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The Housekeeper - Chapter 2 (Part 1 of 3)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 2 (Part 1 of 3)

     Carol managed to get up and dressed before dawn.  Before she left the foster home, she briefly rummaged through her clothes to find a little something extra that went directly into her large purse.  Then she was out the door and walking quickly towards his car that she had left a block away.  She stopped at Burger King again and used his money to buy them both breakfast before she drove to his house.  His garage door opened at the touch of a button and closed again the same way.
     She carried the food inside and went directly to check on him.  As she hoped, he was right where she had left him.  But then, there was no way he could move very much at all.  He looked rather rough after his night on the floor, chained as he was around the wall studs.  The spot where he had peed on the floor last night was much bigger too… and it smelled.  Obviously he hadn’t been able to hold it.  Tough!
     He looked silently up at her as she approached.  The total misery on his face was evident.  Good!  She quickly knelt down and ripped the tape off of his mouth.  He screamed at the pain, then took several deep breaths as he was finally able to breathe better.  “Are you going to behave?” she asked.  There was a moment of pause, then he nodded his head weakly.  She smiled.  She hadn’t given him permission to speak.  “Answer me!” she commanded.
      “Yes,” he croaked.
      “Yes what?”
      “Yes, Miss Carol,” he replied.  “I’m going to behave.”
     She stood up and walked through the stud wall again.  She found the cuff key in her purse and released him.  His body jerked with sudden pain and freedom with each piece of the bindings that she removed.  As she hoped, he stayed right on the floor where he was.  “Are you ready to eat again,” she asked.
     Weary and weak, and fully remembering the kicks she had landed last night to his private parts, he nodded.  “Yes, Miss Carol.”
      “Good,” she replied.  She set a small cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich down on the floor between them, and backed away.  “Go ahead and get them,” she told him.  “But carry them back to your puddle of piss to eat.”
     Not wanting to make her angry, he did as he was told.  The wet floor around him really didn’t bother him too much since he had been laying in it all night.  The breakfast sandwich tasted great, the coffee even better.  She sat and watched him the entire time he was eating, finishing nothing more than a coke that she had bought for herself. 
     When he had finished, she allowed him to get up.  “Go get your shower… and shave… and whatever else you need to do to get ready for work.”  She didn’t miss the look of gratitude that seemed to register on his face. 
     She followed him into his bedroom and to the master bathroom at the back of the room.  When he tried to close his bathroom door after going inside, she stopped him and just pushed it all the way open.  She stood watching him from the doorway, letting him know that she wasn’t going anywhere – she would keep watching him.
     He removed his jacket and shirt, leaving just his piss stained pants.  He looked at her questioningly.
      “You might as well just take them off,” she said.  “I’m not going anywhere.  Besides, I saw it all yesterday anyway.”
     Reluctantly he stripped naked.  He was embarrassed for her to see him standing in front of the toilet peeing, but she made no comment.  He lathered up his face and shaved his beard, again all in silence.  He turned the shower on and climbed in, turning the temperature to almost burning hot, letting it wash his body clean, hoping it would ease the ache that still resided in most of his muscles after being kept in such a miserable position all night. 
     After drying himself, he headed to his dresser and pulled out a pair of underwear. 
      “Not those!” she commanded.  It was the first words to be spoken in a while and they startled him.  He looked at her curiously.  She reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of her pink panties. She threw them at him.  “You can wear those instead.  A little something to help you remember me… and don’t you dare mess them up!”
     He stared at the thin pink material in his hand.  They weren’t elaborate in any way, just girl’s nylon panties.  Having little choice, he pulled them on. The thin material felt weird against his skin.  He pulled out a fresh pair of socks and put them on.  A fresh shirt from his closet, a pair of pants, a tie, and another sport coat.  He returned to his dresser, but the items he wanted weren’t on it.  She had them.  He looked at her questioningly. 
      “What?” she asked.
      “My keys and my wallet?”
      “Don’t worry about them.  I’ll hold them for you.”
     He only nodded that he understood.  He was horribly weary and still very weak after spending the night chained as he had been.  His whole body ached terribly.  He felt totally miserable.  But otherwise, he was about as ready as he could get.  He still wanted to kill her, but right now he simply didn’t have the strength… let alone the will.  
      “Grab whatever you need to take with you and let’s get out of here,” she said. 
     He had left his expandable case at the school last night.  There was nothing he needed.  He chanced talking.  “I’m ready.”
     She led the way out to his car where she had him get in the driver’s seat.  After she had gotten into the passenger seat next to him, she gave him his car keys.  “It would look funny if we get there and people see me driving.”  He drove them to school. 
     She took his car keys again as soon as they got out of the car.  “Remember, she told him.  “If I tell you to do something today, you do it… immediately.  No questions asked.”
     He nodded that he understood, but silently he wondered what it was that she wanted him to do.  He had the impression that what went on last night was just a little precursor to her real motive – whatever that might be.  Would he find out today?  He wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer to that. 

     He had trouble focusing on his first class.  He was so tired, his muscles ached all over, and he was just too worried about Carol and whatever she might want from him.  He finally gave up teaching and assigned the class problems to practice in their seats.  Then at the end of the class he didn’t even remember to collect the work.  The rest of the morning went mostly the same.  He tried to teach a little, but his head just wasn’t in it. 
     And then lunchtime came.  As the last of his students filed out of his room from the period before, Carol immediately walked in.  She closed the door behind her and he had an immediate feeling of fear.  The ache still in his muscles seemed to increase at the sight of her.  She boldly walked straight up to his desk again.  “How was your morning?” she asked like there was nothing out of the ordinary going on at all.
      “Miserable,” he replied.  “I’m tired and I hurt!”
     She smiled.  “Good!”
     He wanted to ask what she wanted, but he was afraid to speak unless she invited him to.  “Stand up,” she finally said.  He stood.  “Pull your zipper down.”  His eyes opened wide.  She couldn’t be planning on making him expose himself again – now!  He hesitated to do as she asked because of that.  “I said pull it down!  Now!” she yelled.  Feeling terrible about it, he pulled his zipper down.  “Spread it open.  I want to see my panties.”  He pulled his fly apart, exposing the pink panties he was wearing underneath.  She smiled.  “Good.  Now leave that zipper down till I tell you to pull it up again.”  His eyes bulged.  She couldn’t mean it!  There was too much of a chance that someone might see the pink material inside!  But she just kept a wicked smile on her face about it.  “Do you need some money for lunch?” she asked.
     He did since she had all his money.  “Yes,” he replied.
      “Yes what!” she yelled angrily. 
      “Yes, Miss Carol,” he corrected himself quickly.
      “You better learn that, and learn it fast!  You are never to refer to me without calling me Miss Carol!”
      “Yes, Miss Carol,” he repeated.
     She nodded and dug into her purse.  She handed him a five dollar bill.  “You can have that for lunch.  And make sure you get something with it and eat it!”
      “Yes, Miss Carol,” he repeated yet again as he took the money.  She left him then, leaving him on his own again.  He glanced down at his crotch.  His fly had mostly closed, but not entirely.  Did he dare zip it up?  He decided against it since there was too much of a chance that she might come back to check.  He pulled his pants up a bit higher on his waist, forcing the material of his fly closed.  Hopefully, it would stay that way and not show off what he was wearing underneath. 
     He got lucky during his lunch, nobody mentioned that his fly was even open.  Although he did notice that when he was seated, his fly gaped open terribly.  He kept his hand in his lap to cover it. 
     As he was eating in the teacher’s lounge, one of the other teachers, Stan Franklin sat down across from him.  Stan was one of his better friends.  Stan sat, then stared at Roger for a moment.  “Roger,” he said, “are you all right?  Pardon me for saying it, but you look kind of rough.”
     Roger nodded.  He had to be careful not to let Stan know anything about what had happened.  “Yeah,” he replied.  “I’m not feeling all that well today.”
     Stan nodded.  “Sorry to hear it.  Everybody seems to come down with some kind of bug this time of year.  I guess it’s your turn.”
      “Yeah, I guess,” Roger replied, but what he couldn’t tell Stan was that his problem wasn’t due to any “normal” disease.  His problem was caused by an irritating disease named Carol Stokely. 
     Stan smiled.  “Well, just so long as you’re feeling better by first day!” he said brightly.
     Roger only smiled.  Stan was referring to the first day of trout fishing season, a major event in that part of the country and one he never missed.  He could only hope that his “irritating disease” would be gone by then.
     After eating, Roger stopped in the teacher’s men’s room to pee.  Again, he was worried about someone seeing his open fly, but fortunately, he was the only one there at the time.  He wanted so badly to zip his pants up when he was done – force of habit.  It took a lot of willpower to not do so.  He went back to his classroom to sit behind his desk and wait for his next class to come in – the class that Carol would be in.  He worried a lot about that.
     The bell rang and a minute later the students began pouring in, along with Carol.  He did his very best to not pay any more attention to her than to the other students, but it was mostly a losing battle.  From behind his desk, he told them all to start working on a set of problems.  The students groaned a bit, but quickly settled down to work – for about five minutes.  That was when Carol raised her hand.
      “Mr. Brinkley,” she called out.  “I’m having trouble with number two.  Can you show us how it’s done again?”
     Roger recognized the ploy perfectly.  It was completely designed to humiliate him.  But what choice did he have?  He quickly glanced at his own book to see what problem she was talking about.  Then fearing what he had to do, he got up out of his chair and went to the board.  Trying as much as possible to keep his back to her, he wrote on the board while explaining every step of the problem.  He glanced down once or twice toward his crotch, and as far as he could tell, since he was standing, it was staying mostly closed.  He finally turned halfway around from the board to face her.  “Does that answer your question?”  He was surprised by the immediate glare of anger on her face. 
      “Can you come here and see what I’ve got?” she asked. 
     His heart tripping, he walked back to her desk.  Was his fly open?  Could the students see the pink panties he was wearing underneath?  So far, nobody was saying anything.  He walked up next to her and leaned over to look at her paper.  She had only done half of the second problem so far.  But while he was doing that, she turned her head and looked at his crotch.  “Uh… Mr. Brinkley, you really should be more careful.”
      “What?” he asked, not immediately realizing what she was talking about. 
      “Your fly… it’s wide open.  And that’s some interesting underwear you’re wearing!”
     Totally surprised by her comment, he stood up quickly, which helped to bring his gaping fly back together again. 
      “Why don’t you zip it up,” she added with more than a bit of giggle. 
     Grateful to be allowed to, he quickly zipped his fly again as he heard some of the other students chuckling too.  Feeling embarrassed but much bolder now, he said, “Thank you, Carol.  Sorry about that.”  Once again, he was surprised by the intense glare that she leveled at him.  “Uh… it looks like you’ve done the problem correctly,” he lied.  Then he quickly walked back to his desk to get as far away from her as possible.  A few minutes later, he heard her whispering to the girl next to her.  He thought he heard her say “pink panties.”  The two girls giggled quietly for a moment before things returned to normal.  Roger had no doubt that before the day was over, word of his underwear would spread around the entire school.
     At the end of class, Carol walked up to the front of the room instead of following everybody back toward the door.  “I’ll see you here after school,” she said quickly.  Then she was gone.  Roger breathed a sigh of relief at seeing her leave.  But what would happen after school?  That was the question that bothered him for the rest of the day.

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Thanks Karen for the interesting update, even though panties aren't what I want him to be wearing. Well plastic waterproof ones for padding are peachy... :) *waves*