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The Bet - Chapter 7 (Friday - week 1 Part 3)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 7 (Friday - week 1 Part 3)

Once they were home, she had Chad carry everything up to her apartment, even though most of it was going to go to his place. It took him several trips but fortunately it was dark and in the dim lights he didn’t feel quite so exposed.
While Chad was lugging bags up to her apartment, Mel began filling baby bottles again with tea. But her mind was mostly on something else. What about her needs? In the middle of bottle number six, she came to the obvious answer.
As soon as Chad was finished bringing everything up, Mel handed him a baby bottle and sat him down on the kitchen floor with it. He was so used to that by now that he hardly gave sucking on it a thought. What was on his mind was his earlier question, would she allow him some much needed relief? He watched from the floor as she finished filling all too many bottles and put the pitcher back into the refrigerator. Her mind seemed to be elsewhere. He was tempted to ask her again, but something about her mood stopped him. He was soon left alone on the kitchen floor while she was busy in the living room where he couldn’t see her.
“I’m done,” he called out finally.
“Get another one,” she yelled from the living room.
Chad wasn’t at all happy about the tone of her voice. Something was eating her. But so as not to make any trouble for himself he got another of the bottles and sat back down to drink it. He peed twice before he could finish it. “I’m done,” he finally called again. “And I peed… twice,” he added.
“Good! Now get your ass in here!”
Chad was really surprised at her attitude. Not to mention a bit apprehensive too.
“Strip!” she said in her no-nonsense voice.
Chad began getting undressed, all the while watching her. She didn’t look happy. What had he done now?
Mel waited till he was completely naked. “Now drape yourself over the coffee table again like you did before. You know the drill.”
Chad was scared, but he did as he was told. “What did I do?” he asked as Mel began fastening the first rope to his outstretched wrist. But Mel remained silent, only determined. A few minutes later, Chad was completely restrained, if anything, even tighter than the last time. Mel left him for a few minutes then came back again. Woosh! Chad felt the burning sting as whatever she was hitting him with, hit his backside again. “Ouch!” he cried.
“Do I have your attention now?” Mel asked right next to his ear. But she didn’t wait for an answer before she brought her yardstick down on him again. “How about now?” “Yes! Yes, you have my attention!” Chad screamed.
“Good!” Mel brought the stick down again and Chad’s body jerked as much as it was able, which wasn’t very much. She got down next to his ear again. “Now let’s get this straight. When I tell you to do something, you do it!” She brought the yardstick down again. “Got that?”
“Yes!” Chad screamed. “I thought I was!”
“Not even close. First of all, when I told you to drink both those bottles last night, you didn’t! Did you think I’d forget about that?” She brought her yardstick down again. “And then tonight, when I told you to wet yourself in that store you didn’t!” This time, she brought her stick down on him twice.
“But I couldn’t! It’s impossible! Guys can’t do it when they’re hard!”
She brought her stick down again. “Then we’re just going to have to work on a way so you won’t get hard anymore, won’t we.” She had said it so evilly that Chad actually shuddered. Mel moved around to his other ear. “And that brings up another subject. I don’t care about your needs. Your needs don’t matter! If you have any questions about that then go look at the contract again. My needs are all you should be thinking about. Not yours, mine! So think about that… and this!” And with that she started bringing her yardstick down on his backside over and over again, as hard as she could.
Through the pain, Chad soon realized that the last beating he had taken was nothing to the ferocity of this one. He was soon in real agony. Mel finally stopped and he began gasping for breath. But Mel was only switching to the other side of him and then the beating began again. Tears were falling from his eyes as agony increased.
Mel felt her arms growing tired. Chad’s backside was red and close to bleeding. She realized she was breathing hard. She stopped to examine her handiwork. Chad was totally miserable. She really hadn’t meant to beat him so much, but something just wasn’t sitting right with her. She realized that she would probably be starting her period soon and maybe that had fueled her rage. But really, there was something else. She watched him closely, he was writhing against his bonds. There were a few tears staining his face. And then it hit her. He was in agony, there could be no question about that, but what she wasn’t seeing was the deep down remorse she wanted him to feel inside. Frustrated, she brought her yardstick down on him a few more times. She had punished him badly. There was no question of that, but inwardly she was looking for a different reaction than he was incapable of giving. Men! What was it with them?
Frustrated, she threw her yardstick down and went to her bedroom to find her cell phone. She went into her bathroom and closed the door where she could be sure there would be no way for him to hear her and dialed a number. Gloria, her therapist was probably not at her office right now and she was right. She left a message. “Gloria, this is Mel. I have another little request that I’d like to see if you can work into your next session with Chad. If it’s possible… whenever I punish him… I’d really love to see him crying like an absolute baby!”
Feeling better and at least a little calmer, she left her bathroom and put her phone away. The she began gathering up everything she would need to rediaper him and get him ready for the night ahead.

Chad was ever so grateful when she finally began removing the ropes from his hands. As soon as he was able, he rolled onto the floor again and just writhed a few minutes against the pain from the ropes and especially the pain in his backside.
But Mel was all business. “Roll over,” she commanded.
He immediately rolled onto his stomach so she could work on his rear end. Chad felt the familiar cooling effect of the lotion as she rubbed it gently on him. A cooling effect that did nothing to alleviate the pain. She managed to work the lotion as far under him as she could, massaging his penis in ways he hadn’t expected, and then her hand was gone all too soon. He felt her insert another of the suppositories, he inwardly groaned, he really wished she hadn’t. But then he felt her inserting another one. He wanted so badly to protest, but he dared not. He hardly felt all the powder she was sprinkling on him. Then she rolled him over again and he realized that something felt different. Whatever she had rolled him over onto felt softer, thicker. More powder followed, although he could hardly feel it. What he really wanted to feel was her hand touching him again. But she didn’t, not at all. More frustrated than ever, he felt her pulling up his diapers. But they felt different. They were cloth this time he realized. Very thick, very soft, cloth diapers. Where had she gotten them from? She struggled at his waist to insert the diaper pins. When she was done, she leaned back and brushed her hands together in satisfaction. He realized that she had actually managed to pin the diapers onto him fairly tightly. Where had she learned to do that so well? He soon felt her pulling up his plastic panties. But those too felt different, newer. He wanted to look at it all, but he couldn’t see much from the position he was lying in on his back. He really, really wanted to ask her again to let him get himself off, but she had made her point about that perfectly clear. He’d just have to wait for a better opportunity.
“Ok,” she told him, “stand up.”
Chad got to his feet and took the opportunity to look down at what he was wearing. The plastic panties were mostly clear but had cute pink cartoon characters printed all over them. Extremely childish. Through the clear part of the plastic, he could just make out the pink diaper pins that held his cloth diapers together. “Where,” he started to say.
“From the internet,” Mel replied. “And that’s not all I got you.” She held out a strange looking garment. “Here, put this on.” She handed him one of the onsies that she had bought.
Chad practically blushed just looking at it because the material was an obviously very childish girl pattern. He turned it around trying to figure out the best way to put the thing on. Finally he stepped into it from the back and pulled it up over his arms. Mel came around behind him and zipped up the back. The he felt her doing something else at the top of the zipper and suddenly he heard a soft click.
“There!” she said, sounding very satisfied. “That should keep you out of trouble.” Mel stood back to examine her handiwork. “Don’t you look soooo cute now,” she laughed. “Don’t you just love your new diapers and onesie? From your reactions to things in the store earlier I’m sure you probably do.” She looked at him evilly. “Ok, baby. If you want to jerk yourself off, do it now while I’m still feeling generous. In fact, if you need to take anything off to help you do it better, then get to it. Just don’t take too long.”
Chad couldn’t believe it. He just stared open-mouthed at her while she sat on her couch in front of him and watched him. But an opportunity was an opportunity. He started trying to rub himself through everything he was wearing, but the diapers were too thick to feel hardly anything. The thick cloth diapers seemed to make feeling anything even more difficult than the disposables were. He rubbed his hands down his chest and waist. The darn garment she had put on him had no waist opening so he couldn’t get his hands inside his diapers that way. He reached for the zipper at the back, and froze. There was something fastened to the zipper. A lock he quickly realized. The bitch had locked him into the garment. He began tearing and pulling desperately at the onesie all over, but he was getting nowhere. He looked up to see Mel laughing at him.
“What’s the matter, baby? Having trouble?” She laughed again. “That onesie is supposed to be made very strong and all the openings are reinforced with material that you can’t cut with a knife or scissors. I’m afraid you’re not going to be able to get out of it till I let you out.”
Chad just stared at her unbelievingly as she got up from the couch again. The bitch. She had found still another way to make his life miserable.
“Now,” she commanded, “down on your knees again.” Her no-nonsense voice dropped Chad to his knees quickly. She grabbed his arms and pulled them behind his back where she tied his wrists together again. Then Chad felt her tying his ankles too. “Just stay there,” she taunted as she left him for her bedroom. A minute later, she was back again with a scarf in her hands. She blindfolded him tightly, making sure he couldn’t see anything.
Chad heard her pushing something in front of him, the coffee table he figured. Then he heard her moving around for a few minutes longer, but he had no way of knowing what she was doing. Very warily he waited. It’s all he could do.
Mel pushed the coffee table out of the way. Then she waved her hands in front of his face a few times, making sure that he couldn’t see anything. She was very nervous about what she was going to do next, but darn it, she had needs too. Very slowly she nervously removed her slacks and then her panties so she was naked from the waist down. She sat on her couch, directly in front of him and looked at him. Even blindfolded she could tell that he was worried about what she might do to him. He looked totally ridiculous dressed as he was and she loved it. It was the total control over him that excited her in ways she hadn’t realized.
It was time. “Ok, baby. Crawl forward to me.”
Not having the use of his hands, Chad began inching his way forward on his knees. He turned his head left and right, but he could get no sense of how far he had to go. “Keep coming,” he heard her say, closer now. He kept moving. “Stop!” she commanded.
Mel looked at him. So close, yet so far. The excitement of what she was doing was surging through every part of her body. She reached out and grabbed his hair with both hands and pulled him down into her waiting crotch. “Lick!” she commanded.
Chad felt her grab his hair, then he was almost thrown off balance when she pulled him down. His nose landed right in her pungent waiting sex. He was so surprised by it all that he tried to jerk away, but her hands holding his hair wouldn’t let him. Her command to lick got through to him. He had never done this before. Very tentatively, he reached out with his tongue until he felt it touch her, and he gave a small lick.
The gentle first touch of his tongue sent waves of lightning bolts all through Mel. It felt so delicious. But she wanted more. She pulled his head much harder into her waiting sex and ground her hips forward, urging him to lick harder, then harder still. This was power. This was excitement. This was what life was all about! And she loved it.

Later that night, Chad tried to collect his own feelings. He was bound once again as he had been a few nights ago in her living room. She had finally gone to bed again, unlike himself, fully sated. He was still terribly horny, but he was helpless to do anything about it. He wanted to move, to change positions, but he could do nothing at all. His bonds were too tight. The suppositories she had put in him had started to do their work before she was finished with him. The result seeming to make her even more excited. He wet again. It was getting easier. Too easy. Almost like being incontinent. He tried to fall asleep in the position he was in, but in his half dreaming state, he was all too excited by the dreams he had of really becoming incontinent. The same dream he had had the night before. If only, if only. But he knew for a fact that it couldn’t really happen. This had been a fetish of his for a long time. All the research he had done on the subject told him it would take a good nine or ten months… at least. Even if he wanted it badly. But right now, he wanted to win the bet even more. Still, it was an awfully pleasant dream.

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