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The Bet - Chapter 11 (Tuesday – week 2 Part 4)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 11 (Tuesday – week 2 Part 4)

Chad walked into his apartment and gratefully threw his pink bag and his purse down onto the floor. He had already had more than enough of them for a lifetime. He carried his meal from the fast food drive-thru to his kitchen counter to open the bag. He found a note from Mel there. In very neat print, he read:

As soon as you get this, sit down on the floor and drink another baby bottle! When you’re done, apply full makeup – and make sure it’s better than you’ve ever done! After that, put pantyhose in the breasts of your girdle to pad them out. I’ve laid out the clothes I want you to wear tonight. Call me as soon as you’re completely ready.
Your Mistress

Chad stuffed a hamburger into his mouth while he read it through a second time. It sounded easy enough. He just wasn’t sure about drinking the baby bottle part since he had just bought himself another drink. But he realized he should have expected that. He took a quick sip from the coke he had just bought then dumped the rest of it down the sink since he really didn’t want to drink any more fluids than he really had to – and he had no doubt that Mel would be pouring them down his throat again all night.
He went into his bedroom to see what clothes she had laid out for him. He found his short black skirt, and a white blouse hanging from his closet doorknob. His new black pumps were laid out underneath them. “Excellent,” he thought. The clothes would be nothing but comfortable and fun for him to wear.
Knowing that Mel would check for sure, he went back into the kitchen and grabbed a baby bottle from his refrigerator to drink while he finished the rest of his hamburger. He didn’t sit down on the floor though. He drank it standing up at his counter. When it was finally done, he went into his bathroom to start on his makeup.
Mel hadn’t shown him a lot yet about makeup, but he thought for once that he did a pretty good job with the bits that she had shown him. The rest of it, he knew wasn’t the greatest job, but it was the best he could do.
He was just about to start getting dressed though, when the suppository that Cassie had inserted, or maybe it was the combination of all the suppositories that had been put into him that day, did their work. He squirmed as they suddenly exploded inside his girdle. All the makeup he had just put on his face suddenly made him feel hot and sweaty. The mess came slowly out of him because of the pressure of the girdle and it spread out around him feeling positively awful. This was something he would never get used to – ever! The diapers by themselves were bad enough when he messed them, but with the girdle on top, it was nothing less than an absolute horror.
When it was all finally done, he went out to his bedroom to get dressed. Moving a bit more gingerly because of the mess in his backside, he slipped the skirt on and zipped it up. It felt a bit looser at the waist today than he ever remembered it feeling before. His blouse came next. He buttoned it slowly and awkwardly because the buttons were all backwards from what he was used to. Finally he slipped on his new shoes. They felt tighter than he was used to, but because of their lower heel, they were really very comfortable. Pleased, he went back into the bathroom to get some idea of how he looked in the mirror there. He couldn’t see much, but he hoped that Mel would approve. Now if she would just change his diapers for him as soon as she got home he’d be a lot happier.
Before he left his bedroom, he picked up the clothes he had worn all day. The shirt he stuffed into the box that he was using as a clothes hamper, but he usually wore his pants two or three days in a row since they never got very dirty. He opened his closet to hang them up and stopped and stared. Every pair of his male pants were pressed together, wrapped tightly inside of layer after layer of cling wrap. The only exposed place she had left was the hook of the hangers themselves. He couldn’t even touch his pants, only the outside of the thick package she had created out of them.
With a whimper, he reached for another hanger, and never once taking his eyes off of the package of his male pants, he hung up the female slacks that he had worn all day. Mel’s message was loud and clear. No more male pants. He felt very much like crying. With every passing day she seemed to find new heights to make his life more miserable. And curiously enough, through all his shock over what Mel had done now, he found that it too was stimulating his need. Damn the woman! She could be such a pain, while at the same time, she was so darn good! He finally closed his closet door so he wouldn’t have to think about that problem anymore.
Knowing that he was as ready as he was going to get, he pulled his cell phone out of his purse. Just doing that simple act seemed so odd to him. It was his purse. Not some woman’s. His! And his sexual excitement over it grew another notch.
He dialed Mel’s number. “Hi Mel, it’s me.”
“Who’s me?”
Chad sighed. “Hello Mistress. This is Sissy.”
“That’s better. Remind me to punish you later for calling me Mel again.”
Chad said nothing. He knew he probably deserved it this time.
“Ok, Sissy. Are you dressed like I wanted?”
“Yes Mistress.”
“Good. How is your makeup?”
“Not great, but better than usual.”
“At least you’re being honest about it. Did you drink the bottle?”
“Of course.”
“Good. So you’re all ready now?”
With more than a bit of trepidation, he answered, “Yes.”
“Good. Now listen carefully. Open the middle drawer of your kitchen counter. You will find a key in it. That’s the key to my apartment. Put all your makeup in your purse. Bring your empty baby bottle and make sure you bring your diaper bag too. There will be more instructions in my kitchen. I’ll see you in just a little while. And Sissy, I expect everything I tell you to do to be obeyed!”
Chad was a bit surprised at what she had just said. “Of course, Mistress,” he answered. And before he could say another word, he heard the line go dead. He realized that he was just very glad that he was only going next door to her apartment. It could have been much worse… it still could be much worse he realized.
He easily found the key she had left him. He was very surprised that she had left it. Was she starting to trust him? Having at least some idea of what was expected of him next, he gathered up everything he needed. His purse felt a lot heavier now with all the makeup in it. Knowing that he was as ready as he was ever going to get, he went out his door and over to her apartment.

Robin was driving back from the store when she passed the apartment project where Chad lived. He had been on her mind the entire time she was shopping. Just wanting to see where he lived again, she quickly turned into the driveway and drove toward his apartment. She stopped to look at it. It looked like a very nice place.
As she sat there for a moment, she suddenly saw his door open. She was more surprised to see him coming out of his apartment wearing a skirt and a white blouse. He again had his pink bag and was carrying his purse. She was even more surprised to see him go to the apartment right next door and unlock it to let himself in. “Now what was that all about?” she wondered aloud. Still unable to take her mind off of Chad’s strange behavior, she drove home.

Inside Mel’s apartment, Chad found another note left for him on her kitchen counter.

Time for another bottle. Get drinking – now! Before you read any more!

Ok, you had better be drinking! If I come in and find you reading this without a bottle in your hands you’re going to be very sorry!

Next. Make me dinner. What you prepare is completely up to you, but it had better be good. Make enough for both of us but don’t you dare set a place at the table for yourself. I should be home well before dinner is ready, but if I’m not, put your portion on a plate and stick it all into the refrigerator. Make sure you keep mine nice and warm!

When you finish the bottle you should be drinking during this, stick your pacifier in your mouth!

Remember, I’ll be checking on everything as soon as I get there!

So get busy!

This time the note wasn’t signed the way the last one was. He almost laughed over the tone of it, especially the part about getting a bottle to drink before he read the rest of the note. Still chuckling a little over it, he pulled a baby bottle out of the refrigerator and started drinking from it while he looked through all the food she had so he could figure out what he wanted to cook.

Mel took her time coming home from work, mostly to give Chad a chance to get further along preparing her dinner. When she walked through her door, she was pleasantly greeted by the delicious aroma of the meal he was making. Yeah, the guy could cook. That was a major bonus as far as she was concerned. The only problem with it as far as she could see was maintaining her weight. She wondered how he was at diet dishes.
As soon as she closed her door behind her, Chad came out of the kitchen to see if it was her. She stood there only a moment before he seemed to collect himself and say, “Hello, Mistress.” The phrase came out very garbled because of the pacifier in his mouth.
“You’re learning,” she said as she headed toward her kitchen. “Slowly, but you’re learning.”
Chad went back to preparing dinner while he watched her poking around at everything. She inspected his two empty baby bottles carefully. Then she went through and looked into each pot on the stove. He also noticed that she had looked him over carefully. She didn’t say anything so he was hoping that he had passed her inspection.
Mel went back into her living room to relax for a few minutes while Chad finished working. This was the life! And to make it better, she didn’t even have to worry about cleaning up later. That was his job. It had been a long day for her filled with frustrations, and successes. She leaned her head against the back of the chair and dreamed of having her personal servant forever. Soon. Very soon.
“Excuse me Mistress,” Chad’s voice broke her relaxed state. At least she was fairly sure that’s what he was trying to say through his pacifier. She opened her eyes and looked up. “Dinner is ready.” He told her.
She got up and went into the kitchen. The table was again set beautifully, but this time only for one. He had even lit the candle in the middle again. She was about to tell him how nice it all looked but she stopped herself. “And where’s your dinner?” she asked instead.
“I left it over here on the counter,” he replied through the pacifier.
Mel saw his plate on the far end of the counter. “Put it in the refrigerator till I tell you you can eat.” She told him. Chad seemed to sigh just a bit but he did as he was told. Mel sat down. The food looked and smelled good. She tasted some of it. Just as good as it smelled. Chad was standing in the kitchen watching her. He was being very good about it, but it bothered her a bit. A tiny fragment of the many things she had read about domination recently came to her mind. “Go stand in the corner till I need you,” she told him.
Chad’s eyes went wide. “In the corner?” Oh God! He looked around the room for a decent place.
“That corner,” Mel said, pointing to one at the far end of the living room. Not anywhere near her. “And face it!”
Chad dutifully did as he was told. But Mel wasn’t quite satisfied. “Further into it!” she commanded. I want your nose and shoulders touching it. Put your feet together! Put your hands down by your side and keep them there.” She waited till she was finally satisfied with his position. “Now don’t move!”
Feeling wonderful from the power of what she had just done, she went back to enjoying her dinner. And she did really enjoy it. She watched Chad while she was eating. Mostly he was obeying her very well. But the longer he stood there, the more she saw him fidgeting. She knew he was probably getting bored and tired from standing there. Well, he had to learn. She saw him move again, just shifting his weight really. “Stand still!” she ordered. “You move around too much!”
Chad wasn’t exactly enjoying himself. Yes, it had been a bit exciting at first, but the longer he stood in the corner the more tiring it got. He couldn’t really see anything either except the two blank walls that were making him cross-eyed. He had closed his eyes long ago because it was easier. And having to shove his whole body into the corner like this was certainly difficult to maintain. His legs were getting tired too.
He heard her finally getting up from the table. He hoped she enjoyed the meal he had made. He had actually enjoyed making it. He would have enjoyed it far more if he had been allowed to sit down and eat it with her. Now his food was getting cold in the refrigerator.
Mel walked up behind him. She stopped there and watched him for a few minutes. She knew that he was very much aware that she was there. She was just enjoying the power trip again. Finally she decided to release him. “Ok, Sissy. You can get your dinner now.”
Chad felt nothing but relief as he pulled himself out of the corner. His muscles and joints were beginning to go stiff. He went into the kitchen and pulled his plate out of the refrigerator. “On the floor again,” she told him. He sat down with his plate. He didn’t even ask about a fork, he knew he’d have to use his fingers. Mel reached down and pulled his pacifier out of his mouth before he could. He was actually grateful. Unfortunately, she immediately reached into the refrigerator and pulled out another baby bottle that she handed him. He was really getting tired of those things.
His meal was cold, but still very good. Despite eating on the floor with his hands, he actually enjoyed it. When he was done, Mel shoved the pacifier back into his mouth again and he began cleaning up the kitchen. He heard her turn the TV on out in the living room.
When he was done in the kitchen, she set him working on her laundry, then she sent him back to his house to get whatever clothes he needed cleaned too. He was actually very glad about that since he didn’t have a washer or dryer… yet. That was something else she was going to be buying him when this was all over.
Unfortunately, while the washer was running, Mel remembered that he still had one dirty diaper in the diaper bag in the bathroom. Once again, Chad had to scrub it by hand just the way he had done the others last weekend. But at least it was only one diaper this time.
All the while that he was cleaning, Mel mostly ignored him and watched television. “Just like her maid,” he thought. And he remembered that that was the very thing that she really wanted out of this bet. But she had better enjoy it now, because he knew that in the end, there was no way he could lose.

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