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The Housekeeper - Chapter 7 (Part 2 of 2)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 7 (Part 2 of 2)

     Roger hurried out of the building into the light rain and ran to his car to keep from getting any wetter than he had to – to his outer clothes anyway.  He jumped into the car and unlocked the passenger door for Carol.  “Where to?” he asked, hoping it would be home.  He really wanted out of the wet diaper he was wearing, and worse, he had to pee again. 
      “We need a newspaper,” she replied.  “We’ve got to check that ad.”
     That figured.  The mysterious ad for a housekeeper.  Would the housekeeper be the string-puller behind her?  He had no way of knowing.  But he figured he’d soon find out.  The ad was only scheduled to run for a week.
      “Did you enjoy wearing a wet diaper all afternoon?” she asked as he drove, obviously teasing him about it.
      “You know I didn’t!”
     She did laugh a bit then.  “Aw!  I’m surprised you didn’t cry like a little baby again when you wet it in class – right in front of everybody.  Next time though, I think you should be standing up where everyone can see you when you do it.”
     He made no reply, but he turned his head to level a very dirty look at her.
     She laughed at his discomfort over the idea.  “Yeah, I think that’s a great idea.  I’ll bet you will cry like a baby – and everybody will see you.  Maybe you can even suck your thumb for them too.”
     He knew then that she was really teasing, but with her, teasing could lead to all too many other possibilities. 
     He stopped at a convenience store that he knew carried newspapers.  She started to get out, then stopped.  “You may as well come in too.  I may be a while.”
     Roger couldn’t see any reason why just getting a newspaper should take so long, and he really didn’t want to go anywhere else with a wet diaper on.  “Can’t I wait here for you?”
     She smiled her wicked smile at him.   “Either go in with me right away, or you can take your pants off first – and then go in!  Either way… it’s up to you.”
     Roger got out of the car quickly.  
      “Get us a paper,” she told him as soon as they were inside.  Roger wandered over to the stacks of newspapers, found the one they needed and picked one up while Carol began wandering up and down the aisles.  She seemed to be looking at everything – way too slowly.  His need to pee was getting worse again, much worse.  As she slowly made her way up one of the aisles toward him, he saw her pick up a few different things.  When she turned the corner, he saw her arms loaded with snacks.  Then she disappeared down another aisle.  He rolled his eyes, wishing she would hurry up!
     Carol looked for things that she knew she would like.  Mostly sweet things.  From the cooler she added a large bottle of her favorite soft drink to the load in her arms.  She now had more than enough, but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t just look.  She didn’t get out to the stores very often, even to convenience stores like this one.  She turned down another aisle and kept looking.  But halfway down the aisle she stopped and stared, transfixed by something on the shelf.  It was the baby section.  It carried a little bit of baby food, and formula, and wipes, and diapers… and there in front of her… a baby bottle!  She couldn’t resist.  She grabbed it quickly and headed back to the front of the store where he was waiting.  “I found you a present,” she said as she walked past him to set her things down on the counter.  Roger saw the bottle and groaned.  This wasn’t going to be a very good evening!  Of that, he was sure!
     As soon as they were back in the car again, Carol grabbed the newspaper.  Roger started the car, but she told him to wait and not go anywhere yet.  She turned page after huge page, searching for the ad.  She found the want-ads and looked through them.  Finally, she saw it.  She read it over several times, making sure it was exactly the way it was supposed to be.  It was.  She breathed a small sigh of relief.  “Do you have a pen?” she asked. 
      “There’s one in the glove box,” he replied. 
     Carol quickly found the pen and circled the ad.  Then she folded the paper so that she wouldn’t have to search for it again.  “They got it right,” was all she said as she finally looked up from the paper.  “Let’s stop at Burger King again.”
     She looked over angrily at him.  “Are you going to start giving me trouble?” she asked angrily.
      “No, Miss Carol,” he replied quickly.
      “Then just do as I say!”  Roger started to put the car in gear.  “Wait a minute!”
      “Yes, Miss Carol?”  He looked over at her.  She still looked angry. 
      “Pull you pants down so your diaper shows!”
      “Now?” he asked, clearly horrified.
      “Do you want to go back into that store in just your diaper?” she asked menacingly.
     Roger quickly unfastened his pants and started working them down.  It was difficult since he was sitting down.  He got them as far as his knees and stopped.  “If I drop them any further, I won’t be able to drive,” he told her.
     She was staring at his diaper now with a smile on her face.  “It’s good enough.”  She reached over and grabbed the edge of his sport jacket and pulled it to the side, tucking it under the seatbelt to hold it out of the way.  Then she lifted his shirt and rolled the front of it so that wouldn’t hide his diaper either.  Finally, she put her hand on his diaper and started feeling how wet it was.  “When was the last time you wet it?”
      “In class!” he replied a bit angrily.
      “So I’m guessing you have to go now?”
     He nodded.  “Very much!”
     Her only reply was, “Good!  Now drive us to Burger King.”
     Roger was very burned-out on Burger King, but telling her that wouldn’t do any good.  He was glad when she ordered him to go through the drive-through.  At least there he had a chance that nobody would notice what he was wearing.  She allowed him to order whatever he wanted for his own dinner – he chose chicken.  She ordered the same thing for herself.  Then he drove around to the window to get the order. 
     Even as overcast and rainy as the afternoon was, there was still plenty of light for anyone to look in the window and see what he was wearing.  He was glad to note that the girl manning the window wasn’t one he recognized and was probably older than the High School students he usually saw there.  The girl seemed busy as she yelled something to the people behind her about orders.  Then she turned around and quoted him the price. 
     Carol handed him the money to pay for it, then she leaned way over to where she could see the girl at the window better.  “Can you try to get them to hurry up – before he wets himself again!”
     Roger felt his face going very red as Carol sat back and he handed the girl the money.  But she wasn’t looking at the money he was holding out, her shocked face was looking straight down at his diaper.  He suddenly wished he had his old truck back again that would have been high enough that nobody could see inside like this!  The shocked girl at the window finally turned to the cash register and got his change, but Roger couldn’t help but notice her gaze once again going straight to his diaper as she handed it to him.  It took another few minutes for their dinner to be ready, and when it was, Roger again noticed her doing everything she could to see the diaper he was wearing as she was handing the food to him. 
     Roger handed everything to Carol to hold.  “Make sure you thank her,” Carol told him.
     He turned to the girl at the window. She was still staring… and was she laughing?  “Thank you,” he said.  Then he quickly put the car in gear and got out of there as Carol burst out into laughter.
     As soon as they got back to Roger’s house, Carol let him pull his pants up long enough to get into the house.  She set the food on the table and sent him to his bedroom to remove all his clothes – except his wet diaper.  That, he wasn’t allowed to touch.  Roger wasn’t happy about that at all.  His growing need to pee was starting to get the best of him. 
     When he came back from the bedroom in just his diaper, Carol was in the process of pulling the food out of the Burger King bag and setting it on the table for both of them.  “Sit down,” she said as she continued what she was doing.  As Roger sat, he noticed his cell phone was on the table too.  He reached for it.  “Don’t touch… yet!” she said as she put a straw into her drink.  “We have to get something straight about that first.” 
     Roger wondered what, but didn’t say anything.  She picked up his drink and took the lid off of it.  She started rummaging through the bag of snacks from the convenience store.  “If that thing rings,” she said, “you need to answer it right away.  Put it on speaker phone when you do.”  She found what she was looking for and pulled the baby bottle out of the bag.  Roger wasn’t happy to see it at all.  “If it’s somebody asking about the ad in the paper,” she said as she began pulling the packaging away from the bottle, “I need you to tell them that the position has already been filled.”  She looked up at him.  “Got that?”
     Roger briefly wondered why, but it sounded simple enough.  “No problem,” he replied. 
      “Good!”  She put the packaging from the baby bottle into the now empty Burger King bag and set it aside.  Then she took the bottle over to the sink where she took it apart and briefly washed it out.  She carried all the pieces back to the table.  “Just remember.  Be polite, but the position is taken!  And don’t screw it up!”
     Roger again didn’t see any reason why she should be so concerned over something so simple.  “I won’t,” he replied as he watched her carefully pouring his drink into the bottle.  She screwed the nipple back on and set it down in front of him.  Roger stared at the thing with pure distaste.  He resented very much what she was obviously wanting him to do… but then he also resented very much everything she had been making him do for a week now.  She had ruined his entire life, and he saw very little hope of ever getting it back again.
     He watched as Carol unwrapped her meal and began eating.  He did the same, but he left the bottle alone.  She said nothing else as they ate, barely even looking at him.  And then his phone rang. 
     Carol quickly glanced up at the clock in the kitchen.  It was still a little before five.  Whoever it was, had called early!  “Remember what I said!” she cautioned.
     Roger opened his phone and pressed the speaker button.  “Hello?”
      “I’m calling about your ad for a housekeeper,” a woman’s voice on the other end replied. 
     Roger noticed the intense stare from Carol at him.  “I’m sorry,” he said, his own eyes still on Carol, “but things have changed and the position is no longer available.”  He heard the caller hanging up and he closed his own phone. 
      “Things have changed?” Carol asked. 
     Roger shrugged.  “I thought it would be more polite to word it that way,” he replied.  Geez!  What did she expect, that he would use her exact words?
     She took another bite of her sandwich and pointed with one finger at his bottle.  “Don’t ignore that thing!”
     Roger rolled his eyes just a bit but he didn’t touch it, opting instead for another bite of his own sandwich. 
      “You’re not drinking,” she said.
      “I have to pee too badly,” he replied.
      “You’re wearing a diaper!  There’s nothing stopping you!”
     Roger only glared at her but still didn’t touch the offending baby bottle.
     She suddenly smiled.  “You don’t want to drink from the bottle like a little baby, do you!”
     He hesitated before he replied.  “Not really.”
     Her wicked smile came back.  “I suggest you get busy with it then, because I’m going to keep you drinking from it all night.  And if I’m not satisfied with how much you’ve finished, then you’ll be spending the rest of the night in that diaper.”
     Roger groaned at the very thought of it, but he finally picked the thing up and put it to his mouth and began sucking on it.  Just getting anything out of it at all was more difficult than he thought.  He had to suck, and suck hard to get the drink in the bottle out.  And worse, the moment he felt the liquid entering his mouth, his need to pee grew that much more.  He began squirming in his chair trying to hold it back.
     He saw her smiling that wicked smile of hers again.  “Give it up.  You might as well just wet yourself and get it over with.”
      “I… can’t!” he replied as he suddenly had to fight even harder to hold it all back.
      “Keep drinking,” she said, delighted with his distress.  She watched him for a moment, then added, “Get up and stand over there.  Bring your bottle. I want to see you wetting yourself while you drink from that thing!”
     Roger didn’t want to do it at all.  He didn’t want to do any of it. 
      “Hurry up!” she said.
     Roger finally got out of his seat and carried his bottle over to where she had told him to stand.  He put the bottle back to his mouth and started drinking again.  His distress over having to pee grew much more now that he was standing up.  He began to squirm around where he was standing.
     Carol laughed as she watched him.  He looked so funny!  “Keep drinking!” she ordered.  “Don’t take it out of your mouth!”
     Roger was quickly losing the battle and he knew it.  He swallowed another mouthful of his drink and lost it – totally.  The dam burst and he started flooding the diaper.  With the bottle still in his mouth.  He closed his eyes and whimpered as the stream of hot pee began spreading all around him, sinking down further and further, filling the crotch of his diaper.  He had to spread his knees a little at the awful feeling.  This was much worse than having it leaking out a little at a time! 
     Carol was laughing hysterically.  “You look just like a little baby,” she declared.  He hadn’t actually broken out crying, but she could see from the look on his face that it had been close.  He was still just standing there, bottle in mouth, looking totally miserable.  “Now come sit down again and finish your dinner!”
     Roger slowly made his way back to the table, walking with his legs spread wider apart.  The crotch of his diaper was still a big puddle because it all hadn’t soaked in yet.  It felt awful!  He stared at his chair.  But he couldn’t sit down yet.  He just couldn’t!  He wanted out of the horrible diaper!
     Carol grinned from ear to ear.  “Sit down!” she ordered, realizing that he didn’t want to sit again in the soaked diaper.  She saw him still hesitating.  Since the bottle was no longer at his lips, she saw his bottom lip quivering a bit.  Not crying… but close.  “Sit down!” she ordered again.
     Feeling totally miserable, Roger slowly moved in front of the chair.  He put the bottle on the table.  He put both hands on the edge of the table and slowly bent his knees, sending his bottom closer and closer to the chair under him.  He felt his diaper making contact with the chair, sending the feeling right up to his backside.  Slower than ever, he gradually sank down to sit in his saturated diaper.  Yuck!
     Carol couldn’t stop giggling.  This was turning out to be more fun than she thought.  “Finish your dinner… baby,” she said. 
     Roger just stared at the food still in front of him.  He no longer felt like eating anything at all, but eventually, he picked his sandwich back up and took another bite. 
      “Don’t forget to keep drinking your bottle,” she teased.
     Miserable and defeated, Roger picked up the bottle and started drinking again.  And then the phone rang.
     Once again, Roger had to put it on speaker phone.  “Hey Roger Dodger!” a familiar voice called happily from the phone speaker.  “I didn’t see you at lunch today.”
     Roger saw the look of alarm on Carol’s face.  “Hi Stew,” he replied.  “I had tests to grade.  You know how that is.”
      “Don’t I ever,” Stew’s voice came back.  “Hey listen, I was thinking of checking with my cousin to see if we could use his cabin again for First Day.  What do you think?”
     Any other time, Roger would have jumped at the opportunity.  Stew’s cousin had a really nice fishing cabin right on one of the better trout streams.  He and Stew had spent the night there on many occasions.  But now?  “Uh… listen Stew, I don’t think I’m going to make it this year.”
      “What?  The guy who uses all his sick days to go fishing is going to miss First Day?”
      “Uh… what can I say?  I’m afraid it’s kind of looking like it.”
      “Well, the offer is open,” Stew replied.  “You know that.  Just let me know if you want to go.”
      “Thanks Stew.  I appreciate it.  I’ll get back to you if I can.”
      “Okay Roger.  See you tomorrow.”
      “Tomorrow Stew.”
      “Who was that?” Carol asked as soon as Roger had ended the call.
      “Stew Franklin.”  When he saw the look of unrecognition in Carol’s face, he added, “History teacher.”
      “Oh, him.  I know who he is but I’ve never had him.  So you two go fishing together?”
      “Fairly often,” Roger replied.
     Before Carol could say anything else, the phone rang again.  Roger pushed the button for the speaker.  “Hello?”  The call was from another person calling about the newspaper ad.  Roger basically repeated what he had told the last person who had called.  At least this time, Carol didn’t act so worried about it. 
     His bottle still wasn’t finished by the time they had eaten everything else.  Carol got up and grabbed his bottle – he hoped she’d take it away – permanently.  But instead she opened the top and poured more of his drink from the original cup into it.  Then she gave it back to him.  “Keep drinking,” she said.  “I’ve got a whole bottle of drink in the refrigerator that has to be finished tonight.”
     Roger was shocked.  He had seen the bottle she had bought earlier.  It was a two liter bottle.  He couldn’t imagine drinking all that – under any circumstances!
      “You don’t get out of that diaper tonight unless it’s gone,” she said with another of her wicked smiles.  She looked around the room.  Her mother was coming tomorrow.  The entire house needed tending to.  “Clean the kitchen up!” she ordered.  “And do a good job of it!  Then start on the rest of the house.  I want it all sparkling before I leave tonight!”
     Roger cleaned up the table and stuffed the bags into the trash – that was already loaded with bags from Burger King. 
      “Isn’t there a trash can outside or something to put that in?” she asked.
      “Yes,” he replied.  “Out back.”
      “Make sure that it gets there tonight when you’re done.”  Actually, Carol didn’t really want her mother to see that many bags from Burger King in the house.  Her mother had other ideas about proper meals.
     Roger cleaned up the kitchen and wiped down the counters while she carried his cell phone and the bag of snacks into the living room.  He thought he heard her talking on the phone, but he wasn’t sure since the TV was on too.  He spent a few minutes finishing his bottle – which he then brought out to show her.  She immediately took it back to the kitchen where she opened the larger bottle from the refrigerator and refilled the baby bottle.  Then she got a glass and poured herself a drink from the same bottle.  She put the cap back on the bottle and held it up for him to see.  Despite pouring some of it into his bottle as well as her glass, the level of liquid had gone down depressingly little.  She shook her head.  “You’ve got a long way to go… baby!”
     When the kitchen was finished, he moved on to the rest of the house, picking up, straightening up, drinking from his bottle.  There really wasn’t all that much to clean in the house.  The phone rang a few times and he went through the same procedure under her watchful eyes each time.  But as the evening wore on, the calls became fewer and fewer.  His bottle got filled twice more, and her glass once more.  The bottle still held half of its original contents though.  And his need to pee was growing desperate again. 
     He did some laundry and generally went around the house looking for things that needed doing.  Actually, with the exception of having to keep drinking from the bottle, it was a familiar routine that he did once in a while anyway to straighten up the house. 
     When she wasn’t watching him, Carol was sitting in front of the TV while munching on the snacks she had bought.  Roger silently hoped they would make her sick.  Maybe not… she might decide to take her misery out on him!
     Roger finished yet another bottle and showed it to her.  His lips felt like they were swollen from all the sucking he had to do.  His mouth was definitely tired. 
     She grabbed his bottle and took it from him.  She glanced at the clock.  “Have you peed any more?” she asked.
     He shook his head.  “Not yet.”
     She smiled.  “But I’m betting that you have to go again, don’t you.”
     He nodded.  “Very much!”
     She giggled and carried his bottle back into the kitchen where she refilled it once again and handed it back to him.  “Get down on the floor and crawl now,” she said.  “No more walking, only crawling like a little baby.”  She giggled.
     Roger groaned.  She was still pushing it!  Slowly he sank down to the floor and tried to crawl out of the kitchen with the stupid bottle in his hand.  The position seemed to emphasize the feelings he was getting from his soaked diaper all the more.  He followed her back out to the living room where he finally sat on the floor and put the bottle back to his mouth. 
     Carol watched him drinking from the bottle for a few minutes, but her time with him was running out for the evening.  And there were still a few things that had to be done.  But first…  She got down on the floor with him and took the bottle from him.  “Do you still have to pee?” she asked.
     He nodded.  “Desperately!  Please can I take this diaper off now.  The damn thing is saturated and very uncomfortable!”
     She giggled.  “No!  Crawl around the room for me now instead.”
     Hating her more than ever, Roger began crawling around the room. 
      “Now start talking in baby talk.”
      “That’s not baby talk.  I want to hear baby talk coming out of your mouth!”
     Roger didn’t know the first thing about baby talk, but he tried just saying “goo-goo” and “ga-ga” as he crawled.  She seemed happy with it though since she was giggling at him again. 
      “Now,” she said, “Wet your diaper again while you’re doing that!”
     Roger actually stopped crawling and stayed silent as he tried to digest her order. 
      “Get to it!” she commanded angrily. 
     Gulping, he began crawling again and letting out his little bits of baby talk.  And he did have to pee – badly. 
      “I’m waiting!  Are you peeing yet?”
     Roger didn’t answer her.  He just kept at what he was doing.  He knew he wasn’t going to get out of this without wetting himself – again.  He concentrated on doing that and found it to be much easier this time.  The flood gates opened again and his eyes went wide.  He could no longer speak.
      “Baby talk!” she ordered.
     Roger began trying to say the nonsense words again, but it was difficult.  His attention was totally taken up but the horrible feeling of his pee now pooling in the front of his diaper.  He arched his back against it and stopped crawling.
      “Keep crawling, baby, and keep talking!”  Carol was enjoying every second of his discomfort.  The look on his face was priceless.  He obviously still hated wetting himself.  He wasn’t crying, but she could see his lower lip trembling a bit again.  She laughed.  “Just like a baby!”
     Roger was miserable – totally.  His diaper now felt even heavier and it was now thoroughly wet all over.  He kept crawling and babbling his nonsense.  But at least he didn’t have to pee anymore.  He saw Carol suddenly get up and run to the kitchen.  He stopped talking and crawling and just stayed there – on all fours… afraid to move because of his overly saturated diaper. 
     Carol grabbed the plastic container out of the refrigerator and brought it back to the living room.  “Crawl to the bathroom now, baby,” she said with a giggle. 
     Roger saw the container and nearly groaned again, but the container meant that she would have to let him get rid of the stupid diaper – finally.  He wasted no time in crawling into the bathroom where she immediately fastened the chain back to his ankle.  He wasn’t going anywhere again.  She let him finally remove the diaper which proved to be far more difficult than he thought.  All the duct tape on it held all too firmly.  But perseverance eventually won. 
     She handed him the plastic container without a word and he said nothing in return.  It was a familiar routine now but it still took him a while.  His task was made all the more irksome because he smelled so badly down there from the diaper.  But eventually, he did manage the task. 
     Surprisingly, she grabbed his overly soaked diaper herself and carted it off as she took the plastic container back to the kitchen.  She came back a little while later with his cell phone in hand.  “There’s been no calls for a while now,” she said.  “If anyone else calls tonight, they’ll just have to wait.”  She was gone for a few minutes again and returned with his expandable case which she set at the bathroom door where he could reach it.  “I’ll see you in the morning.”
     A few minutes later, Roger thought he heard the door leading out to the garage opening and closing.  And then the house seemed to get very quiet again.  He jumped into the shower to clean himself up.  It felt so very, very good!

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