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The Housekeeper - Chapter 2 (Part 3 of 3)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 2 (Part 3 of 3)

     Roger heard her footsteps coming back before he could see her.  He tried his best to lift his head to watch as she walked into the room.  She sat down in the kitchen chair that she had dragged in last night and just looked at him. 
      “What’s the PIN number for your ATM card?” she asked.
     Roger shook his head.  “I knew it!   I knew this would finally come down to money!  But the jokes on you, I don’t have that much!”
     In a flash she was out of her seat and kicking him hard in his side.  “Did I tell you to say anything other than your PIN number?  You think this is about your money?  Well, you’re wrong!  Very wrong!”  She kicked him hard again and was pleased to see how much she had hurt him.  “I can see you need a little more encouragement.” 
     She went back through the wall behind him and uncuffed one of his wrists, unfastening that cuff from the rope that held his legs.  Then she attached his wrists together again, still behind the stud.  Finally, she unfastened his legs, leaving only his wrists bound behind the wall stud.  She kicked him.  “Get out of there!”
     Roger was more than a bit afraid of what she might do to him, but he was also desperate to move out of the position she had left him in.  His knees alone were killing him.  As quickly as he could, he worked his legs back out in front of him and sat there with his arms still cuffed around the wall stud behind him.
     She stooped down and began unbuckling his belt.  His pee stained pants disgusted her but she kept at it.  She had to remove his shoes and socks before she could finally pull his pants completely off of him.  The pink panties she had given him earlier that morning were now on full display.  She smiled down at him.  “Didn’t I tell you not to mess those up?”
      “But…” he started to argue.
      “There are no buts!” she yelled as she kicked him hard again.  Swiftly, she grabbed the pee soaked panties and pulled them off of him as well, exposing him completely.  She hated just touching the wet panties, but she couldn’t stop now.  Balling them up in one hand, she dropped to her knee – right in his groin.  He yowled in pain and thrashed under her.  Quickly, she shoved the balled up wet panties into his mouth, forcing them all the way in and holding them there despite his best efforts to stop her.  He was like a bucking bronco under her, but she held on tightly.  “Does that taste good?” she yelled.  “Do you like that?”
     His muffled screams and thrashing didn’t change as he desperately tried to shake his head back and forth.  After a short time, she finally asked him, “Are you going to tell me your PIN number now?” 
     The taste of the wet panties filling every inch of his mouth was horrendous.  And the way she had him cuffed, he had no way to really fight her.  He heard her asking the question again.  Hell, he was going to die soon anyway, what did it matter?  He did his best to nod his head yes.  He gratefully felt her pulling the panties out of his mouth, much slower than he would have liked. 
      “What is it?” she asked, still holding the wet panties close to his mouth.
     He was heaving big breaths, trying to clear his lungs.  His mouth had the most awful taste in it. 
      “What is it?” she demanded again, bringing the panties back to touch his lips. 
     He shook his head, still breathing heavily.  “Four… two… six… eight,” he finally got out. 
     She pulled the panties further away from him.  “That better be it, or believe me, this will seem like nothing!”  She stood up, but the moment she did, he writhed in pain again as her weight was removed from his private parts.  She dropped the wet panties on the floor next to him.  “I guess we better make sure you’re not going anywhere again till I get back.”
      “I’m not going anywhere,” he yelled back.  How can I with my arms locked behind this stud?”
      “I don’t trust anything here,” she shot back before she stood back to survey how she should go about it.  One thing was for sure, she wasn’t going to change the way his hands were cuffed now.  Which just left his legs. 
     She was about to stoop down to grab one of them when she stopped herself.  “Kick me and those panties will be right back in your mouth again, and they’ll stay there!” she warned.  He hadn’t considered the option of fighting back, but he forced himself to remain passive while she grabbed his right leg and began pulling him down along the wall, forcing his tortured arms uncomfortably up and back behind him.  Then suddenly she dragged his leg between two of the studs.  She continued pulling on it, dragging it further down, then she dropped it.  She quickly grabbed the rope cuffs she had made and attached it to his right ankle.  She grabbed his other leg and attached it to the first.  There were now two studs between his legs and his arms were attached to another one behind him with his arms pulled uncomfortably back and up.  He wasn’t going anywhere again. 
     Roger’s main problem now was his arms.  He didn’t think he could manage long in this position at all.  “My arms!” he complained.  “This isn’t exactly comfortable!”
     She looked down at him.  “Too bad.  You’ll have to live with it till I get back.  I’m not rearranging you now.  I’ve got things to do.”  She picked up her purse.
      “But I can’t stay this way!”
     She smiled.  “Tough!”  Before she left though she caught sight of the roll of silver duct tape still lying on the floor.  She walked over and picked it up and carried it over to him.
      “Please don’t!” he pleaded.
     She pulled a short length of it out and stooped down beside him. 
      “Please!” he pleaded again. 
     Her eye caught sight of the wet pink panties on the floor.  Quickly she grabbed them and stuffed them back into his mouth.  He tried to thrash wildly again, but restrained as he was, his movements were minimal at best.  She began wrapping the silver tape around and around his head, making sure that there was no way he could get the panties out of his mouth.  As she ripped the tape off, he was crying again, but his stuffed mouth muffled most of the noise that came through.  “That’s for not calling me Miss Carol in class today!  Think on it while I’m gone!”  She turned on her heel and left him to his miseries.

     Carol didn’t go directly to the ATM machine, instead, she drove back to the foster home.  She ran inside as if she was fairly excited and found Mrs. Faye.  “Do you mind if I spend the weekend at Michelle’s?” she asked, already knowing that Mrs. Faye would let her.  She had done it many times before. 
      “Are you going to see your mother tomorrow?” Mrs. Faye asked.
      “Yeah,” Carol replied.  “Shelle said I could borrow her car again.”
     Two of Mrs. Faye’s rowdier boys ran past yelling and screaming.  She had more than enough to deal with just then.  “Go!  Have a good time.  Just get back here at a reasonable time on Sunday.”
      “No problem!” Carol called as she ran to her room to pack a bag.
     With her foster home temporarily taken care of, she drove directly to his bank.  She had never used an ATM machine before, but it wasn’t hard to figure out.  She stuck the card in and was pleased to see the machine accept the PIN number he had given her.  She was tempted to just withdraw some money, but her mother had told her not to… not yet.  She selected account balance for his checking account instead and waited until the machine spit out the paper tape.  She looked at it.  Just over six hundred dollars.  She asked the machine for his balance on his savings account and was rewarded to see just over two thousand dollars there.  A fortune to her, but she knew her mother would probably think otherwise.
     She ended her transactions with the machine and got back into his car.  Finding out his finances hadn’t been difficult at all.  She knew her mother was going to be very pleased tomorrow.
     She stopped at Burger King again, this time getting two large hamburger meals complete with large sized fries and drinks.  Then she drove back to the house.  When she got inside, she found that he was crying again… the baby!  “Have you had enough time to think about not calling me Miss Carol earlier?” she asked.  He nodded emphatically and moaned.  She set the food down on the floor near the chair.  “Are you going to disappoint me again?”   This time he shook his head.  She walked over to him.  “If I release you, are you going to behave?”  Once again he nodded.  “Good!  You better!”
     She released his legs first, but he barely moved them when they were free.  Of course the wall studs hampered most of his movement.  His arms were next.  The moment she release one cuff, he fell forward onto his stomach, dragging his other arm back through the studs.  Before he could move, she knelt down right on his back.  She was about to cuff his arms behind him again, but before she did, she got up and grabbed his shirt instead, the only clothing left that he was wearing.  She pulled it up and off of him, leaving him totally naked.  Then she sat down right on his back and grabbed his arm with the cuff still attached, pulling it back behind him. 
     Roger thought she was going to remove the cuff, but a moment later, she was grabbing his other arm, pulling that one back too.  He moaned loudly as she once again secured his arms behind him.  “That’s just to keep your hands out of trouble,” she said. 
     She walked back towards the chair and the food she had put on the floor near it.  She picked up the bag and turned back to him.  “On your knees!” she commanded, then watched as he struggled to get his body into the position she wanted.  Good enough.  She set the bag of food on the chair and went back to him.  She grabbed his head.  “One wrong move and these panties go back in your mouth.  Understand?”  He nodded.  She pulled the layers of tape from his head as quickly as she could.  The moment it was gone, he started trying to push the panties out of his mouth with his tongue.  She reached in and yanked them out for him.  Once again he started heaving deep breaths to get fresh air into his lungs.
     She opened the bag of food and pulled out one of the burgers.  She unwrapped it and was about to set it on the floor in front of him when she noticed again the wet spot from last night that was right below his face.  She placed his burger in the middle of it.  His fries, she sprinkled all around it.  She grabbed his large drink and set it down next to the food and stuck a straw in it for him.  “Eat up!” she ordered.  “Everything!”
     He raised up his cuffed arms behind his back as if asking her to remove the handcuffs. 
      “In your dreams!” she replied to his unspoken question.  “You haven’t earned that privilege yet!  Now start eating!”
     It was difficult for him to eat like that, especially since the hamburger was all in one piece, but with a great deal of difficulty, and a lot of trial and error, he eventually managed it.  The only easy part was the drink, the straw was a huge help and the cold liquid helped to wash the taste of the foul panties out of his mouth. 
     She sat in the chair eating her own dinner, watching him the entire time.  It took him a lot longer to eat his dinner than it had taken her.  When it looked like he was finished, she walked over to him.  She grabbed the cup from the floor and shook it.  There was still soft drink left in it.  “Finish this,” she said.  “I don’t want to have to waste your money!”  She stood up again.  “If I leave you here like this are you going to stay here – just like you are?  Or do I have to attach you to that wall again?”
      “No, Miss Carol,” he croaked out, his voice raspy.  “I’ll stay right here.”
     She smiled.  “It’s so nice to hear you say my name properly.  See that you stay there till I get back!”
     She headed out his back door toward his workshop again.  The sun was starting to set and it was getting a bit darker.  She found the light switch and flipped it on so she could see.  Then she began looking around.  She wanted something other than the cuffs and the little bit of rope that she had to secure him with.  She would be spending the entire weekend there and didn’t want to have any surprises.  She found several rolls of electrical wire that looked interesting, but she left them alone for now.  In a corner of his shop, amid a jumble of other things, she found just what she needed, several coils of rope in various thicknesses.  She grabbed two of the coils where the rope didn’t look too thick to work with and took them back to the house with her. 
     She walked straight to the unfinished room where she had left him so she could check on him.  He was still right where he was supposed to be, bending down, trying to finish the last of his drink.  Good!
     She was about to go back to the living room, when her eyes caught sight of the main bathroom at the end of the hall.  She headed for it instead… and her eyes fell on the toilet.  Damn!  She realized that he would probably have to pee again… or maybe even something else.  But maybe she could make that work for her.  She dropped the ropes in the bathroom sink and went back to him.  He was still on his knees, right where she had left him.  “Come with me,” she told him.  He started to try to move on his knees but she stopped him.  “Stand up and walk.  I don’t have all day!”
     With a great deal of difficulty since his hands were still manacled behind his back, he got to his feet.  The relief to his legs, especially his knees, was tremendous.  He followed her and was surprised when she went into the bathroom at the end of the hall. 
     She raised the lid on the toilet leaving just the seat in place.  “Sit!” she commanded. 
     Having few options, he did so.  Actually he didn’t really mind all that much. Sitting down felt wonderful after what he had been through. 
     She picked up one of the coils of rope.  “If you give me any trouble you’ll wish you were never born!”  Cautiously, she knelt down beside him, ready at any moment in case he made a sudden move.  She tied one end of the rope around his left ankle, then threw the rest of the rope behind the toilet.  She went around to the other side and grabbed the rope, pulling on it more and more so that his leg was pulled way back. She wrapped the rope around his other ankle, pulling that way back behind him too and tied it off.  It was difficult doing it all with a rather long piece of rope, but she managed it.  Fortunately, he gave her no trouble at all.  He certainly wasn’t going anywhere now. 
     But she wasn’t satisfied yet.  She didn’t feel safe enough yet.  She went out and got her handcuff key and removed the cuffs from his wrists.  Then, she began tying his arms back behind the toilet too, pulling them tight so that his body was held tightly to the toilet tank.  But she still had a lot more rope left and she wasn’t too sure that he couldn’t eventually escape.  Using the rest of the piece of rope she had and then the second length as well, she began tying him everywhere and to everything that she could think of, until finally there was no rope left and the only thing that she figured he could move at all was his fingers, his toes, and his head. 
     She stood back and surveyed her work and felt pleased by it.  “You can just stay there like that for the night,” she told him.  “And if you have to pee or anything else, well, you don’t have to worry about it and neither do I.”
     He did have to pee, especially after finishing that large drink she had brought him for dinner, but he had a problem.  He knew he shouldn’t speak, but he chanced it anyway.  “But if I pee like this, it’ll go all over the floor.”
     She was momentarily angry that he had spoken, but looking at him closer stopped her from saying anything.  His legs were splayed wide apart, giving her a full view of his little thingy between his hairy legs.  It looked so small now.  It was strange that the thing could get so much bigger.  But the thing wasn’t pointed down toward the water below.  “Can’t you make it go down between your legs?”
     He looked at her like she was crazy.  “How?  I can’t move my arms.”
      “You mean you have no muscle control at all to move that thing?”
     How could she be so naive about something like that?  “Of course not!  I have to point it with my hands.”
     She moved closer to him, looking at his thingy, studying it.  It was a bit hard to see since it was surrounded by disgusting thick hair, but she could see it well enough.  She had never touched one before, but she slowly reached her hand out toward it.  With one finger, she carefully touched the top of it.  It felt soft – softer than she would have expected.  She pushed down on it harder and harder, forcing it down between his legs.  But the minute she pulled her hand away, it sprang right back up where it was.  “It didn’t stay!  Make it stay there!”
      “I can’t,” he replied, trying to sound patient. 
      “How do you make it stay down?”
      “You have to hold it,” he replied.
     Growling with frustration she quickly washed her hands before walking away.  Her idea of tying him to the toilet all night wasn’t working out as well as she had thought it would.  She started walking around the house, looking for some kind of idea that might help.  But when she got back to the unfinished room where she had been keeping him, her eyes spotted the roll of duct tape on the floor.  She picked it up.  It was worth a try.  She ripped off a piece and carried it back to him.  Holding the tape wide, she pressed it to the top of his male thingy and pushed down again, pushing it as far back between his legs as she could.  Then she pressed the rest of the tape to the underside of his groin and legs.  When she removed her hand again, his thingy appeared to be gone.  She giggled with satisfaction as she stood up.  “Well, that takes care of that!”  She carefully and thoroughly washed her hands again after touching him. 
      “I expect you to remain completely silent.  If I hear anything out of you at all, I’ll tape those panties back in your mouth again… and you know I’ll do it!”  She paused in the doorway as she put her hand on the light switch.  With a wicked grin on her face, she said, “Have a good night.” 
     The switch was thrown leaving him in semi-darkness as she walked away toward the living room.  A minute later, he faintly heard the TV.  He pulled desperately at his bonds, but he couldn’t move anything at all.  He was stuck right where she wanted him to be again.  But at least this time it was a better place and a better position.  He just wished he could lay down to sleep – he was so tired!  Allowing himself to heed the call of nature, he peed into the toilet.  At least it was a big improvement over having to wet himself last night.  
     He ached – all over!  All the aches in his body from being bound all last night had diminished during the day, but they had never really gone away.  And now he was bound again – only differently.  And as far as he could tell, he had even less freedom of movement than he had before.  Was she really planning on leaving him like this… all night?  As far as he could see, that seemed to be exactly what her plan was.  She had tied him up and put him out of the way for the rest of the night.  Why?  What was her purpose in doing all this anyway?
     He still had the sense that there was something else going on… something beyond the twisted impulses of a cruel and wicked girl.  But what?  He remembered her taking all those pictures of him yesterday… and then sending them off somewhere – to who?  Was there someone else involved here?  Other than the fact that she had sent those pictures somewhere, he could see no sign of anyone else involved… so far.  And then she had taken more pictures of him today.  Was she sending those pictures to someone else right now?  Would that someone else send those pictures to the police, and consequently send him to jail?  He shuddered at the thought.  He really didn’t want to go to jail… especially since he hadn’t done anything wrong.  Well, not until yesterday at least.  But somehow he didn’t think that Carol wanted him in jail… as long as he went along and played her cruel and twisted game.  That thought alone gave him the only tiny bit of hope he could find. 
     He pulled desperately again at all the bonds that were holding him… literally everywhere!  But nothing moved even an inch.  He was stuck… right here!  But at least he wouldn’t be peeing all over himself all night again.  That much was an improvement.  But as far as he could see, it was the only improvement.  He closed his eyes and let his thoughts linger over different scenarios where he would beat her to a bloody pulp!  The only thing stopping him was… those damn pictures. 

     Carol watched TV for a while, enjoying the fact that he had a much better TV than the foster home did.  But her thoughts didn’t leave him for long.  She was still worried about him getting loose, especially since she would be sleeping there.  She knew it was silly, but she went back to the bathroom to check on him.  She stopped in the doorway and snapped the light on.  His head jerked up, he had been sleeping.  She stared at him for a minute, visually surveying her handiwork with the ropes.  Everything looked perfect.  As she continued to stare at his naked body, she was again struck by the hair all over it.  She didn’t like his hair.  It was ugly!  Why didn’t guys ever shave their bodies?  But there wasn’t much she could, or would, do about that now.  Snapping off the light, she left to wander the house again.
     She eventually found herself in the kitchen.  She hadn’t spent much time there since this all began.  She briefly opened the cabinets to see what food he had – some but not much.  She checked his refrigerator.  There were a couple of steaks in the freezer and a bunch of frozen dinners.  She pulled a soft drink out and opened it. 
     In a little area of the counters she found his laptop.  She opened the lid and pushed the button to turn it on.  She was surprised to see that it booted right up to his desktop – no password.  Her Momma had told her to always make sure to use a real good password that nobody could possibly guess.  But then, it had been a long time now since she had been able to spend much time alone on a computer. 
     Opening up his internet browser, she quickly went to the search program and typed in “tying someone up.”  Her first search turned up lots of sites with the word “bondage” in them.  She immediately seized on the new word and did a search on that.  Going from site to site, she quickly became fascinated with all the different ways people had come up with to tie people up.  Many of them were mostly the same thing over and over again, but a few of them that were really creative held her attention. 
     It was late when she went to sleep in his bed that night.  His clothes that he had left on the floor of his bathroom early that morning, smelled badly.  Not wanting to touch them, she had left them alone when she went in to pee.  She closed the bathroom door behind her when she left so the odor wouldn’t bother her during the night.  But it wasn’t the odor of his clothes in the bathroom that bothered her now, it was his bed.  She could still smell his body odor on the sheets and pillows.  Not the horrible pee smell, but his smell.  And she didn’t like it.

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