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The Bet - Chapter 11 (Tuesday – week 2 Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 11 (Tuesday – week 2 Part 1)

Chad’s pink clock radio startled him awake again. He felt awful, mostly really tired. Reluctantly he got up and turned the loud music off and went back to sit on his blow-up mattress. What a night! The damn woman had made him drink so many baby bottles of her lousy tea that he had been peeing all night again. Only this time it seemed worse. He had been trying to hold back more and more all day yesterday to make sure he kept full control of himself, but halfway through the night it just got too difficult and he allowed himself to wet more freely so he wouldn’t have to wake up completely each time. It was the only way he could get any sleep.
Thinking about all the baby bottles she had made him drink, reminded him of her orders for him this morning. He stood up and waddled into the kitchen. His diapers were so thick it felt like he had a basketball strapped between his legs. The only good thing was that despite the two suppositories she had shoved up him again last night, he hadn’t messed himself at all – yet. In fact, despite the heavy meal he had eaten last night, he still felt no need. Thankfully! He grabbed a baby bottle at random from his refrigerator and carried it back to his mattress where he laid down and put it to his lips – the prune juice again – ugh!
When he finally finished his bottle he waddled back out to his kitchen again and put it with all the other empty bottles on his kitchen counter – a total now of five since she had left him last night. Way too many. He’d probably be peeing all day. A major nuisance. He made his way wide-leggedly into his bathroom where he brushed his teeth and shaved his face with his pink razor. He really missed using regular shaving cream. The soap and moisturizer she had him using just weren’t the same. Halfway through shaving, the suppositories decided to wake up too. And it was completely sudden. Chad had very little warning at all. Halfway through one scrape of his face, he realized it was about to happen, and then just as suddenly, he was filling his overly wet diapers helplessly – and a lot! Everything came out in one total rush. Fortunately, it was over with quickly. But like everything else, there was nothing he could do about it, so he went back to shaving his face.
When he was done, he went back to his mattress where he laid down dejectedly and closed his eyes again,

Mel’s alarm clock jolted her awake. She felt lousy. Between all the aches and discomforts from her period and staying up way too late, she could have really used a few more hours of sleep. Or a few more days of sleep would be even better. She made her way to her coffee pot where she put an extra scoop of coffee in it to help wake her up. She had no doubt she’d need it today.
She had stayed up way too late last night on the internet researching sissies and dominants. She even poured through websites about bondage. And all of it was stimulating her interest in ways she never imagined it would. She was quickly finding it all addictive. That was what had really kept her up all night. But today was back to reality – sort of. She had to go to work again, but there was also the matter of Chad – her fantasy. Today she was going to saddle Chad with some new things, none of which he was going to like – especially later. It was going to be an important day for him, and for her. Realizing all this woke her up a lot more. She nearly jumped into her shower.

Chad never heard his apartment door open, he had fallen sound asleep again. Mel walked in and saw all the empty bottles on his counter. She counted them, five… perfect. She walked into his bedroom and saw him sleeping. His legs were spread wide apart. She could tell even through his onesie how thick they were. She wondered briefly if they were at all uncomfortable that way… not that it really mattered to her. She very faintly smelled the results of the suppositories she had put in him last night and smiled. Another requirement accomplished. She walked over to his bed and looked straight down at him. Obviously he had already shaved… good. She kicked his blow-up mattress. “Wake up, Sissy.”
Chad jolted awake. He hadn’t meant to fall asleep, but it had just happened. She was standing over him, looking down at him, just waiting. “Good morning, Mistress,” he said from his back.
She smiled at him. “Good morning.” Then she walked away and headed towards his bathroom.
Chad got to his feet and tried to shake a few more cobwebs from his brain as he followed after her. She was holding out the key to his onesie. He turned around and let her unlock it, then he felt her pulling down the zipper in the back for him. “Finish getting cleaned up,” she told him.
Chad pulled the onesie off then struggled to pull his plastic panties off of his diapers. Yeah, his diapers were definitely much fuller today than they had ever been before. Very carefully he pulled the diapers off of him so as to make sure that none of his mess wound up on the floor. Then he quickly got into the shower where he peed almost as soon as the warm water hit him.
While he was drying himself off, Mel came back into his bathroom and began laying out his diapers. She again coated him front and back liberally with baby lotion, again spending more time than ever caressing his private parts in front. Chad loved it. He wanted it to never end. The slippery lotion, the soft motions of her hand… But suddenly her hand was gone again. He sighed dejectedly as he felt her pushing up his morning suppository. From ecstasy to horror. Such was his life. He couldn’t wait again till he could get to work where he could relieve himself.
Two diapers, plastic panties, an all-in-one girdle, and pantyhose. He was well used to the routine now. It was all beginning to feel completely normal. He also wasn’t the least bit surprised when she told him to do his makeup again. “A little bit better,” she told him when he had finished, “but only a very little bit. Wash it off and do your mascara again.”
He had really expected her to have him redo all the makeup over and over again, but she hadn’t. He had no doubts that she expected him to wear the mascara to work again too. Why? She had to know that he was only going to wash it off as soon as he could. But he dutifully applied just a very light coat of the mascara. “That much at least is starting to look a little better,” she declared. Chad really wondered why he felt so thrilled over such a tiny compliment.
“Wait here,” Mel told him as she walked out of his bathroom. She came back a minute later and handed him one of his shirts. “Wear this one today. I like it.” Chad certainly had no problem with that. He began putting it on. Mel left again while he was buttoning up the front. She was back a minute later with a pair of black pants for him. She handed them to him and Chad instantly realized that they were the new women’s slacks he had bought the night before.
“I can’t wear these!” he protested in sudden panic.
“Of course you can,” she replied. “That’s what you got them for, isn’t it? You told me yesterday you wanted some pants to wear to work that were a bit longer and wouldn’t show your ankles so much, and now you have them. I think they’re perfect for you.
“But they’re women’s pants!” he said.
“And you’re a sissy. So what’s the problem?”
“I can’t!”
Mel smiled wickedly at him. “Yes you can! And furthermore… you will!”
“No buts!”
Chad was completely aghast. He couldn’t! But he had to! He stood staring at her for several moments and she just stared straight back at him with that evil grin on her face. Damn the woman. She couldn’t do this to him… could she? Reluctantly he pulled the women’s slacks up his legs and fastened them. They felt totally different than his men’s pants. The material was thinner, softer, the cut of them looked way too feminine. The only sign of any pockets were merely two fake pockets in the front with a bit of ribbing on top that weren’t even deep enough to get the full length of his fingers into. The zipper fastened backwards and there were no belt loops at all. He looked down at his feet. He could just barely see his red toenails in front, but the pants were long enough to just touch the floor in the back. Yeah, they were longer and wouldn’t expose his ankles too much… probably not at all, but still, this wasn’t what he wanted. The whole idea had only been a ruse yesterday to keep Mel from knowing that he had worn socks to work, and now it had blown up in his face. “They’re way too feminine,” he finally said as he continued to look at the slacks he was wearing. “Everybody will know.”
“Everybody is going to know soon enough anyway,” Mel replied.
Chad looked quickly up at her. What did she mean by that?
“I suggest you start getting used to that fact!” she added. “Put your shoes on now. You have another baby bottle to finish before you do anything else.” Chad groaned.
As Chad drank his baby bottle, he tried desperately to think of ways to get out of wearing the women’s pants to work, but no solutions were presenting themselves. Mel had seemed awfully determined, and he was feeling more and more trapped. Could he get fired for it? It was a serious consideration. Would Mel care about that? Reluctantly, he realized that she probably wouldn’t. Trapped! And what did she mean when she said that everybody was going to know soon anyway? As he drank the last few drops, he began to become more and more worried about his life.
When he was finally finished with his baby bottle, he carried it out to the kitchen where Mel was just putting two more into his diaper bag for him. Not exactly a welcome sight, but she had done the same for him yesterday too. She zipped the bag up and handed it to him. He immediately slipped it over his shoulder to carry. She glanced down at her watch. “It’s a little bit early, but I want you to stop and get yourself something to eat before you go to work… You will do that, won’t you?”
Chad realized it was really an order, not a question. “That’s what I usually do… when I have time,” he added. “I didn’t yesterday.”
“Good, you have plenty of time today. So you can leave now.”
Chad felt like he was being kicked out of his own apartment. He carried his diaper bag back into his bedroom to get his keys and wallet. Mel followed him. He picked up his keys and looked down at the pants he was wearing. Then he looked up at Mel, there was clearly frustration and annoyance in his eyes. “I have no pockets,” he said.
“Of courses not.” Chad couldn’t miss the look of absolute glee in her eyes.
“What am I supposed to do?”
“Isn’t that what purses are for? Are you that dense?”
“But I can’t!”
“Are we going to have to go through that again?”
Chad searched for something to say. This was getting to be way too much.
“You better get used to carrying a purse and quick. Because from now on, you’re not allowed to leave this apartment without one – for any reason! Ever!”
Chad wanted to scream. It was like every single day she went out of her way to humiliate him more and more and now she was out to totally destroy his life. As he stared at her, he searched for something to say. Any argument that might help. But Mel’s look of delight had turned now to determination. He was screwed and he knew it.
“You better get moving,” she finally said.
Reluctantly, Chad found the purse he had bought last night and opened it. He put his keys and wallet in it. Then he added his pocket comb, a handkerchief and his pen. All the things he usually carried in his pockets. He glanced at the little pile of change that was still on top of one of the cardboard set of drawers. “Put that in too,” Mel told him. He scooped the change into his hand and dumped it into the bag along with everything else. Mel picked up his cell phone and pulled it out of its case that connected to the belt clip he had for it. “You don’t need this anymore,” she told him as she handed it to him. Chad took it and found the pocket on the outside of his purse that was made for cell phones. He opened it and put the phone inside. Somehow, that simple act made him feel even more defeated.
“Ok, off to work now. And don’t forget to stop and get something to eat on the way.”
Chad was still too stunned by everything to reply. Silently, he walked toward his apartment door where he stopped. He couldn’t do this. He just couldn’t! He turned to say something to Mel.
“You don’t have a choice!” she told him in no uncertain terms before he could say anything to her. “You’re going to do whatever I tell you to do and that’s that! And believe me, I’m going to make darn sure that you do! So I suggest you start getting used to it.”
Chad shook his head. “But…” He stopped, still lost for words.
“No buts! Now go! And remember, I’ll be checking up on you.”
Slowly, Chad opened his door. He stopped again to collect his courage, and then he stepped outside. His diaper bag was over his right shoulder, his purse was in his left hand, he was wearing mascara, and his pants had no pockets. Women’s pants. With every step he took down to his car, his mind was screaming Sissy, Sissy, Sissy! He opened his car door and let the diaper bag fall off of his shoulder. He reached across and put it on the passenger seat, then he set his purse next to it. Before he got into the car, he looked back up at his apartment. Mel was still outside watching him. He couldn’t even sneak back up to change. He drove off trying to figure out how he was going to manage going to work wearing women’s pants and carrying a purse.

Mel had a sense of real satisfaction as she watched Chad driving off. It had gone easier this morning than she thought it would. She went back into Chad’s apartment. Now for the next part. She was taking some major steps today. A lot of them. But all of them were steps that had to be made. It was time. Knowing exactly what she wanted to do, she got busy.

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