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Mercy Me - Chapter 3 – Part 1 of 2

Still healing and my internet doesn't seem to be as good as I thought.  On again off again.  I'm very close now to publishing Book 2 of Jenni ...with an i - Daddy Came Calling.  I'm waiting for my cover guy to get his computer problems fixed. 

Mercy Me
By Karen Singer

Chapter 3 – Part 1 of 2

     Early Sunday morning, Ben stared in disbelief.  He looked around trying to see if what he was seeing was correct, but as he now knew, he was.  Using the laundromat was going to cost him a fortune.  How the heck could they charge that much just to wash a load of clothes?  And then to dry them was just as much.  And he had several loads that needed to be done.  He had miscalculated there.  He had budgeted enough for the house, and enough to rent what little furniture he had, but he figured he could get by for a few months without a washer and dryer.  At the prices the laundromat was charging, he could quickly buy a used washer and dryer cheaper than he could use the laundromat.  But what choice did he have?
     What choice?  His mind went back to the conversation he had with his oddball neighbor the night before.  She had offered to let him use her washer and dryer – if he would do her wash for her as well.  A symbiotic relationship she had said.  That’s what she expected from all her…play toys…was that the way she had put it?  But did he want to go that route?  Not really. 
     As he put his hand into his pocket to pull out his wallet to get change for the machines, he thought again.  It was going to cost him a damn fortune just to get his wash done.  He thought again about her offer.  Did he dare?  What could it hurt?  He wasn’t one of the men she could dominate and make them do such bizarre things.  If he asked her, he would have to make that fact abundantly clear. 
     He could do her laundry for her.  Heck, that was easy.  He had done all the laundry for him and his wife since long before they had gotten married, six years ago.  But did he really want to go down that route?  He looked again at the machine where he could put his credit card in and get coins…no…tokens for the machines.  If he did that, he wouldn’t even get spendable money back.  He’d have to use them all on the laundromat’s machines.  He picked up his big box of laundry and carried it right back to his car.  He would ask the neighbor across the street.  But he was going to make sure she knew exactly where he stood on things!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Mercy opened her garage door and looked out at the world.  The car was missing from the driveway across the street.  She thought again about her conversation with the guy.  Single.  Still in the process of getting a divorce.  But he had already bought a house.  Well, it was his business, not hers. 
     She turned on her arc welder, pulled her goggles over her eyes, and pulled her gloves onto her hands.  A minute later, she was welding together the pieces of steel for her latest bondage device.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Ben pulled into his driveway.  He got out of his car and saw his neighbor’s garage door open, and he saw the sparks flying.  She was welding?  It looked like her entire garage had been turned into a big workshop.  Leaving his box of laundry in the car, he walked across the street.  Her back was to him and the noise of her welder wouldn’t let her hear his approach.  He waited, knowing that what she was working with was dangerous.  The noise and the welding stopped.  He saw her stand up straight and pull the goggles up.  “Hello!”
     Mercy turned quickly.  She was surprised to see the guy from across the street standing there. 
      “Good morning,” Ben said to her.
      “Morning,” she replied with a smile.
      “I came to see if the offer to use your washer and dryer was still good.  I can’t believe how much the laundromat charges to do just a single load of wash.”
     She laughed.  “I can imagine.  Sure,” she replied.  “You can use it.  But you know my rates.”
      “Do your wash for you,” he replied.
      “You got it.”
     Ben nodded.  “There’s just one thing I want to get straight with you first.”
      “What’s that?”
      “I’m not one of your…what did you call it…toys?  I’m not one of the customers you mess with.  I just want to do my laundry…and in return, I’ll do yours.  But!  I’ll only do one load for you for each load that I do for me.  That’s it.”
     Mercy was surprised.  “One load?”
      “For each load of my own that I do.  I think that’s fair.”
      “But it’s my washer and dryer you’re using.”
      “And my labor to get the job done.”
     Once again, Mercy was surprised.  This guy was interesting.  Smart, but interesting.  She considered the deal.  “Fine!  For each load you do, I expect one full load of my things done as well.  None of these barely full loads at all where I get the short end of the stick.”
      “You can pack the washer yourself for all I care,” Ben replied.
      “No.  I’ll trust you.  In fact, you seem like a rather, trustworthy kind of guy.”
     Ben nodded.  “I like to think so.  So we have a deal?”
     Mercy nodded. “Deal!  And I’ll be happy to have the job done.  I wasn’t looking forward to doing it myself.”
      “No problem.  Let me get my laundry.”
     Mercy watched him walk back across the street.  Her new neighbor was proving to be more interesting than she thought.  Intrigued, she turned her welder off and removed her gloves and goggles.  A few minutes later, she held the kitchen door open for him and led him to her washer and dryer in the small closet in the hallway.
     As Ben carried his big box of laundry through her house, his eyes were scanning all around.  Her kitchen had been normal enough, but her living room was…well…filled with stuff he wasn’t sure about.  It was like walking through some kind of metal art project.  “Do you show stuff in museums?” he asked.
     Mercy laughed.  “My living room is my museum…for me to enjoy.  Especially when I’ve got men in the house.  The washer and dryer are right here,” she showed him.
     Ben gratefully set his box down.  “Huh!” he grunted.  “The same type my wife and I had.”
      “So you know how to use them?” Mercy asked.
      “I did all our laundry at home,” he replied.  “Trust me, I’m know these machines very well.”
     He did all the laundry?  A man?  Stranger and stranger.  Unless….  “Um…did you by any chance have a wife-led relationship?”
      “A what?”
      “Did your wife make all the decisions?  Did she make you do all the work?”
      “Huh?  Uh…no.  Not at all.  I just…did it.”
     Mercy shook her head.  “Whatever.  I just wanted to ask.”
     Ben began pulling his sheets out of the box. 
      “Hey!  How about a load of my things first,” Mercy said. 
     Ben looked angrily at her.  “Fine!” he decided.  “Where’s your sheets?”
      “My sheets?”
      “Yes.  I always do sheets first.  There’s an order to the way I do things, and the sheets are always first.  I had to sleep on brand new, unwashed sheets last night.  I can’t wait to get them washed properly.”
     Mercy stared at him like he was crazy.  “You wash brand new sheets before you sleep on them?”
      “Of course.  Don’t you?”
      “I wouldn’t think of it!  They’re new.  They’re already clean.”
      “Well I don’t.  Where are your sheets?”
      “Here, in the bedroom,” she said.  She turned and led the way.
     Ben entered the master bedroom.  It was fairly large.  He saw a bathroom off of it.  Her bed was a rumpled mess of blankets and sheets.  “You don’t even make your bed?”
      “Why should I?”
     He shook his head.  Together, they stripped all the sheets off of the bed.  Ben carried them to the washer, put them in, used her detergent, and turned it on.  Mercy was quick to note that he did seem to know what he was doing with the washer.  “Beer?” she asked, knowing that it was going to be quite a wait.
      “I told you last night, I don’t drink it.”
      “Yeah.  I remember.  I don’t have any iced tea.  Sorry.”
      “I’ve got a pitcher at home I made yesterday.  Would you mind if I brought it over?”
      “Of course not.  Just use the front door.  Don’t knock, just come in when you come back.”  She watched him leave.  What a weird guy!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Michael was going crazy.  Yesterday had been a nightmare…yet it was also something that had him so excited he couldn’t stand it.  Another thing he couldn’t stand was the darn chastity device she had locked onto his cock.  As stimulated as he was, he couldn’t do anything about it, and consequently whatever was on the inside of that thing continually felt like pins trying to force their way into the head of his cock.  Maddening! 
     He had been stuck wearing and wetting that second diaper all night long.  As early as he dared, he had gotten up, sent her a picture of how wet it was, then had finally taken a good hot shower.  His backside was still raw from the spanking machine she had used on him yesterday, and after an entire night of having a wet diaper pressed against it, his backside was now even worse.  It – hurt!  Sitting down wasn’t a pleasant option.
     And now he had to go out and buy more panties – to wear from now on – even to work!  How could he?  He wracked his brain to find a way out of it.  He could probably find some way to get out of that chastity device on his cock, then he could just not see her anymore.  The only problem was, as much of a nightmare as yesterday had been, something inside of him couldn’t wait for more.  So the chastity device was still attached…he wasn’t even sure he could get it off…and he was now getting ready to go to the store to buy…panties…to wear from now on…including to work.  Damn those needles inside that chastity device hurt!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

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