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The Bet - Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 36 (Saturday – week 5 Part 7 of 8)

The crowd of girls and women finally disbursed as he and Mel gathered up their things. Chad could feel where the pee had run straight down his legs a little – both of them. Yuck! It was an awful feeling. The minute they got out of the store where it was less likely that anyone would hear him, he said, “Mistress, my diaper is leaking.”
Mel looked at him. “Good! It’s about time!” She looked at her watch. “You’re a few minutes late!” she declared.
“But Mistress, I started leaking a while ago,” Chad countered.
“How long?” Mel asked.
“As soon as they pierced my first ear,” Chad admitted.
Mel only laughed as she led the way through the mall – in no great hurry. At one point she happened to glance back and noticed something amusing. “By the way,” she said, “did you know that the back of your skirt is wet? Probably from when you were still sitting on the stool when you wet yourself.”
Chad was shocked! “It is?” He quickly tried to feel the back of it, but he couldn’t tell much. In desperation, he grabbed his skirt and tried to pull it around where he could see.
“That’s not very lady-like!” Mel admonished. Chad immediately dropped his skirt. He would have to change it as soon as they got home, where he now hoped they were heading.
But Mel didn’t head toward the exit. Instead, she wandered, casually, into the food court. She was certainly moving much slower than Chad was happy about. He had no doubt that many people were noticing the wet spot on the back of his skirt.
Much to Chad’s horror, Mel led the way right into the ladies room. “In there?” Chad asked before going through the door.
“Unless you’d rather use the men’s room,” Mel replied.
Chad shook his head. The way he was dressed, it was possible that the men’s room could be a dangerous place for him. He followed her inside the ladies room with no further argument. Chad hadn’t been in a public bathroom much at all in quite a while. In fact, the only other time recently was with Robin at work – and that was the ladies room too. But here, this rest room contained quite a few women in it. Chad felt very embarrassed among them and very out of place. Mel walked all along the row of stalls, which all had their doors closed, down to the very end where there was a door open. “Perfect,” she said happily as she entered the only available stall. Chad was quick to notice that it was the stall for handicapped women. “If being male isn’t considered a handicap, then I don’t know what is,” Mel added as Chad entered behind her.
Mel closed the door and they both set down their collection of bags. The extra room in the stall was very much needed. Mel let Chad change his own diaper while she tried to stay back out of the way. In the busy rest room, Chad was mostly worried about all the noise changing the disposable diapers made. The tapes ripping open, and the noisy material seemed to make more noise than ever. He was sure that everybody on the other side of the door had to know exactly what he was doing.
As soon as he was done, Mel looked at her watch. “Two hours, Sissy.” Chad knew that perfectly well.
Before they could get out of the ladies room, Chad had to wait, just outside the stall so that Mel could use it for herself. He tried desperately to blend into the corner between the front of the stall and the wall, but he wasn’t having a lot of luck. The women all seemed to stare at him too much, making him more uncomfortable than ever. When Mel came out again, she walked up to the row of sinks and stared at her face in the mirror. She started to adjust her hair, then she turned to Sissy. “Aren’t you going to fix your makeup?”
Chad wasn’t the least bit happy with Mel’s “suggestion.” He looked in the mirror. But the first thing that caught his attention was not his makeup or his hair, it was the bright and colorful points of light now attached to his earlobes. His new earrings. Pierced earrings! He stared at them, not fully believing that they were real. He turned his head back and forth trying to see them better, but it was difficult. He touched each of them carefully – both were a bit sore. He could see them in the mirror. He could touch them. He knew they were real, yet he still couldn’t believe it. Had he really done it? It only took a moment of thought about all the girls in the store watching him as it was being done to answer that question for him. Yes, he had done it. And surprisingly, now that it was over with, he was happy about it.
“They look great,” Mel told him when she noticed what he was looking at. “Very pretty.”
Chad blushed a bit. “Thanks,” he replied. Then, because she had told him to fix his makeup, he dug through his purse and pulled out his lipstick. Just like many of the other women in the rest room, he refreshed his lipstick. He looked at his hair. Yes, the stupid pink bow was all too noticeable – he had forgotten about it… again. But his hair did look a bit better now that Cassie had trimmed it.
He glanced over at Mel to see if she was finished. “All done?” she asked. She had been standing there waiting for him, enjoying watching him looking at himself in the mirror – not very masculine in anything that he did.
Noticing several other women in the room staring at him, a few with amused looks on their faces, he replied. “Let’s get out of here!”
Mel led the way out of the rest room, and eventually back out to the car – although she spent almost as much time looking in store windows along the way as she did the first time through the mall. Chad was just glad to finally get out of there – pierced ears and all.

They were nearly back home when Mel suddenly cried out, “Oh gee! I forgot something!” Before Chad could ask what, Mel almost caused an accident as she quickly changed lanes and then pulled her car into a drug store parking lot.
Chad quickly realized that it was the same drug store he had avoided earlier that morning – and he was still glad that he had! “Why are you stopping here?” he asked.
“Because I need some things,” Mel replied, then added, “And so do you!”
“I do?”
“For your ears. You’ve got to clean those holes every day.”
“I do?”
Mel didn’t reply. She simply got out of the car. But she noticed that Chad wasn’t moving. “Aren’t you coming?”
“Can’t I stay here?”
“Of course not! Why would you want to? Besides, you’ve got more stuff to buy.”
Chad didn’t reply. He simply got out of the car and followed her into the store. He realized that he was being silly to worry. The two girls who usually gave him such a hard time every week wouldn’t be there now. In fact, it was really just an odd coincidence that he had met them at the store the last few weeks.
Inside, Chad quickly discovered what Mel had meant when she said that she needed some things as she headed straight for the period supply section and picked up several different boxes. Then she walked around the store till she found the astringent Chad would need for his ears along with some cotton swabs.
The store wasn’t crowded at all and as usual, there was only one cash register open. But Chad quickly realized that the woman there was the same one he usually dealt with every week – and unfortunately, the woman recognized him right away.
“We missed you this morning,” the woman exclaimed the moment Chad and Mel approached the register.
Mel had no idea what the woman was talking about, but one look at Chad’s face told her something had gone on that she didn’t know about. “You missed him?” she asked.
Chad opened his mouth to reply, but the woman was much faster. “Oh, he usually comes in every Saturday morning to buy a big supply of diapers. And we have a couple of girls that come in Saturday morning too. They usually spend some time… um… talking with him.” She looked at Chad. “They were soooo disappointed that you didn’t show up today.” She giggled. “I was too. And we waited a long time.”
“You didn’t come here?” Mel asked him.
“I went somewhere else,” Chad replied.
“Why? You’ve got friends here.”
Chad wouldn’t have called them “friends” by any stretch of the imagination. “I had to get some other things too. I thought a different store might be better.”
Mel turned to the cashier. “Do you ever see his two ‘friends’ at any other time?”
“Occasionally,” the woman replied.
“Well, if you see them, let them know that he’ll be here next Saturday. I’ll make sure of it!”
The woman giggled. “I’m sure they’ll be very happy to hear that!”


pansy_Faggotte said...

another wonderful chapter, this fairy especially enjoys when the sissy is utterly humiliated ~~ pansy F

Anonymous said...

i so agree with pansy faggot- but enjoy it even more when Mel enjoys humiliating the sissy! Karen has left us with the following story threads - Sandy designing Chad's new home or will it be sissy's nursery?, Mel taking Chad to the office poker game- or is that Mel humiliating the sissy at the poker game? Chad's tutu outfit is coming or will sissy be doing more shows at the mall dancing in his tutu?
Chad having to go back to the store next week for diapers etc- or will the store customers and clerk put the sissy through even more humiliation?
Oh and there is always Robin waiting in the wings to find out Chad is not just xdresser but a sissy (slave?) Will she support Chad or join in treating him as a sissy for amusement?
Sooooooo many questions- where will Karen take us all??