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The Bet - Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 1 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 1 of 8)

In her dreams, she was holding a tiny infant… so sweet. The precious baby felt soft and warm in her arms. And in her dreams, Sissy was standing there right by her side – supportive, attentive, waiting to hand her bottles or wipes, or whatever she needed for the baby.
But then, as so often happens in many dreams, the oddly unusual thing occurred. The face of the baby in her arms became Sissy’s face. Confused, she looked back at Sissy standing beside her, he looked exactly the same. Yet the baby in her arms was now him too! She felt startled by it, bothered. The baby in her arms was just an infant… a precious infant – and the Sissy at her side was her servant. Two Sissys! Yet in her odd dream she was sure that somehow they were the same person – one being.
Over and over she tried to think of ways to prove to herself that she was wrong, that they were different people, totally separate. They acted completely different and separately, showing no connection to each other at all. Yet something still convinced her that they were one and the same. She frantically ordered the Sissy that was her servant to run all over the place, bringing her things, taking care of things, handling things. And while he did that, the baby in her arms behaved completely as nothing more than – a baby. Yet the baby in her arms still had his face!
Over and over she tried to figure out how they could be the same being, while at the same time trying over and over to prove that they were totally separate. Her frustration over the problem grew and grew. It disturbed her more and more. The Sissy that was her servant… and the baby that had Sissy’s face. How could it be? Yet she knew that somehow it had happened. They were one and the same! She just couldn’t prove it and couldn’t understand it.
In her dream, her anger grew with her inability to reconcile the two. Finally, she began yelling at Sissy the servant. The moment she did, Sissy the baby began crying uncontrollably, as if yelling at one affected the other. But it wasn’t proof! Wasn’t it normal for a baby to cry when people were yelling around it?
She tried to console the baby in her arms, but the baby refused to stop crying. Her dream changed into being one long nightmare of doing nothing but searching for a way to stop the baby from crying. Becoming more and more frantic, she tried everything to calm the squalling infant. Bottles didn’t help, changing it didn’t help, holding it didn’t help. Nothing worked. The baby’s desperate screaming cries were getting to her more and more. She had to calm the baby! She had to find a way to make it stop crying!
With a sudden gasp of breath, she finally woke from her nightmare. As soon as she realized that she had been dreaming and was now awake, most of the dream wiped itself from her memory, leaving only vague upsetting feelings. What had she been dreaming about that was so disturbing? Why did she feel so irritated? As she searched her mind, she remembered that her period would be starting in a few days. Was that what it was all about? But it shouldn’t be affecting her too much yet! But her period was coming soon – ugh!
Wanting to get moving to shake her irritated mood, she quickly got up out of bed. Coffee! She had to have coffee! Coffee would help!

Chad labored to roll over on his tiny blow-up mattress and found that the job was easier today than it usually was. The breast forms were gone! Still half-asleep, he allowed his hand to rub his chest through the onesie he was wearing where the breast form had been. Pure bliss!
As he laid there slowly waking up, he realized he was once again sucking on his pacifier – as usual. But he certainly didn’t mind – anymore. The thing brought a certain amount of comfort to his stressful life. He thought again about how Mel had seemed to forget about making him use the thing during the day lately. He hoped things remained like that. It would be one less major humiliation in his already overly humiliating life!
He concentrated on his diapers. Hugely bloated and messy again. As usual. He was struck by how normal they felt that way now – who would have ever thought!
He finally realized then that his alarm hadn’t gone off… no loud music to wake him up! Oh yeah, it was Saturday. No work… at least not his regular job. There was no telling what Mel would make him do today!
Reminded of Mel and her never ending requirements, he rolled off of his mattress onto the floor, scattering empty baby bottles as he went – they were the required bottles he had drank last night before going to sleep. He struggled to his feet, letting his body get used to the weight and bulk of his super heavy diapers. He waddled his way out of his room towards the kitchen where he knew that a note from her awaited him… at least there usually was a note.
As usual, the note was right on his counter where it always was every morning. He reached out to pull it closer so he could read it easier, but he paused in the process as he noticed his purple fingernails… lavender. The odd color looked strange and all too noticeable, yet he felt oddly stimulated by it. Trying to put his purple nails out of his mind, he pulled the note toward him.


Today is Saturday. As usual, you have the morning off to take care of whatever personal business you need to. But today there has to be something different! I need you to call me this morning the minute you get out of the shower – before you put your diaper on. Take your cell phone into the bathroom with you so you can be drying off while I’m coming over. When I get there, I’ll also be expecting to see three more empty bottles that I want you to drink this morning. So drink up before you clean up!

Make sure you buy plenty of diapers today – at least three packages again. Make sure you have plenty of makeup and whatever else you may need for the week too. This is your chance to take care of those things.

At twelve o’clock, I’ll be at your apartment. Then afterwards, you can expect Sandy to come calling on you again. Yes, more baby lessons. I can’t wait to see what she teaches you today.

Enjoy your morning. I’m waiting for your call!

Chad grunted aloud as he finished the note, then read it a second time. He had no doubt that Mel wanted to see him putting on only one diaper again so she could time him. But if he had the morning off, then how was she going to do that? And as to the rest of it? Last weeks baby lesson had led to him having to use nothing but his stupid sissy speech all the time. He seriously hoped that this week wouldn’t lead to anything nearly as humiliating.
He waddled over to his refrigerator and pulled out three baby bottles. Setting his pacifier on the kitchen counter as he walked past, he carried all the bottles out to the living room and his single solitary chair. He sat down in his super thick, messy diaper and put the first baby bottle to his mouth. His eyes once again focused on the childish drawing he had colored at the restaurant a few nights ago. At least Mel hadn’t added another one from last night to his wall. But it was hard for him not to look at the picture since it was taped right at eye level directly in front of him.
Closing his eyes to it, he concentrated on nursing on his bottle instead – and just relaxing.

Mel had just poured her third cup of coffee for the morning when her phone rang. At least she was finally feeling a bit better now. She quickly answered her phone, expecting it to be Sissy. “Hello?”
“Hewwo, Mistwess,” Sissy said in his sissy voice. “I just got out of the showa.” Since he had to speak in only a high-pitched voice and wasn’t allowed to use the letters “L” or “R” in anything he said, he sounded mostly childish.
“Have you put your diaper on yet?” Mel asked.
“No, Mistwess. I’m stiw, wet.”
“Good! Dry yourself off and I’ll be right there.” She hung up her phone and grabbed her keys. A minute later, she was letting herself into his apartment. She went straight to his bathroom. He was there, still drying himself off. “Good morning, Sissy.”
Chad did a partial little curtsey. “Good morning, Mistress,” he replied in his sissy voice.
She stood in the doorway and watched him finish drying. His body was shaved smooth – good. His chastity device was still in place – as she expected. His hair was soaking wet – well that was to be expected. He would use the blow dryer and curling iron on it after she left.
As soon as Chad finished drying, he asked. “One diaper again?”
Mel nodded. “Yes! You got it!”
Chad mentally groaned but didn’t show any other outward signs that he was displeased – it wouldn’t do any good anyway. He put the single diaper on himself while standing up – taping it firmly into place.
“Good,” Mel said from the bathroom doorway. She checked her watch. “Two hours, Sissy. Remember that.”
“But Mistress, if I have the morning off to get the shopping done that I need to, how will you know if I’m leaking?”
Mel smiled. “I expect you to be knocking on my door with a leaking diaper before your two hours are up! If you’re out somewhere, plan on getting back to me before that two hours. Then you can go out again if you need to.”
Chad wasn’t the least bit happy to hear that. She was stripping away any chance he might have today of ever trying to hold back – even for a little while. But what could he do about it? Nothing! “Yes, Mistress,” he replied.
With a broad smile, Mel turned around and left him there. At work he could try to hold back, try to regain more and more control, but on the weekends she was in control – all the time. And if she was going to win this bet, then he couldn’t be allowed to exercise any control at all!

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