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The Domination of Mister Mike - Chapter 42

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 42

     Joanna was gone when we woke up.  Although to be honest, I had to check to be sure.  Of course, when I did check, I not only discovered that she wasn’t there, I discovered what had happened to that new door knob system she had bought.  It was now installed on the door to the bedroom where she had slept.  I also discovered the big difference between that doorknob and all the rest of them inside my house.  This one locked!  And it was locked, needing a key to get in.  Another lock in my life.  At least for once it wasn’t one that was attached to me.  It seemed that Joanna was making good and sure that Ashley and I were going to share that crib together once it was finished.
     It felt good to shower and shave normally.  Well, not quite normally.  I had to remove that darn pink nail polish from my fingers first, and I was still diapered while I shaved, but otherwise, it was normal for the past few weeks. 
     A pink diaper, pantyhose, a locked on onesie, my regular pants and shirt, and of course my black high heels.  Ready for work.  So normal.  Just like everyone else in the world.  Somehow, I didn’t think that anymore.  I dropped Ashly off at work with the promise to see her later to change her, and I headed for my office.  That darn lockbox didn’t unlock until I was pulling into the parking lot, and I was soon wearing socks and my regular male shoes.  Totally normally dressed – if you didn’t count my diaper, pantyhose, and of course that locked on onesie that would prevent me from removing those items.  So normal.  Ugh!  I had to find a way out of this life.  But the danger…the allure…the…fun?
     Joanna phoned me about ten thirty that morning.  “Hi Mike.”
      “Hey Joanna,” I replied.  “I guess you managed to leave early enough this morning?”
      “Yes.  I drove straight to work from your house.”
      “I noticed you locked the other bedroom so I can’t get in.”
      “You should have everything you need for the week in Ashley’s closet.”
      “Yeah.  I found it there already.”
      “I know that was a difficult weekend for you, but I wanted to thank you.  Everything I was hoping for finally happened last night.  It was…the second-best outcome for me.  But I’m so glad Ashley finally told someone what happened.”
      “What she went through had to be horrible.”
      “I think that would be putting it mildly.  But she never told anyone any of that before.  Not the police, not even the therapist we sent her to for years.  And she especially never told me or her father.  But Mike, she finally trusted you enough to tell you.”
      “I kind of figured it out last night after she fell asleep.  You put both of us through everything together.  Every last detail.  We both shared some pretty miserable times, and I’m guessing the chains were the worst of it for Ashley.”
      “That was an educated guess on my part.  I knew what the police had found.  They told us about all the chains where they found her.  They had questioned those men they caught and they admitted everything.  But Ashley was so traumatized that she never said a single word to the police, and she never wanted to hear what the police had come up with.  She refused to talk to anyone at all about what happened to her. 
      “And Mike, there was one more thing I did with Ashley and you.  Do you remember one single time since I put that chastity device on you, when you and Ashley were together and could possibly have any kind of regular intercourse?  There wasn’t a single chance of it.  I kept you two together, but I made sure you were someone who couldn’t rape her, even though I know she wanted sex with you badly.  I made you safe for her, even though it wasn’t what she thought she wanted.  And in the end, she trusted you.  You were in the same position she was.  You were put through all of it together and shared every experience.  And finally, she trusted you.  I’m so happy she did that.  I also know that I’m very lucky to have heard most of it.”
     So you were setting her up to trust me all the time.”
      “For a long time now,” she said.  “Ever since I bought that chastity device for you.  Like I said, it was the second best outcome I could think of.  I would have rather she told me, but I also knew it wasn’t likely going to happen.  At least she told you.  And I was hoping that if she told you, then you would be decent enough to let me know about it.  I simply got…lucky to hear what I did.  And now that she’s done that, maybe she can find the strength to tell someone else, and the real healing can start.”
      “Does she need it?”
      “Mike.  Look what she went through and you tell me.  She kept all that bottled inside for all these years.  She still doesn’t want anyone else to know.”
      “Yeah.  I see your point.”
      “So anyway Mike, I just wanted to say thanks.  I had to get pretty drastic this weekend since it was obvious she hadn’t talked to you about it yet, but it finally worked.  She finally broke the silence.”
      “So what’s next?” I asked.  “Are we done here?”
      “Not unless you want it to be…and I hope you don’t.  I’m rather enjoying myself, and I have no doubt at all that you are too.  Am I right?”
     I didn’t answer.  I hated it when she knew me better than I knew myself.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     That evening, I once again met Ashley after I got off from work and changed her diaper.  When I was done with her though, she made me get in the back seat and she unlocked my onesie.  I just knew I was going to wind up in her used diaper again, but strangely, I didn’t.  She put another of those pink diapers on me instead, then locked me up again.  Joy! 
     I went home and happily went out to my workshop to put the final finish on that baby crib I was building.  Tomorrow the thing would be ready.  Tomorrow, Ashley and I would start sleeping together – in a baby crib.
     That night, once again, Ashley cuddled into me as we fell asleep on that little bed together.  Her body felt nice next to mine.  Soft.  Warm.  Precious.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     On Tuesday after work, Ashley again changed me into one of those pink diapers after I changed hers.  Two days in a row!  I don’t know what had gotten into her, but I was very grateful.  I rushed home afterwards, had a quick bite to eat, and went out to my shop.  An hour later, that baby crib was put together in our bedroom and the entire thing was ready for us to climb into. 
     That night, the first time Ashley walked into the bedroom and saw it, she stopped right there, and sat on the floor.  I had raised the back side rail leaving only the one side nearest the door down – the side I usually slept on.
      “I’m not sleeping in that thing!” Ashley declared from the floor.
      “Where else are you going to sleep?  We can’t get in the other bedroom.”
      “I’ll sleep on the couch, but I’m not sleeping in that thing.”
     I had an idea.  “Suppose I do this,” I suggested.  I went around to the other side of the bed and lowered the back rail.  Now it looked more like a regular bed with just a headboard and footboard…if you didn’t count the jail-like bars sticking down underneath. 
     Ashley looked at it for a minute and considered it.  She got to her feet.  “Maybe!” she declared. 
     But once we were both ready for bed, she did indeed join me in that new crib.  A crib that didn’t look or feel so much like a crib anymore with those side rails both all the way down.
     Ashley and I had taken another step backwards together.  We had gone from sleeping in a bed…to a crib.  We just didn’t want to think of it as such.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     It was Thursday when it happened.  It was Thursday when my entire world fell apart.  And it didn’t happen in any way that I ever expected.
     I had dropped Ashley off early for work like I did every day she worked, and had gone into my office, happily wearing my male shoes and socks again.  My morning started out totally normal…until I got a visitor. 
      “Is it Mike?”
     I looked up to see a guy standing in the doorway to by office.  I “sort-of” recognized him as one of the new guys in the bank.  I thought he worked down in accounting, but I wasn’t sure.  “Can I help you?”
     He came in looking very excited.  “It is you, isn’t it!”
     He pulled some folded papers from his picket and stared at them, then at me.  “It’s you!  Definitely you!”
      “What are you talking about?”
      “You’re Mister Mike.”
      “Uh…that’s what some people call me.  What’s this all about?”
      “Man,” he said.  “I’m such a big fan.”
     Huh?  “A fan?  Of what?”
      “You.  Your website…or the one you used to have.”
      “Yeah.  The Domination of Mister Mike?”
      “The what?”
      “Look!” he said.  “I downloaded tons of pictures.  You were absolutely my favorite!” he said as he walked over closer.  “Do you still have to wear only women’s shoes everywhere?”
      “What?”  I was panicking now.  Totally panicking.
     He showed me the pictures, and I nearly had a heart attack!  There was me!  Including my face.  Curtseying while wearing my maids dress.  The picture showed my entire face – perfectly!  Pacifier and all! 
      “Do you still get your shoes and that maid’s dress locked onto you so you can’t get them off?” he asked.
     This guy knew way too much about me!  “This was on the internet?”
      “Yeah.  Of course.”
      “You mean you didn’t know?”
     I was getting angry now.  Very angry!  “No!”
      “It was on Tumbler.  Where they’ve got lots of pictures.  So what happened to your site?”
     I got up from my desk, fuming!  Ashley!  I was going to kill her!  Leaving the guy behind, I stormed out into the hallway.  I didn’t know where to go, or what to do.  I was both angry and panicking.  Someone knew.  Lots of people knew.  None of that stuff was supposed to get posted where it showed my face.  And now there was a website?  On Tumbler?  And it was perfectly clear that that guy knew a lot more about me than he should.  And he worked at the bank with me.  My bank!  What the heck was I going to do? 
     I got to the end of the hallway and turned around.  I needed to do something, but what?  At the other end of the hall, I saw that guy getting into the elevator.  At least he was gone from my office.  I headed back there…and grabbed my coat.  I was too upset to stay at work.  My secret was out.  My long held secret was out and there wasn’t anything I could think of to do about it.  All because of…Ashley!
     I headed straight for my bosses office.  I stuck my head in the door.  “I’ve got to go,” I told her.  “Um…I’ve got…an emergency to take care of.”  I didn’t wait for an answer from her, I turned and hurried for the elevator.  Once in my car, I threw those heels out of the way, keeping my male shoes on.  I headed…where?  I was just driving around for a few minutes.  I finally decided to go straight home. 
     What the heck was I going to do?  Ashley had posted me…including my face…all over the internet.  And on a site like that, where people regularly posted and reposted everyone’s pictures, those images of me had to be everywhere.  What was I going to do?  And now some new guy, at the bank where I worked, had recognized me.
     What was I going to do?
     I was scared.  I was angry beyond belief.  I was totally panicked.  And I wanted to kill Ashley.  No!  Make that Ashley and Joanna, because I now remembered that there was something they both had been purposely keeping from me.  Something I already knew had been something major.  Well, now I knew what that something was.  They had both slandered me.  Damaged me.  Insulted me…in ways that weren’t acceptable – even in a relationship of the kind we had been living. 
     I finally grabbed my cell phone and dialed Joanna’s number.  She didn’t answer.  I texted her instead:  You ruined me!  You didn’t tell me about the Tumbler site on the internet!  One of the new men at the bank recognized me today and showed me one of the pictures showing my entire face!  I hate you!  I hate Ashley!  Get out of my life!
     I sent the text.  What the hell was I going to do?  That guy…knew!  How long before he told anyone?  Would he tell anyone?  And if he knew, how many more people would soon know?  I wasn’t sure he would really tell anyone else at the bank, that might raise some embarrassing questions about him, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t tell anyone either.  And if he was such a “fan,” then I really didn’t want anyone like him trying to hang around me either.  That could have possible unpleasant consequences for me too.  So what the hell was I going to do?
     Quit my job and find a new one.  It was the only solution.  And not just that, but move!  I had known from the start that I would eventually have to move.  My neighbors were going to be thrilled.  Find a new job, someplace far away!  It was my only choice. 
     But until then….
     Joanna hadn’t called or texted me back yet.  I sent her another text…and I added Ashley’s name to the send list.  I want both of you out of my life immediately!  I’m staying away from my house until Sunday afternoon.  I expect all of Ashley’s things gone from my house, especially her, by then.  Otherwise, I’ll call the police and have her evicted!  You lied to me.  You cheated me.  Now get out!
     Five minutes after I sent that text, my cell phone rang.  Joanna.  Finally.
      “Mike?  What’s going on?”
      “You ruined me!  Or Ashley did.  Either way, I want you gone!  You didn’t tell me about the website.  That was supposed to be illegal!  Now someone at work knows.  He recognized me and showed me one of the pictures he downloaded from the internet.  One of many!  You cheated me!  Now get out of my life!”
      “Mike, calm down.  I’m sorry.  Yes, we knew but…”
      “Just get out!  I’m leaving.  I won’t be back till Sunday.  Just get Ashley and all her junk out of here!”
     I disconnected the call.  Ten seconds later, the phone rang again.  Joanna.  “Mike…  Please calm down.  Let’s talk about this.”
      “No!”  I hung up again and headed to my bedroom to pack.  Darn!  I couldn’t even get into the one bedroom! 
     My cell phone rang again.  Ashley.  “Mike, what’s happening?”
      “You cheated!  You ruined me.  You posted pictures of me all over the internet – including my face!  Now one of the guys at work has seen them and he showed me one of the pictures he downloaded.  One of a lot!  You weren’t supposed to do that!”
      “I’m sorry!” she started crying.
      “I want you gone.  Out!  By Sunday.  I’m leaving now.  I’ll be back Sunday afternoon.  Just get out!”
     I hung up the phone again.  And it immediately rang.  Joanna.  I cancelled the call.  There was nothing else to say.  It rang again, and I cancelled it.  It immediately rang once more, and I cancelled it.  Joanna, and Ashley.  I finally turned the thing completely off. 
     Now what was I going to do?  First things first.  I got undressed…completely.  I had to take scissors and cut that onesie all up to get it off.  Once that was gone, the pantyhose and that pink diaper soon followed.  Once again I pulled at that darn chastity device, but I couldn’t get it off.  Ugh!  Being unable to remove it only made me angrier than I already was. 
     I didn’t bother with any underwear, I just got dressed.  All male.  All normal.  I had to pack.  I grabbed what clothes I could that were in Ashley’s closet.  If I needed anything else, I would buy them…like new underwear.  I threw it all in my car and removed my high heels and that darn locking canister.  The canister I left on the kitchen counter.  The heels I threw in my bedroom closet. 
     On a whim, I disconnected all the components of my computer and threw them in my car too.  I had job hunting to do. 
     The last thing I did was to leave a note on the kitchen counter telling Joanna to leave me all the keys – especially to my chastity device.  Then I deposited the one and only key I had on top of that note – the key to Ashley’s onesie. 
     I got in the car, and I left.  I checked into a hotel on the other side of town.  I turned my cell phone on to call my boss.  When I did, I noticed dozens of messages and missed phone calls.  All of them from Joanna and Ashley.  I ignored them all and called my boss, telling her I wouldn’t be in until next week. 
     I sat in my room and fumed!  Totally angry.  Totally panicked. 
     What was I going to do?  Someone noticed me.  And not only from that website, how about anyone else over the last few months who had seen me and taken pictures.  Would I forever be known as a pervert?  Was it even possible for me to get another job? 
     What the hell was I going to do?

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