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The Bet - Chapter 7 (Friday - week 1 Part 2)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 7 (Friday - week 1 Part 2)

After the nail salon, Mel took them to dinner at a casual restaurant. Chad was really hoping that they wouldn’t let him in, but other than lots of strange looks, nobody really said anything. His feet were somewhat hidden under the table, but he was all too aware of the red nails on his hands. Out in public, it was positively frightening.

When their drinks arrived, Mel grabbed his before he could drink any of it, which surprised him since he figured that she would be pouring liquids down his throat like she did every night. But what Mel did next really distressed him. She reached into her bag and pulled out an empty baby bottle and dumped as much of his drink into it as she could. Then she handed it to him.

Chad couldn’t believe it. “You can’t be serious!”

Mel looked surprised. “Of course I am.”

“I can’t do this,” he whispered urgently.

Her simple reply was almost taunting. “Yes you can.” She was smiling that wicked smile again.

The bitch was really serious. Chad looked around for any way out of it, but there was nothing.

“Remember that little contract we have?” Mel said. “And the parts where you have to do anything I tell you to? Well, drink up, baby. Drink up.”

Once again Chad wanted to die – quickly. He put the bottle to his lips and started sucking on it. Mel looked like she was going to burst out laughing. He heard comments from the tables around him too, but all he could do was to either look directly at Mel, who was watching him all too wickedly, or to close his eyes. He wanted to cry badly.

After dinner, he was so glad to get out of that restaurant. That was one place he could never go back to again. But what worried him now was what would be Mel’s next stop on her agenda. Mel drove them out to Target and led the way into the store, stopping at the entrance to have Chad grab a shopping cart. Chad expected her to head directly for the women’s department but she surprised him by heading to the baby department instead. Chad didn’t know whether to be relieved or sorry.

All through the store, Chad turned heads. As he stood by quietly while Mel pulled various items off the shelves to look at them closely, customers stopped at the ends of the aisle to look at him. He could tell that Mel was certainly enjoying herself, but he certainly wasn’t.

She was looking at large diaper bags when she finally held one up and said, “I think this one is pretty, don’t you?”

Chad looked at it. It was pink and obviously decorated for a baby girl. “Yes,” he agreed – tentatively.

“I just hope it’s large enough,” Mel replied as she placed it into the cart. As far as Chad could tell, the bag was the largest one on the shelf. The diaper bag was soon followed by several pacifiers, divided dishes for baby food, and a package of baby spoons. As she wandered up and down the baby aisles, Mel began pulling down anything she thought might be useful and putting them into the cart; baby wipes, more powder, more baby lotion, bottle brushes, anything she liked that caught her eye. Chad wasn’t happy to see any of the items going into the cart, but at the same time everything in his cart was adding to his incredibly horny state.

After the baby section, Mel began wandering around the rest of the store, stopping often to look at different things, sometimes adding something to the cart that she liked. Chad again had the impression that she was purposely delaying things to keep him exposed longer. He decided that some of the items she had put into the cart were probably for her because he could see no use that he would ever have for them.

Then they came to the makeup aisles. Chad had to stand there while Mel carefully looked over all too many of everything. His biggest concern though, was that she was putting three or four of each type of item, mostly different brands, into his cart. And unfortunately, while Mel was looking closely at a couple of lipsticks she had in her hands, a voice behind him asked, “Are they for him?” Chad turned and saw a woman standing a few feet behind him. He wondered for the thousandth time if his day could get any worse.

“Of course,” Mel replied, obviously making no secret about it. “I’m trying to decide which shade would look better on him. What do you think?” Mel held the two lipsticks out to the woman.

The woman took them and opened one and cranked the lipstick itself out. Then she held it up close to Chad’s face and looked at it carefully. Mel watched closely. Then the woman did the same with the other one. “I don’t know,” she finally said, “I think they’re both ok.”

“Good,” Mel replied taking the lipsticks from her again. “We’ll take both of them then.” With an air of triumph, she threw both lipsticks in Chad’s cart. Both women laughed.

“Good luck,” the woman said tauntingly to Chad before she sauntered off.

No, Chad decided. There was no way his day could ever get worse than this!

In the toy section, Mel looked closely at all the toys for girls and babies, but Chad was glad that she didn’t buy anything there, what use could they have been anyway? But a few minutes later, Mel’s eyes found a bin of soft teddy bears that she had to pick through. She hugged several of them. “Oh… these are so soft!” she exclaimed. A white one soon found its way into the cart. Chad looked at it closely while he pushed the cart behind her. A teddy bear! His horny state was reaching the critical point. He decided then and there to talk to Mel about his problem as soon as they were back in the car.

Other things from around the store also found their way into the cart. A pink Barbie clock radio, several girly pink towels and a whole stack of matching washcloths, a little girl’s pillow case and sheets. Chad had a pillow and a blanket but no sheets yet. He wasn’t exactly thrilled about her selection for him, but at the same time, it too was fueling his impossibly growing desire. So much so that his cock was as hard as the thick diapers he was wearing would allow him to get.

They came across a section of cheap furniture and Mel looked closely at the dressers and things. “I could really use something like this,” Chad mentioned.

“Yeah, I know,” Mel replied. “It would be a shame though to spend too much on something if you’re only going to be replacing it soon.”

“You mean since you’ll be replacing it soon!” Chad countered. “Along with a new pool table.”

“Dream on, baby, dream on. You ain’t gonna’ win!”

“Yes I will,” Chad replied, fully confident.

“Hey,” Mel exclaimed as she came across a set of four drawer chests. “Look, these are just cardboard and you can put them together easily. They should hold you for a little while.”

Chad would have much preferred something a bit better, but he had to agree that the cardboard furniture would work, and that it was practical. Unfortunately, Mel picked out two of the chests in white instead of the wood-grained pattern he would have preferred. But at least he would have something that resembled some furniture.

A whole assortment of cleaning supplies followed next. His shopping cart was beginning to overflow and was getting more difficult to push, especially in the heels he was wearing. Mel finally led them through the women’s department where Chad was more than sure that she would make his life more difficult, but Mel only looked at a few things and didn’t really spend much time there at all. Instead, she finally headed for the check out counters. Chad was more than glad, sort of.

The store was fairly crowded so they had to wait in line. Chad felt even more exposed as he stood there since he didn’t have any shelves around to hide behind and there were people all around him, all too close – all of whom were staring at him constantly. He felt so humiliated. The breasts sticking out prominently from his shirt, the all too red nails on his hands, and the high heels with his red toenails on his feet all seemed like flashing beacons to him, calling everyone’s attention to look… and to laugh at him.

It seemed to take forever before he could start unloading his cart while Mel just stood next to him and watched. He could feel everybody around him still watching him closely, especially the cashier. As he pulled item after item out of the cart, he realized that everything was for him, and it was all either very feminine things or baby things. All for him. All for his use alone. He was buying baby things and little girl things for himself to be using. And the very thought of it was making him hard again inside his diapers – at least as hard as he was capable of getting.

Chad reached for his wallet as the cashier was ringing up item after item. But that’s when Mel asked, “Do you have to pee yet?”

He did have to pee, but his mind was more on how horny he was instead of anything else and he unthinkingly he replied, “Yes.”

“Well do it now!”

She had said it so that everybody could hear. He heard someone sniggering behind him. How much humiliation can one person stand? He tried his best to relax and let the pee out, but it wouldn’t come.

“Well?” Mel asked. “Are you done yet?”

Chad shook his head.

“Hurry up!”

Chad finally realized what his problem was. He dropped his voice to a desperate whisper. “I can’t!”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m too hard! I can’t pee when I’m this way!”

Mel was so shocked she didn’t know what to do. Still wide-eyed at Chad’s answer she just watched while he paid for all the items. Then she silently led them back to her car where he put everything into her trunk. Once they were back in the car again, she asked, “So you mean, you can’t pee when you get hard?”

“That’s right. It’s physically impossible.”

“Not at all? And all that in there made you hard?”

“What do you think?”

Mel shook her head and just drove home. She had wanted him to announce to everyone around that he had wet his diapers again. But his little physical problem had gotten in the way. She had figured all along that despite everything she was putting him through, he was getting some kind of pleasure out of it. But she hadn’t thought it through to this point yet.


“What?” She had barely heard him, lost in her own thoughts.

“I really need to get some relief. It’s been a few days now since I’ve been able to touch myself. I can’t do it with all this stuff you have me wearing.”

That surprised Mel, not that he couldn’t touch himself – that was kind of the point, but rather that he was asking for some kind of relief. “I’ll think about it,” she finally said.

As she continued to drive home, she thought about something else. What about her needs? She was excited about everything too. All the power she had and all the little humiliations she was putting him through were getting to her too. What about her needs? She had never had much luck with men. She had been engaged to be married twice, but the first one had chickened out, and she had ended the second one. But Chad here was not that kind of relationship. What about her needs?

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