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The Bet - Chapter 9 (Sunday – week 2 Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 9 (Sunday – week 2 Part 2)

Mel had remained silent through most of the store. He had too. She was still silent, and thoughtful, all the way home. When she got there she got out of her car and opened the trunk. “Start getting it all upstairs,” she said. Then she left him.
Chad knew that once again he would be making trip after trip, exposing himself to everybody that would be around that cared to see him. But he didn’t protest in the least for fear that whatever she had planned as a punishment for him might be even worse. He just wished that her apartment had been on the bottom floor instead of upstairs where the trips were much longer, not to mention harder in his high heels.
With each trip up the stairs, he kept expecting Sandy or Cassie to come out and laugh at him. He was relieved when he grabbed the last of the bags and neither of them had shown up. But as he finally closed Mel’s door behind him, his worry about what Mel would do to him increased. It was imminent now.

Mel watched as Chad closed her front door and set the last of the groceries down on her table. He looked worried. He should be, she thought. The problem was though, she still hadn’t decided how to handle him. So she said nothing to him, and just began putting everything away.
Chad just stood at the entrance to the kitchen and waited. She hadn’t told him to do anything since he finished bringing up the groceries. “How can I help?” he finally asked, very politely.
Mel said nothing at all to him. Instead she went directly to her refrigerator and brought out one of his bottles and handed it to him. She pointed to his usual spot on the floor and he sat. After that, she tried to pay as little attention to him as she could, knowing the affect that her silence alone might have on him.
Chad sat down and drank his bottle while he watched her. The worry over how she was going to punish him was still foremost on his mind. But she hadn’t said a single word to him since they had gotten home. He began to wish that she would say something, anything, even yell a bit. Just so he could know the eternal waiting was finally over. But she was still remaining silent.
When he finished his bottle, he held it up to show her. “I’m done.” She was busy pouring liquid from some of the drinks they had bought earlier into his baby bottles, something he was very glad to see since he hated the tea that she made. Mel glanced at him quickly as she finished filling another bottle. Then he watched as she screwed the nipple back on. She picked it up and walked over to him. Taking the empty bottle from his hand, she handed him the new one and walked away again without a word. Yeah, she was definitely pissed, he thought. He looked at the bottle she had handed him. Whatever was inside it looked terribly dark and almost brown. Ugh! He put it to his lips and tasted it. Awful! A bit sweet underneath, but not at all to his liking. “What is this?” he asked. Mel just looked at him sternly and walked away, leaving him alone on the kitchen floor with his bottle.

While Chad was finishing the bottle of prune juice she had just handed him, Mel went out and sat in the living room to think. She was still puzzled over what she was going to do with him. She knew that the fault was probably hers. Completely on impulse, she had deviated from the plan she had made. She had pushed him too far, too fast. She hadn’t planned on taking him out fully dressed for a while yet, but somehow she hadn’t been able to resist the urge earlier when she had dressed him. But the good part was that now she thought that he would realize that there was nothing she could not make him do. No matter how difficult things would be for him, he would always have the knowledge that he would be forced to endure it. That alone she considered a major step. So maybe she didn’t screw up so badly earlier after all. She would back off a bit though and try to get more back to her original plan.
And speaking of that plan, she had really screwed up by not making him drink and eat more before they went out. She had to get him back on track with that and fast. She wasn’t sure if he had wet his diapers even once while they were out, and that couldn’t be allowed to happen again. He was finishing his second bottle now. That was a good start, but she had to fill his stomach too. Thinking about food and eating just then made her stomach growl. She hadn’t eaten all day either. Time for lunch.
While Chad finished his baby bottle of prune juice, Mel made salads for each of them. It wasn’t much for him, but it would be plenty for her. Fortunately, she had a few other things she could have him eat to help fill him up later.
When Chad finally finished his bottle, she took it from him and handed him a bowl filled with his salad to eat. Then she went to the refrigerator and got him another bottle to go with it, this time it was apple juice. She handed it to him.
“I don’t have a fork,” he said from his position on the floor.
Mel sighed and broke her silence. “Babies eat with their fingers.” She was inwardly laughing a little as she sat in her chair at the table to eat. She enjoyed it even more watching him struggling on the floor with his meal, having to eat only with his fingers.
Chad hadn’t eaten much, but he was starting to get full. The two baby bottles he had just finished, and now this third one along with his salad had filled him up more than he thought they would. He was eating on the floor where she had made him drink his bottles like a child. Now he was eating with his fingers like a baby too. And like a baby, his fingers and face were a mess from the dressing on the salad. He felt the old familiar twinges in his cock again. Damn the woman could be fun sometimes. She was treating him just like a child and he was loving it. Unfortunately, he knew that later she probably would be punishing him in way’s he’d rather not think about. He was really wishing it would come sooner, just to get it over with.
When he finished his salad, Mel took the bowl away from him, but before she allowed him to get up, she handed him a banana to eat. “I’ve had enough,” he said as politely as he could.
“Eat it!” Mel said angrily. Then she left him alone again.
Chad sighed and began eating the banana. Curiously though, when he was done, he was slightly thirsty. He found himself wishing that he had just a little left from his last bottle to wash it down with. He put that thought from his mind quickly. A little thirst was not a problem he was going to worry about. “I’m finished,” he called again.
Mel still didn’t know what she was going to do with him. Every plan to punish him either sounded too extreme or not nearly enough. She sighed, there were other things he needed to be doing just then. “Ok,” she replied from the living room. “Get in here.”
Chad got to his feet immediately and walked into the living room. His fear over what she was about to do to him was once again growing.
“Get those clothes off!” she commanded.
Knowing the time for his punishment had finally arrived, he began to get undressed. He suddenly wished however that he had not just eaten. But when he was down to just his diapers and plastic panties, she stopped him. “Ok, that’s enough. Leave the diapers.” Chad was suddenly thoroughly confused. Mel got up and went to her purse and dug out his pacifier and shoved it into his mouth again. “Come on,” she said as she led the way into her bathroom.
Chad followed her into her bathroom, unsure what was going on or what to do. He was about to ask when she pointed towards the large plastic garbage bag in the corner and said, “Get busy!” Chad nearly fainted. The bag held all of the dirty cloth diapers he had been wearing for the last few days. This was not a task that he wanted to do at all! Why couldn’t she have let him just wear disposables all the time? Those all got thrown away instead of having to be cleaned.
He gingerly opened the bag and was immediately assaulted by the sharp acrid smell. He was close to gagging from it. “Rinse those in the toilet first,” Mel ordered. “Then run some water in the tub to scrub them by hand. I’ll get you some detergent and bleach.”
Mel left him quickly after that. He couldn’t blame her, the room was starting to smell terribly. Very gingerly, he reached into the bag and brought out the first mass of diapers. They were all stuck together. “Ewww,” he almost said aloud. He really did want to barf. This had to rank up there with the most disgusting things he had ever done. But he had to do it, so he began dunking the diapers in the toilet to pre-rinse them clean.
Mel walked back into her bathroom and set some detergent and bleach on the counter for Chad’s next phase in cleaning his diapers. She was immediately assaulted by the horrible odor in the room as soon as she walked back in. She quickly retreated to the doorway again where she could breath better to watch him. The longer she watched him, the more interesting she found it. Finally, she just had to say something… she just had to tease him about it a bit. “You know,” she began, “I find what you’re doing very ironic… and really funny in a way.”
Chad wanted to answer, but he said nothing and kept working.
“I guess you’re finding it interesting too, but more than that, I’d be willing to bet that you’re finding this sexually thrilling.”
Chad just looked at her like she was crazy. How could what he was doing be in any way anything but awful?
“I just find it funny,” she continued, “that from now on, the only use you’re ever going to have for a toilet again, is for exactly what you’re doing right now… and that’s it. For the rest of your life, you’re always going to be peeing and messing in your diapers and never again in a toilet. So the only way you’ll ever use a toilet again is for just what you’re doing right now.”
Chad’s eyes bulged. He had never thought of that. It was awful! But worse, now that she had said it, the very idea of it had his cock suddenly giving him major twinges. He pictured himself in the future, just as he was, pacifier in his mouth, clad in only diapers and plastic panties, totally incontinent, and the only use he would ever have for the toilet was to rinse his diapers. Oh God what a picture. He actually blushed. Damn the woman, only she could make a task like this sexually thrilling.
A few minutes later though, he wasn’t so excited as he leaned over the tub, scrubbing by hand each and every one of those diapers. Ugh! Finally though, just to make sure they were all clean, she had him put them in the washing machine. He almost felt defeated. Why had she bothered to make him do them all by hand first? The washer could have handled it easily. At least she let him put them in the dryer when they were done. He had visions of her handing him the blow dryer she used on her hair to dry them with.
Cleaning all the diapers had taken him most of the afternoon. The job had taken longer than it should have because Mel occasionally brought him bottles to drink or snacks to eat and made him sit on the floor till they were done each time. He was absolutely loving how much like a child she was treating him. He was also starting to pee over an over again. It had really been a welcome change earlier when he hadn’t had so much to drink and had actually gone for hours without peeing, not to mention having his diapers stay dry for so long.
He was still very worried about how she was going to punish him, but he had worried a lot less about it while he had something to do. Now though, he was finished and all his cloth diapers were neatly folded and either stashed away in her bathroom or stacked by her front door or for him to take back to his own apartment later. How was she going to punish him? She had really hardly said a word to him all afternoon – other than to tease him briefly or to give him directions. Otherwise, she had mostly ignored him while she tried to catch up on her office work that she had brought home. He really wasn’t sure if her ignoring him so much was getting to him or not, but since he had nothing better to do at the moment, he went into the living room where she was working on the couch. “What do you want me to do next?” he asked.
Mel looked up from her work and sighed. Sometimes she hated how much work she had to bring home. But she kept telling herself that that’s why she got the big bucks. She glanced at her watch and was surprised to see how late it was. Chad was standing in front of her, probably bored. No problem. “You said you can cook. There’s chicken in the kitchen. Make me some dinner. Oh, and make it something nice. Let’s see what you can do.” She purposely looked back down at her work again, seeming to ignore him completely, as if he were no longer there.
Chad was a bit bewildered. Make dinner? He guessed he could do that. He was still standing there in front of her, waiting for her to pay a little more attention to him, but she had gone right back to work. Sighing a bit, he went into the kitchen.
Dinner was really no problem, he had cooked dinner many times for his wife – make that ex-wife – and himself. He fixed the chicken and chopped vegetables and put them in pots on the stove. The only thing he really wished for were more spices, Mel’s kitchen was very lacking in that department.
When everything was prepared, he set the table for two. He poured her a glass of wine, then he started to pour himself a glass too. And he stopped. She wouldn’t really make him drink it from a baby bottle, would she? He sighed. Of course she would. But on the off chance she might not think of it, he finished pouring himself a glass.
Wanting to impress her, he even found a candle and put that on the center of the table and lit it. Everything was perfect, everything was ready. Now all he needed was her.
Mel’s stomach growled. The reason it growled was because whatever Chad was doing in the kitchen smelled awfully good. But she was still doing her best to ignore him and finish her work. She was actually glad when Chad came in to get her. “Dinner is ready,” he announced softly and politely.
She looked up. “It’s about time.” She got up from the couch and went into the kitchen. The table was set beautifully with a candle in the middle. He had even poured them each a glass of wine. Everything looked and smelled heavenly. This was living. This was what she wanted every day when she came home from working hard. This was life as it should be.
She sat down. The food was already on the plates and it looked as good as it smelled. She picked up her wine and she sipped it. Perfect. This was luxury. He was just sitting down, his bare chest and diapers looking very out of place at her beautifully set table. That bothered her – a lot. She glanced at his glass of wine. His glass? No, no, no!!! “Oh no you’re not!” she said quickly. “Get up!”
Chad was surprised and confused. She had seemed to like everything. What was wrong now? She walked over to his side of the table and picked up his plate and carried it back into the kitchen and set it on the floor. “Babies eat here!” she said, pointing to his usual spot. Then she opened the refrigerator and pulled out another baby bottle for him.
Chad sighed. All the work he had just done, and he was back on the floor to eat again. As he looked at his plate, he realized something else too, once again he would have to eat with his fingers. But at least what he was eating was better than anything he had had in a while. He glanced up at her. She was totally absorbed in the dinner he had prepared for her. There was no doubt she was enjoying it. That alone made him feel good. And even though he was eating with his fingers from the floor and drinking from a baby bottle, he was glad that for once he was having a proper meal. Something he had always believed was necessary – at least every once in a while.
After dinner, Mel went back to her couch to continue working. The meal that Chad had fixed had been great, better than anything she’d had in a while. As she sat back down, she could easily picture Chad serving her like that every night. Such a pleasant, wonderful dream. But the sound of Chad working in the kitchen brought her back to reality. If she wanted that dream, then first she had to win that bet, and that meant keeping Chad in his place. He had overstepped those bounds when he had tried to sit down to dinner with her. That was not in keeping with her idea of what she wanted from him. And those thoughts led her right back to the problem she had been wrestling with all day. How was she going to punish him? She had no doubt he was on pins and needles over it. Well, let him worry!

Chad busied himself cleaning up the kitchen. Mel was ignoring him again. He was sure she had enjoyed the meal he had prepared, yet she hadn’t said a single word about it. She just walked off. She hadn’t even told him to clean up. Yet here he was, washing the dishes and making her kitchen look spotless again. In truth, he was still worrying, more than ever, about how she was going to punish him. Cleaning up after dinner just seemed natural – plus, he didn’t want to give her least excuse to make his punishment worse.
He had just started scrubbing the pots he had used though, when he again felt the first signs that the last suppository she had put in him was about to do it’s job again. It had been a long time since he had messed himself this time. Another welcome change. But he could tell that that was about to change – and soon. It seemed to happen more and more now after he had eaten something. All that glycerin in him had him so well lubed that it was impossible to hold anything back and his system was staying mostly empty because of it. He did try to hold it back, some. But the runny mass was under too much pressure and was leaking out of him no matter what he did. Finally it became too much for him and with a loud grunt, he let it all go. Yuck! Major yuck! He began his very ginger waddling again.
Mel heard Chad grunt loudly in the kitchen. She actually turned her head around to see what his problem was. A minute later, she turned back to her work. A broad smile on her face.
A short while later, Mel looked at the papers strewn around her, then she looked over her notes, and finally realized she was done. Solving a major case problem always made her happy and this time it was no different. She got up to see how Chad was doing in the kitchen. Good timing, she thought as she watched him wiping the last of the counters down. She nearly laughed at his wide-legged waddle.
She was feeling good. Dinner and finishing her work had made her feel that way. She decided to take a bit of pity on the poor guy. “Come on,” she told him. “I’ll change your diapers.”
Chad was more than a bit surprised, not to mention really happy to hear that. He quickly followed her into her bathroom where she had him lay down on the floor. She removed his old diapers, cleaned him up, stuck another suppository up inside of him, and then rediapered him again. Heavenly. Heavenly. Heavenly. The large trash bag in the corner that she had been using to hold his soiled diapers wasn’t empty anymore. Chad wasn’t exactly happy knowing that eventually he would have to deal with that again, but he probably wouldn’t have to worry about that for a few days yet. She seemed to have a lot of those cloth diapers. But did her new pleasant mood mean she wasn’t going to punish him for not wanting to get out of the car earlier? He just didn’t know.
Mel went out and watched TV, leaving him alone in the bathroom with no orders to do anything. But her mind really wasn’t on the show. She was still trying to figure out what to do to punish him. She had to do something! But what?
The same question was eating away at Chad more and more. Was he going to get away with it? Or should he continue to worry. The more he thought about it, the more worried he was getting. Finally, he decided he had to ask her about it. Plucking up his courage, he walked into her living room where she was sitting in a chair staring at the TV screen. “Mel, please, I have to know…”
She suddenly looked up at him angrily. “What did you call me?”
He was so startled by her sudden anger that it took him a moment to regain his wits and realize what he had done. “Damn it!” he swore softly as he realized that he had forgotten to call her Mistress.
But before he could correct himself, she nearly jumped up off her couch. “Stop that!” she yelled.
Chad cringed and backed away a step from her sudden anger.
“I’m tired of hearing you swearing and using language you shouldn’t! I ought to…” In the middle of her sudden tirade, Mel stopped. What did she mean she “ought to?” She could do it. Furthermore… she should! Acting quickly, she grabbed his arm and pulled him back into the bathroom.
Chad knew only bewildered fear as he was suddenly being roughly dragged behind her. Her reaction had been so sudden that it had caught him totally off guard.
“Kneel down… Baby!” she ordered pointing to the middle of the floor. Chad dropped down to his knees, not just by choice, but because she was shoving him down too. “You want to act like a child, then I’m going to treat you like one!”
Mel grabbed the bar of soap that was next to her sink and began wetting it under the water. From his knees behind her, Chad had no idea what she was doing. She turned around and quickly grabbed his jaw, forcing his mouth open. All too late, Chad realized what she was about to do and before he knew it, she had shoved the wet bar of soap through his teeth, and firmly into his mouth.
Through his shocked state, he quickly realized that the sweet smelling soap that she kept on her counter tasted awfully strong in his mouth. The light flowery fragrance quickly became pungent and horribly strong under his current circumstances. All too fast, the soap in his mouth began tasting worse and worse, stronger and stronger. He began struggling against her, trying to pull her hands away from his face so he could get the bar out. The more he struggled, the more his tongue lathered up the soap inside his mouth, making things ever so much worse. The lather began sliding towards the back of his throat, causing him to gag. He struggled harder against her till she finally pulled the bar out again. Relieved, he quickly leaned over the edge of the tub to wretch and to try to let some of the soap suds drain out of his mouth. It had been horrible.
Mel left him there, but she was back again moments later while he was still bent over her tub. She roughly grabbed his arms and tied his wrists behind his back. Then she tied his ankles together, and finally tied his wrists to his ankles. She wasn’t done with him yet, not by a long shot!
She grabbed the soap again and again wet it under the sink. The look of fear in Chad’s eyes was obvious… and she was glad to see it. “I’m tired of you using language you shouldn’t. It’s not nice for grown-ups and it’s especially not appropriate for babies like you! So one way or another, you’re going to learn!” Once again she grabbed his jaw and forced his mouth open and shoved the soap inside. Chad squirmed again, but without the use of his arms he was a lot easier to handle.
Chad was going crazy. The awful soap was back in his mouth again. The horrible taste was all he could think about. He tried to struggle, but tied as he was there wasn’t much he could do. And she was just holding it there. There were real tears running down from his eyes when he finally felt her pull it out again.
“That was for using words that I never want to hear you use again!”
Chad wanted to spit out every bit of the foul liquid that was filling his mouth, but she was sitting on the edge of the tub right in front of him and she wasn’t yet letting go of his jaw. He had no choice but to keep the soapy liquid in his mouth. Through his misery, he realized she was still speaking to him.
“Next,” she said, “I told you I never want to hear you call me Mel again. But you couldn’t seem to remember that, could you? Mistress is the only thing I ever want to hear you call me. In fact, now that I think about it, I don’t hear it enough. I almost never hear it. So from now on, I want to hear you call me Mistress – every time you speak to me. Got that?”
But before Chad could answer, she shoved the bar of soap back into his mouth again. And again he went wild. The amount of soapy liquid had reached the point where he was forced to start swallowing it, making him feel even worse. Finally, she pulled the bar of soap out and put it back on the counter. Then she got up and left him there. Chad didn’t know what to do. He needed desperately to rinse the soap out of his mouth, but he was tied up and helpless. All he could do was to kneel there on the floor where she had left him. In his helpless, miserable state, he wet his diapers again, heavily, without hardly knowing beforehand that he was going to do it. He felt like such a child.
Mel left him and went to her kitchen where she filled one of his bottles with water. Then she went back to him in the bathroom. He looked miserable. Good! She held the bottle to his lips. “Drink!” she ordered.
Chad really wanted to rinse his mouth out, he just wasn’t really happy about having to swallow everything, but he had no choice, especially not then. He drank more and more greedily as the water in the bottle washed away more and more of the foul taste in his mouth. She was feeding him a bottle like a baby. And eventually he began loving that fact. But when the bottle was only half done, she took it away from him and set it down again.
“I hope you realize now that when I tell you to do something, you have to do it. You have no say or opinion at all in the matter. In any matter. You really made me angry at you today, and I can’t let that go unpunished. So for that, here’s your punishment.” And with those words, Mel grabbed his chin and shoved the soap back into his mouth again.
Chad couldn’t believe it. She had just rinsed his mouth out with the baby bottle and now she was starting all over again. This time though, he felt Mel moving the soap all around inside his mouth, as if she were trying to get it into every nook and cranny. Worse, his mouth was freshly coated with water so the soap was lathering up more and more. The soap suds were starting to run down the back of his throat. He could also feel them running down his chin. He struggled, but he was now so tired that there was little he could do about it. By the time she finally pulled the soap back out again, he mouth felt like it was completely full of absolutely horrible soapsuds. And he had no other way to get rid of them than to swallow them.
Once again Mel held the bottle to his lips and he drank greedily, trying to rinse the awful soap taste out of his mouth. But all too soon the bottle was empty, and it seemed like the water had removed only very little. Mel left him again. He prayed that she was filling up the bottle again. But when she came back, instead of another bottle, she roughly shoved his pacifier into his mouth again. Then he was shocked to find that she was tying it into his mouth by the long ribbon she had found for it. He was miserable. Totally miserable.
Mel looked over her handiwork and felt satisfied. That should give him something to think about. But she wasn’t ready to release him just yet. In fact, she decided that it would do him good to just stay where he was for a while to think about things. Almost kindly, she helped him lay down on his side. “Just stay there and think about what I told you,” she commanded him. Then she left him there and turned out the bathroom light and closed the door on him.
Chad laid on the hard floor in the darkness. He wanted desperately to get the pacifier out of his mouth and get something to rinse the awful taste away, but he was stuck. He could barely move. Resigned, he laid his head down on the hard floor and tried to close his eyes to get what rest he could. He was spending entirely too much time lately tied up. He didn’t like it at all.
Mel watched TV for a while, keeping Chad only in the back of her mind. But eventually, she realized she had a little problem. She had left Chad tied up in her bathroom, but now she needed to pee. And she wasn’t ready to release him yet. She should have put him somewhere else. She walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. He looked pitiful. A beautiful sight after the way he had pissed her off earlier. No, she couldn’t release him yet. But she did still have to pee. She’d just have to blindfold him too. But before she could leave to find a scarf to tie around his eyes, she spotted the large plastic bag that held his dirty diapers. She opened it and pulled out the messy diaper she had taken off of him earlier. Laughing a bit to herself, she draped it right over his head, making sure the really messy part was right in his face. He tried to jerk it away, but he couldn’t really make it move too far. “Keep that there!” she ordered. Then, keeping a very close watch on him to make sure he couldn’t see her, she lowered her shorts and panties and sat on the toilet and peed. But doing it, made her think of one more thing. “Can you hear that?” she said. “Can you hear what I’m doing? Don’t bother to answer because I know you can. “I’m doing the one thing you’re never going to be able to do again. I’m peeing like a grown-up into the toilet. But you’re a baby now. The only place you’re ever going to pee again is in your diapers. Isn’t that right? There’s something else for you to think about… Baby.
Chad had heard her peeing of course, but his main concern was the horrible mess that was now covering his face. He could breath, but every breath only brought him the foul smell of his dirty diaper. It was horrible. He heard Mel teasing him. The words sunk in, but there was nothing he could say or do just then. Finally he heard her leaving him, closing the door behind her again. She hadn’t removed the foul, messy diaper from his head. She was forcing him to endure yet another punishment. He peed into his diaper again… like a baby.


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