectly for you.  Just what you asked for.  The guy just wouldn’t let you have it for nothing.  He was trying to hustle me all the way.  I’m afraid I’m not much of a negotiator.  What he charged was the best I could do.”
      “No problem Andrea.   No problem at all.  If it works out, then it’ll be worth it.”
      “Yeah.  I hope so.  Anyway, I just wanted to let you know.  See you tomorrow.”
     Mel put her phone down again.  It was set!  Sissy’s public ballet was on!  The price was a bit more than she had expected, but still, to her it was small change.  It hardly mattered.  Sissy was going to be a sensation!  She just knew it!
     The knock at her door interrupted her thoughts.  Sandy had been faster than she thought.  “Sissy!  Get the door!” she said as she saw him standing there folding a towel with a worried look on his face.
     Dressed in only a diaper, bra, and pink heels, Chad cautiously opened the front door.  He was very relieved to see Sandy there.  He dropped her a quick curtsey and said a sissy hello as she came inside – mostly ignoring him. 
      “Hi Mel,” Sandy called as she came in. 
      “Hi Sandy,” Mel replied.  “Come on in the kitchen to talk.  Sissy is still busy with the laundry.”  They both entered the kitchen together.  Very softly so that Sissy couldn’t hear, Mel asked, “So you finally found something?”
     Sandy giggled.  “Yeah!” she replied, just as softly.  “I’m pretty sure at least.  Are you familiar with Greta’s?”
      “Greta’s?  Never heard of it.”
      “It’s kind of this bar… well, mostly it’s this hangout place.  Mostly for women… like Cassie and me…

     Chad was still busy with the laundry, but he was watching the time carefully.  It was coming up on his deadline for leaking.  Fortunately, he knew he was close – very close!  The two women were in the kitchen but they were speaking so softly he couldn’t hear them, other than some giggling of which there was more than a bit.
     He suddenly felt himself peeing again, a bit more than usual.  And a few seconds later…  “I’m leaking!” he called out excitedly.  He had made it once again!  He felt nothing but relief. 
      “Good!” Mel yelled back.  “Get in here then.”
     Since he was close to it, Chad grabbed his diaper bag before he went into the kitchen so Mel could change him. 
      “What did you bring that for?” Mel asked with more than a bit of annoyance.  “Did I ask you to bring it?”
     Chad curtseyed, but he was confused as he answered.  “But I’m leaking.  I thought you’d want it.”
      “Well I don’t!  Take it back and hurry up!”
     She didn’t want it?  She wasn’t going to change him?  But Chad did as he was told and carried the bag back out.
      “You’re not going to change him?” Sandy asked quietly as soon as he was gone. 
      “Not exactly.  But stick around, I’m hoping that this will be fun.”
     Chad went back to the kitchen and waited while Mel took the lid off of her pot of tea and stirred it before she put the lid back on again.  He didn’t see the wink she gave to Sandy before she came over and bent down to examine his diaper.
      “Yep, it’s leaking,” she declared happily.  “Very good.”  She reached out and pulled on the tapes on one side, opening it enough to let it fall down his legs to land with a heavy splat on the floor at his feet.  Chad stepped out of it.  Seal that in a plastic bag and put it in the trash,” Mel ordered.
     Diaperless, Chad went about picking up his soggy diaper.  But he was confused because Mel only poured herself a fresh cup of coffee and topped off the cup that Sandy had too.  She wasn’t making a move to get his diaper supplies. 
     As Chad was picking up his wet diaper, Mel was trying to make a decision.  She needed a number.  She just didn’t know what that number should be.  Five?  No, too low.  Ten?  Was that too high?  Twelve?  But twelve would mean…  So maybe six… or eight… or…  Oh hell!  Why not make it interesting!  Twenty!  She grabbed her coffee pot and refreshed her cup.  Then she brought it over to Sandy and refilled her cup.
      “Hey,” Sandy said as soon as Mel had topped off her coffee.  “What’s on his nails?  Some kind of decoration?”
     Mel smiled wickedly.  “Of a sort…”
     Chad’s task didn’t take long since everything he needed was right there in the kitchen.  When he was done, Mel called him over.  “Show Sandy your pretty nails.”
     Embarrassed by them, Chad walked over.  He could feel his face growing a bit red as he tentatively held out his left hand to show her his name spelled out on his nails.  He was rewarded by Sandy giggling.
      “Both hands,” Mel ordered, and Chad brought up his other hand too.
     Sandy examined both hands, searching for something to say.  Finally, as she tried to restrain her giggling, she managed to get out, “How appropriate!”
      “Go stand in the middle of the floor now and wait till we’re ready for you.”
     Chad had no idea what Mel wanted to do, but he had a feeling he wasn’t going to like it very much.  He stood in the middle of her kitchen floor, just watching the two women and waiting.  Mel and Sandy were only paying a little bit of attention to him, only glancing at him occasionally.  He was getting more and more curious about what they wanted him to do, when he suddenly felt himself peeing again – on the floor – again!
      “Good!” Mel declared as soon as she saw what he had done.  “We can start now.”
     Start?  Chad had no idea what she was talking about.
     Mel looked up at the clock.  You now have exactly one hour!  In that hour, you’re going to pee on the floor twenty times and clean it up.  If you don’t make it to twenty, well, we’re going to work it like we do with your diaper leaking.  For every remaining time you didn’t pee, you’re going to get five swats from my stick!
     Chad was shocked.  Twenty times!  In only an hour?  He was sure there was no way he could possibly make that – even with as much as he was peeing now! 
      “Now get busy and clean that up!” Mel ordered as Sandy giggled next to her.
     Twenty times!  Twenty!  He had to pee twenty times in the next hour!  It was impossible!  And on the floor too, where they could see him do it!  He grabbed his cleaning supplies, but stopped to grab a fresh baby bottle before he started cleaning.  He was going to need that bottle!  With one hand, he held the bottle to his mouth and sucked on it, his head held up at an angle making it harder to see what he was cleaning, while his other arm was busy actually cleaning up his mess.  And all the while, he was doing his best to keep peeing again – just like he always did.  But twenty times?  In only one hour?  Impossible!  And it would be five swats now for each one he didn’t do!  Impossible! 
     He had grabbed the entire roll of paper towels and used one of them to soak up the pee.  Then he sprayed the spot with some cleaner and wiped it with another paper towel to finish.  He wasn’t being particularly picky though because he figured he would probably be cleaning the entire floor thoroughly again as soon as this little game was over – which hopefully would be only an hour from now.  That is, an hour plus the time it took her to punish him for failing!
     When he was done cleaning up the spot he threw the dirty paper towel into the trash and looked to Mel. 
      “Just stand there till you pee,” she said.  She looked up at the clock.  “Time’s wasting!  You haven’t even done one yet!”
     Chad looked at the clock.  It had only been two minutes since he had just peed.  And unfortunately, it looked like she wasn’t going to count that first one.  Pee!  Pee!  Pee!  It wasn’t till six minutes into the hour that he finally managed to pee again - on the floor – right in front of Mel and Sandy.  How embarrassing! 
      “That’s one,” Mel declared as Chad went back to work cleaning while he was still drinking furiously. 
     Half an hour into Mel’s little game, Chad had barely managed to pee five times.  Each time it was very little that came out, but at least Mel counted them.  He stood there drinking his bottle and trying furiously to pee.  He was rewarded to see a few more drops come out on the floor.  He got back down to clean it up.
      “I don’t think that’s enough to count!” Mel declared.  “Do you?” she asked Sandy.
      “I only saw a couple of drops,” Sandy agreed.  “In fact, I’m surprised you counted some of his other times.”
      “Doesn’t count!” Mel declared with finality. 
     Chad stood back up, more frustrated than ever and kept drinking and trying to pee.  It was two minutes more before he was rewarded with a little more.  He got back down to clean it up.  But before he was finished, he heard Mel declare.  “That’s seven!”  But by his count it should have been only six!  He looked down to see that he had just peed a little again while he was cleaning.  Good!  And at least he was down right where he needed to be to clean it up.  He kept cleaning, and drinking, and trying furiously to pee!  A little more came out. 
     He was peeing more often now.  Maybe because of his non-stop drinking.  Twice more he peed while he was still cleaning up from the previous time. 
      “He’s getting better at it,” Mel noted.  “But I don’t think he’s going to come close to making it.”
      “Instead of five spanks for each one he doesn’t make, you could always keep spanking him till he finishes his count,” Sandy suggested.
     Mel considered that.  “I like that idea, but I think that this time it would take too long.  And I have an early date to get ready for tonight.”
      “Yeah, that reminds me.  Why so early?” Sandy asked.
      “I don’t know,” Mel replied.  “He never said.”
      “And this is the other guy, the one you said you wanted to go out with to begin with?”
     Mel nodded.  “That’s him.  I think maybe it’s why I’m looking forward to this date so much.”
      “But you said the one from last week had been fantastic.”
      “I know, but there was just something…  I don’t know.  He was maybe too good.  My best friend Gloria is going out with him tonight instead.”  She looked at Sissy, he was peeing yet again.  She could never manage to pee that often no matter what.  “Twelve!” she declared.  “I don’t think you’re going to make it.  I guess I better get my stick ready.”
     Sandy giggled while Sissy got down and cleaned once again. 
      “Times up!” Mel declared all too soon. 
     Chad felt totally defeated.  But there was no way that anybody could ever pee twenty times in only one hour.  He couldn’t believe that he had actually made it to fourteen!  But he figured that he had been lucky because Mel had counted some that were very questionable. 
      “I guess it’s punishment time,” Mel said.  Chad was expecting to have to go prepare the floor where she usually punished him, but instead Mel turned to Sandy.  “Will you get my stick for me please?  It’s in the corner over there.”  She turned to Sissy.  “You’re not leaving the kitchen till you’re diapered again.  I don’t want you peeing all over the carpet.”
     A few minutes later, instead of leaning up against the chair in her living room, Chad was bent over leaning against the kitchen counter. 
      “You only managed fourteen,” Mel said, “which leaves six.  So it’s thirty swats.”  She waited till Chad raised his backside up higher, making it a more inviting target for her to hit.  She started to swing, and suddenly stopped herself.  “Wait a minute!  Starting from my first swat, I’m going to reduce the number I give you by… let’s say three for every time you pee while you’re being punished.  That way, you can keep trying just as hard as you have been while we’re doing this.”  She looked at Sandy.  “I think that’s fair.  Don’t you?”
     Sandy nodded.  “More than fair.  I wouldn’t even give him that!”
      “Yeah, well I think he needs the incentive to keep trying so hard even while he’s being punished.”  She turned back to Sissy.  “Backside up!”  A moment later, she swung her stick.  Swish!  Smack!
     Chad stood up and curtseyed and thanked her for hitting him, but the only thing really on his mind was to keep peeing.  The more he peed, the less he would get hit!  And he didn’t like getting hit!”  A few seconds later… he was thanking her again.  Pee!  Pee!
     He actually managed to pee twice during his punishment.  He had peed a third time, but unfortunately it came out as Mel was swinging her stick one last time.  He counted himself lucky.  Twenty four swats was more than enough for him.  He really hoped Mel was done with this game.  He didn’t like it and he didn’t ever want to play it again! 
     Mel looked at the kitchen floor.  There was a lot of pee where he had been standing and curtseying during his punishment.  It needed cleaning.  In fact, the whole floor probably needed cleaning again.  “Start cleaning this floor again,” Mel told him.  “All of it.  And make sure you do a thorough job this time!  I’ll get your diaper for you.  She looked up at the clock.  An hour and forty five from right now!” she declared.
     Sandy giggled, but it was a small giggle.  “You know what?  I was just thinking.  I wonder how many times he would pee again while he’s cleaning that floor?”
     Mel stopped right where she was and glanced all around the kitchen floor again.  “Now that’s an interesting idea.”  She looked at the floor and pointed to the far corner.  “You can start right there and work your way toward the living room.  Just don’t leave the kitchen till I get a diaper on you.”  She thought of just one other thing.  “And you can do it all on your hands and knees!  I don’t see any reason why you need a mop for this.  You can clean it thoroughly, and dry it too as you go, then back your way out till you’re finished.  And we’ll do our best to count how many times you pee.  Won’t that be fun?”
     Chad was horrified.  Fun?  Not to his way of thinking.  It took him a few minutes to grab and fill a bucket and more cleaning supplies and to also grab another baby bottle of tea.  Then got down on his hands and knees in the corner and began cleaning.  Just a few seconds later, he peed on the floor again right between his knees where he had just started cleaning. 
      “I see it,” Sandy declared from where she was sitting.  “That’s one!”
     Chad looked at his new pool of pee.  He had the distinct impression that he would probably be peeing on almost the entire floor by the time he got done.  And the two women were going to be watching him the whole time, so he dared not take any shortcuts with his cleaning.  This was not going to be fun!
      “Hey Mel,” Sandy said as she started to lose interest in watching Sissy clean.  “Did you manage to get his dress cleaned?”
      “Sure did!  We took it to the cleaner’s this morning.  Want to see what he wore all morning for our errands?”
     Chad was soon left alone to his task.  He stopped trying to pee so hard. He also stopped drinking and just kept his baby bottle close by in case they came back.  He had already drank so much that he felt like he was drowning.  Unfortunately, all that liquid in his system still had to come out, so every few minutes he found more and more little puddles of pee to clean as he went.  It was so embarrassing.

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