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The Housekeeper - Chapter 4 (Part 1 of 3)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 4 (Part 1 of 3)

     Worry woke Carol up.  Worry about him and worry about the things her mother needed her to do still.  It was a lot of responsibility, but she just kept telling herself that she could take care of it – all of it.  She was old enough now.  And if she and her mother ever wanted to have any kind of a life together again, then it was going to be up to her to make it all happen – at least until Thursday when her mother would be out of prison and with her again.  The number of days was growing much shorter, but it was still a long wait.  Especially now… now that she had to keep her miserable math teacher under control. 
     She hadn’t heard a sound from him all night.  She hoped that was good.  She went into his bathroom in the master bedroom and relieved herself, then she dressed quickly in the clothes she had worn yesterday.  She hurried out of the bedroom and into the unfinished room where she had left him.  Stopping in the doorway, she could see that he was still tied to the wall in the same position as she had left him.  Nothing looked different.  She saw him raise his head and turn it to look at her.  He looked miserable.  The duct tape was still wrapped all around his head, holding in the dirty pee stained panties she had stuffed in his mouth. 
     As she walked into the unfinished room, she noticed the big wet puddle between his legs.  He had urinated on the floor again.  Well, she supposed that couldn’t have been helped.  Served him right to have to sit in it all night anyway!  “Are you ready to be more cooperative and try it again?” she asked.  Of course he couldn’t really answer her, it was a moment before she saw him roll his eyes and then give a small nod.  She took that as a definite yes and retrieved the plastic container. 
     She was about to set it on the floor in front of him, but the pool of his pee stopped her.  She didn’t want to set the container in all that mess.  She went back to the kitchen and got one of the large plastic trash bags that he kept there and brought it back. She stuffed it down between his legs, covering as much as possible, then she set the container back in place.  She started to untie his one hand again.  “Are you going to give me any trouble?”  She saw him weakly shake his head – actually it looked more like his neck was broken and his head had just flopped back and forth a bit, only to settle on his chest.  Cautiously, watching for the first sign of trouble, she untied his hand.  His arm just dropped straight down to the floor, totally limp.  It was a moment before he even tried to move it, and then it was to pump it back and forth a bit to try to get the circulation moving again. 
     She backed up from him and sat in the chair again.  “I’m waiting,” she said.
     Roger was so tired!  His body hurt in places he didn’t even know he had.  Of course there were more than a few places that he knew that he had that he couldn’t feel anymore.  And now this jerky kid wanted him to jerk off into her dish?  He seriously doubted that he could manage it.  But it seemed that accomplishing it would be his only path to freedom… or at least more freedom than he had now.  Grabbing his limp flesh with his only free hand, he went to work – massaging it, kneading it, desperately trying to make something – anything – happen.  But as he suspected, he wasn’t exactly in the mood.  He was desperate though, beyond desperate.  He closed his eyes and tried to think of things that he found stimulating.  His mind pulled up some magazine pictures that he liked that he had studied very closely on more nights than one.  He concentrated on his memories harder and harder, slowly closing out the pain of his situation.  And very gradually, his body responded. 
     Her mother had told her that it might take a while.  Carol was just about to give up on him doing it himself and try to take matters into her own hands, when she noticed that suddenly his male thingy seemed to be a bit bigger.  A minute later, she was sure of it because it had definitely grown again.  Unable to take her eyes off of it now, she watched with more and more fascination as what was once tiny and limp, became large and obviously very hard.  His hand began moving faster and faster and her own breathing quickened in turn. 
     She suddenly saw him take his hand away and desperately search the floor in front of him, trying to find the plastic container.  His hand closed over top of it and he dragged it closer.  Then his hand went back to his now huge… thingy.  He shoved down on it and pumped it.  But his hand left again to adjust the plastic dish.  Then he was pumping.  His hand went back to the dish, then back to its work.  She realized then that he couldn’t see the dish in front of him and was trying to line himself up.  But every time he tried to locate the dish, he lost ground in the task he needed to perform. 
     In a flash, she was out of her seat.  He was again searching for the container.  His eyes were still closed… why?  She batted his hand away from the dish.  “I’ll hold it for you!” she said excitedly.  His hand went back to work.  She waited… and waited… all the while getting a very close up view of him growing more and more excited.  He suddenly let out what sounded like a very long moan of distress.  She quickly looked up at his face to see what was wrong – and then jumped when something suddenly splashed up her wrist and arm.  He had missed!  He had over shot the container!  And now she had it all over her!  Horrified, she quickly changed the way she was holding the container and was rewarded to see his juice now going into the container.  But the angle she had to hold it also made it possible for some of it to drip out if she wasn’t careful.  She was surprised at the intensity of how hard each blast came out of him.  Before she knew it though, it all ended, and she watched as his… thingy… began growing softer and softer. 
     He was finished!  But she now had some of it directly on her.  Frightened of it, she dropped the plastic container out of his reach.  She knew if she was careful she wouldn’t get pregnant from it, but still, as her Momma had told her numerous times, if she touched herself wrong in any way, then…  She ran to the master bathroom and scrubbed her arm thoroughly.  Then she ripped her clothes off and jumped into the shower, scrubbing her entire body just as hard.  It was a while before she calmed down enough to feel safe.  Had any of it mysteriously gotten into her somehow?  She hoped not!  She would probably have nightmares about it forever!
     After taking the time to wash her hair, she finally got out of the shower and dressed herself – clean clothes.  The clothes she had been wearing were carefully picked up and put directly into the washing machine – along with plenty of detergent.  Only then did she go back to him.  He was still sitting right like she had left him – naturally.  His free hand was lying limp on the ground next to him.  He turned his head weakly at her approach.
     She was a bit surprised that he hadn’t tried to rip the tape off of his head and remove the gag – grateful too, because if he had she would have had to find some other way to punish him for that.  His eyes followed her as she picked up the container and looked into it.  Such a tiny amount – despite his first spurt missing it completely.  She would have thought there would be much more.  She carefully put the lid on the container and carried it out to the kitchen.  Her mother had told her to put it in the refrigerator.  But would it be better in the freezer?  She knew she’d feel safer if it was frozen.  The choice made, she opened the freezer and put it inside, then she carefully washed her hands again. 
     Now… what was she going to do with him?  One thing was for sure, she didn’t want to move him until she heard from her mother.  She went back to the little room again.  His eyes locked onto her as she walked into the room.  “I’m going to remove that gag now,” she told him.  “Do I have to tie your free hand?”  He vehemently shook his head no.
     She removed the tape from his head, watching him register the pain as it was ripped away from his skin.  But it was nothing at all like the pain he had registered from that other little piece of tape she had ripped off of him last night.  Maybe that part of him was more sensitive.  His free arm came up towards his mouth, and stopped.  His eyes asked the question.  “Yeah, go ahead.  You can take it out now,” she told him.  The pink panties that had been in his mouth came out quickly and he threw the ball of material on the floor.  He breathed in huge gasps of air, trying to clear his lungs.  She looked at the ball of pink panties that had been in his mouth.  It had looked awful before, it looked much worse now.  She tried for a moment to think about what it must have been like for him to have it in his mouth for so long and almost gagged.
     His hand came up and she quickly backed away, frightened that he might try to hurt her.  But he only pointed down toward his now tiny little – thingy.  “What?” she asked, having no idea what his problem was.
      “I really need to pee.”
      “Oh!”  But it was still too early for her mother to call yet and she wasn’t about to let him have that much freedom.  Like it or not, he was going to have to stay right where he was.  “You’ll have to pee right there for now,” she said.  A look of anger quickly filled his face. 
      “I’ve done what you want!  Now please let me go!  I promise I’ll be good… Miss Carol.”
     But her mother had told her not to.  “Not yet!” she replied. 
      “Do I have to tie your arm again?  Or maybe put the panties back in your mouth?” 
     He shut up quickly and shook his head.  “No, Miss Carole.”  He felt so defeated.  He purposely looked away from her so he wouldn’t have to look at her.  He heard her walking out of the room… leaving him.  His sigh was pure frustration.

     Carol grabbed her cell phone so she could keep it close, hoping that somehow her mother might find a way to call early, but it wasn’t until mid-morning when it buzzed.  Her mother’s voice on the other end was like a wave of relief.  “Hi Momma!”
      “Hi Carol.  Is everything okay?”
      “Perfectly – I think.”
      “You think?”
      “Well, I had to leave him tied right where he was all last night since you told me to make sure he was always restrained.  I’m making him pee right where he’s sitting again.  I’m afraid the floor is starting to stink terribly under him.”
     Janice almost laughed.  “Don’t worry about it.  It won’t hurt him.  But tell me, has he given you any trouble at all since last night?”
      “No, Momma.  None at all.  I think he wants to behave again, but I don’t want to trust him.”
      “Don’t trust him!  It’s too soon!  Now, did he spurt into the container?”
      “He sure did!” Carol replied gleefully.  “Although there was almost a bit of a catastrophe.”
      “What?” Janice asked, fully concerned.
      “Well, the way I have him tied, he couldn’t aim the thing very well, so I had to kind of jump in and hold the container… but Momma, I didn’t know it was going to spurt that hard or that far!  The stuff went right over the top and splashed all up my arm.  But don’t worry, I scrubbed it as hard as I could and took a shower right away.  I don’t think I have anything to worry about.”
     Janice chuckled.  “Don’t worry, dear.  It won’t hurt you… as long as it doesn’t come close to certain parts of you that is.”
      “Good!” Carol replied.  “I have it sitting in the freezer now where it will be perfectly safe – I hope!”
      “In the freezer?  Carol, listen.  Move it to the refrigerator.  It’s really very unlikely, but I’ve heard of where they freeze that stuff and then bring it back to life again later.  We don’t want that to happen.  Putting it in the refrigerator will make sure that junk all dies a very quick death!”
      “Don’t worry, Momma, I’ll move it there right away!”
      “Good girl.  Now, I’ve thought of a few ideas you can use if you want.  You don’t have to do them, but you’re the one who’s there so you’re going to have to be the one who decides what to do and what not to do.”
      “I’m looking for any ideas, Momma!  Any!”
      “Okay then.  Is there a hardware store or one of those building supply stores anywhere near you that will be open today?”
     Carol thought about it.  “Yes,” she decided.  There’s a place not too far from here.”
      “Good.  Then go there today and buy some chain.  Fairly heavy chain, but not too big.  You’ll have to decide.  Get some idea of how long that bathroom is that he was in before and add about five feet to that.  That’s how long the length of chain will have to be.  Then buy a good padlock too – with a key.  Make sure that the lock will go through the chain links.  You got all that?”
      “Yeah, sure, Momma.  Easy.”
      “Good.  When you get home, you can wrap that chain around the base of the toilet. And secure it with the padlock.  Fix it so that the other end of the chain just reaches the doorway.  Then you can fasten those handcuffs you found to the chain and the other end to his ankle.  He’s not going to be able to leave the bathroom, but he can still take a shower and do whatever other business he has to, and you won’t have to worry about him as much.  And he can sleep on the floor there tonight.”
      “Momma!  That’s a great idea.  And it’s easy too.”
      “Yes dear.  Now I thought of something else too – something that he’s going to like a whole lot less.  You said you wanted to get rid of all that hair on him?  Well…”
     When Carol finally put her phone down, her mind was charged with the possibilities.  And better yet, a way to punish him for the way he had fought with her last night.  She quickly checked on him, and found him sleeping.  The pool of piss around him had grown bigger and it smelled something awful.  Tough! 
     Knowing that she had to go out for a while, she didn’t want to leave any part of him unrestrained.  His free arm was lying limply on the ground.  Quietly, she looped the end of the rope under it.  He didn’t stir till she quickly pulled the knot tight around his wrist.  Then he jolted, trying to move his arm away.  But she was faster and pulled it up to the board next to him again.  He didn’t fight back and a minute later, his hand was stuck firmly to the board.  He was thoroughly tied up again. 
      “I have to go out for a while.  See you later.”  It was all she said to him before she left.
     Roger said nothing, but inwardly he was cursing up a storm. 
     Carol drove straight to his ATM machine first.  Her mother had told her to get another hundred dollars if she needed it, but to make sure she went easy on it.  She intended to.  Then she stopped to get a few dollars’ worth of gas in the car again.  Traffic was very light since it was Sunday and she was able to make it to the building supply store fairly quickly.  But once inside, she was somewhat bewildered.  The place seemed so huge… and they had so much stuff!  
      “Can I help you?” Someone asked.  Gratefully, she accepted his help.  The man led her to an aisle that held many reels of chain. Then he called for someone who was more familiar with that section to help her.  Carol looked over all the choices carefully, then finally decided on a type that looked like it was a little heavier than what she remembered seeing on swing sets.  She was sure that it would hold him.  She asked the man who came to help her for fifteen feet of it.  The man carefully measured it out on the floor, then had to use a very large and powerful machine to cut it.  Carol figured that if it took a machine like that to cut it, then he certainly wasn’t going to break it.  The man looped the chain up as if it were a rope and tied it up with tape.  Then he directed her to the hardware section to find the locks she was looking for.
     The chain was very heavy for Carol, but she managed it.  She also managed to pick up several more packages of rope that she noticed near the chain before leaving the aisle – just in case.  Fortunately, the locks were easy to find. She selected a package that contained two fairly heavy duty ones. Then she lugged it all to the checkout counter and paid for it.  The chain was so heavy that she was glad to get it into the car.  She was looking forward to her next stop though, because that was the part that really interested her.
     Not far from the building supply store, was a large drug store.  Inside, she grabbed three boxes of what she was looking for, knowing that he was just going to love it!  But on the way to the checkout counter, she just happened to turn down an aisle that contained all the adult incontinent supplies.  Her footsteps slowed as she went past.  They were essentially diapers.  Like baby diapers – only larger.  He had hated wetting his pants last week.  What would he think if he had to wear a diaper and wet that?  Another thought forced its way in.  If he wet the diaper while it was under his clothes, would anybody be able to tell?  Wasn’t that what the things were made for in the first place?  Taking the time to decide on which ones she thought might be the best, she grabbed a package.

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