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The Bet - Chapter 11 (Tuesday – week 2 Part 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 11 (Tuesday – week 2 Part 5)

When the laundry was done, and the television show Mel had been watching was finally over, she finally told him to get undressed so she could change him. He was more than ready for it. He was so messy and wet that he was beginning to get more than uncomfortable inside of the girdle he was wearing.
She took him into her bathroom and let him undress down to just his diapers, then she very carefully helped him remove them so as not to spread the mess any further than it already was. She surprised him at that point by sending him into her shower to fully clean off. The shower was followed by a nice warm and mostly relaxing bath – except for when she again shaved his entire body again, spending extra particular attention this time to his privates. When she was done shaving him, she left him to relax and soak for a few minutes while she went out to her bedroom. When she finally came back, she had him get out of the tub and dry himself off.
Chad fully expected her to diaper him again then, but he didn’t see any sign of his diapers at all. Instead, Mel came back with the scarf that she used to blindfold him and once again covered his eyes, tying it tightly behind his head so it wouldn’t easily slip off. He was getting nervous now, but there didn’t seem to be anything in Mel’s attitude that suggested that she might be angry about anything.
“Just follow me,” she said softly as she grabbed his arm and slowly led him into her bedroom.
Her touch was almost sensual as she led him by his arm. He kept reaching out with his other arm to try to feel where he was so he wouldn’t bump into anything, but she was careful to keep him well out of harm’s way. Finally, his free hand came in contact with something tall and round, he realized it was one of the bedposts on her bed. A moment later, she backed him up till his legs came into contact with the mattress behind him. “Lay down,” she said softly as she helped guide him onto her bed, then scooted him over till she got him into the position she wanted.
Chad said nothing through any of it. Was this his reward for making her a great dinner, or perhaps acting as her maid – or more probably both? He had been good. She had punished him before, maybe now she was rewarding him.
He felt her soft hands run lightly over his body, then up one of his arms, ever so gently pulling on it. “Shhh,” she said as she pulled a bit harder. Chad suddenly felt ropes being attached to that wrist, holding it tightly stretched up over his head. “Shhh,” she said again, calming him, relaxing him. Again her hand ran lightly over his chest, then it was gone.
He heard her walking around to the other side of the bed, climbing on top of it. Her hand was back again, running lightly over his chest and up his other arm, only to tie it as she had done with his first arm. He realized he was breathing heavier and heavier. His cock was getting bigger and bigger. Wow, could this woman make love! And she hadn’t even touched his good parts yet!
Once his arms were secure, Mel moved a lot faster to tie his ankles to the bottom bedposts so that he was spread out wide and helpless. His hairless body was obviously waiting for her. His cock was standing firmly at attention. She breathed a sigh of relief. She had done this to him on purpose. Unfortunately, for him, she had no intention of giving him what he wanted.
She opened the drawer of her nightstand and pulled out a twelve inch ruler that she had taken from her desk a little while ago. She figured that if her yardstick could do such a good job on his backside then this little ruler could do the same for his front. With a loud swish, she brought it down hard on his fully erect cock.
Chad’s body suddenly exploded in unexpected pain. What had happened? His cock suddenly felt like it was on fire. “Owww!” he cried as he jerked hard at the ropes that held him all too firmly. Then the horrible sting came again. “Owww! Shit, that hurts!” he protested.
“What did I tell you about using language like that,” Mel replied, then she hit his cock five more times in quick succession. Each time Chad’s body jerked hard against the restraining ropes. His cock was quickly growing smaller, which was exactly what she wanted to see.
“That hurts!” he complained loudly again.
“Good!” Mel replied.
“Why? What did I do?” he asked. “I thought you liked the dinner I made tonight.”
“I did,” she replied. “I loved it. This isn’t about punishing you for anything.” Then she brought the ruler down one more time and watched him jerk, although this time silently.
Chad was not only blind and helpless, now he was confused too. She wasn’t punishing him? That’s what she thought. She had no idea how much she was hurting him. He suddenly sensed her head very close to his ear.
“This is the next phase of your training,” she whispered to him. “Since you can’t pee when you’re hard, then we’re just going to have to teach you not to get hard anymore. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?”
“No!” Chad shouted in horror. He felt her moving away from him quickly and just as quickly came the next stinging blow to his cock. “Ow!” he said again as he thrashed one more time to get free.
“See, you’re nice and soft now. See how well that worked. But I’ll bet I can make it hard again. Shall I?”
Chad was about to say no, but suddenly he felt her hands on his cock again, massaging him, kneading him, and despite his wanting not to, making his hurting cock grow again.
“Do you have to pee yet, baby?” she asked softly in his ear. “Don’t worry if you do, I put several nice soft diapers underneath you, so go ahead if the urge hits you.”
“I don’t have to pee!” he said angrily.
“Aww. Too bad. But of course you can’t anyway, can you? Because you’re way too hard again.” She leaned even closer into his ear. “Here, let me fix that for you.”
Before Chad could protest, she was up and swinging at him again. “Ouch!” Chad screamed. She swung again. “Stop!” he pleaded. She swung again. “Please stop! You don’t know how much that hurts!”
Mel leaned down toward his ear again. “I really don’t care. I only want to make you soft again. The quicker you get soft, the sooner I stop.” She hit him hard one more time. Then once more for good measure. His cock was mostly limp by then. “See how well that works.”
Chad didn’t care about anything except the fact that she had finally stopped. His entire cock felt like it was on fire. But then he felt her magic hands back on it again, once again working it to make him hard. “No, please no!” he protested.
She stopped. “What is it? Before you wanted me to stop hitting you, now you want me to stop touching you? Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.”
“I don’t want either,” he declared.
“Awww. Too bad. I’m afraid I’m not done with you yet.” And with that she continued massaging him and trying to get him hard. It was a lot more difficult this time, but eventually she got him there and eventually she began beating his cock again with her ruler. His cock seemed to deflate this time like a balloon with a small hole. She almost laughed. “There now, that wasn’t so bad this time, was it?” But the only sound coming from Chad’s mouth was some muffled moaning through his clenched teeth.
Mel opened her nightstand again and took out all the pieces of the chastity device she had bought him. One by one, she began fastening them around his privates, removing pieces over and over again and replacing them with other pieces till she got just the fit she thought she wanted. Curiously, his cock was starting to grow a bit again.
Chad felt her playing with him again, but it felt more like she was putting things up against him and then taking them away again. “What are you doing?” Chad asked.
“Shhh. Don’t you worry about it… Or maybe you should worry about it. But I’ll let what I’m doing be a surprise for later.”
She picked up one of the Points of Intrigue and attached it to what she had already put on him. She purposely chose the longest most severe points so that he would feel them right away. Once it was in place, she pressed down on it.
“Ow!” Chad suddenly cried and jerked again at his bonds.
“Hurts, doesn’t it.” Mel said to him.
“Yeah! A lot!”
“Good! That’s what it’s supposed to do.” She pressed again and felt his body writhing in pain under her. His cock was suddenly a lot smaller. “I’d say that works pretty well, wouldn’t you?” She wasn’t at all surprised that she got no answer from him at all.
She took the longest spikes away and chose the medium ones and put them in place, adjusting them so that they were just where she wanted them. Then she picked up her ruler again and hit him three times in succession.
Chad suddenly felt the searing pain hitting his cock again. He screamed all over again. Now what was she doing? She was torturing him. That much was for sure!
Mel watched as his cock grew even smaller. “That helped,” she said. “Sorry, I just needed it a bit smaller, that’s all.” She put her ruler down and picked up the main part of the device that would contain his now flaccid penis. She had to push it onto him and it wasn’t all that easy.
Chad felt her grab his sore and aching cock. Then suddenly it felt like she was trying to stuff it into something hard. He realized that that was exactly what she was trying to do to him. And then it finally dawned on him… he suddenly realized exactly what she was really doing to him. She was putting some kind of a chastity device on him. And whatever it was, it felt like it was way too small… and it hurt! He desperately tried to buck her away, to stop her, but it wasn’t working. “No, no!” he cried, trying to get her to stop. But he was tied way too tightly. And she didn’t seem to be stopping!
Mel suddenly had to hold on to him as he started thrashing harder. His pitiful cries for her to stop meant nothing to her. Gradually his thrashing started to slow down. When it had slowed enough, she grabbed the lock that she had already opened, and still keeping her weight on him, slipped it into place. She snapped it shut with a very satisfying click.
Chad felt her fumbling around with him again despite all his thrashing. He heard the faint sound of the lock clicking shut and suddenly felt totally defeated.
Mel stood back up to catch her breath. “You can stop struggling now,” she said. “It’s locked on and it’s going to stay on.” His thrashing suddenly increased – a lot. He was angry she realized. She thought she heard him whimper as his struggles gradually slowed down, then finally stopped. She let him rest for a moment while she watched him to make sure he was going to be alright.
She left him and went into her kitchen. She pulled another baby bottle out of the refrigerator for him and brought it back to the bedroom. She sat down on the bed next to him and put the bottle to his lips. “Here, baby. Drink.”
Chad felt the nipple touch his lips and he automatically accepted it and started sucking on it. The cool liquid felt good against the back of his throat. Very good. But he was trying to drink it too fast and he started choking on it a little. She removed the bottle. “Slowly, baby. Slowly.” He felt the nipple come back again and he continued sucking – much more slowly this time. All too soon he felt the liquid in the bottle finishing, and then suddenly the nipple was gone. “Good baby,” she crooned into his ear. He felt her brush his face – almost lovingly.
Mel got back up again and took his empty bottle back to the kitchen. She walked slowly. She needed to catch her breath too. She wasn’t quite done with him yet.
She walked back into the bedroom and sat down on the bed next to him again. “Ok, baby. Let’s try this again.” Then she reached out and started trying to stimulate his privates all over again – although she really couldn’t do it very well, encased in the hard plastic like they were.
“No! Please don’t!” he pleaded once again. But she continued anyway. She kept a close eye on the clear plastic covering his penis and especially on the little sharp points that were beginning to dig into him again.
Suddenly he seemed to freeze, all his muscles locked tight. She stopped touching him. No sound came from his mouth for a moment, then he let out a long drawn out, “Owwww.”
She watched him as his breathing grew heavier, almost panting. Very slowly but surely, it calmed down again… as did he… as did any excitement to his cock. If anything, his cock appeared to be a little smaller. Fascinated, she continued to lay there as she watched him trying to calm himself. Gradually, very gradually, he became even smaller. His penis no longer filled the entire inside of the surrounding plastic. He was laying still, very still, resting. “Is it better now?” she asked. She got no answer. “Does it hurt anymore?”
His answer was very flat. “No.”
She nodded to herself in satisfaction. “It won’t hurt as long as you stay soft,” she replied. Gently, she touched the device. He stiffened quickly. “I’m only looking,” she assured him. He calmed down, but only a little. She looked as closely as she could. There were a few red marks she thought from the sharp points of the teeth, but no other damage as far as she could see.
Satisfied, she began picking up the rest of the pieces from the device and put them away.
“I have to pee,” he suddenly said.
She quickly picked up one of the cloth diapers that she had kept handy and wrapped it around his device. “Go ahead,” she said softly. Within moments, she felt the diaper in her hands growing warmer and wetter. But the thick material was more than enough for what came out of him. Not that it mattered. She had put protection under him anyway. His face was red. He was blushing. “Good baby,” she whispered again in his ear when he had finished.
Very carefully, she put baby lotion on him again and put another suppository up inside of him. Then she rediapered him in three disposables while he was still tied up.
It was time to release him. He was laying completely still, as if he was afraid to move. One by one she removed the ropes from his legs, then his arms. He still didn’t move, not for a few moments. Then, slowly, he brought his arms down, as if he were afraid to move them. He flexed them a bit. Then he tried moving his legs, just a tad, not much at all.
“Sit up,” she told him, and grabbed one of his arms. With her help, he rose to a sitting position. She took his blindfold off. He blinked and rubbed his eyes. She tried desperately to read the expression on his face, but she couldn’t tell anything.
Chad’s mind was in a total state of confusion. He didn’t know if he felt angry, or defeated, or even deep down sexually stimulated. All three he finally realized. She had put a cock restraint on him. Locked it on. His own cock was locked up in something that obviously wouldn’t even let him touch it. Slowly, he forced himself to look down at his crotch. All he could see were all the diapers that covered him. He didn’t even know what the thing looked like. He looked back up at Mel. “Why?”
She smiled. “To teach you.”
“To teach me what?” His question held a touch of anger.
“To teach you control.”
He wasn’t buying any of it. He looked down at his diapers again. Locked up. How was he going to manage? How was he going to do anything? He pressed down lightly on the front of his diapers, then a bit harder. He felt something hard inside. From the inside he felt nothing but a bit of pressure where the device was locked behind his balls. Nothing at all on his cock. He looked back up at Mel, totally bewildered. “What am I going to do?”
She smiled at him. “You’re going to learn, baby. You’re going to learn.”
Mel left him for a moment while she went out to the piles of clean laundry that were stacked in her living room. She came back a few minutes later with one of his onesies. She helped him put his plastic panties on, then she helped him step into the onesie, zipping it up the back and clicking the lock at the top shut with another distinct click. A moment later, Chad doubled over slightly and grabbed at his crotch as a small wave of pain lanced through him from the devilish points of the device.
Mel realized instantly what had happened. “You’re going to have to learn not to get hard anymore,” she said. “And it looks like you’re going to have to learn it fast.”
Through great effort, Chad controlled himself and the pain died away completely. How was he going to do it? How was he going to prevent himself from getting even the least bit hard? He couldn’t! There was no way! It was impossible! But with the device that she had locked onto him, he was going to be forced to learn. Just thinking about his situation brought the pain back again, and again he had to forcefully calm himself. He was going to have to learn, and he was going to have to learn fast! The damn thing hurt!
“Come on, baby,” Mel said, wrapping her arm lovingly around his shoulders. “Let’s put you to bed. Tomorrow is another day.”
Yeah, Chad thought, tomorrow is another day. Every day since this bet had begun had been worse than the day before. He was afraid now to face tomorrow, especially not if it was anything remotely like the day he had just had.
Tomorrow was another day? He was still trying to comprehend the day he had just had. The word tomorrow suddenly felt like a nightmare. He had enough nightmares right now.

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