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The Bet - Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 3 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 3 of 8)

It was still a few minutes before twelve when someone knocked on Chad’s door. Chad figured it would be Sandy, but he was a little surprised to see Mel there since he figured she would just use her own key and come in. He dropped his curtsey to her, “Hello, Mistress,” he said in his sissy voice.
“I know it’s not quite twelve yet,” Mel said, “but I just thought I’d come over to see if you were busy.”
Chas stood back out of the way to let her inside. “No,” he replied. “I was just giving my kitchen a quick cleaning. It was getting dusty.” As she walked in, Chad noticed the book she had in her hand – the child’s menu he had colored at the restaurant last night.
“Dusty? I guess you don’t really get to use it much.” She headed straight for his kitchen and laid the child’s menu out on his kitchen counter. Chad watched as she started going through the pictures. “I like this one… and this one the best,” she said as she placed one hand on one page to mark the place, and opened the book to the second picture. “Which one do you like?”
Actually Chad didn’t like any of them at all, especially since the ones that she had picked out were the ones that looked the most childishly colored. He had visions of having one of the pictures hung on his living room wall, right next to the one that was already there. How embarrassing… and what a terrible reminder of what he had been forced to do. He took the book from Mel, careful to hold the place of each picture, and turned back and forth between them a few times. The second one was a bit more mature looking, but not by much. “I like this one,” he said, indicating the second picture.
Mel smiled as she took the book back from him and opened it fully to that page. Chad wasn’t the least bit happy to watch as she carefully ripped the page out of the book. She handed the picture to Chad. “I think that Sandy would just love it if you gave that to her. And I want you to tell her that you colored it – just for her.”
Chad was shocked. “Give it to Sandy?”
“Unless you want to hang that one on your wall and give her the other one instead.”
Chad shook his head. “No, Mistress. I’ll give her this one.”
“Good! And don’t forget, tell her you did it just for her! Now let’s go see if we can find something a bit more childish for you to wear for her today. If you’re going to give her a childishly colored picture, then the least you can do is to dress a bit more appropriately.
Not happy about it in the least, Chad followed Mel back to his bedroom where she quickly picked out the onesie he had slept in last night. As he took his clothes off, Mel was careful to check the state of his diaper. “You’ve only got about half an hour to get that thing leaking,” she reminded him.
“I know,” he replied. “I think it’s getting close already. Can I just change it now instead?”
“No, not till it’s leaking. I don’t want you to stop trying.”
Chad wasn’t happy about it, but there was nothing he could do about it either. The sound of someone knocking on his door came before he even got the onesie on.
“That will be Sandy,” Mel said. “I’ll get the door, you get dressed.”
“Hi Sandy,” Mel said with a big smile the moment she opened the door.
“Hey Mel. Is he ready?”
“Almost,” Mel replied. “Come on in.” Mel led her back to Chad’s bedroom where he was just stepping into the onesie. She noticed how wet his diaper looked already. “I take it he hasn’t leaked yet?”
“Not yet,” Mel replied. She checked her watch. “But he still has another twenty-four minutes to go.”
“Then maybe we should just leave him in his diaper till then. That way we can see if he leaks. Besides, once he gets to my place, he won’t be able to tell us.”
“That’s true,” Mel replied with more than a hint of amusement. “Take it off again,” she told Chad. “You can start out in just your diaper.”
“For that matter, he can stay in just his diaper today” Sandy decided. “Maybe just a pacifier to complete his outfit and that’s all he should need.”
Mel smiled. “I like it!” She looked at Sissy. “Where’s your pacifier?”
“In the kitchen,” he replied, fully unhappy that the thing should even be mentioned.
“Then go get it. And hurry!”
Chad ran to the kitchen and came back a moment later with the pacifier in his mouth.
“Now that’s more like it!” Sandy declared. “Are you ready?” she asked him.
Chad just shrugged. “I guess so,” he said around the pacifier in his mouth. “What else is there?” He wasn’t taking any other clothes or anything else.
“How about his diaper bag?” Mel suggested.
“Yeah,” Sandy replied. “Good idea! I guess with him, it really is just like taking care of a real baby!”
“Oh wait!” Mel suddenly said. “We almost forgot something!” She looked right at Chad. “Isn’t there something special you have for Sandy?” she asked.
Chad blushed and Sandy looked a bit surprised. “I’ll be right back,” Chad said as he hurried out to his kitchen one more time to get the picture he had colored. As he carried it back to the bedroom, he saw Mel looking at him very intently. Her stare let him know that he had better do this right – the way she wanted him to do it. Sandy just looked quizzical since she was wondering what was going on. “Um…” he said as he stood in front of Sandy and held the picture out to her. “I colored this for you.”
“For me?” Sandy replied in a surprised voice as she took the picture from him. She looked at it and let out a small laugh. “You even color like a baby! Thank you, I know that Cassie will just love this too. We’ll find a good place to hang it in our apartment… maybe on the refrigerator. How will that be?”
Chad wasn’t happy about that at all. Why couldn’t she just take it and put it away somewhere – like maybe in the trash can. In her elaborately decorated apartment, it would stick out like a sore thumb – and everybody who went in would notice it. But he replied, “That would be great.”
“So are you ready now?” Sandy asked.
“Yes, Sandy,” he replied.
Sandy turned to Mel, “Are you coming with us now, since he only has a few minutes to start leaking?”
“I’ll be over in just a few minutes,” Mel replied. “I have something else I have to do first.”
Sandy stopped before she opened the door and turned to Sissy. “Remember the rules! No walking the minute you get to my apartment… and only baby talk!”
Chad dropped a quick curtsey. “I remember.” Ugh! Baby talk! What a pain!
Mel stayed back in his apartment as Sandy and Sissy left. She went straight to his refrigerator and checked it. As she suspected, he was just about out of bottles. Well, she would fix that problem soon enough. She went back to the child’s menu that he had colored and ripped out the other picture that she liked. She hung it right next to his other picture on the wall so he could “enjoy” them both.

“Climb up,” Sandy said as she took the tray off of his highchair. Chad crawled across her kitchen floor and climbed up into the chair. Sandy fastened the safety belt around him, being careful to pull it tight. She was about to put the tray back into place when she paused a moment in thought. “Put your right arm down in your lap.”
Chad was surprised by her request, but protesting or even questioning it would do no good. Besides, since he was limited to only baby-talk, he had no way to ask her why. As soon as his arm was down, she put the tray into place, locking his right arm under the tray where he couldn’t use it.
“That should work,” Sandy mused to herself.
Chad watched as she began dumping baby food, straight out of the jars onto the divided child’s dish that she had gotten for him – colorful baby food, that he had no idea what it was, even when he tasted it. She set the plate down in front of him, then set a small rubber coated baby spoon down next to the plate. “I want you to feed yourself this time,” she told him.
Chad awkwardly picked up the spoon with his left hand. He started to bring it toward the food, but she stopped him. “Not like that! Babies don’t hold anything like you’re holding that. Close your fist around it instead and grab it tightly.”
Hold it in his fist? Ugh! He managed to get the spoon into his hand the way she wanted it, which wasn’t all that easy since he only had the one hand to use. Then he shoveled some of the baby food onto the spoon. He wanted to change the position of the spoon in his hand to make it easier to bring it to his mouth, but with his fist wrapped tightly around it, he couldn’t do that. He had to awkwardly turn his entire arm out to get it around far enough that he could get the food into his mouth. Eating with just the tiny baby spoon had always been difficult, not to mention embarrassing. Doing it this way made the task twice as hard! He slowly reached out and grabbed another spoonful and managed to get it almost to his mouth before some of it dripped off of the spoon and onto his bib. It seemed that holding the tiny spoon the way he was, made it harder to keep it level. And the result was that more of the baby food dripped off. Just great!
“Perfect!” Sandy declared happily. “That’s the way you should be eating from now on.”
Not likely, Chad thought. But just then, someone knocked at the door. Chad quietly panicked inside while Sandy went to answer it. She came back a few moments later with Mel.
“Keep eating,” Sandy ordered as they got back to the kitchen.
Mel watched him eating awkwardly with the tiny baby spoon. “I must say, you found a way to make even his eating look more childish.”
“Babies don’t hold spoons the way we do,” Sandy explained. “And as far as I’m concerned, the more babyish he does everything, the better!”
Mel laughed. “I couldn’t agree more!”
Chad was about halfway through with the food. His face was a mess. His bib was a mess. And so was the tray in front of him because the food kept dropping off of the tiny spoon – not to mention that it was more difficult than ever to accurately hit his mouth the way he was holding the darn thing. He suddenly felt himself peeing again. Knowing that the time was running out for him to be leaking, he waited till he was done peeing, then he began trying to feel all around the leg openings of his diaper with the one hand that was under the tray. He couldn’t reach the diaper on his right leg very well, but he could feel around the opening of his left leg a bit. Nothing… Nothing… There! Was that a bit of a wet spot near the bottom? He felt it again. Yes, it did feel like it was starting to leak out. Since he had no other way to express himself, he let loose a tirade of baby talk. But Mel and Sandy were talking and mostly ignoring him. He tried again, harder. They both looked over at him.
“What’s the matter, baby?” Sandy asked. “You’re not finished with your dinner yet. Keep eating.”
But Chad had to let them know that he was leaking. He tried more baby talk instead.
“Was he asking for his bottle?” Mel asked. “You know, he does need to be leaking very soon. Maybe he needs a bit more to drink.”
Sandy got up quickly and got a bottle for him that was already filled with baby formula. But as she brought it over to him, Chad very emphatically let out more baby nonsense. Sandy set the bottle down on his tray and turned back toward Mel. “I don’t think that was it,” she said. “I think he’s trying to tell us something else.”
Mel came over to him and peered under the tray at his diaper. “Are you leaking?” she asked.
Chad let out a shorter and happier stream of baby nonsense to let her know that that was his problem.
“I guess that’s it,” Mel said to Sandy. “We can change him now and then I can get out of your hair for a while.”
“No problem,” Sandy replied as she took the bottle back off of the tray and also picked his food up too. “Wow, you’re really a mess, baby,” she declared as she looked at him. “Just like a real baby!” She grabbed a wet washcloth and spent several moments cleaning him up thoroughly before she removed the tray that was holding both him and his arm in the chair. She had to release the safety strap before he was able to climb down to crawl on the floor.
Mel led the way into the living room where Sandy had laid out a large blanket that was already covered with baby toys for him to play with later. She moved some of the toys out of the way. “Lay down here,” she told him and waited while he crawled over into position. Sandy brought the diaper bag over for her. With practiced efficiency, she quickly had his overly soaked diaper off of him and a new one shoved in place under him, ready to bring up between his legs. She reached back into the diaper bag and brought out the jar of suppositories. With a wicked smile on her face, she held the jar up where he could see it. “Your favorite part, I know!”
Chad rolled his eyes and turned his head away. The suppositories were his least favorite part. He hated the things – and especially what they did to him.
Mel reached into the jar and pulled out – nothing. “Lift your legs,” she ordered. Chad raised his legs up and she pushed them up even higher, totally exposing his bare backside. It took her only a moment to shove her finger way up inside of him – as if she were actually shoving one of the suppositories up there. He would never know the difference, and hopefully, the results would be exactly the same. She brought his legs back down and a minute later the fresh diaper was taped securely in place. She checked her watch. “Two hours, baby. Two hours.”
Since Chad had no way of responding in any recognizable way, he said nothing. He already knew the drill.

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Just when you think the submissive humiliation can't get any more intense - it does. But that's been the hallmark of this story since Chapter 1 !!!!