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The Bet - Chapter 9 (Sunday – week 2 Part 1)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 9 (Sunday – week 2 Part 1)

Mel stretched a bit as she padded her way to the coffee pot to start it brewing. She had slept later than she had in a long time. She thought about Chad next door and decided he could wait. He probably needed more sleep anyway. She had been hard on him all week, something she dared not ease up on now. But letting him get a little extra sleep wouldn’t hurt – either of them.
Once the coffee was brewing, she went to her desk and fired up her computer. She had a bit of research to do. Ever since Friday night when Chad had informed her that he couldn’t pee while he was hard, she had been trying to think of some way to keep him from ever getting hard. Her earlier research had left some vague possibilities in her mind, but now it was time to explore them further. A little while later, her coffee almost finished, she had made her decision. She had found, and easily, something she considered fairly diabolical. By all descriptions, Chad would have to learn to stay soft all the time, or he would suffer. She had planned on ordering something that morning, but a small notice on the ordering page had stopped her. If she placed the order by phone on Monday, then there were faster delivery options available, including overnight. She decided to place her order first thing Monday morning, and hopefully, by Tuesday evening she would no longer have that particular problem with Chad anymore. Chad? She smiled. She had to get used to calling him Sissy now. It wouldn’t do to make that mistake in front of him.

Chad felt himself have to pee again and allowed himself to do it. He opened his eyes. It felt later than usual. He sat up where he could see his pink clock radio and stared at it very much surprised. It was later. Much later. Gratefully, he laid back down and stretched and just rubbed his bare arms and legs on the sheet, trying to get his circulation moving a bit. As usual, his diapers were overly soaked and he couldn’t even begin to bring his legs anywhere near each other. He would have loved to remove them, but the lock on the back of his onesie prevented that. So frustrating. As was his need to get off that was also impossible.
Sighing, he got to his feet. Normally he would have gone straight into his bathroom to relieve himself, but that was impossible for him now too. As he waddled into his living room, the need to pee returned again. Once again he peed without hardly giving it another thought. His living room was empty except for the one chair that Mel had sat in yesterday. He wandered into his kitchen, also mostly empty. There were a few baby bottles filled with her lousy tea in the refrigerator, but that was all. Sucking on another baby bottle just then wasn’t exactly what he wanted to do, and he didn’t. Thinking about the bottles made him think about the pacifier he was supposed to be sucking on. He picked it up by the ribbon it was dangling from attached to his onesie. He just looked at it and let it fall again. Mel wasn’t around just then.
His apartment was empty. No TV, no nothing. As he looked around the room, he noticed where the connection for the cable TV came out of the wall. After everything the bitch was putting him through, he decided that one of the major things she was also going to buy him, was a new TV too, a nice one! Mel still hadn’t shown up. Where was she? Deciding to do the only thing he really could do, he went back to bed.

It was the middle of the morning by the time that Mel was finished getting ready. She was dressed casually, but nicely. Grabbing her purse she went out and locked her door behind her, she wasn’t planning on being back till much later.
Chad heard his front door open. “Finally!” he thought to himself as he got up off his mattress and went to make sure it was Mel who had just come in – who else?
“Did you get enough sleep?” Mel asked him as soon as she saw him.
“Yeah. Finally!” he replied.
“Did you sleep any better than you have been?”
That question puzzled him. “What do you mean?”
“I mean have you learned to wet yourself in your sleep yet?”
“Ha, not even close.” He replied. He didn’t think he was really lying since he did wake up every time he needed to pee, he just wasn’t bothering to come fully awake anymore. But she didn’t need to know that.
Mel walked over to him and suddenly slapped his face – hard.
“Ow! What was that for?”
Mel just reached down and picked up the pacifier that was dangling from his onesie and shoved it back into his mouth. “I told you to keep it there, didn’t I?” Chad said nothing.
As Mel got him cleaned up a few minutes later, she realized that there wasn’t as much of a mess in his diapers this time. Of course she should have expected that with all the suppositories she was shoving in him. His system was probably mostly empty now. Chad gratefully soaked his body clean first in his shower, then relaxing in his bathtub for a few minutes. Mel had added some flowery smelling bath beads to the water, but that only made him enjoy the sensation all the more. His cock began growing again at the very thought of it. He wanted to touch it so badly. He glanced quickly at Mel to see if she would notice, but she was watching him all too closely. “Don’t you dare!” she said. Chad sighed dejectedly and Mel made him get out of the water so she could rediaper him again.
Once she had diapered him in two of the thinner cloth diapers and had his plastic panties pulled up again, Mel had him pull one of his all-in-one girdles back on again. Chad hated the thing because it was so uncomfortably tight, but with only two diapers on under it instead of the four she usually used, it wasn’t nearly so bad down below.
When he went to shave his face, he quickly realized that the only razors he had were all pink, and he had no shaving cream at all. “I can’t shave with this,” he complained.
“You’re going to have to learn,” Mel answered, “because that’s all I’m going to allow you to use.”
“And there’s no shaving cream either.”
“Tough! Women don’t use it when they shave their legs. Rub some soap and some moisturizer on your face. Try that instead.”
Chad wasn’t exactly sure, but he tried it. The moisturizer he decided was definitely the most help.
“Ok,” she said when he was finally finished, “makeup time again. Let’s see if you can remember what I taught you yesterday about the mascara.” Mel finally allowed him to take his pacifier out again, but she held onto it for later.
Chad went to work with one of the mascaras. But of course she wasn’t happy with his first attempt, or his second attempt either. Fortunately, she decided that his third attempt was much better. “You’re finally starting to get the hang of it,” she told him. “But you should have been practicing more.”
“When?” he replied a bit put out. “You kept me busy all last night till you sent me to bed.”
“How about this morning? Don’t tell me you’ve been asleep the entire time till I got here.”
“No,” he admitted.
“And I’ll bet you haven’t had a single bottle this morning either, have you?”
“No… but you didn’t tell me to!”
“I shouldn’t have to!”
Chad kept his mouth shut after that for fear she might punish him again. He knew he had probably pushed his luck as it was.
Mel did the rest of his makeup for him again and then stuffed the pantyhose from last night back into the cups of his all-in-one. Then she had him put on the same black skirt he had worn before only this time with a different, more colorful top. “You really need some more clothes,” she commented. Then she handed him another pair of heels from his closet, fortunately, not his highest ones. She sighed as she looked him over, “still a long way to go,” but you’ll have to do.” Actually, she was fairly glad he looked as ridiculous as he did, it would only serve to humiliate him more – and excite her more.
“Ok, let’s go,” she said as she headed for the door.
Chad was terrified again, even though he had expected they were going out again. “Where to?” he asked.
“Grocery shopping,” she said as she pushed him towards the door. Chad reached for his keys and wallet on the way out but she stopped him. “Leave them, I’ve got a key, remember?” Then she added, “Remind me to get you a purse soon.” And with that she pushed him out and closed the door behind them.
Chad was completely terrified. She was taking him out shopping dressed the way he was and he had no way to get out of it. She had pushed him out the door without his keys or even his wallet. Without his keys, he couldn’t even get back into his own apartment. He was totally dependent on her. He felt so trapped. He was trapped! Completely!
All the way to the store he fretted. He had never been out in public in a skirt before – except for walking next door last night to Cassie and Sandy’s apartment, and he wasn’t really counting that – now. He realized that Mel was upping the ante, again! And this was almost more than he thought he could handle. But how was he going to get out of it?
All too soon they pulled into the parking lot. It was late enough in the morning that Chad could see that the store was getting crowded. Mel found a parking spot, not as close to the store as Chad would have liked, and got out. “Ok, Sissy. Let’s go,” she said as she got out of the car.”
Chad stayed where he was. There was no way he could find the courage to get out of the car just then.

Mel stopped at the back of her car as soon as she realized that Chad was still in it. “Come on!” she shouted. But Chad wasn’t budging. She walked over and opened his door. Chad was huddled in the car with his arms wrapped around his body. He was clearly terrified. “What are you doing? Get out of there right now!”
“I can’t.”
“I said… Out! Now!” But Chad just shook his head. Mel was at a loss for what to do and was getting angry. “Do you want to be punished again?”
He shook his head. “Nnnno.”
“Then get out of there!”
He shook his head again. “I can’t!”
Mel was really angry now. “Boy are you going to get it when we get home!” But she wasn’t ready to leave just yet. She needed to find some way to get him out of the car. She was a lawyer, she had resorted to drastic means before. “Ok smart ass!” She pulled out her cell phone. “Let’s see what the police will do with you when I call them!”
Chad looked up at her, aghast.
Mel opened her cell phone “Nine.” She pushed a button. “One.” She pushed another button. “One.” She put the phone to her ear.
“Mel, please!” Chad pleaded.
“I mean, Mistress, please don’t.” But Mel was already speaking.
“Yes,” she was saying. “I just came out of the store and I found some… pervert… sitting in my car and he won’t go away!... No, I’m not going to go near him! No, I don’t think he has a gun, at least I didn’t see one… Ok, I’ll be expecting them, and please tell them to hurry. I’ll be the one waving my arms for them up by the front entrance… Yes, yes, I’ll stay on the line.”
Chad looked up at her, she had called the cops. No matter what the actual reasons it would be really bad for him. He didn’t want to get arrested. He didn’t want to go to jail. He couldn’t imagine what someone dressed as he was would experience there. “Mistress please…” he said softly. But she was still talking onto the phone, describing him as if she were standing further away from him than she actually was. “Please…” he pleaded again. He had no choice, slowly, he extricated himself from the car. Exposing himself and the way he was dressed to the entire world. Mel looked please and closed her cell phone. Then she quickly slammed the car door shut behind him and hit the lock button on her key chain. “No way out,” he thought through his panicked brain. “No way out.”
“Come on,” Mel was saying as she started walking toward the door, glancing around as she walked. “We’d better get out of here before the police show up.” She stopped to wait for him to catch up. “That is, unless you really do want them to arrest you.”
Chad hurried after her. His heels making all too much noise, even over the other sounds around him. Exposed! Branded as a sissy. And now on view for the whole world to see what he really was. Deeply ashamed, he hurried after her, as if she would somehow keep him safe.

Mel was still furious, but she was also smiling that inward smile of satisfaction that she had whenever she scored big against an opponent. She hadn’t really dialed 911, she had only pressed the first three numbers of her own phone number. But the ruse had certainly worked. Her big problem now though, was what could she do to Chad later to really punish him? She had no doubt that his backside couldn’t stand much more of her yardstick so soon. Keeping that thought in the back of her mind, she went in and ordered Chad to grab a shopping cart.
Chad’s terror never diminished. In fact, all his senses seemed to be heightened. He had certainly worn women’s clothes before – lots of times, but only in the privacy of his own home. The only time he had ever worn them out of his house had been last night with Cassie and Sandy – and that was it. But now… He felt like such a fool! His overly aware senses noticed everybody who even might be looking at him. He could almost hear the clicking of his heels with each step he took. Each click sounding an alert to everybody else that said, “Look at me! Look at me!”
He was more aware than ever of how the heels felt on his feet, forcing his feet into an odd angle as he walked, his heels up off the ground, his toes forced tightly down, having to be more careful about how he placed each step so as not to twist his ankle because of the higher heel.
He was painfully aware of the mocking soft caress of his skirt as the hem brushed against his legs… his all too exposed legs. He was wearing a skirt – in public. How embarrassing. He even felt the embarrassment of having no pockets to hide his well manicured hands in.
His breasts stuck out far too plainly for his comfort too. But were they any bigger than any other woman? Not really he thought. In fact, probably smaller. But that fact didn’t really comfort him a bit.
He couldn’t see the makeup on his face, but he could taste his lipstick - an odd, yet interesting flavor. But with no wig, and on his face, the makeup alone shouted sissy to anyone who would see it.
He was doomed – forever. Exposed – forever. He felt so vulnerable. Afraid. And he had no choice but to follow Mel, one step after another, all through the terror-house called a grocery store. Why hadn’t there been a major earthquake last night? It would have been so nice. Now wouldn’t be a bad time for one either. Hurry Mel, please hurry. Or at least move a little faster. And curiously enough, he felt his cock start to grow again. Damn he needed some relief – and bad!

Mel was careful to walk calmly and slowly up and down each and every aisle. She knew that Chad behind her was scared. Really, she couldn’t blame him. But he had to know that this was coming. It was only logical. Besides, it was all part of his fantasy, wasn’t it? Not that it mattered in the end. He had signed away all his rights in favor of whatever she wanted him to do – with no say in the matter. And the truth was that making him squirm under her power was in reality very fulfilling to her.
She wondered only slightly what the other shoppers in the store thought about her… and Chad. She was sure that more than a few of them were put out by the sight of her with her sissy, but she was also sure that twice that many were secretly delighted. So she really cared even less about what everybody else thought.
She wasn’t used to doing a lot of grocery shopping. She usually just bought some diet TV dinners for herself to stick in the microwave. She could cook of course, but she knew she wasn’t really a good cook. She smiled, someday though, one way or another, Chad was going to be her “good cook.” But there were other things that had to come first.
She began picking up items that she didn’t often buy. Lots of salad fixings, a bottle of her favorite wine, even fruits and fresh vegetables. Did Chad know how to cook all the things she was buying? He could certainly learn, she decided. She wasn’t really a big beef fan, but some chicken breasts soon found their way into her cart as well.
She spent a very long time in the baby food aisle, looking over everything in it carefully. One of the reasons she spent so long was because she could almost feel Chad’s discomfort behind her. Was he getting hard again? She had no way of knowing. She almost hoped so – sort of. At the same time, she didn’t want him to be able to get hard either. It would be counter-productive. She had to remember that her pleasure was all that mattered, not his. She sighed, she was still new to all this. She knew she had a lot to learn. She wondered how she was stacking up against other doms – new ones anyway. Where did they learn the things they did? There were no classes in it anywhere that she knew of. All she knew was the little bit she had read on the internet – and her gut feelings. She wasn’t really planning on buying any baby food – yet, but she surrendered to her impulses and pulled down two boxes of baby cereal for him, smiling slyly at him as she did so.
In the drink aisle, she was careful to pull down lots of large bottles of things that she knew would keep him peeing. She bought three of the largest bottles of prune juice that she could find. Inwardly, she found that just looking at the stuff was revolting. She couldn’t imagine having to drink it – awful! But that wasn’t her problem. Chad would have to deal with that. Not Chad… Sissy!

Chad was ever so grateful as they finished the last aisle and headed for the checkout counters. Mel was certainly not hurrying, that was for sure. His cart was fully loaded and heavy. The heels he was wearing was making it harder to push. The amount of time they had spent in the store had dulled his fears, but only somewhat. The next hurdle would be getting through the checkout. But would she take him home after that? He certainly hoped so. Many of the things in his shopping cart were things that had to be put in the refrigerator right away. That fact alone gave him hope. He knew she was going to beat him again, he just no longer cared – that is, if she would just get him out of there and take him straight home.
But the long time in the store that had dulled his fears had also allowed his horniness to grow again too. Why did he have to have these peculiar needs? Not only had they cost him his marriage, but now his dignity too. Worse, the more he thought about them and about each and every little humiliation that Mel was putting him through, the more his need grew. There was no winning. He was thoroughly hooked and that was that. Doomed one way or the other. His name was Sissy now. A name that spelled out exactly what he was. And the more he dwelled on that, the harder his cock tried to get.
As they waited in line for the checkout, Chad was again all too aware of how close the other people around him were. Way too close for comfort. But then what distance would be a good distance? There wasn’t a good answer for that, not in public anyway.
He knew the question was coming as soon as he started unloading the groceries onto the conveyor belt. But she asked it softly. “Do you need to pee?”
He shook his head. “No, and I can’t anyway.” It was all he needed to say. In truth, he really didn’t need to pee. He had had almost nothing to drink or eat all day. Thankfully. But now he realized how hungry he really was. The nervousness in his stomach had kept him from feeling it earlier.
He expected Mel to be angry, but she only nodded her head and pulled out her credit card to pay for everything.
Walking back to the car and putting everything in her trunk was almost anticlimactic. He knew they were going home because they had things that had to be put away. More and more though, he began to worry about what she would do to him when they got there.

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