Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It Died

My old ancient computer that I’ve used every day for about the last ten years bit the dust this morning.  The third hard drive it was working on has only been in it for about four or five years now.  I’ll lose a few things, but everything I really care about is backed up in multiple ways so there’s nothing I’m really that worried over losing – fortunately.
I got another call… no let me correct that... my WIFE got another call yesterday from Hughes Net about my problem reaching Fictionmania.  They called my home phone DESPITE my explicit instructions to contact me about it only on my cell phone.  And no, nothing got fixed yet.   It just got boosted up to a higher level of tech service.  After calling their tech service back last night and talking with their guy for a few minutes (this one spoke English!) the tech guy said he would send the request to the next level of service where they would put the site on the “bypass” list for the web accelerator – which is what the first tech was supposed to do last time.  Once again I asked that they not call my home  phone but call my cell phone instead.  Any bets on whether they will or not?  I bet they call my home phone again!
I was going to offer my new story to you today, but I’m afraid that may have to wait until tomorrow or longer now since I have home computer woes.  Watch for it though.
May my old computer rest in peace… or pieces... or… whatever.


sarah penguin said...

*giant hugs* Alas. Even the best of them have to eventually go to the digital playpen in the sky. Rest in Piece(2), KarenPuter & Hard Drive(3).


Anonymous said...

You can bypass the web excellerator to acces Fictionmania by doing this.

Here is the how to at this link