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Mister Mike - Chapter 8 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 8 – Part 2 of 2

     I finished taking care of the bills I had to pay, and then sat there staring at my computer screen for the longest time.  I moved the mouse around once in a while, but I didn’t click on anything to open it.  My mind was still too occupied by Ashley and the problems she would bring.  Why had I let Joanna talk me into it?  Why?  Because I’m nothing but a big pushover, that’s why.  It was true, and I knew it.
      “What ‘cha thinkin’ about?”
     Startled, I turned and saw Joanna standing in the doorway.  “Uh…nothing,” I replied.
     She nodded.  “It will all work out.  One way or another,” she told me.  “Please, let’s try to make this work.”
      “I said I would,” I replied somewhat reluctantly.
     She came all the way into the room.  “Is this the desk Ashley said you made yourself?”
      “Yeah.  She told you about that?”
      “In a text,” she said.  “And I guess that was the matching printer stand you were working on outside as well.”
      “She told you about that too?”
     She shrugged.  “Ashley seemed rather impressed.”
      “Hm!  Doesn’t take much.”
      “I think it’s nice too,” she told me.  “Very nice!”
      “Thanks,” I replied.  Not wanting to stare at her, I went back to staring at my empty computer screen.  I was very aware of her standing there and saying nothing for a few moments, which was fine – as long as she didn’t expect me to say anything either.
      “Um…Mike,” she finally said.
     Uh-oh.  I knew she was going to spring something else that would be horrible on me.  “Yeah?”  I didn’t bother turning to look at her.
      “Um…I know I shouldn’t ask this, but…”
     Here it comes…  Trouble with a capital T.
      “Would you mind showing me those heels Ashley had you locked into all weekend?  She said they were really something.”
     I was not only shocked by her request.  I was surprised.  It was trouble, but not the kind I was expecting.  “Why?”
      “Because…I’m curious.  That’s all.”
     I shook my head.  “I don’t know…”
      “Come on!” she pleaded.  “I already know all about them.  I just want to see them.”
     I finally swiveled my chair around to look at her. 
     I sighed.  “I guess…why not.”
      “Thank you,” she whispered with more than a touch of excitement in her voice. 
     I dredged myself out of my desk chair and trudged into my bedroom.  As I opened my closet door, I saw her looking all around.  “Nice room,” she said.  “It’s big.”
      “Thanks,” I replied.
      “I noticed you don’t have any pictures or anything hung on any of your walls.”
      “Yeah well…I guess I never thought of it.”
     She nodded and came over to my closet. 
     It wasn’t hard to find those shoes on the floor.  Just looking at them brought back so many memories – horrible memories of being totally stuck in them.  Horrible memories that I’d never admit turned me on all too much.  Touching them and picking them up made those memories all too real. 
     She took them from me and held them up for a closer look.  “Nice,” she said.  “Very pretty.”  She looked at me with a devilish look on her face that reminded me all too much of her daughter.  “And where’s those lock things Ashley found so funny?”
     I stared at her for a moment, wondering if I should be surprised or not that she had asked.  It was yet another moment before I found the courage to go to my bottom dresser drawer and pull them out.
     She examined them closely, trying to figure them out. 
     I took one of them from her.  I showed her the part that buckled around my ankle with the two buckles.  I showed her the strap that went underneath the shoes and how it connected again to the ankle part.  And I showed her where all the locks went.
     She nodded as if she understood, then she looked straight at me.  “Mike,” she said all too softly.  “Would you like me to humiliate you…just a little bit?”
     A war raged inside of me.  I did, and I didn’t.  I’d had too many bad experiences with that lately.  And they had been the only real experiences I’d ever had.  But just like with that one night at Arby’s, there were all too many things pulling me toward it as well.  The allure.  The danger.  The temptation.  The…thrill.
      “What’s wrong?” she asked.
      “I don’t know,” I said.  “I’ve had too many bad experiences with that lately.”
     She nodded.  “I’m not Ashley,” she said just as softly.  “I promise I won’t do anything to hurt you.”
     The danger.  The allure.  The temptation….
      “I don’t know,” I said again.  “I can’t do anything that might jeopardize my job.”
      Absolutely not!” she agreed.  “I would never do that!”
     The danger….  The temptation….
      “What would I have to do?” I asked with a huge lump in my throat.
      “I don’t know yet,” she replied, still in that same soft voice.  “I guess we’ll just have to figure that out.”
     The temptation….  The danger….  The thrill….  I swallowed hard.  “Okay.”
     When I didn’t move, she physically reached out and grabbed my shoulders.  She turned me around toward the bed.  “Tell you what,” she whispered.  “I’ve got to go see Ashley again pretty soon.  Why don’t you just get undressed?”
     I was in a fog.  A semi-detached state.  I knew what I was doing, but I did it anyway.  I had a lot of grave misgivings about what I was doing…and I still did it anyway.  Could I trust her?  I decided that I trusted her more than I trusted Ashley…until she proved me wrong.  Swallowing hard again, I moved over toward the bed and started undressing. 
     She watched me for a moment, then disappeared into my closet.  She was back a moment later.  “Where’s the diapers that Ashley said you love so much?”
     The diapers!  “I…I don’t love them.  In fact, to be honest, I rarely ever wear them.”
      “Oh!”  She seemed to consider that for a moment.  “That’s okay.  So where are they?”
      “I’ve only got one left,” I told her.
      “So where is it?”
      “In my bottom drawer.”
     She opened my bottom dresser drawer and started hunting around.  I saw her pull my birdseed breast forms out and look at them strangely.  She tossed them down on the floor along with one of my bras before she went back to rooting around.  “Lots of panties,” I see,” she said without looking up.  “Found it!”  She pulled the diaper out.  She picked the breast forms and bra up from the floor and carried them all over to the bed.  She was examining that diaper.  “Damn!” she said.  “This thing looks cheap!  It doesn’t even look as good as the cheap ones we use in the hospital.”
      “It’s not very good,” I told her.  “I got a package of them on a discontinuation sale.  Like I said, I rarely ever wear them anyway.”
      “No matter, she said as she tossed it on the bed.”  She watched as I hesitantly removed my pants.  Everything!” she told me.  “All the way.  And don’t dally too long.  I’ve got to get back to Ashley.”
     A minute later, I was stark naked in front of her.  And worse, I felt a certain part of my body beginning to rise to the occasion.  She noticed.  “I see someone is already enjoying this.”  She reached out and grabbed it – not too hard, not too soft.  I immediately felt myself becoming fully erect.  My knees went weak and almost buckled under me.  And she let go – all too quickly.  “Up on the bed now,” she said.  “Diaper time.”
     All I really wanted just then was her hand back where it was.  I moved things aside on the bed and laid down.  In moments she had that diaper under my backside.
      “Where’s that rash ointment I gave you last night?” she asked.  “This is as good a time as any to use it.”
      “In the bathroom,” I told her.  “On the counter.”
     She disappeared into the bathroom and came right back.  She smeared a generous amount, not only all over my backside, but all over my front side as well – which my raging sexual member absolutely loved.  The part that my member didn’t like though, was quickly being locked away inside that one thin diaper without any release. 
      “Okay.  Up,” she ordered. 
     I got off the bed.  With that ointment smeared all over me, that diaper felt really weird, like it was sticking to my skin all around.  She helped me put the bra on, and she herself stuffed the birdseed forms into it.
      “Hmm.  They seem to work pretty well,” she commented.  I said nothing.  She went back into my closet and pulled out my formfitting maroon long-sleeved blouse with the ruffled neck.  She waited until I had it on.  Then she handed me those five-inch t-strap shoes.  I held them in my hands for several moments, unable to move.
      “I’m waiting…and I’m running late!”
     With a sigh, I carried them over to the chair in my room and put them on. 
      “Much better,” she said as she looked me over.  Now where’s the makeup Ashley said you had?”
     My makeup?  I sighed.  “My bottom drawer.  It’s in a plastic bag.”
     She went back to my bottom drawer and rooted around again, finally coming up with the makeup.  “Hmmm.” She said as she hunted through it.  I saw her pull out a small powder compact, inspect it, then she pulled out my two lipsticks and she inspected them as well.  “These will do,” she said happily.
     She stood up again.  She noticed my cell phone on my dresser and grabbed it.  She handed it to me.  “Let’s go,” she said, sounding all too cheerful.
     Go?  Dressed just as I was, I followed her out of the bedroom.  She ducked quickly into her bedroom and came out a moment later with her coat and purse.  I followed her to the living room.  “Get your coat,” she told me.
     I was suddenly totally aghast.  “My coat?”
      “That’s right,” she said as she slipped her own coat on.
      “But I can’t!”
      “Sure you can,” she said with an all too devilish smile.  “It’s not humiliation unless there’s a reason for you to feel it.”
      “But I feel it just fine here.”
      “But someone might see.”
      “I seriously doubt it,” she told me.  “Trust me.  Besides, isn’t the possibility that someone might see you what really turns you on?”
      “Michael.  Get our coat on.  Now!  You’re making me late.”
     I was practically shaking as I pulled my coat out of the closet and put it on.  I was covered up quite well from my waist up.  Especially wearing my heavy coat.  But from the waist down, I was nothing but a total embarrassment.
      “Let’s go,” she said all too brightly as she opened the front door.”
      “But someone might see me!”
     She went outside and looked around.  “I don’t see anyone.”
      “Why don’t we take my car,” I offered.  “I can go out through the garage that way.”
      “Nonsense!” she replied.  She came back into the house, grabbed my hand, and literally pulled me out into the cold.  I was fine from the waist up, but that intense cold wind blowing on my bare legs was not only freezing, it made me all too aware of just how practically naked and embarrassingly dressed I really was.  And to make matters worse, I had to wait while she dug into her purse to find the key I had given her, and all too slowly locked the front door.  And I didn’t have my wallet or my keys.  I couldn’t get back into my house now if I tried. 
      “Come along Michael,” she said as she strode confidently toward her car. 
     Maybe she felt confident, but I certainly didn’t!  I hurried after her, having to wait to get into her car while she unlocked it.  And once I got in and sat down – damn that seat was cold!
     I was in a state of shock as she drove all the way to the hospital.  I felt shock…and sexual arousal.  She hunted around a bit, and finally found a parking place that was right next to the sidewalk that ran along the front of the hospital.  She considered that spot to be lucky.  I considered it horrible!  How long did she plan on being in there anyway?
     Before she got out of the car, she grabbed her purse and started rummaging around in it.  She handed me my powder compact and those two lipsticks she had grabbed, then she pulled two of her own lipsticks out of her purse and handed them to me.  She opened the center console and pulled out a box of tissues.  “Now here’s how this is going to work,” she said.  “When I get out of this car, you’ll have five minutes to put one of those lipsticks on your lips, take a picture of it, then text it to me.  I’ll text back what color I want you to use next, then you’ll have five minutes to wipe off the old lipstick and send me a picture of the new one.  For every minute that you’re late, I’m going to have Ashley send those pictures to one of her friends.  And if you don’t do it at all, I’ll have her send texts to all her friends explaining exactly where you are and what you’re wearing.  So unless you want things to be even worse for you, I suggest you get busy with that lipstick.  With a big grin, she got out of the car.  The doors suddenly locked, and I saw her grin at me again as she walked away. 
     My jaw was wide open.  I couldn’t believe it.  I didn’t want to do it.  But if I didn’t, she’d have Ashley send either pictures of me with the lipstick, or worse, tell her friends what I was wearing and where I was.  I could just see a few of them coming to the hospital…just to find me!  And worse, the place where she parked…there was too much light and anyone coming along would see me doing it!  But if I didn’t do it….  My mind was in a total panic.  I was going to have no choice but to sit there and constantly put lipstick on my lips, with the car parked right where people could walk by and see me doing it!  But…if I didn’t….
     Totally panicked, my eyes glanced up and down the sidewalk.  I saw nobody around.  I quickly opened that tiny compact and tried to see my lips in the mirror.  I grabbed one of the lipsticks and went to work.  The moment I was done, I looked all around again.  Still nobody.  Whew!  I texted her the picture. 
     I sat for quite a while, waiting for her to text me back.  I guess she waited until she got up to Ashley’s room.  But then my phone dinged and I read the text spelling out the name of the lipstick she wanted to see next.  I quickly wiped my lips off with a tissue, realizing I should have done that while I waited, then applied the next one – totally different flavor. 
     I had no trouble at all doing it in that five minute deadline, so this time I took the opportunity to clean my lips off.  As I did, I realized that once I had pictures of all four colors, I could really just send her the same pictures over and over again, and I wouldn’t have to sit there and worry about anyone seeing me doing it.  Six pictures later, I actually tried it.  And the next text ordered me to include my nose in the picture as well.  The one after that ordered me to show my whole face.  One told me to take a picture with one finger held vertically over my lips, the next one told me to stick my tongue out.  Smile more.  Frown.  Pout.  One color on the top, another on the bottom.  Always something different.  I literally had no choice but to sit there and stick lipstick on myself over and over again and then snap a selfie of myself that way. 
     There were times when people walked by, and I was totally embarrassed and worried about them seeing me.  But I never did my lipstick while anyone looking in could see.  And with the cold, the few people I saw were hurrying to their cars as fast as possible, so it was never really a problem. 
     I did have one other tiny problem though.  It was cold!  And the longer I sat there in her car, the colder it got.  Since the engine wasn’t running, the heat also wasn’t running.  I had a heavy coat on up above, but everything below my waist was absolutely freezing!  And the longer I sat there, the more I realized I was getting cold up above too, despite my coat.  When I noticed my teeth started chattering a little, I not only sent the picture she requested, but I asked how much longer she was going to be.  She sent back another lipstick color and told me to make it look like I was blowing a kiss.  Then she added that she didn’t know how much longer.  She and Ashley were totally enjoying themselves and my pictures.
     I sent the required picture and this time added that I wasn’t just cold out there, I was freezing…and it was getting worse!  The text I got back was something totally different:  “OMG!  Didn’t think about the cold.  Be right down.”  I was glad.  Not only that, she hadn’t asked for another lipstick picture.
     It was still a long while before she came hurrying back into the car.  She climbed in and said, “I’m so sorry!  I never even thought about how cold it is outside.  She started the car and cranked up the blower for the heater, which only blew more frigid air at my bare legs.  A moment later, my teeth were chattering worse. 
      “Can you turn the fan off?” I asked.  “It’s making it worse.”  Fortunately, she did.  The car warmed up eventually and she turned the heater fan up for me again, blowing much needed warm air toward me.  But I was still all too cold when she pulled into my driveway.  Getting into the house again was a huge relief on many levels.
      “Michael,” she said as I was hanging up my coat.  “Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”
      “Enjoy myself?  I was scared out of my ever-lovin’ mind the entire time!”
     She smiled.  “But did you enjoy yourself?”
     It was a moment before I could answer. “Yeah,” I admitted sheepishly.  “I did.”
      “Good!” she said.  “Maybe we can play again sometime.”
     Despite how insanely nervous I was all night, I had actually enjoyed the situation…on a level few people would ever understand.  But there was no doubt that I was glad it was over now.  And then she said, “Wear your nightgown to bed tonight, and don’t take that diaper off.”  My heart jumped once again.
     I had shed everything and was just pulling my pink nightgown on when she showed up in my room.  She watched as I finished with the nightgown, then went to my bottom drawer.  She pulled out a pair of panties and spread them out flat on top of my dresser.  “Wear those to work tomorrow,” she told me with a sly grin.
     I nodded, unable to say anything else.  I had worn panties to work before – twice!  But each time I had been so worried that someone might find out, that I had never done it again. 
     She came over to me and pushed me back toward the bed.  “I know you’ve probably got to pee,” she started. 
     She was right, I did.  It hit me the moment I got out of her car and hurried to get back into the house. 
     She pulled the covers back and motioned for me to get into bed.  Then she sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at me.  Her voice was soft and quiet again.  “I also know that you’re most likely going to masturbate as soon as I turn out the light.”
     She was right about that too, even though it hadn’t actually crossed my mind yet. 
      “Don’t!” she said sternly.  “Not until you’ve wet that diaper you’re wearing first.  And if that cheap thing leaks…well…I’m sure you’ve spent the night before in a wet bed.”
     I had.  Especially since Ashley had moved in.
      “I had fun tonight too,” she told me.  “Ashley and I both did.  I think it was the most fun the two of us have shared together in many years.  And as much as I hate to say it, we’ve got you to thank for that.”  She leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.  “Goodnight Mike.  And thanks again – for so much.  I’m looking forward to getting Ashley out of that hospital tomorrow, and if I can’t bring her home, at least I know I can bring her here instead.”
     She got up from the bed and went to the door.  She stopped and turned back to me before walking out.  I saw that same sly smile on her face again.  “Don’t…close this door,” she told me.  “And when you get busy with your…fun, don’t be afraid of how much noise you make.  I want to hear it.  And when you take that diaper off tomorrow morning, keep it in a plastic bag so I can inspect it.”  She turned off the light.  “Night Mike.”
     My mind was going crazy with all too many things.  And now this final little taunt of hers where she wanted to hear me having my “fun,” it only made matters worse for me.  It was embarrassing.  It was totally humiliating.  And I couldn’t help it.  The very idea of what she had said was fueling my sexual need.
     I laid there on my back and let myself pee into that thin little diaper.  I felt the warm pee running out all around me and running down to the bottom of my diaper.  Was it leaking?  My hand felt around me.  Yes.  I felt a bit of a wet spot under me already.  I rolled over on my belly, my mind remembering the entire evening – putting the lipstick on over and over again and sending out those embarrassing pictures.  Just the way I had been dressed – outside of the house – fueled my sexual need.  I wasn’t loud.  I wasn’t long at it either.  I couldn’t be.  Did she hear me?  I had no way of knowing.  And of course, once I was spent, I felt no desire at all anymore.  In fact, I felt nothing but shame and disgust at the things I had done.
     But even still, despite berating myself for my behavior, the allure of the fantasy remained.  The pull of the drug.  The pull of the danger.  The pull of the desire.  I rolled over and dreamed of Joanna and the soft kisses she had placed on my cheek.

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