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The Housekeeper - Chapter 2 (Part 2 of 3)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 2 (Part 2 of 3)

     She was late again, but not as late as last time – although he would have been happier if she had not shown up at all.  She did have his wallet and car keys though so he wasn’t exactly going anywhere.  She finally walked into the room and closed the door behind her.  A lump of fear raised itself in his throat the moment the door closed.  The closer she got to his desk, the more it looked like she was mad about something.  His fear increased.
      “You idiot!” she suddenly yelled.  “You can’t remember even the simplest of things.  What’s it going to take to make you remember?  I even reminded you this morning when we got out of the car.”
     He wanted to ask what, but was afraid to speak since she hadn’t given him permission.  But he didn’t have to wait long to find out what her problem was.
      “Not once!  Not once today did you call me Miss Carol!  You know better than to do that!  Now I’m going to have to think up some way to punish you for it!”
     The lump of fear in his throat seemed to become a huge ball of fear that now rested heavily in his stomach. 
      “Stand up!” she commanded.  “And get over where I can see you again!” 
     As he stood up, he saw her fishing in her purse.  Her new pink cell phone suddenly made an appearance.  He was afraid that she was going to make him strip again and take more pictures of him.  He was more afraid because he doubted that the school was empty yet.  Someone might see! 
     But she surprised him yet again.  She looked him straight in the eyes and grinned wickedly at him.  “Now… wet your pants!”
     He was flabbergasted and almost complained, but he bit his tongue just in time.  Wet his pants?  Where did she come up with these things?  She was positively evil – well, that much he already knew. 
      “I’m waiting,” she said as she held her cell phone camera up towards him.  “Wait a minute!” she suddenly exclaimed.  “Take your jacket off first so I can see it better.”
     He was slow to remove his jacket, still trying to come to grips with her original command.  He saw her getting ready to yell at him again, but he quickly pulled his jacket off and placed it on his desk. 
      “That’s better,” she said.  She raised the camera into position again.  “Okay, I’m ready.”
     He just couldn’t believe it.  Worse, he didn’t think he could do it.  It was such an unreasonable request – like everything else she had made him do so far. 
      “I’m still waiting,” she said, putting a hint of anger in her voice. 
     His fear continued to grow.  What would happen if he didn’t do as she wanted?  All kinds of nasty things immediately came to mind, not the least of which was a very long jail sentence. 
     She suddenly lowered her camera.  “Damn it!  What’s wrong with you?  I gave you a simple command.  Remember our agreement?  I say, and you do!  Immediately!  No questions!”  She raised her camera into position again.
     Her anger only raised the fears running through him even more.  “I… I’ll try,” he stammered.”
      “I’ll try – Miss Carol!” she corrected him.  “And you better do a lot more than just try!”
     Once again having no choice in the matter at all, he concentrated on trying to pee.  The entire time he was trying, he kept thinking over and over again about his situation and what she had already done to him… and about the pictures she had taken yesterday.  And now she wanted pictures of something different.  She had ruined him.  She had totally destroyed his life! 
     As he worked to force himself to wet himself, a tear fell from his eye.  A moment later, he felt the flood gates open as his pee burst forth, soaking the front of his pants and running down his legs… all the way down to his shoes.  And as his pee bust forth, so did his sobs of shame.  His life was ruined!  There was no way back!
     He squatted slightly against the discomfort as he continued to wet himself.  He heard her camera clicking almost continually, but he couldn’t look at her.  Not that he would have seen much anyway past the tears that were now streaming down his face.  He covered his crotch a bit with his hands.
      “Get those hands out of the way!” she commanded.  He hugged himself with his arms instead, even as a new round of sobs left his throat.  His life was over.  Totally! 
     When he seemed to be finished, she smiled, but she shook her head at the same time.  “What a cry baby!”  She put her cell phone back into her purse and slung it over her shoulder.  “Grab your things, we’re going home.”
     He reached over and grabbed his jacket and started to put it on.  “I’ll take that for you,” she said with that same wicked smile.  Having nothing else to cover up his embarrassment, he followed her out of the room, remembering only afterwards that he had left his expandable case behind again.  Oh well, he didn’t really need it this weekend anyway. 
     Feeling scared to death, he walked beside her through the school corridors.  There were very few people around – fortunately.  On Fridays the school usually emptied out faster than other days. 
     She unlocked the car with his keys, but she stopped him before he could get in.  “I don’t want you getting pee all over the seats.  I might have to sit in them sometime.”  She opened the rear door for him.  Crawl in there on the floor instead… on your hands and knees so you don’t get the carpet too wet… and stay there!”
     He looked back at her for only a moment before he did as he was told.  Besides, he wanted to get out of sight as soon as possible.  As she drove them out of the parking lot, he felt like he was being abducted and taken somewhere since he couldn’t see anything from the rear floor.  But then, wasn’t he being abducted?
     She drove him straight back to his house, once again closing the garage door behind her after she drove in.  She opened the back door of the car.  He was still huddled on his hands and knees on the floor, his back end turned to her.  She could see the wet stains all over his pants.  “Get out!” she commanded.  He started to get up.  “Crawl out!” she corrected.  Back on his hands and knees again, he backed up and worked his way out of the car.  She had him crawl into the house all the way to the unfinished room where she had kept him last night.  The area smelled strongly from his stale urine that had soaked into the floor.  She wrinkled her nose at it. 
     Now she had to figure out what to do with him again for a little while.  She glanced at her watch, she still had a bit of time left before she could call her mother.  She wasn’t really interested in doing anything more with him until she had talked to her.  He was still on his hands and knees.  She looked at the small stained area on the floor where he had spent all last night – and his pants were wet again.  “Back to your spot,” she commanded.  “Might as well keep the mess all in one place!”  She watched as he crawled back to where he had spent his time before.  “Don’t make me be harder on you than I have to,” she warned.  He made no reply… but then he had better not!  
     Now, how did she want to secure him?  “Stay on your hands and knees but backup to the wall.”  She walked through the stud wall to the other side and set her purse on the floor.  She pulled out the handcuffs again and picked up the rope version of them from the floor.  “Backup, with your legs on each side of that board.”  He didn’t move fast, but at least he did move.  When she was satisfied with his position, she quickly knelt down and put the rope cuffs on his ankles, fastening them together with the wall stud between them.  She got the handcuffs ready.  “Reach back with your left hand.” 
     Still trying to support himself with just his right arm, he slowly brought his left arm back.  He suddenly felt her grabbing his wrist and pulling hard on it.  The snap of the handcuff around it happened fast.  She reached through the wall and pressed down on his neck while pulling back and up on his handcuffed arm, forcing his head down toward the floor.  He felt her lower his arm and pulling the handcuff through the rope that held his ankles together. 
      “Now your other arm!”
     With no way to support himself, his head was pushed almost into the urine soaked floor as he felt her roughly grab his right arm.  A moment later, it too was connected to his other wrist – and his ankles.  He started to pull his head up, but it was difficult to do in the position she had him.
      “Stay like that!” she commanded when she saw him try to move.  “Since you like peeing yourself so much, you can just stay there and smell it for a while.”
     He forced himself to lower his head back toward the floor – somewhat.  She left him alone then.  He was glad to see her go, but he wasn’t.  He didn’t want to be chained to the wall all night again, especially not in this position.
     Carol walked back out to the living room where he couldn’t hear her.  She sat on his couch and began transferring all the pictures she had taken today to the other cell phone that would go to her mother – next week.  She couldn’t wait.  As she copied each picture, she studied each one carefully.  The dumb shit had actually started crying when he wet his pants!  She had been right to call him a baby.  Something about making him cry pleased her.  As her Momma had taught her, making men suffer was only right!
     She glanced at her watch again when she was done.  Close enough.  She dialed the number to the minimum security prison where her mother was being held.  Someone picked up the phone – not her mother.  “Is Janice Stokley there?” she asked politely. 
     The woman on the other end glanced around the room.  “I don’t see…  Wait a second.  Here she comes now.  Janice!  This one’s for you!”
     Carol had to wait while her mother got to the phone.  This happened fairly often since the lines were shared by so many people. 
      “Hello?” Janice said into the phone.
      “Momma!” Carol replied with a sigh of relief.
      “Hi Darling.  How are things going?”
      “So far, so good, Momma.  I really miss you though.”
      “I know dear, I miss you too.  Are you still coming to visit tomorrow?”
      “You know I am!”
      “Good girl.  I’m looking forward to it.”
      “Me too!”
      “So what did you do today, dear?”
     Carol laughed.  “Like you suggested, I made him wear a pair of my panties under his pants to work today.  But then at lunchtime, I made him pull his zipper down on his pants and leave it there.  I didn’t let him pull it up again till we were in the middle of class later.  Things didn’t work out as well with that as I hoped though.  His pants seemed to stay mostly closed all the time, even with his zipper down.  I had to come up with something to make them gap open a bit before I could suggest that he pull his zipper up again.  I had to whisper to my friend that I saw pink panties, but I don’t know if she believed me or not.”
     Janice was silent for a moment as she thought about what her daughter had just told her.  She wasn’t really happy to hear what she had done.  “Okay,” she finally said.  “Anything else?  Did you get any more pictures?”  Janice heard her daughter laugh… laughter that made her heart soar.
      “I sure did!” Carol replied with another giggle.  “I just copied them to your new phone for later.  After school, I made him wet his pants right in front of me, before we left the school.  Oh Momma, you should have seen him.  He actually cried when he did it.  What a baby!”
     But Carol’s words troubled Janice even more.  “You say you made him do it before he left the school?”
      “Yeah, of course.”
      “Listen, dear.  We’ve got to be really careful about this.  We can’t take any chance of him losing his job or even calling any undue attention to him.  We need his legitimacy!”
      “So I did wrong?” Carol asked, her feelings clearly hurt.
     Janice thought about it.  “Hopefully not… at least not yet.  I don’t think that you did anything yet that could cause any big problems, so don’t worry about it.  Just make sure that nobody knows about anything else you do with him.  Okay?”
      “Yeah, okay Momma.  No problem.”   But the disappointment was clearly in her voice.  Half the fun of it was exposing him in public… not to mention clearly showing her superiority over him.  “But it was still fun to see him cry,” she finally added.
      “I’m sure it was.  And maybe you can find a way to make him cry some more if you like.  Just don’t jeopardize what we’re doing!  Got that?”
      “Yeah Momma.  You know I can handle it.”
      “Yes.  You’re doing great so far.”

     Roger was once again miserable.  He struggled a bit against his bonds, but he knew very well that he couldn’t get out of them.  He only hoped that she wouldn’t keep him there all night again.  He would have liked to roll over onto his side, but the way she had positioned him, made that pretty much impossible.  The wall stud between his legs and arms was keeping him right where he was and on his knees – which were now hurting something fierce!
     The smell of the floor under his face bothered him too.  How was he ever going to get the smell out before he finished rebuilding the room?  Who was he kidding?  He wasn’t ever going to rebuild this room.  More likely, he’d be dead before too long because she would kill him.  Dead, and with the pictures she now had, people would most likely be glad!  He briefly wondered what her mother thought of her.  He’d really like to have a good talk with that woman!  But then he remembered that someone had mentioned once that Carol lived in one of the foster homes.  So there was a good chance that she didn’t have a mother.

     “How much money do you have dear?” Janice asked her daughter.
     Carol dug his wallet out of her purse and looked through it.  “He’s only got twenty three dollars left in his wallet.  I have about five in mine.”
      “That’s not going to be enough.  Does he have an ATM card there?”
     Carol looked through the cards she had found.  “Yeah, and two credit cards.”
      “Forget the credit cards.  ATM only – for now.  Do you think you can get him to tell you his PIN number?”
     Carol chuckled.  “I don’t think that should be much of a problem.”
      “Okay.  You should have enough to last for tonight, but go to the ATM machine at his bank tonight and find out how much money he’s got in his account.  Don’t get any yet.  Just let me know tomorrow.  I’ll tell you then how much to get before I get out of here.  We’ll have to be careful with what’s available till I can get a handle on all his finances. 
      “Okay, Momma.  I can take care of that easy enough.”
      “Good girl.  See you tomorrow then.”
      “I’ll be there, Momma.  Promise!”

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