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The Bet - Chapter 10 (Monday – week 2 Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 10 (Monday – week 2 Part 1)

The blaring music was all too loud as Chad’s pink clock radio woke him up. Distressed by the sudden noise, he quickly got up and turned the darn thing off. He sat back down on his blowup mattress and rubbed his face. What a night it had been. He had spent several hours tied up in her bathroom with that dirty diaper over his head. Awful! And despite brushing his teeth over and over again last night, he could still taste the soap in his mouth. He got up and went into his bathroom. Halfway there, he felt the need to pee again. As he usually did, he released it immediately into his diapers without hardly thinking about it. It was becoming more of a reflex action. He realized that and reminded himself to start holding back a little more. She had him peeing so much now that he was becoming way too used to it - already. Time to start fighting back a little more.
He brushed his teeth again, hoping it would finally clear the last of the soap taste from his mouth. It helped… some. He left the bathroom, never once even glancing at his toilet or even thinking about it. He dared not. The way she had wrapped it up left him no way to use it at all. Looking at it was a terrible reminder of that fact. He walked into his empty kitchen and pulled a baby bottle out of the refrigerator, the first of two that she had commanded him to drink before he went to see her in a little while. The bottle had tape wrapped around the top so he couldn’t open it and pour it out. Still tired, he sat back down on his mattress and drank the fruit juice that was inside – apple this time, a pleasant surprise.

Mel’s alarm clock went off and she slapped at the snooze button to silence it. The noise was irritating. She felt irritated. But her period had started in the middle of the night and during those times she always felt that way. It was times like these that made her wish she had a job where she could just call in sick once in a while. But she didn’t. Sighing, she fixed the alarm so it wouldn’t go off again and got out of bed.
As she headed toward her coffee pot she thought about Chad. Had she done enough to him last night? Had she done too much? She didn’t know and probably never would. She started the coffee brewing and headed for her bathroom. As she sat to pee, she could still smell the lingering fragrance of all the air freshener she had sprayed in there yesterday. She wondered again about what she had done to Chad. Was she doing enough to keep him on track to win her bet? There was more she was trying to do with him than just make him incontinent. She had wonderful visions of him being her personal servant.
He had turned out to be a good cook. That had been a really nice surprise. But he certainly didn’t know his place as a servant yet. Not yet. Not by a long shot. But of course, teaching him that was all part of her plan - her ever spiraling plan for him that would eventually lead him down to her final vision for him. She hoped! She had completed the first rotation of that spiral now. Was it working in any way? She had no way of knowing. It was always hard to see any results at the beginning of a project.
As she got into her shower, she felt glad that she wasn’t going to his apartment this morning, not till later anyway. She had been able to sleep an extra half hour. It was time for Chad to start doing things a little bit more on his own – without her supervision. Tiny things at first, but she had to start somewhere.

Chad shaved his face, then drank his second bottle of the morning. He wanted a shower, but he was locked inside his onesie. Mel had told him he could use her shower when he was ready. When his bottle was done, he started collecting the things he needed to take to her apartment: his clothes for work, several disposable diapers, a fresh pair of plastic panties, one of his all-in-one girdles, pantyhose, the two empty baby bottles he had finished that morning, and a few of the makeup items she had specified the night before. He put them all into a plastic bag to carry. The last thing he grabbed before he went out his door was the pink diaper bag she had spent so long packing for him last night. Just touching the thing sent shivers through his body. He draped it over his shoulder – like a purse he thought. His cock gave another jolt of excitement inside his diapers. Damn he needed some relief!
Cautiously, he opened his door and looked out. It was still so early that nobody was around. Relieved, he went out and walked quickly to Mel’s apartment where he knocked softly on her door. He was relieved when she opened it promptly and he ducked inside. He set his things down on the floor and turned to her. She was just standing there looking at him, as if she were waiting for something. He wasn’t sure what to do so he stood there waiting himself. The awkward silence grew. “What?” he finally said.
“I’m waiting for something,” she said.
Chad searched his brain. He couldn’t remember anything she had told him he needed to do right away when he got there. He finally shook his head. “What?”
“Isn’t there something polite you should greet me with whenever you see me?”
He nearly groaned aloud. So she was playing that game this morning. At least he knew what she wanted. “Good morning Mistress,” he said to her.
She nodded. “That’s better! Good morning Sissy.”
He had an odd feeling every time she called him Sissy. He both hated it and loved it - and it always made his cock jump.
She came around behind him and unlocked his onesie for him. “There’s a clean towel in the bathroom for you. I’ll see you when you get out of the shower.” While Chad was busy in the bathroom, Mel found the two empty baby bottles he had brought with him and took them into her kitchen. She grabbed two fresh bottles filled with more of her green tea mixture from her refrigerator and put them both into his diaper bag for later. Since Cassie would be seeing him at lunchtime, she was sure that Cassie would make sure that he finished at least one of the bottles.
Chad gratefully soaked himself clean in her shower. The only shampoo he could find though smelled even more girly than the new shampoo she had bought for him, but he used it because it was all he could find. When he had dried himself off, she again applied some baby lotion and powder, purposely taking the time to fondle him in a way that she had never done before. He grew hard instantly and was about to start thrusting up into her hand when she pulled away from him, a mischievous smile on her lips. He nearly screamed with frustration. Aching with need more than ever, he laid back while she taped two fresh diapers on him and pulled up his plastic panties. He was a bit surprised that she only put two diapers on him. Her normal routine the week before was to use three. But then he knew he had to go to see Cassie at lunch today to get changed so his diapers wouldn’t have to be thick enough to last all day.
The all-in-one girdle followed next as well as his usual pantyhose. Then she stopped. “Ok, Sissy, makeup time.”
Chad got suddenly much more nervous. “Please Mistress, not for work.”
Mel shook her head. “Don’t worry about it. Putting on makeup is a part of every woman’s normal routine every time they go out. I want you to start learning to do the same.”
Chad felt very relieved. Once again he did his best with the makeup. Mostly it looked terrible. She had him wash it all off and just do his mascara, then she made him practice over and over again with the eye shadow before she declared that it was acceptable. “Ok, Sissy. Wash it all off,” she told him. Chad was glad to finally do that.
“Ok,” she finally said to him, “finish getting dressed.”
But Chad had one more problem. “Um… Mistress?”
Mel turned back to him. “Yes?”
Chad held up his hands to show her the nail polish still on his fingers. “I don’t have anything to take the polish off with.”
Mel just looked at his hands. “Oh…” She appeared to be thinking for a minute. “I’m afraid that I don’t have any either.”
Chad was suddenly panicking again.
“I get my nails done professionally every week. I really don’t have much need for nail polish remover.”
“But what am I going to do? I can’t go to work like this!”
“I really don’t see why not,” Mel replied calmly. Chad was clearly having a mental fit. Mel wanted to laugh, but she kept a straight face. “Tell you what. If you really have to, you can stop at a drug store on the way to work and get some.”
“You mean… go into a store… like this?”
“Why not? Look how you went shopping yesterday.”
“But I can’t.”
“Look Sissy, as I see it, you have only two choices. I don’t have any remover here, so you’re either going to have to stop and get some, or you’re just going to have to wear it to work. And to be honest with you, I think you should really consider wearing it. It is a very pretty color for you.”
Between his shock, his anger, and his frustration, Chad wanted to scream. But what could he do? He’d just have to go into a store somewhere on the way to work and get some, then take the polish off in his car.
“Oh, and Chad,” Mel continued. “Don’t you dare touch the polish on your toes.”
Chad just shook his head angrily. Darn the woman!
When Chad was finally dressed in his pants and shirt and ready to walk out the door, she brought him back into the bathroom again. “Let me see you do your mascara one more time,” she commanded.
Chad couldn’t believe it. It was getting late! He was starting to really worry about what time it was since he now had to stop to get nail polish remover – not to mention getting the polish off of his hands. He didn’t really want to be late for work. He quickly grabbed his mascara that was still on the counter and started on his lashes.
“Just a light coat,” she told him as he started.
Chad went over his lashes twice with the mascara.
“Good enough,” she declared sooner than he expected. He put the mascara down and started to wash it off. “Leave it!” she told him.
His eyes bulged. “But…”
“I said leave it!”
It was not exactly what he wanted to hear.
Suddenly, he found himself being pushed toward the door and she was handing him his diaper bag. “Now don’t forget about Cassie at lunch today.”
“I won’t,” he replied. And then he was outside with the door closed in his face. He felt silly carrying the diaper bag like it was a purse. Did it have to be so pink? He worried about how visible the mascara was on his eyes. He’d have to wipe that off later. He worried more about the bright red nail polish on his hands. That would be awfully hard to hide. Hurrying so fewer people could see him, he went down to his car.

Mel smiled to herself as she walked back into her bathroom. She opened the cabinet under her sink and poked around at some of the bottles in the back. There it is, she thought as she found the bottle of nail polish remover. It was completely full. She had had it for a while now and never opened it. Playing with Chad over it had been just too much to resist. She had no doubt that he would stop and get some on the way to work, which was kind of a shame because the color really was a good one for him. She smiled as she stood back up. All in good time. All in good time.

Chad drove like a madman to the drug store. But before he got out of his car, he found the socks he had stashed in the console and put them on. He was secretly proud that Mel would never have a clue about them. Then he ran into the store. He had been in there many times before. He had even bought nail polish remover there before, but never in an emergency. Fortunately it was still early enough that there weren’t many customers. He went straight to the polish removers and picked up a large bottle. Then he started toward the checkout, but changed his course as soon as he realized he needed something to use with it. Spying a box of tissues, he quickly picked them up too. The girl at the checkout made some odd faces when she saw his nails and he felt very uncomfortable about showing them off in front of her, but he had no choice in the matter since he needed the things he was buying. Fortunately, she only smiled at him and told him to have a nice day. Yeah right!
Chad spent way too long trying to get all the polish off his hands out in his car. The clear polish that the nail tech had used on top was making the job all that much more difficult, as were the many layers of the red color. He was becoming more and more frustrated about it, mostly because of the time it was taking to remove it all. Finally, he decided that they were good enough and he raced for work, getting there just barely in time. He was more than relieved.
As he walked from his car to his desk, he was very much aware of how much more comfortable his girdle was with only the two diapers on under it. In fact, while the entre thing was still terribly tight, it didn’t seem nearly as bad as it had last week. Maybe he was getting used to it. Possibly. But when he had fastened the belt on his pants earlier, he had pulled it another notch past where he usually did. He realized that all the suppositories she had been putting in him had probably made him lose weight. Still, it was really nice to be a lot more comfortable.
He was very much aware of the mascara on his eyes, but he was running so late that he didn’t have time to wash it off first. He prayed that nobody would notice it. He checked in, then went briefly to his desk and fired up his computer. He stayed there for a few minutes and pretended to work. Mostly though, his brain was reliving some of the highlights of the weekend – well, at least the parts that hadn’t been so painful. His cock was growing again. He finally stopped himself because he knew he was only making his frustration worse. He had to find a way to get some relief – and soon.
Hoping that by now the men’s room should be empty so that nobody would notice the mascara he was wearing, he hurried into it. He hadn’t been into the men’s room in a while now and it almost felt strange walking in there. In truth, he considered just going into it a major victory. The place was empty and he quickly washed the makeup off his eyes.
He was about to leave, when he thought about something else. His girdle wasn’t nearly as tight as it was last week. He was now very used to getting it on and off. Knowing he was about to score another major victory, he went into one of the stalls and closed the door. His pants, his girdle, his plastic panties, and his diapers were soon all down around his knees. All the things she had put him through were soon coursing through his mind as he stroked and massaged himself in absolute bliss. All too soon, he climaxed strongly. It wasn’t quite as strong as he had hoped for, but still, it had been really great. As he was standing there recovering, he realized something else, all the activity had triggered the darn suppository and it was about to do its job. Feeling better than ever, he sat back on the toilet and allowed himself the luxury. Mel had made a grave mistake and he had been smart enough to find it. Then, since his cock had finally gotten small enough, he allowed himself to pee into the toilet too – one hundred percent fully in control.
Feeling more confident than he had in a very long time, Chad finally went back to his desk and got to work.

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