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Mister Mike - Chapter 9 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 9 – Part 2 of 2

     When I got to the bank Friday morning and sat down at my desk, my mind was so confused and awash with things that I didn’t know where to start to sort them all out.  I know you will all laugh at me, and perhaps you have the right, but Joanna was the first woman I’ve ever had sex with – in the entire thirty-two years of my life. 
     I know it’s unbelievable, but because of the way I knew I was, because of all the weird things that had always gone through my head that turned me on, I had never once had sex with anyone.  Joanna was my first.  And it was certainly memorable.  Not to mention far different than I imagined.  When I mentioned it to Joanna that night, shortly after we had gotten started, she had laughed…and then showed me how it’s supposed to be done.  There was no doubt she was far more experienced than I was! 
     But I had always been shy around the girls.  Too shy to do much more than talk with them…on a non-sexual level.  And I guess over the years, all those fantasies had replaced any inclination I ever had of trying to have a normal sexual relationship with a woman.  My big question now was…was it enough to change those odd sexual inclinations I had?  I knew deep down that it wasn’t.  I had been this way too long now.  I had sequestered myself too much.  I had let those stupid inclinations rule my life.  Fortunately, I had always done it in secret.  Until now.
     And then there was the crazy domination idea that Joanna was trying to stick me with.  What was I going to do about that?  That scared me far more than having sex with a woman.  The idea of being dominated not only made me weak in the knees, it made me sick to my stomach with worry as well.  But the idea of it….  The allure….  The thrill….  The excitement…. 
     I had no doubt that despite Joanna’s intentions, such a thing would be far too dangerous for me – especially for my job.  Not only my job, but my reputation around town.  Not that I had one, except perhaps in my own neighborhood with the two or three neighbors I actually knew the names of.  So I guessed my neighbor’s had to be a factor as well. 
     I tried to work, but it was difficult.  My thoughts continually turned to either the sex I’d had with Joanna last night, or to the fantasies surrounding Joanna’s idea.  But each time those fantasy images came to my mind, more issues arose that told me such a thing would be a bad idea, and because of them, such a thing could never work.  Still, the images that came to mind and the fantasies were fun.  Interesting!  The allure….
     It was the middle of the morning when I got a phone call from Joanna.  “Mike?”
      “A big box was just delivered for you.  Ashley says it’s all the diapers she had you buy.  But the box is huge!  I pushed it into your bedroom for you.”
      “Uh…thanks,” I told her. 
      “Ashley wanted to open the box and look, but I wouldn’t let her.  They’re your personal things.”
      “Yeah.  I appreciate that.”
      “And Chris called me this morning.”
      “Chris?  What did he want?”
      “He says Ashley still as tons of stuff in his house, and if she’s not going to move back in with him then he wants all of it gone – right away!  It sounds like those two have broken up for good.”
      “According to Ashley they have.”
      “Yeah.  She still spouts nasty stuff instead of his name anytime she refers to him.”
      “Tomorrow is Saturday,” I told her.  “I’ll help move Ashley’s stuff out of there tomorrow.  Maybe we can stack it somewhere out of the way in the garage.”
      “Great!” she replied.  “I appreciate it.  I’ll let Chris know what’s happening.”
      “Yeah.  Good.”
     Her voice dropped to almost a whisper.  “Have you given any more thought to what we discussed last night?”
      “Some,” I replied.  “And all I have is nothing but reasons why it would be too dangerous for me to do it.”
     She didn’t reply for a moment.  “Send them to me, or write them down and show them to me later.  All of them.”
      “I’m not sure…”
      “Mike, just send them.  Let me play.  Besides, other than taking care of Ashley once in a while, I’ve got nothing better to occupy my mind anyway.  Oh, and that reminds me.  Any chance I can have the password for your computer so I can work on this?  I promise I won’t be so…intrusive as Ashly was.  Or…no, maybe I can’t promise that.  But may I use your computer anyway?”
     I thought about that.  “What the heck,” I replied.  “Ashley’s seen it all anyway, and obviously she’s told you about it all.”  I gave her the password.
      “Thanks,” she said.  “And start sending me everything you’re concerned about.  Text if you can, or just list them and bring them home later.  Whatever.  I still want to take a good honest look at this idea.”
      “Uh…okay,” I replied.  “I’ll figure something out.”
      “Great.  Thanks Mike.”
     I sent her several texts within the first hour alone, then only a few more after that.  As I saw it, they were all good reasons why her idea couldn’t work.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Once again dinner was ready and waiting for me when I got home.  But this time, Joanna had me watch Ashley carefully as she got herself out of the living room chair, and hobbled her way into the kitchen to sit at the table with us.  Later, after dinner when Ashley was once again back in her living room chair, Joanna had me bring Ashley the pills she was supposed to take, although evidently she only had one more day to take most of them.  There would still be one pill remaining that she would have to take twice a day for the next week. 
      “Now can I see what’s in that box?” Ashley asked as soon as she had swallowed her pills.
     Joanna looked to me.  “It’s your package,” she said.  “Your decision.”
      “Uh…I’m not sure I want to see what’s in that box myself, let alone show anyone else.
      “Please…” Ashley begged.  “Mom said I could ask you as soon as I finished dinner and took my pills.”
      “Um…to be honest,” I told her, “I’d rather not.  Even I’m not really interested in opening it.  Most likely, I’m going to push it into the back of my closet and leave it there for a very long time.”
      “That’s just stupid!” Ashley exclaimed.  “You bought them.  Now open the box and show us.”
     I considered it.  But it was Ashley who had asked.  And because of that….  “No!” I told her firmly.  “I only bought them because you made me.  And I would never have bought a lifetime supply of the damn things!”  I walked off before I got any angrier.  I changed clothes and went out to put the final coat on the top of my new printer stand.
     I was hoping that Joanna would join me in bed again that night, but instead she asked for a pillow and a blanket so she could sleep on the couch.  I was very disappointed.  But just as I was saying goodnight, she did whisper, “Wear your nightgown again Mike, and make sure you leave your door open.  I want to hear you when you’re…enjoying yourself.”
     I know I blushed.
     She was still laying the blanket out on the couch when I went into my room.  I did wear my nightgown, and I did leave the door open.  As always, I prepared my usual three tissues, turned out the light, and got into bed. 
     I pulled my nightgown up and my panties out of the way and wrapped my shaft in those tissues.  Heaven!  For a minute.  Until I realized she was standing in my doorway watching me.  I stopped immediately, totally embarrassed that she would be standing there and seeing what I was doing. 
     And then she came all the way into the room and sat on the side of my bed.  “Continue,” she told me, keeping her voice low.  “I want to see you making love to nothing more than your bed.  A totally inanimate object.”  When I didn’t move, she said, “I’m waiting.  Neither of us is going to sleep tonight until I see how sexy you find the square shape of your bed is.”  After a moment she said, “I’m waiting Mike.  Get to it.”
     Not sure of anything, and totally embarrassed, I turned back onto my stomach, made sure those tissues were in place and very slowly began humping my bed again.”
      “Humph!” she said as she sat there and watched me.  “Turned on by a mattress.  A totally inanimate object.  Never even made love to a woman before until last night.”
     Her words were getting to me.  Embarrassing me.  Digging down into my soul.  And definitely turning me on.  I found myself humping faster.
      “Disgusting!” she exclaimed softly.  “So turned on by embarrassing things that he doesn’t even need a real woman to have sex with.  Actually, he doesn’t deserve to have sex with a real woman.  The only thing he deserves, is to have sex with useless objects.”
     I was humping harder, faster.  Her words were driving me crazy.
      “Tell me, do you fantasize about your pillow?  Do you kiss it instead of a real woman?  You said you love wood.  Maybe what you need is nothing more than a piece of wood with a hole in it to make love to.  Would that turn you on even more?  You could coat your lips with lipstick and make yourself all pretty.  Then kiss your piece of wood and stick your useless cock through the hole and pound away to your hearts content.  One useless animate object, making love to another useless inanimate object.  Is that what you want? Is that what you deserve?”
     I came in a big rush, filling those tissues with my sperm, and worrying that they would break or not be able to hold it all.  I collapsed on the bed.
      “Pitiful,” she said as she got up.  I rolled over and grabbed the tissues, carefully folding them so as not to get the mess anywhere.  I set them on my nightstand like I always did.  Then I pulled my nightgown back down.  I didn’t want to look up at her.  I was too embarrassed.  But she was still standing there, so I looked up.
     She reached over and picked up the dirty tissues and examined them, unfolding them to see better.  “Humph!” she grunted softly.  She refolded them with the messy side out and brought them closer to me.  “Open your mouth.”
      “No.” I said as I shook my head.
     The staring contest between us was very short.  I opened my mouth and she stuck those tissues inside.  They tasted…weird!  Not really awful, but close. 
      “Lick them clean,” she said.  “Lick all that junk off them.”
     Slowly my tongue went to work.  She watched for a moment then leaned down and kissed my cheek.  “Good night Mike,” she said all too lovingly.  She turned and left…leaving my door still open. 
     She had been there again tonight, but it had certainly been different than last night.  Once again I didn’t sleep well.  Once again Joanna haunted my dreams.  This time though, she wasn’t the sexy woman I had made love to the night before.  This time, she was the sexy woman that had controlled me.  Dominated me.  Made me do things.  Humiliated me.
     The temptation….  The danger….  The thrill….  The…allure.


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Another nice chapter.. The characters are growing.. I hope we see Mike being used for everyone's sexual needs being filled too.. I love that he questions them but he really does not have a choice does he.. Each chapter a fun gift .. Hope you are enjoying mine too


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