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Mister Mike - Chapter 9 – Part 1 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 9 – Part 1 of 2

     My cell phone remained both strangely and wonderfully silent for most of the day.  I kept expecting either a phone call or at least a text from Joanna telling me she had Ashley at the house, but it didn’t happen.  Not until after two in the afternoon.  And then my phone only dinged that a text had come in.  I looked at it and read the short message several times.  “We’re at the house now.  Have another proposal to discuss when Ash can’t hear.”  I wasn’t sure what to make of that.  Her last little proposal had saddled me with having to care for Ashley – for the next six weeks – or more!
     When the work day finally ended I headed home feeling more than a bit of trepidation.  To be honest, I wasn’t at all looking forward to seeing Ashley again.  There was also the business from last night that I had to consider as well.  I’d just as soon she not bring up what I had done out in the hospital parking lot for much of the night.  It was…embarrassing!
     When I got home, I pulled around Joanna’s car in the driveway and pulled straight into my garage, automatically closing the door again as I got out of my car.  It was nice not having to get out in the cold winter weather.  The kitchen smelled good again as I went in, but Joanna wasn’t in there.  I found her in the family room instead, hovering over Ashley, who was sitting in one of my chairs watching TV.  There was a hassock I had never seen before in front of her and her left leg in its big cast was propped up on it.  There was also a small table I had never seen before sitting next to her with her dinner on it.  The cast on her left arm was hard to miss and she was wearing some kind of big loose fitting dress.  Her metal crutch was propped up next to her chair. 
      “Hi Mike,” Joanna said with a smile as I walked in.
      “How’s the patient?” I asked.
      “Miserable!” Ashley said rather angrily.
     I didn’t know how to answer that.
      “Ignore her!” Joanna said quickly. 
      “I don’t want to be here Mom!” Ashley told her.
      “I know dear, but I’m not letting you stay on that couch.  It’s either this, or you come home with me where you belong.”
      “I’m not going to your house!  No way!”
      “Then shut up and be grateful that Mike is letting you stay here.”
      “Grateful?  He’s the reason I had that accident in the first place!”
      “No he’s not, damn you!’ Joanna replied.  “Get that through your head.  You ran that stop sign, and you’re to blame – for lots of things you did.”
      “Then let me go back to Amanda’s.”
      “Not on your life!  You either stay here and be grateful he’s letting you stay, or you come home with me.”
      “I’m not going to your house!  You know we can’t get along for ten minutes without arguing.”
      “All too well!”
      “Then don’t suggest it again.”
      “I will suggest it, and I’ll keep suggesting it, every time you can’t seem to be grateful that Mike is letting you stay here.”
     Ashley rolled her eyes and turned her head away.  “Whatever!”
     Joanna sighed, trying to control her temper.  “Do you need anything dear?”
      “A new life!”
     She ignored her daughter and left her.  “Come on,” she said to me.  “Dinner’s ready.”  Once in the kitchen, she pulled me aside and whispered, “We’ll talk later about my idea.”
     I nodded my agreement.
During dinner, she told me about the usual hassle at the hospital with getting checked out, made even worse by them not letting Ashley leave until she had been taught to use that crutch to get around with.  According to Joanna, a difficult exercise since it was her left leg that was broken, and her left arm was totally useless.  I could only imagine.
      “Mom!  I’ve got to go to the bathroom!”
      “I’m coming!” Joanna called back. 
     I got up with her and watched as she coaxed Ashley out of the chair, not helping her at all because she would have to do it all by herself when nobody was around.  She did follow her all the way to the bathroom though like a mother hen…until Ashley got into the bathroom and closed the door in her face.  I could tell how frustrated she was with Ashley.
     A few minutes later, she watched as Ashley came out of the bathroom, slowly made her way into the living room, and literally fell backwards into her chair.  “You’re doing much better dear,” Joanna praised her.
      “I don’t feel like it,” Ashley replied nastily. 
      “Well, you are.”  The look on Joanna’s face still spelled her frustration with her daughter.  “It’s time for your pills again,” she said.  “I’ll get them for you.”  She nodded toward me.  “Come on Mike.  You’re going to have to help her with these when I’m not here.”
     I watched as she grabbed pills out of two of the three bottles from the counter in the kitchen.  “The instructions are on the bottles,” she told me, “but I’ll write everything out for you before I go.”  She got a glass of water and carried everything in to Ashley, and watched as Ashley took all the pills.  “Let me know when you get too tired,” she told her daughter. 
     This time, I helped her clean up the kitchen after dinner – before I went outside to continue working on my printer stand.  When I was done, I figured that it would need only one more coat on the top, and that would be it.  I would do that tomorrow night, and then Saturday I could move it into the office.  I was looking forward to that.
     I sat for several hours on the couch with Joanna while the three of us watched TV, noting that their tastes in what we watched weren’t exactly mine.  But they were guests…I supposed.
      “Ashley…” I heard Joanna suddenly say, about halfway through one of the shows. 
     I saw Ashley’s head jerk up. 
      “Come on dear,” Joanna said as she got to her feet.  “You’re falling asleep.  Let’s get you into bed.  Mike, you may as well watch.”
     I got up too and watched as Joanna made Ashley struggle to her feet herself, and then hobble with that crutch into the bathroom.  From the bathroom, we all went to the bedroom where Joanna helped her into the bed.  “I’ll get your pill for you,” she told her daughter. 
     I followed her out to the kitchen where Joanna showed me the one pill Ashley was supposed to take when she went to bed.  I got her a glass of water myself.  Five minutes later, the light was off in Ashley’s room and Joanna closed her bedroom door. 
      “Let’s go to the kitchen,” she suggested.  I was going to turn the TV off on the way past, but she told me to leave it.  The sound of it would make it more difficult for Ashley to hear, even though it was almost impossible that she could get anywhere near us without our knowing about it.
      “What’s up?” I asked once we reached the kitchen.
      “Have a seat,” she said as she grabbed a notebook and a pen from the kitchen counter.  She sat down across from me.  “I had an idea last night after we went to bed.”
      “What’s that?” I asked, already wary of what she might ask.
      “This is…not just over and above what we discussed last night about Ashley staying here, but it kind of goes right along with it.  As you noticed, Ashley doesn’t want to be here.”
     I almost said the feeling was mutual, but I held my tongue.
      “And as we’ve discussed before, there’s a number of things she doesn’t want to do.”
      “Like getting a better education.”
      “That’s a major one near the top of my list,” she told me.  “But last night I came up with this idea, and I think it could really work.”
      “And I’m betting that there’s something there that I’m not going to like,” I told her.
     She shrugged.  “Actually, you very well might like it.  But then again, you might not.”
     For a moment, it had sounded hopeful.  But only for a moment.  “Okay, tell me.”
     She nodded and opened the notebook.  “Last night,” she said, “Ashley and I had one of the most enjoyable times together that the two of us have had in many years.”
      “You mentioned that to me last night.”
      “Yes.  Most of the time, Ashley and I start off doing somewhat well together, but it never lasts.  She’s too…pig headed.  Too…caught up in the things she wants to do with no regard for anything else.  But last night, the two of us had a ball together, and there wasn’t even a hint of arguing.  We simply had…fun together.  At your expense I’m afraid.”
     I didn’t like where this was heading, but I said nothing.  She must have noticed though.
      “Don’t worry!” she said quickly.  “I laid down the law with Ashley as soon as we got here today.  “She’s absolutely not to try to boss you around in any way at all…other than for the things I guess she’s going to constantly need help with.  Anything else is strictly out!  And believe me, she pitched a major fit over that.”
      “Thank you!” I replied, much relieved.
     She nodded.  “But I’m afraid, that’s conditional.”
     I blinked.  “What?”
      “I’ve been writing down ideas here all day.  And I’d like to go over them with you.  Then I’m hoping you can give me your thoughts as well, and together we can hash out some kind of…arrangement.”
      “Arrangement for what?”
     She looked at me for a moment before she answered.  “To let Ashley dominate you like she wants.”
      “In fact, my idea is for not only Ashley, but for me too to have control over you as well.”
      “Both of you?”  Terror was the only emotion I was feeling just then.
     She looked down at her notebook and I noticed her words were very carefully spoken as she started laying out her idea.  “In order for Ashley to continue to stay here instead of coming home with me, and in order for her to be allowed to dominate you, she’s going to have to continue to show progress in a number of areas, most of which I will decide to let her know about when the time comes.  She either continues to do what I want, and show me definite progress each and every week, or she not only no longer gets to dominate you, but she will have to move back home with me – where I want her.  There will be no two ways about it.  No second chances for her at all.  She either knuckles down and does what I want, or she comes home.  She won’t get another choice…or a chance!  I’ll haul her right out of here, like it or not!”
     Was I hyperventilating?  “You want to let her dominate me?”
      “Yes!  As an incentive.  And the minute she backslides, it’s over!”
      “But you saw what she did to me!”
     She shook her head.  “There will be absolutely no more of that – ever!  That was totally uncalled for.”
      “I’ll say!”
     She looked back down at her notebook.  “She will absolutely have to make sure that nothing she does with you ever affects your job in any way.  Never!  There must never be even the slightest chance of that.  In fact, I’ve got it here in my notes to make sure that no pictures of your face get posted or sent anywhere – and I’m going to insist on getting the phone numbers of all her friends so I can continually ask them.  I’ll also be watching her Facebook account every day as well.  I’m going to go out of my way to make sure your job and reputation at work is as protected as I possibly can.”
      “At work…but how about anywhere else?”
     She shrugged.  “I think that’s going to be another matter.”
      “You’re acting like I’m going to go along with this preposterous idea!”
      “I’m…hoping that you will.  You said last night that you enjoyed what we did at the hospital.  And I have no doubt at all that your…inclinations made you actually love it.  So…I’m hoping.”
      “What do I get out of all this?”
      “Beyond the money and things we talked about last night?”  She shrugged.  “You get the…humiliation of having to do whatever she wants.  Whatever either of us wants or makes you do, because I’m going to be over and above her.  I’m going to have the final say on things.  I’m just not going to be around all the time.  I will be here as many weekends as I can though.  And to be honest…”  She smiled a little too slyly.  “I’m rather looking forward to that.”
     I was staring at her, totally aghast.  Still trying to take it all in. 
      “What I want from you now,” she continued, “is to sit down and start making a list of every little thing you’re not happy about.  Every little thing you’re concerned about.  Every little thing you might want or need.  Let me know tomorrow and then we’ll see how we can deal with it.  I’m hoping that by the time I leave on Saturday, that this can all be arranged.  But Michael, I don’t want Ashley to get even a hint of any of this until we can get the details all worked out between us.”
     I shook my head.  “But what if I don’t want to?” 
     She nodded.  “I’m afraid that option must be on the table as well.  And I will honor it if that’s your final wish.  But my way, you get the domination and humiliation that I’m sure you fantasize about.  Ashley gets a decent place to stay with someone to help her through her tough times.  She also gets the education and other things I think she needs.  And I get the peace of mind knowing that no matter what, you’ll be there to watch over her.”
      “But she’s…impossible!”
      “I’m well aware of that.  And I’m hoping that this will help to curb some of those problems she has.”
     My mind was awhirl with thoughts and images, none of which I could clearly think about.  Somewhere in there, a thought hit me.  “What if she wants me to do something that I either feel I have to refuse, or maybe have her do for herself instead.”
     She picked up her pen.  “Excellent questions.  Ones that will have to be addressed for sure.”
     I felt slightly mollified, but only slightly. 
      “Anything else?” she asked.
     I shook my head.  “I don’t know.  I can barely think right now.”
      “I understand.  Take some time and consider it all carefully.  As I said, list everything, even your slightest concerns, no matter how trivial, and let me know tomorrow.  The sooner, the better, so I have more time to deal with them.”
     She closed her notebook, got up from the table, and came around and kissed me on the cheek.  “Don’t forget to wear your nightgown to bed again,” she whispered.  “And another pair of panties to work tomorrow.  And Michael, leave your bedroom door open.”
     Damn her.  She had me so confused I didn’t know what to think.  I started walking around the house, checking everything and making sure all the doors were locked.  It wasn’t until then that I wondered where she was going to sleep.  But she had said she would make do with the couch.  I noticed her coming out of the bathroom.  “Let me get you a pillow and a blanket.”
     She shook her head.  “Don’t bother,” she said softly.  She smiled at me one more time, then quietly went into her daughter’s room. 
     I turned out the lights, leaving only a single one in the living room on for her, and went to bed…leaving my door open like she had told me.  Ashley was across the hall, but her door was closed and I had no doubt the pain pills would keep her well knocked out. 
     Wearing my pink satin nightgown and the panties I had worn all day, I prepared three more tissues to relieve myself in.  As quietly as I could I started humping the bed.  So many thoughts to fuel my fantasies.  So many experiences now to make things worse.  I was rapidly getting where I was going, when the dim light coming from the hallway suddenly went out, and I realized that someone had just closed my bedroom door.
      “Move over,” Joanna’s voice whispered.
     Totally not believing what was happening, I moved over and she crawled into bed next to me – completely naked.  “Mmm,” she said as her hand found my completely rigid member…and her soft lips found mine.
     Those tissues I had pulled out were never fully used, even though they could have been put to a lot of good use afterwards.  I slept on wet sheets again, but they were wet from a different problem.  And I wasn’t the only one who slept on them that way.

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