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The Housekeeper - Chapter 3 (Part 2 of 3)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 3 (Part 2 of 3)

     Roger’s bottom was numb, as was most of his body since he couldn’t move any part of it.  Sitting on the toilet was fine… for a while… but he had been stuck here since last night.  She had been gone a very long time now.  A very long time!  In the quiet of the house, he thought he heard the garage door opening, then closing again.  She was back.  He prayed she would release him.
     Carol headed straight to the bathroom carrying the lunch from Burger King she had just bought in one hand, and a stack of mail from the mailbox out by the road in her other hand.  She had already stopped at the ATM machine and filled her purse with money.  Now, shopping was on her mind.  But first, lunch, and then… how was she going to handle him?  She looked him over carefully as she stood in the bathroom doorway.  As far as she could see, he hadn’t moved an inch.  “If I release you, are you going to behave?”
     Roger was ready to do anything to be released.  Anything!  “Yes… Yes Miss Carol.  I promise I won’t give you any trouble at all.  Please let me out of here!”
     Carol smiled.  She liked him calling her Miss Carol.  She went back to the kitchen and set the bag of food and all the mail on the table.  Then she made a stop in his bedroom to retrieve the handcuffs she had left behind that morning before going to the prison.  Finally, she came back to him. 
     She began working on all the knots and bindings that held him in place.  It took a very long time to loosen it all – way too many knots.  But there was no help for it.  She was reluctant to cut the ropes in case she wanted to use them again – which she already knew she would.  She finally released his feet, and then his hands.  Then she stood back away from him.  She giggled a bit before he had a chance to stand up.  “If you have to do anything more while you’re on that thing, then this might be a good time.”
     Roger shook his head.  “I went a little while ago.  I’m good… Miss Carol.”
     She smiled and held up a pair of the handcuffs.  “Do I have to put these on you?”
      “No, Miss Carol.  I said I would be good.”
     She nodded and backed out of the bathroom as he stood up.  “Let’s go to the kitchen.”  She followed behind his naked body all the way.  In the kitchen, he started to pull one of the chairs out from the table.  “Wait!” she said.  He looked at her.  But she didn’t know why she had told him to wait.  There was just something that felt wrong about him sitting down at the table with her to eat.  Something very wrong!  She wanted to sit at the table, but not with him!  But he had to eat too. 
     She pulled his hamburger and fries out of the bag and set them on the table.  She stuck a straw in his drink for him.  She noticed him looking longingly at the drink.  He was probably thirsty… hungry too.  Good.  She looked around the room and her eyes finally fell on the corner of the kitchen floor.  “Take these over there and eat them,” she said.
     Roger wasn’t happy, but he was hungry.  And at least he could eat more normally this time.  He went over to the corner of the kitchen.  It was just an empty corner with nothing else there.  He sat down on the floor with his food and was about to start eating when she stopped him again. 
      “Wait!”  Oh a whim, she grabbed the handcuffs again and went over to him.
      “But I promised I’d be good,” he complained. 
      “I know.  I just like this better.”
     Before he knew it, Roger once again had his hands cuffed behind his back and was struggling to eat his meal from the floor… while she sat at the table and watched him.
     Carol finished her lunch long before he did again and had to wait until he was finished.  He looked dirty and scruffy.  His face was a mess – he needed a shave too.  His whole body needed a shave for that matter.  Should she make him shave it?  But there wasn’t time just then.  Besides, she thought she should check with her mother about that matter first, just in case she might know some reason he needed to keep all that ugly hair.  “Would you like a shower?” she asked.
      “Yes, Miss Carol,” he replied with more than a hint of gratitude in his voice.  She nodded her head toward the bedroom to tell him he could get up and go there.  The paper wrappers from his food were left right where they were.  There were several little things like that all over the house that needed tending to, but she had money in her purse and wanted to go shopping – and she couldn’t take him anywhere like he was.
     With his cuffs finally removed, Roger shaved his face.  But eating his lunch and then shaving stimulated his need to pee again.  With her watching him, he stood in front of the toilet.  But his penis was still taped back between his legs.  He pulled at the tape, but the adhesive not only stuck firmly to his skin, it stuck even more firmly to all his hair.  He winced at the pain of trying to remove it, and he was getting nowhere.  He tried prying the tape up from all around the edges, but still made very little progress.
      “Can’t you just leave it there?” she called from where she was sitting up on his bed watching him.  We don’t have all day!”
     Hating doing it, he backed up and sat down to pee, feeling like a fool the whole time.  After that, he gratefully had a chance to luxuriate under the hot shower.
      “Don’t take too long in there,” she yelled the minute he got fully wet.
      “No, Miss Carol,” he yelled back, even though he had no intention of hurrying at all.  After being tied as he was for so long, his whole body ached terribly… and he still felt incredibly tired – and weak.  He tried while he was in there to loosen the glue on the tape, but it was no use, he could only loosen it a little bit around the edges.  His penis stayed trapped between his legs.  The glue attached to all his hair was just too painful to remove quickly.
     When he came out again, she was dangling a pair of her panties in her hand again.  Yellow ones this time.  He took them from her – they looked used.  Hers from yesterday, he guessed correctly.  He wasn’t happy about having to wear them. 
     She noticed that while he didn’t say anything about the panties, his face clearly showed his embarrassment over them.  And when he put them on, with his penis still taped up under him, it looked like he didn’t have one at all – a sight that pleased her a lot.  She let him select a pair of jeans and a decent shirt to wear with the yellow panties. 
      “Should I cuff you in the car?” she mused out loud as he was dressing.  “It would probably be better if you drive since it is your car, but I really don’t mind driving it at all.  In fact I’m rather enjoying it. I don’t have a car of my own – yet.”
     He chanced talking, only because he was tired of being tied up.  “I promise I won’t give you any trouble, Miss Carol.  I promise.  And I’ll be glad to take you anywhere you like.”
     She smiled, but her voice was iron.  “You will take me anywhere I like… and do anything I tell you to do!”
      “Yes, Miss Carol,” he replied as he buckled his belt. 
     Socks and sneakers and a sweater completed his dressing.  She deemed him ready. 
     She let him get in the driver’s seat and handed him the keys once she got in the car.  “We have some shopping to do and I don’t want to do it in town here.  There aren’t any decent stores here anyway.  Where do you suggest we go where I can get some new clothes?”
     He made a brief suggestion of a major chain store down in Gainesville about thirty minutes away.  A minute later, he was backing out of the garage on his way. 
     The whole time they were driving, she worried about how he was going to behave in the store.  He had been good at home, but that was then and this is now.  And as her Momma had said over and over again – you can’t ever trust a man!  At least three times she asked him if he was going to be good for her and do whatever she said, and three times he replied that he would.  When he had parked the car, she took the keys from him again and put them into her purse so he couldn’t leave without her… at least not in his car.  She asked one more time.  “And you’re going to behave and do whatever I ask?”
     She had asked so many times now that Roger was really worried about what she had planned.  But his answer was still the same.  “Yes, Miss Carol.”
      “Good!  Because if you don’t, then you know what I’ll do with all those pictures I have of you!”
     Roger didn’t need to be reminded at all.  It was really the only thing that kept him from beating her to a pulp.
     He pushed the shopping cart while she headed straight to the clothing department.  He didn’t really mind standing around while she looked at pants and shirts and everything else, at least he wasn’t tied up.  Leaning against the cart wasn’t bad at all.  He could almost pretend that he was just another father out for a day with his daughter… yeah right!  Under that sweet exterior, she was an absolute monster!
     A few clothing items that she liked wound up in the cart.  Far less than he figured she would buy.  Then they moved on to the underwear department.  Again, she looked over tons of panties and bras.  A few of each wound up in the cart too – more panties than bras, and surprisingly fairly plain looking ones.  He wasn’t much of an authority on what kind of panties most girls liked, but he would have thought they would all go for the more fancy ones.  But obviously, she preferred plain comfort.  Who would have thought?  But then she surprised him by moving down to look at the really frilly fancy ones.  He chided himself for his earlier thoughts.  Obviously, she did like the fancy ones too.
     Quite a few pairs of the fancy panties were thrown into the cart with everything else.  He thought they would be leaving then, but she went back to look at the bras again instead.  She wanted more?  Probably to go with the fancy panties she had just picked out.  But then she surprised him again.
      “What size bra do you wear?” she asked.
     He was so startled by the question that he couldn’t answer for a moment.  “I don’t,” he finally replied.
      “Well, if you did wear one, what size would it be?”
      “How should I know?  I’ve never worn one.”
     She smiled at him.  “We’re going to change that!”  He didn’t like the sound of that at all.  “Okay, what size chest do you have?” she asked, noticing how nervous he suddenly seemed to be – something that really pleased her. 
      “My ch… chest?” he stammered.
      “Yeah!  What size?  How big around?  You’ve got to know that much.  You do buy clothes for yourself, don’t you?”
      “Yes, Miss Carol,” he replied, his nervousness obvious in his voice.  “I’ve got about a thirty-eight inch chest.”
     She only nodded and went back to looking at the bras, paying closer attention to all the thirty-eights now.  One by one, she began putting bras into the cart.  He was surprised again to see that many of them looked fairly plain – with hopefully a very small cup size.  But after those, she added a few others that didn’t look so plain – or small.  She wouldn’t dare make him wear one of those to work would she?  His nervousness increased all the more as he remembered the pink panties she had made him wear to work last week.
     From there, she led him toward the front of the store where she started looking at toiletries.  He saw a toothbrush and toothpaste land in the cart along with some shampoo and conditioner.  Some feminine pads found there way there too.  The cart was definitely filling up.  The makeup aisle wasn’t far away and she spent a good fifteen minutes selecting a few products there too.
     She finally looked at everything they had in the cart and declared that it was enough.  He was expecting to have to pay for everything with his credit card and waited for her to hand him his wallet back again, but she fooled him.  At the checkout, she pulled out a fairly large stack of bills and paid for it all with cash.  He silently wondered if he had any money left in the bank at all.  He carried everything back out to the car for her. 
      “You were very good in there,” she told him as they were driving home. 
      “Thank you, Miss Carol,” he replied.  He wanted to ask about the bras, but he couldn’t form the words.
     Once they got home again, she had him carry everything back to the master bedroom and dump it all out on the bed.  He stood back and watched her as she delighted in looking over all the things she had just bought.  All the toiletries went into his master bathroom.  All the makeup went straight into her large purse.  A few of the clothes she had purchased went into his closet, but one or two things got folded and set on top of the bag of clothes she had brought with her from the foster home. 
     Then it was down to all the underwear.  She sorted through it all and separated all the panties into the plain ones and the fancy ones.  She pointed to all the fancy ones.  “Put those in your drawer.  They’re for you.”  He winced.  He had hoped that wasn’t the case. 
     She started looking at all the bras next.  As she examined each one, she suddenly said.  “Take your shirt off.”  He not only winced, he cringed.  With a feeling of dread in his stomach, he slowly removed his shirt.  Before it was even off his body, she was holding out one of the bras for him to take.  “Put this on,” she said simply, like it was the most normal thing in the world for him to do.
     He took the thing from her hand, feeling like he was picking up a snake.  Fortunately, it didn’t bite him… although he rather it had.  He turned the thing around in his hands several different ways, trying to figure out how the darn thing was supposed to go. 
      “Haven’t you ever worn a bra before?” she asked, then corrected herself immediately, “No, of course you haven’t.  Get used to it,” she told him, “because you’re not getting dressed without one from now on.”
     He suddenly felt like the darn thing did bite him – and its poison instantly shot though his body making him feel very ill.  How the heck was he supposed to wear one of these all the time?  Did she know how big the stupid cups on the thing were?  They were huge!  He finally got the straps sorted out and put his arms where they belonged, but hooking the thing together behind his back was a nightmare.  He had seen women that he had made love to fastening the things in moments without even thinking about it.  But the process was still a bit beyond him.  He had to pull the back straps in front of him over and over again to look at them and get his fingers lined up on the hooks properly before he could even get the first one fastened.  Fortunately, it went a little better from there and finally the stupid thing was on.  Stupid!  That’s what it was… and that’s exactly how he felt!
      “Don’t worry, you’ll get lots of practice,” she said with a sly grin on her face.  She opened his dresser again and rummaged through his underwear drawer.  She finally pulled out two tee-shirts.  She balled each one up and stuffed them into the large cups of the bra.  He felt even more stupid now.  She stood back and surveyed her work and was pleased.  “Okay, you can put your shirt back on now.”
     Roger began trying to button the front of his shirt again and immediately had a problem doing it.  As large and as comfortable as his shirt had been, it was hard to get the buttons fastened over top of his chest now.  He had to pull the material hard as well as crush in the front of his overly filled bra to fasten the buttons.  When it was finally buttoned, it looked like the front of it was threatening to pull apart… or rip apart. 
     She was grinning wildly.  “I love it!” she declared.  “It’s perfect!”
     Roger didn’t exactly share her opinion.  And now, whenever he moved, he was very much aware of the huge bulk sticking out from his chest – constantly in his way.  How did women deal with the darn things?  And they liked them?  Okay, he himself liked seeing them on women… but he wasn’t a woman!
     She pointed to the larger stack of bras on the bed.  “Those are yours.  Put them away.”  She picked up the rest and put them on top of her bag with her other clothes.  She looked around the room for a moment, then at him.  “Do I have to cuff you again?”
     That was the last thing he wanted.  “No, Miss Carol.  I’ve been good, haven’t I?”
     She smiled.  “So far.  Keep it that way!  She looked at the bed.  “The bed needs to be made.  There’s trash all over the house.  You’ve got smelly clothes that need to be washed…  Wait a minute, before you make the bed.  Do you have any more sheets?”
      “No, just what’s on the bed.  It’s the only bed in the house.”
     She wasn’t happy that all his sheets smelled like him.  “Wash the sheets first, then start cleaning everything in the house.  I don’t want to see you not busy!”

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