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The Bet - Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 2 of 10)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 50 (Saturday – week 7 part 2 of 10)

     Slowly and carefully because of the full dresses in his arms, he followed Mel down the steps and to her car.  She had the back door open and was waiting for him.  She took the dresses from him and laid them on the back seat.  Chad noticed that his diaper bag was already on the floor back there as well. 
     Mel was about to close the back door to her car, but she stopped as she remembered something.  She reached in and pulled out one of the baby bottles from his diaper bag first.  “Almost forgot this,” she said as she handed it to him.  “We can’t let that happen, can we?”
     Chad didn’t say it, but forgetting it was what he would much prefer to do!  Mel walked around to the driver’s side to get in and Chad opened the front door to the passenger side… and started to get in.  But he was faced with an odd problem.  His crazy ruffled skirt was so full and stuck out so far that he didn’t know how he was supposed to sit down in the car since the back of the skirt stuck out just as far as the rest of it all around.  Slowly and carefully, he had to force his way into the car first, his skirt folding and bending against the door and the seat as he got in.  As he sat down, he could feel the back of the skirt bunching up behind him.  He considered trying to fold the skirt under his bottom as he sat, but thought better of the idea and tried to pull it straight up behind him instead.  It worked – somewhat anyway.  At least he was in.  Buckling his seat belt around the skirt was another problem.  Finally, all he could do was to crush the crazy thing as he fastened and tightened the belt.  And as Mel pulled out of her parking space, he stuck his baby bottle into his mouth.  He still had a time limit to worry about, less than an hour to go now.  Would they still be out somewhere when he started leaking?  He hoped not… but with all three dresses… what did Mel have in mind?
     Many of his fears were put to rest as soon as Mel pulled into the parking lot where the dry cleaner was. 
     “Grab those dresses, Sissy,” Mel said as she got out of her car. 
     Chad unfastened his seat belt and opened his car door.  Getting out was definitely easier than getting into the car.  He expected the skirt of his dress to be a mess, but as soon as he was out and standing, the skirt seemed to automatically pop right back into place again perfectly.  He wasn’t totally sure if he was glad about that or not.  He opened the back door and fought a bit with his skirt as he pulled his other dresses out.  Then, feeling more worried with each step, he followed Mel into the dry cleaning store. 
     There was an older balding man behind the counter.  Chad couldn’t help but notice him because the man had such a shocked look on his face as he stared wide eyed directly at him. 
      “Holy smoke!” the man finally exclaimed, his eyes never once leaving Sissy.
     Chad could feel his face growing redder.  He could also see a few of the other workers poking their heads out to see what was going on.  None of them appeared interested in going back to work.
      “We need these cleaned as soon as possible,” Mel said as she took the dresses from Sissy. 
     Chad wasn’t sure he was glad to get the dresses out of his hands or not, because now the dress he was wearing was fully on display.  He really wanted someplace to hide, but he had nowhere to go. 
     It was almost a full minute more before the man could tear his eyes away from Sissy long enough to see the other dresses that Mel was holding out for him.  He took them and hung them up on a long hook and started looking them over.  He first noticed the baby food stains on the pink dress.  He poked at one of them for a second before turning to the blue dress.  That one he only glanced at. 
      “Can we get these back this morning?”
     The man raised his eyebrows for a moment before answering.  “Yeah, sure.  You want the one hour service?”
      “Yes please,” Mel confirmed.
     The man wrote out a couple of tickets, ripped off the ends and handed them to Mel. 
      “Thank you,” Mel said as she turned and led the way back outside. 
     Chad followed her, but not without noticing that every one of the employees in the store was still watching him.  As he got through the door and it closed behind him, he turned for a moment to look back.  He could just see through the window several of the employees gathered around his sissy dresses, pawing at them, probably not believing what they were seeing!  Walking the few steps back to the car was its own nightmare, because now that the other dresses were out of his arms and away from his body, his skirt was free to go crazy again.  He was relieved to force his way back into Mel’s car, crushing his skirt again in the process, and put his baby bottle back to his mouth.  At least sucking on the bottle was comforting.  Nothing else in his life certainly was!  And then another thought hit him.  They would be picking up his dresses from the cleaner in an hour – but he had less than an hour before he had to be leaking! 
     Chad had already guessed that their next stop would be the drug store, but he wasn’t happy to see that he was right.  Especially dressed the way he was again.  Would those two pain in the neck girls be there again?  He really hoped not, but somehow he had a feeling that they would be.  In fact, they would probably be there just to see him!  With one last pull on his baby bottle for courage, he grabbed his purse and forced himself to get out of the car. 
     Mel had started to lead the way into the store, but she paused for a moment to look back at him and let him catch up.  Something looked out of place – and she didn’t really like it.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much she could do about that right now.  “Remind me later to get you a new purse!” she said.  “Something that looks a lot more sissyish to go with that dress.”
     Chad was embarrassed to even think about getting another purse – especially one that went better with what he was wearing.  He wasn’t even certain he could imagine what it might look like!  He didn’t get much of a chance to even try to imagine it because all too soon he was walking into the store.  The high pitched squeal of delight rang in his ears before he was fully through the door.
      “Ahhhh!  Don’t you just love it?”
     Chad didn’t take two steps before he was quickly attacked by both girls, pulling at his ruffles and feeling his dress all over.  He kept expecting to see the store manager again at any second, but so far, they were being left alone – by the manager at least.  A number of other customers walked over right behind the girls for a better look too.
      “I never thought I’d see anything like this!” one of the girls exclaimed as she pulled on his skirt.
      “I know!  I couldn’t believe the dress he wore last week!” the other one replied.
      “Half a dress, you mean,” the first one corrected her.  “Because it didn’t cover enough to be called a whole dress!”  Both girls broke out in peals of laughter again.
      “Yeah,” the second one finally agreed.  “You could see his diapers perfectly!”
      “And they were wet!”  Her statement only renewed their laughter. 
     Chad could feel his face growing very red with embarrassment.  But there was no place to hide so he was forced to stand there and endure it.  Where was that manager?
      “So do you have any more like this?” one of them asked him.
     But Chad was saved from answering by Mel.  “I think we should move away from the door so we aren’t blocking traffic,” Mel suggested.  “Why don’t we all go back to the adult diaper aisle again?  Okay?” 
     Neither of the girls replied.  They both just turned and led the way toward the back of the store as they talked and giggled together constantly.
      “It looks like your dress is a hit,” Mel stated as she and Sissy followed the two giggling girls. 
     Chad made no reply.  It was a hit alright.  Just not the kind of hit he would have preferred.  As they walked, he was very aware of the skirt on his dress swishing back and forth a bit.  He did his best to walk carefully and gingerly, but in four inch heels it was pretty much impossible.  His dress seemed to sensually caress him all the way to where they were going, forcing him to be more wary than ever of his chastity device hurting him.  As they reached the incontinence aisle, he noticed that some of the other customers had followed them too.
     Things were quieter back between the shelves by the adult incontinence supplies.  But not by much.  Especially once the girls started laughing and gushing over him again.  “Have you ever seen so many ruffles in your life?” one of them exclaimed.
      “I don’t think I’ve seen that many ruffles… with all the ruffles I’ve ever seen – in my entire life – combined!” the other one replied.
      “So, like I asked earlier,” the first girl said to Sissy, “do you have any more like that?”
     Chad really didn’t want to speak but since she had asked, he didn’t have any choice.  “Yeth” he replied, totally embarrassed by his lisping sissy voice. 
      “Curtsey before you answer, idiot!” Mel yelled quickly.
     Chad had to curtsey then repeat his silly one word answer.  The two girls started laughing all over again.  “Did you hear that?” one of them asked?
      “Tell them about your other dress, Sissy,” Mel prompted.
     Chad was forced to curtsey again before answering.  “My odda dweth ith bwoo, he told them.  “An it hab bwoo thoeth to go wid it.
     The girls looked a bit confused.  One of them looked at Mel.  “I think he said something about blue, but blue what?”
      “Shoes,” Mel replied.  “He has another dress kind of like this one only in blue and it has matching blue shoes.  His speaking takes a little time to get used to.”
     The girl let out an explosion of air through her teeth as she tried to stifle her laughter.  “You can say that again!”
     The other girl suddenly noticed something.  “Hey!” she exclaimed.  “Look at his nails!  What’s on them?”  She practically pulled one of Chad’s arms out of the socket as she grabbed it to look.  “Look!  Look what it says!”
     The other girl grabbed his other hand and held that out too so they both could see.  “They both say ‘Sissy,’” she managed to get out before they began laughing too hard again to speak.
     They held Chad’s arms out for a moment before the first one held up her hand so Chad could see it.  “See, I finally got my nails done real long like yours, just because I liked the way they looked so much.  Of course they’re only press on nails.  I can’t afford the ones like you get, but still, aren’t they great?”
     But before Sissy could answer, the other girl interrupted.  “But now his are shorter than yours!”
      “Yeah,” the first girl replied as she held her hand up against Chad’s to compare the length of their fingernails.  “But not by much.”
      “So now that you have nails like his were, are you going to get your name spelled out on them too?” the one girl asked her friend teasingly.
     The girl shook her head laughing.  “I don’t think so!”
      “Hey,” the other girl suddenly exclaimed as she thought of something else.  “Is he wearing diapers again?”
      “Of course silly,” the second girl replied.  She looked to Mel.  “He is, isn’t he?”
      “Of course,” Mel replied.
     The first girl bent over to look under Chad’s skirt.  “Yep!  They’re there alright.  And I can see that they’re wet again too.”
     Chad heard not only the giggling of the two girls but a few exclamations from the other customers nearby as well.
      “Speaking of diapers,” Mel said, “I think it’s time to get yours for the week.”
     To Chad, her announcement was like breaking up a party – and it was very welcomed!  He started pulling large packages of disposable diapers off the shelves. 
      “Here,” one of the girls said, “let me get that for you.”  Before Chad knew it, she had reached out and taken the package from him.  And when he pulled the second package out, the other girl took that one.
      “Don’t forget one for you to carry too,” Mel said.  Chad already knew that he would need three packages, especially with as many diapers as she was making him go through now.  He grabbed one more for himself.  But Mel didn’t seem to be satisfied.  “You know, maybe you better grab an extra package too, just to be safe!”
     They marched back to the checkout counter, each girl carrying one package each, and Chad with two.  He couldn’t really see how he could possible need more than three packages, but, well, maybe next week he wouldn’t need to buy quite so many. 
     There were no customers for once at the checkout, and the woman at the register took the time to appropriately Ooo and Ahh over Chad’s dress.  A few minutes later, he had paid for his purchases and was lugging large heavy bags out to Mel’s car as Mel waved goodbye to the two girls. 
      “They thought your dress was wonderful!” Mel exclaimed just before she reached the car.  “You should have thought to wear it for them before this!”
     Chad mentally shook his head.  Yeah right!  Not in this life!


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