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The Bet - Chapter 6 (Thursday - week 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 6 (Thursday - week 1)

Mel woke Chad up even earlier than she did the day before. Mostly because she figured that since he was going to be a smelly mess, it was going to be harder to handle and take longer. She wasn’t exactly looking forward to it, but dealing with the mess and the smell were just something she was going to have to learn to live with. It was a small price to pay next to what she was forcing Chad to endure. But there was no way she was ever going to lose this bet and she figured that the only way to win it would be to destroy all of Chad’s ability to control himself – totally.

Chad seemed to be at least a little more rested, but not a lot. “I kept having to go all night again,” he admitted. “But at least it’s starting to get easier.”

“Just think how much easier it’s going to be once you learn to do it in your sleep,” Mel told him again.

“Not likely!” Chad replied as he turned the shower head on his messy, smelly backside and let it soak him clean.

Mel dressed him exactly has she had done the day before, then left him to finish getting dressed with instructions to come back to her place again as soon as he was ready so she could give him his morning baby bottles. Then she went home again to get her own shower. She really did need to get him more baby bottles she decided as she filled the only bottle she had at her place. It would make this a lot easier. Maybe tonight. But that thought reminded her of just what else she had planned for the evening. And that was something she was really looking forward to.

Before she left for work, she did one more thing, she stopped into Chad’s apartment and found his copy of the contract and took it. She seriously doubted that he would ever know. On the way to work she dropped it off to have it off to have it framed. When the woman she was working with saw what was in it, she started laughing. “You can’t be serious!” she said.

“You can bet I am!” replied Mel.

“The woman laughed. It’ll be ready later this afternoon.”

When Mel finally walked into her office, Andrea was once again after her, wanting to know everything about how things were going with Chad. “Oh God,” she finally said when Mel had finished. You’re not going easy on him, that’s for sure.”

“I can’t afford to,” Mel replied. “I’m not going to lose this bet! Oh, and there’s something I need you to pick up and for me this afternoon and hold onto for a few days.” Mel explained what it was.

“No problem, I’ll get it for you,” Andrea replied. Then she filled Mel in on her schedule for the day. But before she finished, she added one more thing. “Oh, and your therapist, Gloria, called and wants you to call her back as soon as possible.”

Mel was surprised at that. She just hoped that Gloria wasn’t cancelling out on her. She picked up her phone as soon as Andrea had left. “Gloria, this is Mel. What’s up?”

“Hi Mel,” Gloria replied. “I’ve been doing a bit of research for what you want me to do with your friend, and I just wanted you to know that I don’t think this is something we can do in just one shot. I’m not a professional, I just dabble, but I still consider myself pretty good. I think I can at least help, but we’re going to have to start slow. Ok?”

Mel wasn’t all that surprised. “So what are you recommending?”

“That you move your weekly appointments to every Thursday night for both of you. That way we can build each time on what we did the week before.”

Mel was only slightly disappointed. But what Gloria said made sense. “Ok, I can do that. Are we still on for tonight?”

“Definitely. Tonight I just want to lay the groundwork. Make sure he can be hypnotized. I’ll set a few triggers and plant some suggestions, then hopefully next week he’ll be able to go deeper and we can plant some more.”

“Ok,” Mel replied. “I’ll go along with whatever you suggest.”

“Great. Now when you get here, I’m going to start the session normally, but at some point, I’m going to tap you on the arm. Then I want you to stop trying to follow my directions and just listen without saying anything. I don’t want to hypnotize you too.”

Mel laughed. “That sounds like a good idea.”

“When I start to bring him out of it, I’ll let you know. From there on, it should go more like normal. But Mel, most of the session is going to be directed at him. Understand?”

“Perfect,” Mel replied. “If this even helps, I’ll be very grateful.”

“Good. See you later then.”

Mel now couldn’t wait for her day of tedious work to end.

Chad had been a little more with it all day today. For some reason, while he hadn’t sleep thorough each time he had peed last night, he still hadn’t come fully awake either, especially later in the night. But now, as the afternoon wore on, he was starting to yawn all over again and was once again fighting to stay awake. At least this time he only had a few more hours to go. He was really wet again, but fortunately he didn’t think it was as bad as the day before. One thing he did noticed though was that the more he wet himself, the less worried he was becoming about doing it. But that fact didn’t worry him at all.

When quitting time finally came, he only delayed a few extra minutes before heading straight to Mel’s office once again. Andrea escorted him back to the same empty office again and brought him another coffee to drink while Mel was finishing with a client. But Chad hadn’t even finished his coffee before Mel came in carrying a bag with her.

“Ok,” she said being mostly all business. “Let’s get you changed.” Chad was surprised to see her pull two diapers out of the bag she had and lay them out on the floor. A little while later, his diapers were changed and he was feeling much better. He was still wearing the miserable all-in-one girdle again, but just having fresh diapers made a big difference.

“I’ve got a surprise for you tonight,” Mel explained. “There’s something I do every week that I absolutely love, and I’d like to experience it too. Trust me you’re going to love it.”

Chad wasn’t at all sure about that, but he didn’t have any choice.

As soon as she could get away from work, Mel drove them to a nice restaurant. Chad had only seen frozen diet dinners in her freezer and not much else. He realized that more often than not, Mel wound up buying her meals. The price of being a busy lawyer he realized. Mel was being particularly nice all during dinner and only insisted on him drinking three cups of coffee during their meal. Mel asked him quite a few questions about his job and his divorce and his finances. “You should have had your own lawyer!” she chastised him. “She took you to the cleaners!”

“What choice did I have?” he replied. “Under the circumstances.”

“A good lawyer would have helped.”

“Yeah right, like I’m going to tell some lawyer about what really broke up my marriage?”

“You told me,” Mel commented. “And you know for a fact that she told her lawyer. You messed up. And now you’re paying for it.”

“Yeah, but at least it’s a clean break. We have no kids and I’m not going to pay any alimony.”

“Yeah, but all you got was one of your cars and nothing else. She got everything.”

“But like I said, it’s still a clean break. I’m starting fresh from here.”

More than you know, Mel thought as she watched him finish his coffee. More than you know.

“So where are we going?” Chad finally asked as they got back into her car.

“It’s called relaxation therapy and I absolutely love it.”

Chad was a bit surprised. “I think I’ve heard of it, but I don’t really know anything about it.”

“Trust me, for a few minutes, every little care you have in the world will go away and you’ll feel so fresh and relaxed you won’t believe it.”

“Right now, all I feel is dog tired,” he replied.

Gloria was waiting for them and greeted Chad warmly, putting him immediately at ease. “Pick a chair and just relax,” she told him as she ushered them into her therapy room.

Chad was immediately impressed by the aura of the room. From the plants to the lighting, even the smell of the place seemed nice. Mel laid back on the chaise on the right so he climbed onto the one on the left.

“Now just relax and follow my instructions,” Gloria told him. “I know you’re going to enjoy this.”

Chad glanced quickly at Mel, she was already breathing in deeply, preparing herself for something she enjoyed. He decided to go along and try it. What could it hurt?

A few minutes later, Chad was feeling really relaxed and wonderful. As he listened to instruction after instruction from the therapist, he seemed to relax further and further. It was without a doubt, one of the more pleasurable experiences of his life.

Mel suddenly felt someone tap her on the arm and she jolted out of the reverie she had been going into. Just in time, she realized what was happening and didn’t say anything. Gloria was still talking, making Chad more and more relaxed as she went on. The process was fascinating. Slowly but surely she put Chad into a hypnotic trance, then kept trying to make it deeper and deeper. She planted suggestions for him to go immediately into a trance whenever she said certain trigger words. Finally, she started talking to him about his desires to wear diapers and his fantasy of being incontinent. She reminded him about how wonderful it would be and told him that he would dream about it every night, wanting it more and more. Finally, she told him that he wouldn’t remember most of what happened during their session. He would only remember the very beginning and waking up at the end, nothing in-between. Then Mel realized that Gloria was beginning to bring him out of it. Finally she got the signal and laid back and relaxed herself again as Gloria woke him up, still totally relaxed and feeling more wonderful than he ever had. The session was over. Mel didn’t know what extra Gloria was going to charge her for this, and now she cared even less. It had been fascinating!

“God that was great!” Chad remarked as they got up to leave. “I can see now why you love this so much.”

“Next week?” Gloria asked as they waked out.

“Definitely,” Mel replied.

“You mean we can do this again?” Chad asked.
“Every week, if you like.”

“Great!” Chad replied. “That was simply great!”

Mel didn’t drive then directly home. Instead she stopped at a store where they went in and browsed through the baby items. After looking at a number of different things carefully, Mel finally began stocking the shopping cart she had grabbed with baby bottles, lots of them. Chad hadn’t even been able to count how many she finally wound up putting in the cart. “That should hold us for a little while,” she noted. Chad was still shocked at how many she was buying, but he was also glad that she hadn’t bought any of the other things that she had been eyeing a little too closely.

They went directly back to his apartment after that where Mel had him remove all his male clothes. Then she added some rolled up socks to pad out the breasts of the all-in-one he was wearing and had him put a dress and heels on over top of it. Finally satisfied with the way he was dressed, Mel had him gather all his laundry that needed to be done and start carrying it to her apartment. Unfortunately, since he had nothing to carry it all in, it took him two trips. On the second one, one of the women who had seen him the day before was outside and she waved teasingly at him. He did his best to ignore her and to hurry.

Mel set him straight to work on her laundry first, then his laundry. In the meantime, she also had him cleaning whatever she could find around her house that needed it. She actually managed to keep him jumping from one task to another, all the while, making sure he was also drinking baby bottle after baby bottle of her green tea. By the time all the laundry was clean and folded, it was getting late and Chad was yawning over and over again. Unfortunately, the green tea was also making him pee over and over again too. He was now doing it so often he hardly even thought about it anymore. He was definitely getting a little too used to peeing without thinking about it – already.

While Chad was working, Mel cleaned a few of the baby bottles and filled them with the tea mixture. Some of them she gave directly to Chad while he was working, but others she fixed with tape wrapped around them so that Chad couldn’t empty them without her knowing it. When all the laundry was finally finished, she helped him carry all his clothes back to his own apartment where she inserted another suppository and rediapered him for the night. She finished her work off by making him once again wear his baby-doll nighty. Handing him two more bottles of tea to finish before he went to sleep, she finally left him.

Chad was exhausted. It also felt like he was peeing every twenty minutes and there was little he could do about it. He laid down on his blow-up mattress with the first baby bottle and began drinking it, but he was so tired that he couldn’t finish it. As he closed his eyes, he let out more pee. As he did so, he thought about his fantasy. It really would be so great to be able to sleep and not have to wake up every time he had to wet himself. They were pleasant and very stimulating dreams he had that night.

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