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The Bet - Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 4 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 4 of 8)

Once Mel had left, Chad was again strapped into the highchair with his right arm trapped under the tray while he attempted to eat his baby food lunch without spilling too much of it – a mostly impossible task! The sound of the door opening caught his attention while he was still trying to eat. Once again fear froze him in place. He was almost relieved when Cassie came in.
“Hi everyone,” she said fairly calmly, despite not being able to take her eyes off of Chad – and his mess.
“Hi Cassie,” Sandy replied.
But Cassie acted like she didn’t even hear her. She just stared at Sissy instead. “You’re looking rather colorful today,” she noted, referring to all the baby food that was spilled all over him.
Sandy laughed. “Simple little changes, and now he acts even more like a baby than ever!”
“I’ll say!” Cassie agreed as she watched Chad dropping more baby food from his spoon onto his already messy bib. She put her purse down on the counter. “Does Mel still want me to trim his hair again?”
“I guess so,” Sandy replied.
“Let me know when he’s done there and I’ll do him before you let him up.” She walked off toward their bedroom and out of sight.
Get his hair trimmed? That was news to Chad. He wasn’t sure how he actually felt about it either. As soon as Sandy had decided he had eaten enough, she took his plate and spoon away from him and again washed him thoroughly with her washcloth – including the also messy unfinished baby bottle that was still on the tray. Then she called Cassie. Chad, unable to leave the highchair and consequently having nowhere to go, just picked up his bottle and continued drinking – he did have another two hour deadline to meet!
Cassie came back a few minutes later – scissors, comb, and brush in hand. Chad put his baby bottle down as she ran the comb through his hair a few times. “I think we’re going to need to wet this before I can do anything else,” she declared. “You may as well keep drinking that thing while I’m working here,” she said to Chad. “You’re not going anywhere, and I’m not going to be doing anything that will get in your way.” Chad picked up his bottle again.
A few minutes later, Chad’s hair was soaking wet as Cassie combed and trimmed tiny bits off of his hair all over. He wondered how ridiculous he must look as he sat there with wet, must-up hair, sitting in a highchair, drinking from a baby bottle, while wearing only a diaper – that was now wet. He was glad he couldn’t see himself in a mirror just then, he had no doubt that he made an absolutely ridiculous picture of a baby.
As Cassie cut and combed, Sandy looked on closely and occasionally made some suggestions. But it wasn’t long before Cassie put her scissors down and picked up the blow dryer and curling iron. Chad’s bottle was long finished before she was. Sandy looked at him critically and smiled. “Looks great!” she exclaimed.
Cassie stepped back and looked at it too. “Yeah,” she agreed. “It’s only been a few weeks, but it’s starting to even out now as it grows in. Chad had no idea what his hair looked like. It mostly felt the same, but without a mirror he had no way of knowing anything.
“Wait a sec!” Sandy suddenly exclaimed. “It needs something…” She ran off towards her bedroom and came back a few minutes later. Chad saw a large pink bow in her hands. She clipped it to his head just off to one side and stood back again. “There! I love it!” she exclaimed happily. Cassie just smirked.
Sandy released Chad from the highchair and sent him into the living room where all the toys were. Since she had left him alone and didn’t follow him, Chad didn’t bother to “play” with any of the toys. Instead, he just laid down on the blanket and tried to rest. Curiously, he wished for his pacifier. He was very tempted to stick his thumb into his mouth, but resisted that impulse furiously.
“I don’t hear you talking to your toys!” Sandy’s voice called from the kitchen.
Chad groaned and sat up again. He picked up a plastic toy block and babbled at it. Then he switched it for another toy.
Sandy came in to see him a few minutes later. She had another baby bottle in her hands. “Since you’re on a time limit now to make your diaper leak, I brought you another bottle.”
Chad took the bottle gratefully, even though he could really have done without more to drink… but if he was going to meet Mel’s deadline, then he really had to keep drinking.
Sandy knelt down on the blanket with him and picked up a small doll that was there. “Here,” she said, “hold this.” Chad started to grab for the doll, but she immediately pulled it back away from him. “No, no! Put your bottle down first and use both hands. Babies need two hands to hold something this big.” Chad thought it was stupid, but he did as she wanted – he really didn’t have a whole lot of choice in the matter anyway. “Now,” Sandy continued as soon as he was holding the doll in both hands, “stick it into your mouth.”
Chad’s eyes bulged. Stick it into his mouth? She had to be kidding.
But Sandy quickly went on to explain. “Babies try to stick everything into their mouth to taste them or teethe on them. They often slobber all over most of their toys. So from now on, before you talk to any of your toys, I want you to stick it into your mouth first and make sure that part of it gets good and wet. Chew on some of them a bit if you have to. Since you have to keep drinking from your bottle today, then that should help.”
Chad couldn’t believe it. She really wanted him to do that? Obviously she did! As crazy as it sounded, she meant it. But then of course, Chad had seen babies doing exactly that many times. Now she was simply making him do it. Ugh! He took the doll he was holding and stuck part of the head into his mouth – yuck! It was dry and tasted awful. He had to chew on it for a moment before he thought it felt even a little bit wet. Then he gratefully removed it from his mouth again. He looked at it – yes, the head and part of the hair was just a little bit wet. He babbled at it for a moment, then put it aside and grabbed his bottle. He really needed to wash the taste out of his mouth.
“Now do that with all your toys,” Sandy told him.
Chad picked up the toy block he had been talking to earlier and stuck the corner of it into his mouth. He made sure that part of the block got good and wet before he pulled it back out and babbled some nonsense at it. Then he put it down again and grabbed for his bottle.
“That’s it! You’ve got it,” Sandy declared as she stood up again. “Now just keep doing that till Mel comes for you later.”
Till Mel came back for him? When was that supposed to be? And he had to keep doing it? He picked up another toy and stuck it into his mouth. Yuck!

Mel took the cover off of the huge pot on the stove, looked inside, stirred it with a spoon for a bit, then turned off the heat underneath. She picked up the heavy pot and with a great deal of effort, poured the tea that she had been making into a large pitcher. The pitcher made things much easier for her to pour the tea into the small opening at the top of his baby bottles.
She refilled the big pot with water and stuck it back on the burner again to start making more tea. Keeping him drinking it meant that she had to keep making it. She added half a dozen of her green tea bags to the pot and left it alone. It would be a while before it was done. In the meantime, she had a lot of empty baby bottles all lined upon her counter that needed filling. She picked up the now heavy pitcher and started filling the first bottle. So many baby bottles – for such a big baby. Yet she didn’t really mind making the tea for him like this. Something about doing it was kind of fun… and maybe relaxing. It took very little thought, yet it kept her busy. And… it was directly helpful to winning the bet between them.
When the pitcher was empty, she set it down and checked the pot on the stove, not ready yet, but getting there. She took the bottles she had filled and set them into her refrigerator to start cooling. By the time she was done today, a good bit of her refrigerator would be filled with the bottles – and Chad’s refrigerator too.

Chad noticed that he was peeing yet again. Since the bottles were a lot better in his mouth than the taste of the toys, he was drinking even more than usual. But the result was that he was also wetter than usual. He looked up at the fancy clock on the wall. He still had more than half an hour to go before he needed to be leaking. But just thinking about his diaper made him realize something else, the damn suppository was about to do its thing. He never even thought about stopping it or even trying to hold it back. As the mess quickly started sliding out of him, he simply got up from his sitting position into a crawling position to make the process easier – physically… emotionally, he still hated it. But as his backside finally finished emptying itself out, his front side resumed. He looked down under him and noticed that he was dripping onto the blanket under him. Uh oh! Trouble. He was sure that Sandy wasn’t going to be too pleased to see that! But what could he do about it? He let out a rather loud stream of baby babble, trying to get Sandy’s attention, where ever she was. But after almost a minute, he still got no attention from her. He figured that he had only one avenue left to quickly try to bring her attention to his problem. He did his very best to fake a baby crying.
“What is it Sugar?” Sandy asked as she came running out of the bedroom. Chad only looked down at the wet spot on the blanket below him. Sandy suddenly sniffed the air. “Oh! Pew! You stink!” Then she noticed the wet spot under him. “Oh darn!” she exclaimed. “Now I’ll have to wash the thing. You stay right there baby and I’ll call Mel.”
A few minutes later, Chad was crawling in his very messy and leaky diaper toward the door while Sandy fussed about how wet he had gotten the blanket. Serves her right, Chad mused to himself, happy that for once he had a way to make things unpleasant for her. Mel opened the door for him and he crawled outside, then stood up again. Finally! He immediately felt more pee running down his leg. Oh well, he was about to get changed anyway.
Mel opened his apartment door for him, but on the way through, he felt himself peeing yet again, which let loose even more pee running down his leg. He hurried into his bathroom and carefully ripped off his messy diaper as quickly as possible and jumped into his shower to get cleaned up. When he came out again, Mel was leaning against his bathroom door to watch him. He quickly dried himself, then grabbed only one diaper – knowing that it was what she wanted. He quickly taped it in place before he might have to pee yet again. Safe!
“Two hours, Sissy,” Mel declared with satisfaction. “Or less, if you can make it again.” Then she laughed as Chad’s face turned red.
“Hurry and find something to wear. I’d like to get to the mall before that diaper gets too wet.”
Chad curtseyed. “Yes, Mistress,” he replied as usual. “Is there anything specific you want me to wear?”
“Whatever you want,” Mel replied, knowing that the only clothes he had to wear were all women’s clothes. Then she looked at the bow in his hair and added with a small laugh, “Something pink might be appropriate.” She left him then to get ready herself.
Chad didn’t know why she had been laughing, but he found a pink skirt and a patterned top in his closet that he put on, over his bra with breast forms and waist cincher. Since he was wearing only the one diaper and was on another two hour time limit to make it leak, no girdle or pantyhose were allowed. It wasn’t until he looked in the mirror to start his makeup that he noticed the bow that was still in his hair. He had forgotten about it. He was about to pull it out, but decided to leave it. Mel had said that pink would be appropriate, probably because of the bow in his hair.
He stood back and looked at his hair more critically. It mostly looked the same as it had, only neater than it was before. But he could defiantly notice now where it was looking a bit longer at the sides and back then it had looked before Cassie trimmed it. He decided he liked it. Besides, since it was basically the same hairstyle, he knew how to take care of it. He quickly finished getting ready and headed out the door to Mel’s apartment.

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