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The Bet - Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 8 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 8 of 8)

After they got home again, Mel sent Chad back to his own apartment to change into his uniform. Chad spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning Mel’s apartment, doing laundry, and cooking dinner. Since there was a lot to do, Mel mostly left him alone… except for making sure he was drinking and wetting himself very frequently, and making him change his leaking diaper, and just calling him to her for no reason at all other than because she liked to see him curtsey to her – fun! While Chad was working, Mel had a hard time getting him in a ballet costume off of her mind. She was so tempted to give in and make him put on the parts that they already had, but she restrained herself. It would be much better once the whole thing was here.
As usual, Mel ate her dinner alone while he spent some “reflective time” on his perch in the corner. Then she allowed him to eat his own, now cold, dinner. But she insisted that he hold his spoon the way that Sandy had shown him earlier. “That’s how I want to see you eating from now on,” she told him as she stood back watching him make another mess of himself. There was just something about seeing him humiliate himself further and further that touched a tender part within her – and that tender part seemed to be awfully well connected to her sexual urges!
After dinner, and after he had finished cleaning up the kitchen, and while there was another load of clothes clogging up the dryer, she gave in to her earlier temptation – partially. She put her laptop away and sat in one of her chairs where she would be able to see him better. “Sissy!” she called. “Get in here!”
Chad came running from the bedroom where he had just finished making up her bed with fresh sheets. “Yes, Mistress?” he asked, as he dropped his usual curtsey.
Seeing him doing that, especially in his maid’s uniform, sent another huge thrill right through her. “I don’t suppose you ever took ballet lessons while you were growing up, did you?”
Chad was a bit surprised, and suddenly wary. “No, Mistress,” he replied a bit apprehensively.
Mel shook her head. “Of course not! Why is it that boys never learn anything good?”
Chad remained silent. He didn’t want to touch that question.
“Oh well, we’re just going to have to teach you then.”
Now Chad was getting more worried. Ballet? It didn’t sound good to him at all. Especially in light of the ballet costume she was getting for him – and her sudden desire to send him to work in it!
Mel got up from her chair and removed her shoes. She stood right next to him. “The first thing you’ve got to learn is the basic positions. It’s the first thing they teach every little girl. I’m not sure in how many ways you qualify as a little girl, but trust me, I’m sure you qualify!” She placed her feet, heels together, with her toes pointed as straight away from each other as possible. “This is first position.”
It looked awfully painful and silly to Chad who realized immediately that feet were never meant to go that way. He tried turning his toes out as far as possible. The task was made all that much more difficult because of the shoes on his feet, even though they were his lowest heels.
Mel laughed a bit. “This probably shouldn’t be done in heels… or shoes of any kind, but keep trying anyway. Can you turn your feet out even more? Ideally, the feet should be in a perfect straight line.”
Chad struggled to turn his feet out even further, but what she ideally wanted was clearly impossible. In fact, her own feet weren’t that much straighter than his!
“Good enough. Like I said that’s first position.”
Chad silently wondered what he was supposed to do with “first position.” How the heck could you dance if your feet were all twisted in ways they weren’t supposed to go?
But Mel was moving on. “Now, second position is kind of like that, only spread your feet a bit.” Mel moved her own feet to about a foot apart. Chad tried it but was instantly aware of how much more difficult the seemingly simple position was. He suddenly started to lose his balance and had to move his feet to a more normal position to keep from falling.
“That’s probably going to happen till you get used to it and get your balance. That’s why this is often practiced with a barre to hold onto.” Mel went back to her chair. “Now try it again. First position.” Chad did his best, but there was just no doubt that the position was awkward and uncomfortable. “Now second position.” Chad spread his feet, and almost lost his balance a bit, but he caught himself just in time. “Stand over there by the end of the couch and hold onto that,” Mel suggested. Chad moved back next to the couch and propped his hand on the back of it for support. He tried to go into first position and immediately found that something to hold on to was definitely an improvement.
Mel had him practice going back and forth between positions for a few minutes, then she got up to show him something else. “Now, between positions, put your foot out like this and point your toe. Then move to the next position.”
Chad tried it and found that so far, it was the easiest thing that he had done. But Mel wasn’t thrilled.
“Those shoes aren’t helping,” she proclaimed. “You’re supposed to be pointing your toe and arching your foot like this, but you can’t do that in shoes.” Mel was tempted again to tell him to take his shoes off, but she decided once again to let him leave them on – for now.
Even thought the positions seemed to be awkward and more than a bit stupid for dancing, he found that the added movement did ad a “flavor” of dancing to what he was doing. He even mentally hummed a little tune to himself as he did the steps over and over again.
“Not so fast!” Mel exclaimed. “Slow down! You look like you’re dancing a jig of some sort. This is ballet! It has to be graceful.”
Chad wanted to say something not exactly nice, but he held his silence. He guessed that perhaps she was right about it looking like a jig, but at least that seemed to be more fun than what she wanted.
Mel jumped up again and stood next to him. “In first position, try putting your arms like this.” She held her hands down just below her waist, her elbows bent outward. “Just do it with your one arm right now since you’re holding on with the other one.”
Chad tried it and immediately felt a bit foolish, if not more feminine.
“Relax your hand a bit,” Mel suggested. “Not so stiff.” Chad tried. “Better,” she proclaimed. “Now, for second position, hold your arm out to the side like this.” She brought her arm out. Chad duplicated the movement. “Your hand is too straight,” she complained. “Relax it more. In fact, relax your whole arm. This is not a martial arts contest!”
Chad wasn’t too sure about that but he did his best. Mel sat down again. “Practice!” she ordered from her seat, and Chad did just that. The added arm movements did add more of a dance flavor to it, and unfortunately, they also made him feel like he was moving more femininely. He had mixed feelings about that.
Mel sat back and watched him. Adding a suggesting comment once in a while, but mostly, she was just enjoying the show. He looked a bit odd doing it in his maid’s uniform, but that too added a certain flair of interest. “The Dancing Maid,” she mused. Or maybe, “Maid for Ballet.” She giggled at her own jokes. She immediately thought up another one, “Ballet Maid Easy!” She giggled some more.
But eventually, watching him started to arouse her sexually – especially when she again started picturing him in the entire ballet outfit she had just ordered. She couldn’t wait any longer. “Get that dress off!” she suddenly commanded as she jumped up out of her chair.
Chad didn’t know what was happening as Mel suddenly sounded angry. He removed his apron as fast as he could and was already removing the dress when she came back to the living room with a collection of ropes in her hand. Uh oh! He knew what was going to happen next – and he soon found out that he was right! Before he knew it, he was stripped down to just his single diaper, his waist cincher, and his bra with breast forms. He was down on his knees with his hands tied behind his back – tied to his bound ankles. Mel ran off and came back with towels that she spread out all over her sofa to protect it. Then she ran off again – and Chad knew why. She came back again just as fast as she had done everything else. She didn’t bother with doing or saying anything as she wrapped one of her scarves tightly around his head, blocking off all his vision. That was the part that Chad dreaded the most… no, he decided, not quite. It was what was coming next that would be the real hard part.
Knowing that he could no longer see her, Mel undressed completely. She sat right in front of him and grabbed his hair. She pulled him down onto her with a desperation she hadn’t felt in a while. As she hoped, his mouth landed right where she needed it to be. Ahhh! Almost unconsciously, she ripped the stupid pink bow out of his hair so she could hold onto him better.
Chad could hardly breathe as he felt her pulling him down into her. He realized that there was a desperation in her that seemed to be more than usual. Before he knew it, she was pulling on him even harder as he felt her legs on either side of his head coming up and gripping him too. He felt her explode, then come down again. He heard her gasping for breath. Finally, she relaxed her grip on his head enough that he could get some well needed gasps of air. He breathed in all that he could before she again pulled him closer.
Mel writhed in exquisite ecstasy. Now that her first orgasm had ended, she could almost relax and enjoy the second build up even more. Consequently, she allowed him, and herself, to go slower and easier. His tongue was as talented as ever. The control she exerted over him added just as much to her pleasure. But it had been the visions in her head of him dancing – especially when she imagined him as he would look in his ballet costume – that had finally pushed her into the frenzy she had been in. She couldn’t wait to see the real thing! And then her mind started to wander. What kind of ways could she devise to show him off? Her next orgasm came quickly as the ideas began flooding into her.
It wasn’t till she came down from her third orgasm that she finally eased up and pushed him away. Leaving him tied up and blindfolded, but laying on his side as she often did, she went in and grabbed a quick shower.
Chad had been thorough this the same way many times now. The waiting, bound and blindfolded, was a pain, but he knew she would be there eventually to release him. Time was the only thing that was hard to figure. How long had he been laying there? How long would it be till she came back to release him? He did his best to relax under the circumstances to help him endure his situation better.
Mel finally came back with her robe wrapped tightly around her. She gently untied the scarf around his head and waited a moment for him to blink a few times before she began removing the rest of his bonds. When he was free, she sent him into the bathroom to wash his face – understandably it was a mess! When he came out again, she sent him to her bedroom.
Chad knew what was coming next the moment she told him to lay on her bed. The damn breast forms! What he didn’t understand though, was why she insisted on tying him up while she glued the things on. He wasn’t going anywhere! But as usual, she soon had him totally naked except for his one diaper, spread eagled and unable to move. Before, when she glued the forms onto him, Sandy or Cassie had helped her. This time, she did it by herself. But the results were the same. Before long, the forms were strongly attached to his chest. Without the aid of the solvent, they weren’t coming off any time soon. He was well used to the weight of them now, so it only took him a moment to get used to them again.
He hadn’t leaked yet, and he still had a little while before he needed to be, but he suddenly felt her removing his diaper. She got a washcloth and wiped him clean. She spread many fresh cloth diapers underneath him – some of which were only there to protect the bed in case of “accidents.” Then, untying and retying the ropes, she had him roll over and pull his knees up under him. Chad hoped that she would use one of her toys on his backside. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but he could hear her moving things around in her end table drawer.
Mel looked through her choice of “weapons” to use on him. Her collection was certainly growing. Some of her available choices looked awfully interesting to her – personally. She spotted the double ended strap on. But she had just orgasmed multiple times – although a little more fun was certainly not out of the question. Cassie had said that she thought his sensitivity in that area was still increasing. She decided that it would be better if she chose a toy that would let her see better for herself. She selected the dildo that had the little rings that went all the way around it. She had used that one before on him and he seemed to enjoy it.
Chad was elated the moment he felt her spreading some lubricant on, and up him. He was even more elated the moment he felt her touching the tip of some kind of “toy” against his little opening. He relaxed, wanting it badly. He not only allowed her to push it in, slowly, but he also pushed back against her toy slowly. The feeling of the toy intruding into him, little by little sent waves of pleasure throughout his body. More! He wanted more! He needed more! Little by little, as Mel increased the pace, he not only went along with it, he eventually began setting it, which soon became more and more frantic. As his pleasure built, he pushed in and out harder and harder, faster and faster.
Mel found herself holding onto her the dildo for dear life. He was working it so hard! Obviously, Cassie was right! He was growing more sensitive to it. She watched as he frustration and sink tried harder and harder to achieve – something. And then, she heard him grunt in his head down toward the bed. He shook his head. Obviously, he wasn’t able to achieve any kind of fulfilling satisfaction this way. She didn’t really know if she felt that was good or bad. She slowly pulled the dildo back out of him. He didn’t move a muscle. She checked under him at his penis, completely encased in the hard plastic confines of the chastity device – just as tiny as ever. Amazing!
While he was still in the perfect position, she pulled out a jar of suppositories and pulled one out. “See what I’ve got for you,” she said as she held it where he could see it. Chad lifted his head enough to see the little pill, then put his head down and groaned again. Mel almost laughed. She knew he hated the things. But what he didn’t know was that he would be getting fewer and fewer of them as time went on. She had no trouble sticking it far up his backside after the reaming she had just given him. She untied him and rolled him over. Five minutes later, she had spread baby lotion all over him and he was once again heavily diapered for the night. She gave him his usual instructions to drink three more bottles before he went to bed and also reminded him that he should clean the holes for his pierced ears. Then she watched as he silently collected his things and waddled home.
But even as the door closed behind him, visions of him in a pink ballet costume – danced through her head.

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