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The Domination of Mister Mike - Chapter 43

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 43

     What was I going to do?  That question constantly ran through my head.  In the back of my mind I already knew the answer – one I had come up with earlier.  It was the only solution I had.  I had to find another job somewhere else…and move.  In the meantime, I would stay at the hotel, and stay away from my home.  Hopefully, by Sunday afternoon, Ashley would be gone, and I would never see her, or her mother, again.  I had been a fool to do what I had with them.  A big fool.  The story of my life.
     Once ensconced in my hotel room, it was a while before I could start to think clearly…or even somewhat clearly, because I knew I was still too angry to do much better.  I finally headed back out to my car and went shopping.  I needed some clothes.  I hadn’t been able to get at many of them that were in the other room of the house.  For that matter, I now remembered that Joanna had some of my things at her house too – like all my shoes!  I had forgotten to tell her to bring them back.  Oh well.  Good if she did.  If not, I’d buy new ones.  But at the top of my list of clothes to buy, was some new underwear! 
     I headed to Walmart where I usually bought things like that.  I searched the racks and picked out several packages. 
     One of the store workers was straightening up the shelves nearby.  “Looks like you need them,” she said.  “Some new pants too.”
     Huh?  “What do you mean?” I asked.
     She smiled and nodded down toward my crotch.  I looked and nearly died.  I had wet myself a little bit, and I hadn’t even realized it.  It wasn’t that much, but she had noticed.  Red faced, I carried the underwear straight up to the self-serve checkout counters and bought them.  Then I hurried straight back to my car and straight back to the hotel to change.  Darn it.  I had gotten so used to wearing and using those stupid diapers that I had leaked a little and never even realized it.  I had to be more careful from now on. 
     Clean new underwear.  Men’s underwear!  And a clean pair of pants.  I felt much better and much more confident.  I headed out to another store to buy some jeans for myself and another pair of casual shoes.  It was the first time I had shopped for clothes in a while.  I wound up buying myself a number of new things.  Good for me!  I was getting ready to start my life over again.  The new clothes made me feel much better about things.
     Back at the hotel, I set my computer up on the desk and pulled up my old resume.  I spent the next hour updating it.  Then I started job hunting.  I searched all the available bank jobs and job sites for several hours, but one thing quickly became clear to me.  I wanted a new job as soon as possible so I could get away from there.  I needed more help than just going to the web sites myself and submitting my resume.  In the morning, I was going to have to hire an agent.  Someone who I would have to pay to find me a good job…hopefully a better job than the one I had now.  But it would be worth it…I hoped.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     No!  No, no, no, no, no!  What was wrong with me?  I wanted to punch myself I was so mad – at myself.  I got out of bed early Friday morning and stared down at the mattress.  At some point during the night, I had wet the bed.  And it was a hotel bed!  Not my own.  How embarrassing!  What the heck was I supposed to do about it?  I stripped the bed so it could dry out.  Fortunately, there was a lot of padding on it and the mattress itself wasn’t too bad.  But all that pea-soaked bedding! 
     Not wanting to be associated with it, I packed my bags.  I took my computer apart and carried it all out to the car.  I loaded all my stuff into the car.  I cancelled the rest of my stay at that hotel, and I that early in the day, I moved to another hotel a few blocks away.  It took me an hour to get checked in, get everything up to my new room, and get my computer setup again.  Why did I have to do something like that?  It was…so embarrassing!  Ugh!
     Once I was ready, I phoned an employment agency I had decided on the night before.  They asked me how soon I could come in to talk.  I told them immediately.  They said come over.  The drive wasn’t far.  Wearing the same suit jacket and tie I had worn to work the day before…although with different pants, I met one of their employment agents.  I was able to email him a copy of my resume I had updated the night before.  While I sat quietly and waited, he read through it.  When he was finished, he looked up at me.  “Mr. Hammond,” he said.  “Why are you looking to go back into exactly the same kind of position you’re already in.  You should be looking to move up the ladder, not stay in the same place.”
      “I should?  That would be nice, but I’m really just anxious to get away from here.”
     There was no way I was going to tell him the truth.  “I just decided I needed to try somewhere else.  Someplace different.  Maybe get more experience or something.  I just decided I needed a change.”
     He looked at me and nodded.  “Many people get to that point.  Buy my point, is that with all your experience, you need to be starting to climb the management ladder, not stay in the same old job.  In fact,” he said as he turned to his computer.  I waited while he clicked a few times with his mouse and read through a few things.  “There’s a bank here that has an opening for an assistant mortgage department manager.  From everything I can see, you’re more than qualified for the job.”
      “How about the pay?” I asked.
      “They don’t say,” he said, “you’d have to negotiate that with them personally.  But if I were you, I would insist on starting with more than you’re making now, with guaranteed raises for the future.”
      “You’re sure?” I asked.  “It sounds too good to be true.”
      “Can I send them your resume?”
      “Yes.  Certainly!”
     The bank he had talked about wasn’t nearly as far away as I wanted to be.  It was in the same city no less.  But I left his office with the knowledge that my job hunt was already underway.  There was no way of knowing how long it would be before that bank called me.  It could be weeks, if ever, or it could be that day.  In the meantime, I had given the agent permission to submit my resume wherever he could.  He seemed sure I would find a new and better position soon.  I could only hope he was right.
     Unfortunately, as soon as I left his office, I had to turn my cell phone back on.  What if that bank decided to call me?  I had to be available to take their call.  When I did, I was quick to notice even more attempted calls and texts from Joanna and Ashley.  I deleted every one of them.
     Before going back to the hotel, I stopped at a pharmacy and bought myself some cheap adult incontinence pants that I could wear to bed.  I also picked up a package of protective pads I could put down on the bed underneath me in case they leaked too.  I didn’t want to have to change hotels again.
     Once back at the hotel, I got on the internet and went searching for all those pictures of me that were supposed to be out there.  The site had been called The Domination of Mister Mike…according to that guy at work.  It was the same title that had been on the agreement Ashley, Joanna, and I had signed.  I hadn’t been to any of those kinds of sites since the agreement had started.  Why would I?  I hadn’t needed that kind of stimulation.  I’d had too much of it in my own personal life for me to try to deal with anymore.  But now that it was over, I went looking.  And I found…nothing.  I had no doubt that it had been out there…that it was still out there in many places.  But finding it now was proving to be impossible.  Obviously, Joanna had found out about the site and had made sure that Ashley had taken it down.  And now finding wherever else someone had posted those pictures was going to take days…or weeks.  I soon gave up.  Besides, if I did find any, what the heck could I do about it?  Nothing!
     My cell phone rang more than a few times.  I was quick to check the caller ID.  Every call was from either Ashley or Joanna.  I cancelled every one of them.  Then late Friday afternoon I got a call from that new bank asking if I could come in next week for an interview.  I told them I would.  I’d have to arrange for a little more time off from my current bank next week, but in truth, I needed to leave there and I didn’t care what they thought about it.  I had to protect myself…and what little reputation I might have left.
Saturday morning, when I got up, I was happy to see that the incontinence underwear I had worn to bed was still dry…although in truth, I had gotten up four times during the night to go to the bathroom because I was so worried about peeing the bed again. 
     When I shaved that morning I did something new too.  Something I had never done before. I didn’t shave the area above and below my mouth.  If someone recognized me from the internet, I figured a little bit of a beard might help disguise me better.  I hoped anyway.  It was going to take weeks for that beard to truly grow in, but I had to start somewhere.
     All day long I thought about Joanna and Ashley.  I was hoping they were at my house that day moving all her stuff out.  At least, they better be!  I was being overly generous to give them Sunday morning to do it all too.  But if they weren’t gone, then…well, I wasn’t really sure if I would call the police or not, but I would do something. 
     Thursday night I had slept in that bed in the other hotel and wet it.  Friday night I had slept in a different hotel bed and I didn’t wet it…but I had been so cautious that I had gotten up throughout the night to go to the bathroom.  But both nights I had gone to bed…missing the feel of a warm soft body cuddled up next to me.  A body that had ultimately betrayed me.  A body that had somehow come to trust me enough with her unbelievable secrets from her past.  A body that had ultimately proved…that she herself was the one who couldn’t be trusted.
     Betrayed!  It was my mental word for the day.
     Twice that day I got phone calls from Joanna.  Once that day I got one from Ashley.  The last one came late in the afternoon.  Then none.  Still, I refused to answer.  I had been – betrayed.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Sunday morning, those darn incontinence pants had a little bit of pee inside them.  Ugh!  At least they hadn’t leaked.  I had slept a bit better though, even though all night long I had been thinking…or dreaming…about Ashley…and how she had felt curled up against me.  As I shaved my face Sunday morning, not shaving where I wanted that beard to grow, I still thought about Ashley, but now I thought about all the turmoil and trouble she had brought me.  As I had done the night before, I spent much of the day killing enemy soldiers on my computer.  Every last one of them was named Ashley.  No, that’s not quite correct.  Some of them were named Joanna.
     Sunday afternoon, I packed everything up into the car and checked out of the hotel.  I drove home, hoping my wishes had been heeded and that they would be gone.  The driveway was certainly empty.  I drove into the garage and closed the door behind me.  I went into the kitchen.  The first thing I noticed was the pile of keys on the counter…on top of a note.  The note was simple and short:  We’re very sorry Michael.  Please call us!  Yeah right!  Not gonna’ happen. 
     I walked around the house.  No sign of Ashley in the kitchen or the living room.  Both bedroom doors were open.  My “sexy” board was still hanging from the ceiling in the one bedroom and the big bed was still there.  The doorknob that was supposed to be on the door for that room was laying on the dresser.  I looked around the room.  No sign of either of them. 
     I went into the master bedroom and looked around.  The crib was there with the bed made and the both rails up.  The shelves held tons of diapers, both the pink and also the very thick ones.  It didn’t look like they had taken any of them. 
     I saw some of my old shoes placed neatly next to the closet door.  I went into the closet and looked carefully.  Nothing left of Ashley’s things, but I did notice that “baby” outfit that I had worn last week with Ashley hung up on a hanger in there.  Only the one though.  Ashley’s matching outfit wasn’t there.
     The master bathroom was just as clear of them as the rest of the house.  The bottom line…it was clear that they were gone.  Finally!  I should never have allowed Ashley into my life in the first place.  For that matter, I should have never done what I had to cause the entire mess in the first place…worn those darn women’s boots into Arby’s that night…that fateful night that had changed my life. 
     I grabbed all those keys from the kitchen and took them back to the bathroom in the master bedroom, and I finally removed that darn chastity device.  I massaged myself, but there was no joy in it, and in truth, as much as I considered masturbating, I had no desire whatsoever.  Finally free of the thing, I pulled my new underwear and pants up.  Without that chastity device that had covered my cock for so long, everything felt different.  Weird!  I convinced myself it felt good though.  Comfortable.  Strangely, I had to tell myself that it did. 
     That done, I started a load of wash.  I had things that needed cleaning…some of it badly.  While that was underway, I set about the task of putting the house in order again.  Moving the big bed back to my bedroom.  Taking down that embarrassing “sexy” board.  Taking apart the crib.  The mattress I leaned up against the wall in the smaller bedroom.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to get a bedframe for the thing or not. 
     The crib, along with my dumb sexy board, I hid out in my workshop where hopefully nobody would ever see them.  I knew I was eventually going to have to get rid of them, but for some reason, I held onto them.  Maybe it was because I had put so much time into building that crib.  It had been an interesting project.  I just hadn’t gotten to sleep in the thing much…or properly – with the rails up.  I chased those thought from my mind.  No more!  No more!  Never again!  Yeah right.  I knew myself better than that.  But from now on, I knew I was going to be far more careful with my secret life than I had ever been.
     My life was changing now.  My life had to change now.  Because of Ashley…and Joanna.  Because in the end, Ashley had proven she couldn’t be trusted.  And because of that, she had betrayed me.  Ruined me.  Hurt me.  It was time to change my life.  Time to make it better.  A new job.  A new house.  Maybe I’d try to do something else.  Take up a hobby or try to meet some new friends.  Not hang out alone in my house all the time by myself. 
     But could I?  I knew myself and my wants pretty well.  Change didn’t come easily. 
     But it was time to try.
     Ashley.  Warm soft body cuddled into mine.  Kidnapped and tortured beyond reason.  Hurting.  Vulnerable.  Untrusting.  Damaged.  Uncaring.  Cruel.  I missed her.


Kenneth said...

aw.. this chapter is actually pretty sad.. but still i can't help loving it

Alana said...

Not the exact ending I was hoping for... but as usual another great work of literature. The Bet is still my all time favorite and wish you would continue that story. you did leave it off for a great new book. Just sayin :) Oh and Victim Number Three... great book. so many twists and turns.