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The Bet - Chapter 10 (Monday – week 2 Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 10 (Monday – week 2 Part 2)

Mel hurried through her first client of the day as fast as she dared. When she was done, she told Andrea that she needed a little while to work undisturbed. Then, spreading out some pages that she had copied from the internet in front of her, she picked up her cell phone and dialed the number on the ordering page. The first question she asked was to make sure they had next day delivery available. Then she placed her order.
Chad wasn’t going to like it one bit, but the more she thought about it, the more the very idea of the thing was stimulating her. She hated the fact that she had just started her period. Otherwise she’d have Chad between her legs again as soon as they got home. Well, if she couldn’t get any, then she was going to be making extra sure that
Chad couldn’t either. The more she thought about it, the more she laughed to herself.
She was just about to turn her cell phone off and leave her office when her phone rang. “Hello?”
“Hey Mel, this is Cassie. I was just wondering if Sissy was going to be paying me a visit later.”
Mel laughed some more. “He sure is. At least he’s supposed to. I’ve packed everything he should need in his diaper bag for you.”
“Diaper bag?”
“Of course. You’ll love it, it’s bright pink!”
“I can’t wait!”
“Oh and Cassie, I put a couple of baby bottles in his bag for him. Can you make sure he drinks at least one of them?”
This time it was Cassie’s turn to laugh. “No problem. Like I said, I can’t wait!”
After Mel hung up from talking with Cassie, she finally went back to work. She didn’t get a chance to check her messages till almost lunchtime. When she did, she found one from her therapist, Gloria, asking her to call. She quickly dialed the number. “Hi Gloria, this is Mel.”
“Hi Mel. I just wanted to tell you that I got your message from the other night.”
“Yeah, I’m sorry about that, I was a bit angry at the time. Still, if there’s anything you could do along those lines, I’d be really appreciate it.”
“Well,” Gloria said, “it’s a bit unusual, but then so is this whole thing. It’s not at all in the direction I was planning to go, but I think I can work with it.”
“Gloria, if you can, that would be wonderful!” Mel replied.
“How have things gone with him this week?”
“It’s hard to say. I think it’s still too early to see any results.”
“Did he seem to notice in any way that I had hypnotized him?”
“Not that I could tell.”
“Good. I thought I had him under just far enough. I’m really glad that it worked. It would have been awkward otherwise. Hopefully, next week I can get him under even further and we’ll try some new things. Then we’ll just have to see what happens.”
“Thanks Gloria, you’re the best!”
“So what else have you been doing with him?”
Mel spent a few more minutes than she really had time for, filling in her friend on the last few days.

Chad left his desk at lunchtime and practically strutted to his car. He had wet his diapers twice during the morning just so that Mel would never know what he had done in the bathroom. It was only a few blocks to the gym where Cassie worked, and he found it easily. The parking lot was fairly full. He dreaded getting out of the car and carrying the big pink diaper bag in, but as with so many other things lately, he had no choice. No matter how he tried to carry it, the darn thing was just too noticeable. He wound up finally bunching up the strap in his hand to carry it inside.
Once in the door, he could see how busy the place really was. The receptionist was watching him closely. He wondered what she must think about him carrying a pink bag like he was – especially bringing it into a women’s gym. “May I help you?” she asked. “You know, this gym is for women only.”
Yeah, she was definitely eyeing his bag. “Um… yes, I know. I’m here to see Cassie.”
“Oh yeah, she mentioned she was expecting someone. Wait here. I’ll get her.”
While Chad waited, he set the bag down on the floor where he was hoping it would be less noticeable. If he could have found something to hide it behind he would have.
The receptionist came back a few minutes later with Cassie right behind her. “Hi Sissy,” Cassie said – all too loudly.
Chad saw the receptionist’s eyes bulge. She was suddenly looking at him a lot more closely. “Hi Cassie,” he replied softly.
“This way,” Cassie said with a crook of her finger. Then she led him back through the gym. As they walked, Chad was more than ever aware of the stares the women were giving him and his pink bag. Had any of them heard her calling him Sissy? He hoped not.
Cassie opened up one of the private offices and ushered him inside. The office had mini-blinds on the window of the door and she closed them. “There,” she said. “Now we won’t be disturbed.”
Chad was both nervous and excited over what was about to happen. He certainly wasn’t afraid of her punishing him in any way, but still, she was a complete stranger who was about to change his diapers. It was actually thrilling in a way, but still, he was nervous about it.
“I love your bag,” Cassie commented as she pushed a couple of chairs out of the way.
“It’s a bit too pink for my taste,” Chad replied, more convinced than ever about how noticeable the thing was.
“Nonsense. It suits you to a T!”
Chad said nothing to that since he realized that it probably did. He was fully expecting her to tell him to undress, but she didn’t. Instead, she came over and unbuckled his pants and pulled them down to his ankles herself. That surprised him more than he had expected. It also started arousing him a bit. One by one, she removed his shoes, his socks, his pants, pantyhose, and shirt – leaving him standing in just his all-in-one girdle. Her attention was like a cross between an unexpected lover and a mother changing her child. Either way, he was enjoying it. Then she started to pull down his all-in-one girdle. She didn’t get far. “Wow, that’s tight. Maybe you’d better get that thing off yourself.”
“Yeah, it is tight,” Chad confirmed as he started pulling the thing off of him. “Very! But it doesn’t seem to be nearly as bad as it used to. I think I’m losing weight.”
When he was just down to his diapers and plastic panties, she had him lay down on the floor where she pulled his plastic panties down to his ankles. Chad felt her pulling on the tapes that held the first diaper closed, then she pulled it open. He felt her pulling on the tabs for the second diaper, then suddenly he felt himself exposed as the cool air washed over that part of him. He couldn’t believe that this was actually happening to him. He had dreamed about it of course in his fantasies, but he never expected anything like this to actually happen.
“You’re not even messy,” she exclaimed, somewhat surprised.
Chad suddenly was worried that he had slipped up earlier. If it ever got back to Mel what he had done he’d really be in for it. “I don’t think there’s all that much left in my system anymore,” he replied. “I think it’s been taking longer and longer for the suppositories to do anything.” Fortunately, she seemed completely satisfied with his answer.
She opened his diaper bag and started going through it. “Mel really did put everything in here.” She pulled out a bottle and handed it to him. “Drink up… baby.”
Chad was aghast. Not another bottle! But he didn’t dare not drink it for fear of Mel’s anger. While he was drinking his bottle, he felt her wipe him off quickly with the baby wipes, then she pulled out and prepared two more diapers for him, slitting the crotch of one of them with a pair of scissors first. She slid the old diapers out from under him and slid the new ones in their place. Then she got one of the suppositories out of his bag and shoved that up him – a lot further than Mel ever did. “There,” she said, “it’s up there good now.” All too quickly, she had him taped up again and his plastic panties back in place. He was less than half-way through with his bottle.
“I think you better stay there like that and finish that thing before you get dressed again.”
Chad wasn’t sure if he had a choice in the matter or not.
“And you better hurry up – in case anyone else might want to use this office.” While Cassie waited for him, she stood up and opened the mini-blinds on the door window and looked out. “I wonder if maybe we shouldn’t just leave these open right now,” she said. “I’ll bet anybody walking by would love to see the big baby on the floor there drinking his bottle.”
That got Chad drinking as fast as he could. Fortunately, she closed the blinds again a few minutes later.
Finally he was finished and she put his bottle back in his pink bag again while he struggled with the all-in-one girdle. Finally he was totally dressed again and she opened the door for him. Once again he had to carry his big pink bag through the room of exercising women where they could see it all too clearly. “See you tomorrow,” she said as she left him at the door.
Once he was safely back in his car, Chad stopped to think about the experience. He had enjoyed it of course, but the truth was that it wasn’t nearly as fun or as exciting as he thought it would be. She had teased him a tiny bit of course, but mostly, she had just changed his diapers and that was it.
Feeling a bit let down, he drove off to get some lunch.

“Hi Mel, it’s Cassie.”
“Oh, Hi Cassie. Did Sissy make it there ok?”
“Oh yeah, and it went just fine.”
“Good. He wasn’t too much of a mess was he?”
“No! In fact he wasn’t messy at all. He said he thinks his system is probably all cleaned out.”
Mel had to think about that for a moment. “Yeah,” she admitted. “It probably is. I hadn’t thought about that.”
“He also mentioned that he thought he had lost a little weight too so it makes sense.”
“Yeah,” Mel agreed. “I guess I better start feeding him more. So everything went ok?”
“Like I said, no problem. I pretty much undressed him completely when we started – except for that girdle – wow that thing is tight. But afterwards I let him get dressed by himself again. I was going to make him sit down so I could put his shoes and socks on for him as if he was a toddler, but it took him so long to drink that bottle that I didn’t bother.”
“Oh good. I was going to ask about the bottle.”
“Yeah, he drinks from it real good. Just like a baby.”
They both laughed, but something that Cassie had said earlier finally sank in. “Cassie, you said you let him put his own shoes and socks back on?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“He was wearing socks?”
“Of course, why?”
“Oh nothing. Never mind.”
“Is there a problem?”
“No not at all. Thanks so much Cassie. I guess it’s ok to send him tomorrow too?”
“Sure. I’m expecting him every day now. Hey, it was fun.”
“Good. Thanks Cassie. Bye.”
Mel hung up her phone. He had found some socks. He thought he was getting away with something. She almost laughed. Well, let him for now. Let him think that he had won at least one tiny battle. There were bigger issues at stake. Besides, if things stayed according to her plans, he wouldn’t be wearing them much longer anyway. As she thought about her plans for the future for him, she really did start laughing.

Chad went back to work after lunch, but more and more his mind went back and dwelled on the diaper changing he had so recently experienced. It hadn’t been a problem at all in any way – other than having to carry in his embarrassing diaper bag. He had even fooled Cassie when he told her that he hadn’t messed himself because his system was empty. That thought brought him back to the pleasure he had experienced earlier that morning. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted it again. He realized that he could do it again. It had been a very long time since he’d been able to get himself off and there was still a lot of need built up in him. Once again he went into the men’s room to enjoy himself fully.
Chad didn’t dare use the toilet again all afternoon, knowing that it would be Mel who changed his diapers next time. Late in the afternoon, he even let the suppository do its nasty work in his diapers too. The tight confines of his girdle made that difficult, but the suppositories completely destroyed any mass that would have been inside him, turning everything into a runny mush that eventually escaped the pressure of the girdle and spread out around him. It was a horrible experience. Absolutely horrible! And when he was done, he couldn’t wait for his next diaper change.
After work, Chad again removed his socks and hid them before he drove to Mel’s office. When he got there, he carried his embarrassingly pink diaper bag inside with him. He knew better than to leave it in the car. As usual, there were several people waiting inside when he got there, he barely even glanced at them, but he was sure they all noticed the bag he was carrying. Andrea was certainly noticing it too since she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of it. With a big smile she escorted him straight back to the usual empty office again. Chad expected her to go get him a cup of coffee like she usually did, but she didn’t. Instead, she took his diaper bag from him and opened it and sorted through the contents. She pulled out the remaining baby bottle that was still full and handed it to him. Chad sighed as he took it. He was getting tired of drinking everything only through the bottles. With another big smile, Andrea left him alone.
Chad was resting with his feet up on the couch, thinking about how great it was now that he had found a way to get relief, when Mel finally came in quite a while later. She closed the door behind her and just stood there with her arms crossed as if she were waiting for something. Chad sat up on the sofa, waiting for her to say or do something. But she didn’t. She just stood there looking at him. Finally it dawned on him. “Hello Mistress,” he finally said.
Mel’s face instantly changed to a broad smile. “You’re starting to learn,” she finally said. “Hello Sissy. Did you have a good day today?”
“Yes, very.” He replied.
Mel nodded. “How did you enjoy being changed by Cassie?”
Chad considered the question. “It’s funny,” he replied, “I was really expecting it to be more… thrilling I guess. But in reality, it wasn’t. Mostly, she just changed me and that was it.”
“That’s all she was supposed to do. What did you expect?”
Chad shrugged. “I don’t know.”
Mel grabbed his diaper bag and started pulling out the things she would need to change him. “I like you carrying this stuff around with you a lot better than me having to carry it all the time,” she noted. She picked up the empty baby bottle he had just finished and walked out of the room with it. A few minutes later she was back with it again, only now it appeared to be full of water. She set the bottle down and told him to start getting undressed.
Chad wasn’t at all happy to see the full baby bottle that he knew he’d be soon drinking. But he was more than happy to finally get changed again. As he was removing his clothes, Mel said, “Cassie said you weren’t messy at all when she changed you earlier.”
Chad looked up at her, worried that somehow she might know what he did. “No, I think my system was too empty.”
Mel nodded. “That’s probably my fault. How about now?”
Chad actually blushed. “I’m afraid I’m very messy now.”
“Good!” Mel replied, sounding much more satisfied. After she had rediapered him again she stood back while he finished his bottle of water. “So,” she started. “How did it go having no socks to cover your pantyhose again? Did anybody notice?”
Chad was suddenly very worried again. “I don’t know,” he admitted. “I hope nobody noticed. Mostly I sit at my desk where I don’t have to worry about it.” Did she know? Was there any way she could possibly know what he had done? He realized he had worn the socks when he saw Cassie at lunchtime. Did Cassie tell Mel that he was wearing socks earlier? He was suddenly very worried about that.
But Mel’s answer surprised him. “I was sure you wouldn’t have any trouble. Most people don’t notice things like that, do they?”
Chad was relieved. He had gotten away with it – clean. He thought of something else that might keep her off the track. “Uh, Mistress, I was wondering though, I need to get some new pants for work, especially since I seem to be losing a bit of weight lately.” He saw Mel smile at that. “Would it be ok if I went shopping for some tonight? I’d like to get a few pairs that are a little bit longer to make sure my ankles won’t show. I wouldn’t be gone all that long.”
Mel was surprised by his question, very surprised. She thought about her plan for him. The timing of his request couldn’t have been any better. She smiled at him. “Oh, I think that would be all right. In fact, why don’t we grab a quick dinner again tonight then we’ll both go together. I’ll buy the dinner, but you’ll be buying everything else!”
Chad was surprised that she had agreed so readily. He didn’t really need any new pants right now, but he did always try to keep nice looking clothes for work. It wouldn’t hurt him to have a few new pairs anyway. “Thank you, Mistress,” he replied happily. But as he finished getting dressed, he began to worry about going shopping with her again. The last time had been one of the most embarrassing times of his life.

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