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The Bet - Chapter 8 (Saturday – week 1 Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 8 (Saturday – week 1 Part 1)

Mel woke up and stretched luxuriously. She felt better than she had in a very long time. Chad’s tongue had done absolute wonders for her and the way she felt. She glanced at her clock. Oh dear, she had slept a lot later than she had meant to. Poor Chad was still tied up in her living room. She actually smiled at that thought. The power that she felt over him sent waves of pleasure through her body once again. “Later,” she told herself. “Later.” Knowing how miserable he probably felt, she immediately got out of bed.
Chad was only half awake. It was nearly impossible to sleep well tied up on the floor as he was… not to mention having to pee into his diapers over and over again… not to mention occasionally having a mess sliding out of his rear end once in a while… not to mention trying to sleep with so much sexual need bottled up inside of him. If he thought he had felt miserable last night, he felt twice as bad this morning. He was so glad when he finally heard Mel stirring in her bedroom. He prayed she would release him soon.
Mel hurried over and began untying him. She could see how miserable he was. He looked like he hadn’t slept much again. She shouldn’t have slept so late herself. Tough though, the poor guy was just going to have to get used to it. As soon as he was untied, she let him rub his arms and legs and stretch for a few moments. By the way he was moving, she was sure he was really hurting. “I’ll meet you in the bathroom,” she finally said, and then she left him to recover a bit more.
Chad finally crawled into the bathroom. He knew she’d probably let him walk, but he wasn’t sure he could just then. Mel unlocked his onesie and helped him undress. Then she let him soak clean under the shower. The warm spray felt great against his whole body – except his blistered backside. That was still tender to the touch. When he was done, Mel began running the bath water and soon he was relaxing in the warm scented water while she shaved every bit of his body once again. After his bath, Mel diapered him again in soft cloth diapers that didn’t feel nearly as thick as they had the night before. But what distressed him was the suppository she shoved up inside him before she fastened his diapers again. He wanted to protest, but he dared not. At that point, he didn’t really care all that much anyway. He was too bone tired again.
Mel finished him up by locking the onesie back on him again and then had him put his heels back on. “Go lay down on the couch,” she instructed. “I’ll bring you your bottle.”
Chad gladly did as he was told. In truth, he really just wanted to go straight to sleep there, but since she had handed him the bottle, he knew better than to not drink it – now. Mel’s couch felt really great – comfortable. The bottle he was drinking seemed almost comforting after what he had been through the night before. Even though he hated the dreaded green tea, he drank it greedily. As soon as he finished his bottle, he closed his eyes and fell soundly asleep. Finally.

Mel dressed casually for the day in jeans and a t-shirt. This was going to be mostly a working day, so the clothes were appropriate. She had a few fun things lined up for Chad later, but there was work to do first. She walked into her living room and saw Chad fast asleep. She left him there and began searching through the bags he had brought in the night before. “Found one!” she said softly as she reached into the bag and pulled out a package of pacifiers. She opened the package and washed them carefully. Then she took one of them into the living room where Chad was sleeping.
Chad was sound asleep when he suddenly felt something being gently pushed into his mouth. He jolted half awake, “What?”
“Shhh! Here keep this in your mouth and don’t take it out,” Mel said softly. “Go back to sleep.”
In his half awake state, it took Chad a moment to realize what it was. He put his hand up to grab it.
“Don’t touch!” Mel cautioned him. “Keep it there and go back to sleep for a while.”
Sighing wearily, Chad did just that.

Mel busied herself in her apartment while she let Chad sleep for a while. She poked through the bags of things they had bought just to look at some of them again. A few things she pulled out and put away in her kitchen since she thought they would be useful. When she was done, she found the small hammer she kept in the apartment and a box of picture hangers. From her bedroom, she found both copies of the contracts that she had had framed and pulled them out. Hers she placed on her desk leaning against the wall until she could decide where to put it. Chad’s she placed in one of the bags along with the hammer and the hanger.
Mel let Chad sleep for about an hour before she decided it was time to wake him up and get busy. But when she went to wake him, she noticed that his pacifier had fallen out of his mouth and was just laying on the couch next to his head. She picked it up and put it back into his mouth. Chad woke up instantly.
“What?” He was still so groggy.
“Keep this in your mouth.” She held it till she felt him sucking on it again. “Come on, time to get up and get busy.”
Chad swung himself to a sitting position till he could wake up a bit more. He was so groggy still. He unconsciously reached for the pacifier in his mouth again and was stunned when she slapped his hand.
“Don’t touch!”
He got the point. It also helped to wake him up a bit more.
“Come on,” she coaxed him. “There’s a bottle waiting for you in the kitchen.”
“Oh hell,” he thought. As he stood up and began walking to the kitchen he weakly realized that he had to pee again. He barely thought about it as he wet himself.
As he sat down on the hard kitchen floor with his bottle, he realized just how tender his backside still was. He rocked back and forth trying to find a comfortable way to sit, but he couldn’t. Finally, he laid down on his side and put the bottle to his mouth. He couldn’t believe how much the beating she had given him still hurt. He’d have to think carefully about not doing everything she told him to right away from now on. She really knew how to make a point.
As he started in on the bottle, Mel asked him, “Are you usually a breakfast eater?”
“When I can,” he replied. “Sometimes I only have time for coffee, but when I can I grab something from a fast food place on the way to work.”
Mel nodded. “I’m going out for some donuts. I’ll be right back.” She started to walk away then stopped. “Can you cook?”
“A little, I guess,” he replied.
Mel nodded thoughtfully. “Well have to see. Maybe later we’ll go grocery shopping.” Then she walked out.
Chad was left alone with his baby bottle to finish. He didn’t dare dump it out or even think about getting up off the floor till he had finished it. But when he was done, he did get up and wandered around a bit. She wasn’t back yet, but he had no doubt that she wouldn’t be much longer. He really wanted to lay back down and sleep some more, but he didn’t dare do that either. Not wanting to cause any trouble for himself, he decided that maybe he should at least attempt to do something useful. So he began washing dishes – mostly baby bottles.
Mel came back with a box full of donuts and two large cups of coffee while he was still at the sink. She was more than pleased to see what he was doing. “Oh, what a good baby you are!” she told him as she set everything down on the counter. The compliment actually sent waves of pleasure throughout Chad’s body. While Chad finished what he was doing, Mel grabbed one of the baby bottles he had just washed and poured coffee from one of the cups into it. Chad had no question now about which cup was his.
As soon as he finished the dishes, Mel pointed to the box of donuts. “Start eating,” she said with her mouth full. The box held a dozen varying kinds of donuts, each one looking more appetizing then the next. He selected one and put it in his mouth. Very sweet, very tasty, and oh so good! He didn’t even think about it as he grabbed his baby bottle full of coffee to help wash it down. As soon as he finished the donut, Mel said, “Have another one.”
“May I?” he asked politely. Mel just pointed at them since her mouth was full.
As Chad was eating, Mel got up and left him. She went to her desk to catch up on some work, leaving him alone. “That was good. Thank you,” he called to her as soon as he finished the donut.
“Have another one,” she called from her desk.
“No thank you. I’ve had enough.”
“I said have another one!”
He was a bit surprised at her attitude, but he wasn’t about to not do whatever she said, besides, they really were good. So he ate a third one. This time, when he finished it, he walked out to where she was working. “I’m done,” he told her. “Is there anything you want me to do now?”
Mel looked around her. “Get busy,” she said simply. “Clean! There’s laundry to do, beds to be made, the carpet needs cleaning, the furniture needs…” But Mel stopped dead right there as soon as she saw the sudden surprised look on Chad’s face.
Chad had been listening to what Mel was saying and was just about to get busy, when the suppository she had put in him earlier decided to do its job. It was so sudden that he was filling his diapers without warning. It really felt more like everything in him was just falling out.
“What’s wrong?” Mel asked.
“I just…”
Mel nodded knowingly. She turned back to her work. “Get busy. And have another donut first.”
With the cloth diapers on instead of his usual disposable ones, Chad was more than ever aware of the mess inside of them. He felt the wetness too against his skin. And the longer he wore them now, the more the wetness and the mess seemed to irritate his already blistered rear end. The cloth diapers were thinner than the ones he had worn all night, but he had been tied up then, unable to move. Now he had to walk around and do things. And the awful mess in his diapers meant he had to move a lot more carefully. He was used to waddling around in thick diapers now, but having to constantly feel the wet mess in his backside caused him to waddle with even more of a wide legged gait. It was uncomfortable and he knew he looked silly doing it, but what choice did he have.
He started in on the laundry, but he had only started to load the clothes in the washer when Mel came to find him. “You forgot this,” she said, holding out his pacifier. “She stuck it in his mouth for him. Suck on it and don’t let me catch it out of your mouth.” Then she was gone.
Chad sighed. The woman could be very difficult. But damn if sucking on a pacifier like a baby wasn’t making him horny. Having to see the bright red polish on his nails while he worked was having the same effect on him too. Now if he could just figure out a way to get a little relief.
Chad’s work was slowed down a lot because Mel kept stopping him every half-hour or so to make him eat another donut or drink another baby bottle. As soon as he finished each time though, she made sure that his pacifier quickly went right back into his mouth again. His mouth was getting really tired from all the sucking, but every time Mel caught him putting his hand anywhere near the pacifier to take it out for a minute she yelled at him. His jaw was beginning to ache and his lips were going numb, but what could he do?
It was nearly noon before Mel finished with what she was working on and decided that Chad had done enough. When she found him, Chad thought that she was going to bring him another baby bottle to drink – thankfully, the donuts were finally all gone, she had made him eat ten of them and now he was so full that he couldn’t eat another bite if he tried. But Mel surprised him by deciding to change his sopping wet and messy diapers instead. That really pleased him. Unfortunately, what didn’t please him was that she inserted another suppository when she did it. Things were definitely getting worse he decided.
Once he was again dressed and firmly locked in his onesie, Mel told him to start taking all the bags from the stuff he had bought last night back to his apartment. But the thought of going outside dressed like he was, shocked him too much. Without stopping to think about what he was doing, he said, “What? I can’t! Not like this!” Even though the words were slightly blurred by the pacifier in his mouth, the panic in his voice was plainly evident.
Mel’s reply wasn’t loud and it wasn’t fast, but was enough to let Chad know instantly that he had messed up, and bad. “Shall I get my yardstick again?”
Chad nearly panicked. He had been really glad all morning that everything she had him doing didn’t require him to sit down. With a huge amount of trepidation, he picked up his keys and as many bags as he could carry in his arms at one time and headed for her door, mentally bracing himself for the dash outside to his own apartment. But Mel’s voice cut through the room, “Only two at a time.” Chad looked at her like she was crazy, but she wasn’t. “Would you rather do it one at a time?” she added.
Chad set all but two of the bags down on the floor again. He realized it would be easier to manage since he had to unlock his door anyway. Maybe he could get back and forth quicker. Dreading it horribly, he went out and ran for his own apartment as fast as the heels on his feet would allow. But just coming up the top of the steps ahead of him was one of the girls from the apartment past his. He heard her surprised little scream as he quickly unlocked his door and ran inside, closing it just as quickly behind him.
But then he had to go back again. He waited a moment to let the woman get back inside her own apartment before he opened his door again. He cautiously looked out. The darn woman was standing right next to her door, looking straight at him. He ducked back inside again and waited a few moments longer, then he looked back again. She was still there! Darn it! The damn woman wasn’t going away. Not having any choice, he ran out and back to Mel’s apartment.
“What took you so long?” Mel asked.
“One of those women from the other night was out there and she saw me.”
Mel smiled. “Did she like what she saw?”
Chad groaned and picked up two more bags. But when he went outside, not only was the woman out there, but her dark haired friend was out there too. Both of them, just standing there watching him. Once again he ran for the safety of his own apartment. This time, he didn’t even wait. He quickly set the bags down and ran back out for another load. The quicker he got this over with, the better.
“That was fast this time,” Mel noted. “I take it she’s gone now.”
“No! Not only is she out there, but so is her friend!”
“Really now,” Mel was a bit surprised but was suddenly enjoying Chad’s new discomfort. Not wanting to spoil it, she said nothing, but as soon as he was back out the door with another load, she poked her head out to see what was going on. She nearly burst out laughing.
Chad went out through Mel’s door and almost stopped dead. Fortunately, he collected himself just in time and continued on ahead. Both women were still there, but now one of them had found a lawn chair and was sitting on it with her drink. They were both out there just to enjoy the show. “Wooo hooo!” he heard one of them shouting as he continued towards his own apartment. Yeah, they were enjoying the show all right. A little too much.
On the return trip to Mel’s apartment, he heard them clapping and shouting again. But now Mel herself was leaning in her doorway watching the show too. He wasn’t running anymore. Just very resigned, he grabbed more stuff and continued moving it to his place. But a little too late, he realized that maybe all the running he had just done hadn’t been a really good idea, because as he was halfway between apartments again, the latest suppository did its job. And just like before, it was so sudden that there was no real warning. All the donuts he had been eating all morning hadn’t helped at all either. He stopped dead when it happened with a terrified look on his face. When he could continue walking again, it was much more gingerly. The two women in front of him were obviously wondering what had happened, but he heard Mel laughing openly behind him.
He dropped the bags off and went back for another load, cursing the fact that they had bought so much stuff and that the store had insisted on putting so few items in each bag. But when he went back out, Mel was just passing him on her way to see the two women. Again, walking – or more like waddling – gingerly, he went back for another load. The women all laughed and talked as he made the last of the trips. He couldn’t imagine anything in the world more embarrassing than what he had just done. When he was done, he left his door open because he had no doubt that Mel would soon follow him into his apartment. He went to his blow-up mattress and buried his head in his pillow. If only the world would swallow him up right now so he couldn’t feel the embarrassment anymore.

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