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The Bet - Chapter 11 (Tuesday – week 2 Part 3)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 11 (Tuesday – week 2 Part 3)

Lunchtime came all too soon for Chad, mostly because he knew he’d have to get up from the safety of his chair and parade himself out through all those people again. And this time there would be far more people around. He delayed a few moments, hoping the main rush would at least be over with before he left. He grabbed his cell phone and his keys and glanced up and down the hall. There were still people wandering in both directions, but there wasn’t much he could do about it. He hurried out towards his car. Fortunately, most of the people were heading in the same direction that he was so they wouldn’t notice his pants. At least the people in front of him. He didn’t want to think about anybody who might be behind him.
He realized that one good thing about having to carry his keys in his hand was that they were already out and ready for him to get quickly into his car. As soon as he closed the car door behind him, he breathed a sigh of relief. Why couldn’t he just die now? It would certainly be easier. He started his car and headed towards the gym to meet Cassie.

Robin closed her cell phone and was about to start her car to get some lunch when she saw Chad hurrying to his car. She saw him back out of his parking space and leave. On a whim, she followed him, she had to go somewhere for lunch anyway. A few blocks later, she saw him turn into the parking lot for a women’s gym that she had considered joining a while back, but never did. She drove past it and pulled into the driveway of the next building down. She didn’t really park, she just sat there and waited, watching Chad’s car.
She saw him get out and glance around quickly, then he reached into his car and pulled out a large pink bag that he slung over his shoulder. He appeared to pick something else up too before he closed his car door and headed towards the gym. She was shocked to realize that the other thing that he had picked up was a purse. What was in the big pink bag, gym clothes? And this was a ladies gym! Was he going in there to exercise?
More puzzled than ever, she drove off in search of something to eat. But the only thought on her mind was Chad.

Chad hurried into the gym. The receptionist recognized him immediately, which he wasn’t all that happy about. He saw her eyes immediately lock onto the purse he was carrying and he wasn’t happy about that either, just like he wasn’t happy about her looking straight at the women’s pants he was wearing. He suddenly realized that she was trying very hard to keep a straight face and was only barely succeeding. “Are you here to see Cassie again?” she asked, trying to stifle her chuckles.
“Yes please,” he replied, wondering how on earth he could ever hide the fact that he was carrying a purse from the rest of the room. He had only brought it in because he was very much afraid that Mel would ask Cassie if he had it. Yesterday’s questions had been all too uncomfortable.
“Can I ask your name please?” the receptionist asked.
Yeah, she was definitely trying hard to keep a straight face and was quickly losing the battle. “Why?” he asked. He didn’t really want to give her his new name.
“So I can tell her who’s here to see her. She’s pretty busy you know.”
“Can’t you please just tell her that I’m the same guy who was here yesterday.”
She shook her head. “No, I need to know who you are.”
She wasn’t backing down. Chad had no doubt at all that she was playing with him. She had heard Cassie call him Sissy yesterday and was probably wanting to know more. A bit red faced, he said quietly, “Please tell Cassie that Sissy is here to see her.”
The girl looked at him like she hadn’t been able to hear him well enough. “Who?”
“Sissy!” he said louder and with more than a bit of frustration.
The receptionist lost all control on her laughter and she practically sprayed Chad as it burst forth. “I’ll get her,” she replied as she left – in stitches. Chad looked very, very hard for a hole in the floor that he could crawl into.
His wait for the receptionist and Cassie was a bit longer than yesterday though and things got a bit more uncomfortable when two other women came in together to exercise. Since the receptionist wasn’t at her desk, they both stood there waiting – and looking all too closely at Chad – up and down. They didn’t laugh at him, but one of them had a distinct scowl on her face. “She’ll be right back,” Chad said, trying to sound calm. One of them just nodded, the other one seemed to scowl a bit harder at him. Neither of them took their eyes off of him.
The receptionist finally came back with Cassie right behind her. The two women went to the desk and signed in then left. Cassie just stood back, staring at Chad till they left. Finally, she shook her head and turned away. “Come on, Sissy. Let’s get you changed.”
Chad followed after her, staring mostly at the floor because he didn’t want to even look at anyone else in the room as he walked through. He was too ashamed.
Cassie again brought him back to the same office then closed the blinds. She turned around and let out a huge laugh. “Mel told me you’d be carrying a purse today, but I just had to see it to believe it! Oh, by the way, love your pants too.”
Chad was suddenly very glad that he decided to bring the purse in with him. He had no doubt now that Mel was checking up on him every step of the way.
Cassie was still laughing a bit when she took his diaper bag from him. “You can put your purse on the chair over there,” she said, then started to laugh all over again at him. Chad felt even more embarrassed. “Ok,” she finally said when she had gotten control of herself again. “Get undressed while I find your bottle for you.”
Chad would have much preferred that she undress him again like she did yesterday, but that didn’t seem to be the case today. As he was struggling to get his girdle over his soaked diapers, she said, “Don’t you get tired of wearing that thing?”
“More than you’ll ever know!” he answered as he finally got it down and pulled it off of his legs. She just nodded and pointed to the floor for him to lay down. She handed him one of the baby bottles and he automatically put it to his lips and began drinking.
“Just like a baby,” she commented. Then she pulled down his plastic panties. “You’re not messy again,” she said a few minutes later as she pulled open his diapers.
Chad really had no explanation this time. “What can I say,” he finally said. “I don’t have much control over what those suppositories do to me.”
“You are very wet,” she commented.
“Yeah, too wet.”
“Well, that’s what I’m here for,” she said, “so you can have nice fresh diapers for the afternoon.”
Chad felt her pull his diapers wide open, exposing him completely. She left him that way while she got his new diapers ready. Chad had visions of somebody coming in suddenly and seeing him, but fortunately it didn’t happen. She pulled the old diapers out from under him and slid the new ones in place. Then she grabbed more of the baby lotion from his diaper bag. That was the part Chad was really looking forward to. Once again she spread it over him, massaging him in ways that nobody had ever done. He soon closed his eyes as he sucked on his bottle. The feeling was that good. He was quickly growing hard. He could feel her skilled fingers doing things to him that he had never imagined before, he sucked harder and harder on his bottle the more excited he got. And then, suddenly, her hand was gone and he felt her shoving a suppository up inside of him again. The sensation was absolutely shocking after her previous work. Then, all too soon, she was pulling his diapers firmly into place – too firmly. He wanted to scream. One thing was for sure, when he was done here he was going to skip lunch and head straight back to the men’s room at work for some relief!
All too soon, Cassie had finished diapering him and had pulled his plastic panties back up. “Oh look,” she said as if she were talking to a baby, you’ve almost finished your bottle today.
Chad held his bottle up to look at it. It was almost gone. He had sucked on it that hard while she was working on him. It only took a few moments longer till he had finished it. “Good baby,” she said as she took it from him. Chad felt the mixed embarrassment and sexual thrill of her words – deeply. “Ok, get dressed,” she told him as she began packing his diaper bag back up again.
Chad dressed as quickly as he could. Not just to spare himself more embarrassment, but because his mind was firmly on getting into the men’s room again to get some relief. He fumbled with the backwards zipper a lot less this time. “Those slacks fit you very nicely,” Cassie commented as he finished fastening them.
“They should,” he replied. “I lost count of how many they made me try on last night.”
Cassie laughed just a bit. “I wish I was there!” Chad was just very glad that she hadn’t been.
When he was finally ready, Cassie again led him back through the room of exercising women. He looked around at only a few of them this time. Yeah, they were watching him for sure.
As soon as he could, he got back into his car and headed back to work. There was no way he could eat lunch just then, he had other parts of his body that needed the attention a whole lot more!

“Hi Mel. It’s Cassie.”
“Oh hi Cassie. How did it go today?”
“Great, just great. You warned me about him carrying a purse today and about the slacks, but I couldn’t believe it. Well, now I’m a believer!”
“Oh good! So he did carry the purse in with him?”
“Oh yeah! He sure did! And let me tell you, it was a real hoot to see. Oh, and the slacks were really nice too.”

“Great, I’m glad you liked them. He’ll be wearing them from now on. Of course he doesn’t realize that yet.”
Cassie laughed. “I can hardly wait.”
“Hey Cassie, did you happen to notice if he was wearing any mascara today?”
“Not that I noticed. Was he supposed to?”
“Yeah, I sent him out of the house wearing it. But I figured he’d probably wash it all off when he got to work. Looks like I was right.”
“Is there anything you want me to do about it?”
“No, that’s fine. I’ll check with you tomorrow about it, ok?”
“No problem. Hey Mel, I’ve got to tell you, I’m really enjoying this.”
“Good, I’m glad. So am I.”
“Well, I kinda figured that!”

Late in the day, Chad’s stomach began growling. He hadn’t had anything to eat since the breakfast he had bought that morning. And the last thing he had drank was the baby bottle when Cassie had changed him. He was hungry enough that he was seriously thinking about stopping to get something light before he went to Mel’s office. Just before quitting time, his cell phone beeped signaling a text message had come in. He opened the phone and read the message. It was from Mel, telling him to go straight home. He would find further instructions in his apartment. That was different, he thought. He had to wonder seriously what she had up her sleeve now.
When quitting time finally came a few minutes later, Chad stayed where he was for about five extra minutes to allow more workers to leave before he tried to walk out. Then, cautiously, he hurried through the hallways and out to his car. There were still some people around, but not as many as there would have been. He did see more than he was happy about that all seemed to be looking at him. But there was nothing he could do about it.
He felt very relieved when he finally got into his car and closed the door. It had been a long and horrifying day. And he was glad it was finally over. Now he just had to face whatever Mel had planned for him for the evening. But first, he really needed a snack!

Robin sat in her car talking with her husband on the phone before she drove out of the parking lot. She knew she had to stop at the store on the way home to get something for dinner and wanted to make sure that her husband was going to pick up their son from daycare. As she figured, he was happy to do it. He was a good father. As she was talking to him, she saw Chad come quickly out of the building and get into his car. He seemed to drive off just as fast.
Finally satisfied that her husband would take care of their son, and after getting a long list of things her husband wanted her to buy while she was at it, she left for the store. One of the many stop lights turned to red just before she reached it and she pulled to a stop to wait. Just before the light turned green, she saw Chad’s car pulling quickly out of the parking lot of the fast food place just ahead of her and head up the road. The light changed and she drove ahead, following him. She saw him finally turn into the parking lot of one of the nicer apartment projects along the way. Not knowing why she did it, she followed him.
The project was a maze of winding streets and buildings, but she didn’t have to go very far before she saw him pull into one of the parking spaces. She pulled into another one, way back from where he had parked. She saw him get out of his car and grab his pink bag again along with the purse she had seen him carrying earlier. He also appeared to have a bag from the fast food place in his hands. She saw him walk up the stairs and finally go into one of the apartments. “At least I know where he lives now,” she thought as she drove off to the store.

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