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The Housekeeper - Chapter 3 (Part 1 of 3)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 3 (Part 1 of 3)

     Carol woke up early despite the late hour she had gone to sleep.  The bed didn’t feel right, she wasn’t used to it.  The house didn’t feel right either, it was quieter than she was used to.  There was nobody around… well, almost nobody. 
     She got out of bed and went into his master bathroom.  The minute she did, she was assaulted once again by the smell of his pee-soaked clothes that were still there.  She ignored the smell and relieved her bladder.  Something had to be done about the smelly clothes though and she didn’t want to untie him yet. 
     She went back out to his bedroom and dressed quickly in the clothes she had worn yesterday.  Then she ventured out of the room.  Her first concern was him.  Was he still securely tied to the toilet where she had left him?  She stopped to look in the bathroom.  The sun was up just enough that she didn’t have to turn on the light.  His head was slumped back and he was snoring softly.  The ropes still holding him looked like they did last night.  So far, so good.  She noticed a bit of an unpleasant odor coming from the bathroom.  Obviously he had taken full advantage of where he was sitting – as she hoped he would.
     She continued on to the kitchen where she started rummaging through cabinets again.  Under the sink, she found a box of large plastic trash bags.  She pulled one out of the box and took it back to the master bathroom.  She hated touching them, but she quickly stuffed all his dirty smelly clothes from the day before into the bag and tied it securely.  She carried the bag out and dumped it into the unfinished bedroom where she had kept him before.  Back in his bedroom, she opened the window to let some fresh air into the room, hoping that the smell would dissipate quickly.  She went back to the kitchen, glancing in to check on him in the bathroom as she walked past.

     The bathroom light being suddenly turned on startled him.  The sound of the toilet he was sitting on flushing brought him fully awake.  He opened his eyes.  She was standing in front of him.  Without thinking, his body tried pulling at his bonds again – no movement possible – so frustrating! 
      “It’s breakfast time,” she said as she saw him finally waking up.  “You can nap again later.”  She picked up a bowl of cold cereal from the counter and carried it over to him.  Picking up the spoon from the bowl, she scooped up some of the cereal and stuck it in front of his mouth.  Roger was totally surprised by her actions.  At least she was feeding him.  He opened his mouth and let her shove the cereal in.  He chewed it and swallowed.  The next spoonful went in and he chewed that too.  She giggled.  “Just like feeding a baby,” she said as she watched him eating.  Roger didn’t get her joke. 
     With his breakfast taken care of, she left him where he was and went back to his bedroom.  The bathroom smelled a little better now.  Knowing that he wasn’t going anywhere, she relaxed enough to take a much needed shower, relishing the chance to use as much hot water as she wanted to and not have to worry about anyone else needing the bathroom.  He didn’t have any decent shampoo that she wanted to use on her hair, but that could wait another day or two. 
     After dressing in fresh clothes, she removed the handcuffs from her purse and checked on him one more time.  “I have to go somewhere today,” she told him.  “Don’t go anywhere and don’t make any noise… or those smelly panties will be back in your mouth again!”
     Roger only looked at her.  Where was he going to go?  He couldn’t even move!  The house became totally quiet again a few minutes later.

     Carol checked the gas gauge as she turned out of his driveway.  Less than half a tank.  Damn!  She had a very long way to drive today.  She decided that even though her mother had told her not to, she would have to get some of his money out of the ATM machine to buy gas.  Pulling into the bank, she put his card into the machine and punched in his PIN number.  She’d only get a little bit, twenty dollars, no more.  Following the instructions on the machine, she punched in the amount and was rewarded with a twenty dollar bill.  A moment later, the receipt was printed.  Since she had removed money from his account, she knew that her mother would want to see a fresh updated receipt. So she asked for another balance printout for his checking account.  Then she drove directly to the first place she came to where she could get gas.  Twenty dollars brought her gas gauge up just over the three quarters mark.  It should be more than enough.
     Turning onto the rural highway that went through the town, she followed the twisting road a long way before it finally connected with another state highway.  Forty minutes later, she arrived at the state facility where her mother was being kept.  She had been here many times before, just never by herself.  The place always frightened her and today it seemed much worse.  But her mother was getting out of here soon – less than a week.  She’d never have to come here again!
     The guards remembered her and they were friendly as one of them searched her purse before allowing her to enter the common meeting area.  The guard only commented on the fact that she had three cell phones and joked about how much texting Carol probably was doing on them.  Carol only laughed but said nothing more about it.  Inside, she sat at one of the many tables in the room and waited for her mother.  She wasn’t the only person in the room.  Other families were reuniting here too.  It wasn’t a long wait this time.  The guard opened one of the doors and her mother walked in, carrying her usual notepad with her.  Carol ran to her.
     Janice’s heart soared at seeing her daughter.  She kissed her over and over again and hugged her tightly, not wanting to ever let go.  Her precious baby daughter – growing up faster and faster.  Finally she broke her embrace and looked around the room.  “It’s nice out today,” she said.  “Why don’t we go out to the picnic tables for a change.” 
      “Sure, Momma.  Sounds great.”
     What Janice didn’t say out loud, was that there was less of a chance of anyone hearing them talking out there.  Never taking their arms off each other, the two walked outside to the patio.  The air was slightly chilly, but it held the promise of a beautiful spring day in the making.  Sitting close together at one of the tables, Carol brought out the purple cell phone she had gotten for her mother. 
      “Nice!” Janice said.  “But I’ve never used one like this.  How do you work it?  There’s no buttons!”
     Carol took it from her and pulled up the pictures by tapping various icons on the screen.  One by one she started scrolling through them.  Janice was pleased with what she saw – very pleased!  “You did great here, Honey,” she declared as she studied each picture one by one. 
     She came to one of the last pictures where Carol had made him wet his pants.  The picture showed him hugging himself and obviously crying as the stain in his pants was growing bigger.  “That’s one of my favorites,” Carol said.  “You can see him crying real well in it.”
     Janice grinned at the picture.  “Yeah, you’re right.  He really doesn’t like that much.”  Then she laughed.  “The only thing that would make this picture more complete would be if he was sucking his thumb.”
     Carol was shocked.  “I didn’t think of that!  That would have been really good!  I’ll do it again next week and do it better.”
      “No dear!  Remember, nobody can know!  Anything you make him do, can’t be seen by anyone!  At least not where anybody might know him.”
     Carol was very disappointed.  “Yeah, I remember.  But it’s still a good idea.  You said I should have some fun with him to keep him off balance, but… I don’t know what else to do.”
     Janice thought about it for a moment.  “Well… one thing you can think about is that men really don’t like their manhood taken away from them.”
     Carol was shocked.  “You mean… cut his thingy off?  Gross!”
     Janice laughed.  “No silly.  Nothing like that.  Just make them feel a bit less masculine.  Like sending him to work in your panties like you did.  That was good.”
      “Yeah, but I didn’t think of that idea.  You mentioned it to me before.”
      “And you remembered it.  But how do you think he might feel if he had to wear a bra under his clothes everyday too?”
     Carol laughed.  “Now that would be funny!”
      “Yes it would.  But just remember, nobody who knows him, especially at work, can have any idea that he’s wearing it at all.  Nothing can show.  So whatever bra you put him in for work has to be completely invisible under his clothes.  But don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll still be more than a bit worried about it.  Outside of work though, where nobody knows him, well, whatever you’d like to see him in should be just fine.”
     Carol was a bit disappointed.  “It’s not as much fun though if I can’t make fun of him with all my friends around.”
     Janice understood.  “I know, dear.  But remember, we need him.  He’s our ticket to everything!  Just be patient.”  She let that sink in and saw her daughter nod.  “Now, how about his money?  What did you get?”
     Carol pulled the ATM receipts out of her purse, and handed them to her mother.
Janice studied the receipts carefully.  Not a lot of money – unfortunately.  But fairly soon it wouldn’t matter how much money he had, that wouldn’t be an issue.  But until then, things might be a little tight.  But thinking about his money reminded her of something else.  What about his bills?  Did you think to look?
     Carol was surprised.  “I didn’t see any.”
      “How about in his mailbox?  Nothing there either?”
     Carol’s eyes went wide.  “I never looked there!  I was too busy with him and didn’t think of it!”
      “You better check when you get home, dear.  We don’t want mail piling up in his mailbox.  People might start thinking something is wrong.”
      “I’ll check it as soon as I get home, Momma,” Carol vowed.
      “Good.”  Janice opened her notebook and pulled the top page off.  She handed it to her daughter.  “Now here’s something important that you’ve got to make him do this week.  On Tuesday, have him put this ad in the newspaper.  Have him set it up so that the ad starts running on Wednesday and will run for one week only.  Make sure that the ad reads just like I’ve got it here.  We don’t want anything left out.”
     Carol read the short ad her mother wanted printed:  “Housekeeper wanted.  Live-in possible for reduced compensation.  Call xxx-xxxx between 5 and 9 PM only.”
      “I don’t know what his phone number is, so make sure that get’s in there correctly.  Then, when the ad starts running, make sure he can answer any calls that might come in.  Make sure he tells everyone that the position has already been filled.  Got that?  It’s very important.”
     Carol shrugged.  “I don’t see any real problems.  It should be easy.”
      “Good girl,” Janice praised her daughter.  Together, we’re going fix everything!”
      “I can’t wait!” Carol replied.
      “Me either!  So, how are you making out with him?  Is he giving you any problems?”
      “No.  Not really.  I’m actually starting to enjoy tying him up into places he can’t get out of.  I had him tied to the toilet in the main bathroom all night.  He’s still there now.”  She giggled a bit.  “I had to spoon feed him some cereal this morning like a baby.” 
      “But he’s not giving you any trouble?”
     Carol shook her head.  “Not really.  Nothing I can’t handle anyway.  And lately he’s been good as gold for me.  I’m just still a bit afraid of him, that’s all.”
     Janice thought about it, but from what she saw and from what Carol had told her, things sounded just fine.  “Good.  Staying a little bit afraid will help you make sure he stays in line.  And I’ve thought of something else I want you to do to help keep him in line later.  Find a plastic container with a lid, or a jar or something.  Then every day, make him jerk off into it.  Carefully put the lid back on it when he’s done – don’t touch what’s inside – then put it into the refrigerator till he can add some more to it the next day.”
     Carol was shocked.  “You mean…  But Momma!”
      “We’ve talked about this before, Carol.  And you have pictures of him playing with himself on your cell phone.  This is just what happens when he continues to play with himself.  If you like you can still restrain him somehow.  Just make sure he has at least one hand to use on himself.  And don’t under any circumstances let any of that stuff touch you!  You know what can happen!”
     Carol was horrified about what her mother wanted her to do.  But if her mother wanted it done, then she would make sure it got done.  “Okay, Momma.  I’ll make sure he does it.  Every night!”
      “Good girl,” Janice praised her daughter once again.
     Something occurred to Carol.  “But Momma, won’t he like doing that?  I thought we needed to keep him scared.”
     Janice shrugged.  “He may like it, or he may not – especially if you’re watching him each time.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s just something that has to be done.”
     Carol nodded, still thinking about him.  “I kind of like your idea of getting some bras for him.”  She looked up quickly.  “Can we spend some of his money so I can get some for me too?  I need some… and some panties… and he has no decent shampoo or conditioner in his bathroom… and…
     Janice laughed.  “Carol!  It’s okay.  There’s a lot of things we’re going to have to get.  When I get out of here, we’ll have no problems with money at all.  But until then, we just need to be careful – for about another week.  Okay?”
      “Yeah, sure, Momma,” Carol replied, a bit disappointed.
     Janice hugged her daughter.  “But I’m sure you can take about…  oh, let’s say… two hundred dollars out of his account for now.  You can use that for whatever shopping you want to do.  Just try to make it last till I can get there and can get a better handle on his finances.”
     Carol was instantly elated.  “Two hundred…”  She hugged her mother tightly.  “Momma, you’re the best!”
     Janice loved being hugged by her daughter.  She also loved making her daughter feel happy, so it was a double pleasure.  When their embrace ended, she asked.  “So, are you still picking me up on Thursday?”
      “You bet, Momma!  Nothing could keep me away.  And Mrs. Faye already said she would write a note for me to get me out of school that day.  I can’t wait!”
      “Me either, Carol.  Me either!”

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