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The Housekeeper - Chapter 5

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 5

     Roger actually slept fairly well all night, despite having to sleep naked on the hard bathroom floor while chained to the toilet.  Since she left fairly early, he had plenty of time to rest.  He even had plenty of time to shave and take a nice long hot shower to help wash away the aches and pains from the weekend.
     But now he was stuck naked and unable to leave the guest bathroom in his house.  The heavy chain connected between his ankle and the toilet didn’t let him go past the bathroom door.  Would she be coming to get him to take him to work today?  And more importantly, would she finally set him completely free?  Well, at least free from all the ropes and chains she had kept him in all weekend. 
     Now that he’d had a little sleep, his mind began to wonder about her.  What was she doing?  How long did she intend to keep this madness up?  If he remembered correctly, he thought someone had mentioned that she was living in a foster home, although he didn’t know why.  Were her parents dead?  Most likely!  Otherwise he was sure either her mother or father would have put a stop to this long ago. 
     So if she was living in a foster home, was that the reason she doing this?  Was she really trying to run away?  Find someplace else to live?  But if so, it still didn’t make sense because although she had stayed all weekend, she had left fairly early last night.  Had she gone back to the foster home?  It was all very puzzling.
     The sound of the door from the garage caught his attention. He looked out into the hallway and saw her walking in, the inevitable bag of breakfast from Burger King and what looked like a cup of coffee in her hands.
      “I see you’ve shaved already,” she said as she got close enough to see him clearly.  “Did you shower too?”
      “Yes, Miss Carol,” he replied.
     She nodded and leaned up against the wall of the hallway, across from him.  “I certainly hope you’re going to be good for me today.  A perfect little angel!”
      “Yes, Miss Carol.  I will.”  He had told her that over and over again yesterday, yet it had gained him nothing.
      “Okay,” she said.  “I’m going to take a chance and trust you so you can go to work today.”  She entered the bathroom and set the food down on the counter.  Then she knelt down and unlocked the cuff attached to his ankle. 
     As he watched her unlocking him from the chain, he thought briefly about overpowering her and beating her into a senseless bag of bones.  But thoughts of those damning pictures she had taken of him again flashed through his mind.  If he didn’t want to go to jail, then he was stuck playing her game… for now.  “Thank you,” he said, breathing a sigh of relief and flexing his ankle now that it was free of the heavy chain. 
      “Come on,” she said as she picked up the bag and the coffee.  Turning her back to him, she walked out of the bathroom.  Naked, he followed her, not to his bedroom where he could get dressed, but instead into the kitchen.  She put the bag of food down on the table and walked away from him, over toward the sink.  “There’s breakfast in there for you if you want it.  I suggest you eat it.”
     He looked into the bag and pulled out a breakfast sandwich and some potatoes.  He looked at one of the chairs to sit down.  She had made him eat off the floor all weekend.  Would she relent now and let him sit down at the table – civilly? 
      “Go ahead.  You can sit – this time,” she told him.  He sat, gratefully, and started eating.  “The more you behave yourself and do what you’re told, the easier things will be for you,” she said as he ate.  “But mess up just once, and you’ll find yourself in big trouble, fast!”
     He made no reply.  She had already made that point perfectly clear. 
     Once he had eaten, she took him back to his own bedroom where she had spent the weekend.  She opened his dresser drawer and pulled out a frilly pair of white panties for him to put on.  He looked at them with distaste, but made no other comment as he accepted them.  She sorted through the bras she had bought him and selected one of those too. 
      “Must I?” he asked fearfully.
     She nodded.  “From now on!”
      “But it will show!”
     She just shrugged her shoulders.  “Tough!  Put it on.”
     At least the one she handed him had what looked like a very small cup size and no padding in the cups at all.  Maybe he could actually get away with wearing the thing – as long as he kept his suit jacket on.  With almost as much fumbling as it had taken him the last time, he managed to finally get the darn thing on. 
     She walked over to him.  “Turn around.”  He felt her grabbing the straps of the bra and pulling on them, tightening them, adjusting them.  Both straps.  Then she walked all around him again and smiled.  “You look so much nicer without all that nasty hair,” she said as she lightly ran her hand over his now smooth stomach.  She stood back again.  “Go get the rest of your clothes for the day.”
     Gratefully, Roger added a white t-shirt over top of the bra, then he selected one of his usual button-down shirts and slacks.  He carefully kept checking the mirror as soon as he put his shirt on – checking over and over again to see if the bra showed through.  Even though he was wearing a t-shirt and had selected a fairly heavy shirt, he was fairly certain he could see parts of the bra here and there.  Not good!  But at least it felt good to be wearing clothes again – even if they did feel strange against his now hairless body.
     Carol grinned constantly as she watched him turning and checking his image in the mirror.  Obviously he was very worried about the bra.  She watched as he selected socks, shoes, a tie, and a sport jacket to complete his clothing.  But even after his sport jacket was on and in place – buttoned in front – he still kept turning this way and that to look for signs of his bra showing underneath. 
      “Does it show?” he finally asked in a very worried voice.
     She just shrugged.  “It depends.”
     The look of worry on his face increased.  “On what?”
     But she only shrugged again and gave him a very devilish look.  Actually, with his jacket on, it didn’t show at all.  And without the jacket she could see very few signs of it, but she wasn’t going to tell him that.  Let him sweat over it!  “Are you ready?” she finally asked.
     He looked around.  “My wallet?  My cell phone?  My keys?”
      “I’ll hold them for you again.”  She reached into her purse and pulled out his wallet.  She pulled a five dollar bill out of it and handed the money to him.  “Lunch money,” she explained.  He took it gratefully.
     She let him drive to the school again.  Just out of the driveway she asked.  “Do you know where the newspaper office is?”
     That surprised him.  “The newspaper office?  The local paper?”
      “I think so, but I’m not really sure.”
      “Find out!  And while you’re at it, also find out how much it costs to run an ad.”
      “How much?  What kind of ad?”
      “You know, a regular ad.”
      “Well…  I have to know how big it’s going to be… or if it has pictures, or what.”
      “No pictures, just words.  And what do you mean how big?”
      “Newspapers make their money according to how much space you want to take up.  Some companies pay a lot and take up a whole page with pictures and everything.  Some only grab a tiny little slice.  I’m sure you’ve seen a newspaper before.”
      “Not that kind of ad!  The kind like… like if you want something.”
      “Oh.  A classified ad.”
      “You didn’t say that.  Classifieds are cheap.  They pay by the word or letter.  What do you want to say?”
      “You don’t need to know that yet!”
      “He nodded and thought about it a bit as he drove.  “Can I have my cell phone back to call them?”
      “No.  Find another phone.  I’ll hold your cell phone for now.”
     When he was still two blocks from the school, she had him stop so she could get out.  “I don’t want to be seen too much with you,” she explained.
     As she was getting out of the car, he remembered something.  It was Monday!  “Um… Miss Carol,” he chanced.
      “What?” she asked, almost angrily.
      “Um… there’s a teacher’s meeting after school today.  We usually have them on Monday’s.”
     That stopped her for a moment as she thought about it.  Her first impulse was to tell him to forget it and meet her instead, but she remembered that her mother had said that nobody could know anything unusual was going on.  “Okay,” she said finally.  “I’ll meet you after that.  How long do you expect it to last?”
     He shrugged.  “It depends.  Some are only fifteen minutes.  Sometimes they last an hour.”
      “What can you discuss for an hour?”
     He couldn’t help but smile.  “Final exams!”
     She nodded.  “I’ll be waiting.  Just try to hurry.”  With that she closed the car door.
     He continued driving into work, while she walked the last few blocks.  What he really wanted to do though was to keep driving – maybe for days – and get as far away from her as possible!

     All morning long he worried about his bra showing.  Was his jacket heavy enough to disguise it?  He didn’t dare unbutton the front of it for fear that it might gap open too far and someone would clearly see the outline of the damn bra underneath.  And then he began having trouble with his bra straps.  In the middle of his first class, the left one started slipping down, distracting him terribly.  And then before long, the right one decided to do the same.  It was very uncomfortable, and he felt the pulling every time he raised his arm to write on the board.  He desperately wanted to pull them up, but he dared not reach into his jacket or shirt to do it.
     Several times that morning, he went into the men’s room just to pull up his bra straps and to look in the mirror and check to see if it was showing.  And the times when he had to pee, he went into the stalls to do it instead of standing up at the urinal – just so nobody would be able to catch a glimpse of the frilly panties he was wearing.  It was all so unnerving!  Did she have any idea of how much stress she was causing him?  Probably – which was why she was doing it in the first place!
     Despite the odd feeling of his clothing against his now hairless body, and despite the odd feeling of the panties he was wearing, and despite the monstrous worry about his bra, he thought he actually managed to do a fairly decent job of teaching.  Getting a little sleep had certainly made a big difference.  He felt like he was portraying someone full of confidence as he stood in front of his classes and taught – even though he felt anything but confident.
     He didn’t get a chance to check on where the newspaper office was until lunchtime, and then the secretary in the school’s office was able to give him easy directions.  It was about where he thought it was.  He used the office phone to call them and check on the price of an ad – cheap like he expected.  Then he went to the cafeteria to buy himself a little lunch.  Not as much as he would have liked, but enough.  Five dollars didn’t go very far at all.
     What worried him now, was Carol.  She was in his next class.  What would she do to him there today?  The lunch period hadn’t even ended when she hurried into his classroom, although the bell was due to ring very shortly.  A wave of fear washed through him the moment he saw her.  “Miss Carol,” he said simply as she hurried up to him.
     Carol reached out her hand and stuck it inside of his jacket to feel around.  Yes, the bra was still there.  With a huge grin on her face, she pulled her hand back.  “How does it feel to wear a bra like one of the girls?” she teased. 
     He whispered his reply softly but urgently.  “It’s not fun!  I keep having trouble with the bra straps falling down!  And it’s very uncomfortable!” 
     She laughed.  “Get used to it!”  The bell rang, signaling the change of classes.
      “But what am I supposed to do about the damn straps falling down all the time?”
     The delight in her eyes was obvious.  “Pull them up.”  She gleefully went to her usual desk to sit and wait for class to start.  Roger had to force himself not to glare at her as the other students started coming in.
     All through the class he expected her to do something, say something, demand something that would humiliate him, but all she did was to sit there with a delighted look on her face and watch him as he taught.  She even raised her hand once to answer a question – a rare occurrence for her since she was having so much trouble with the subject as a whole.  But she never did or said anything out of the ordinary.  But it was still with more than a bit of trepidation that he announced that there “might” be a quiz on the subject tomorrow.  He looked at her to see her reaction.  She was still smiling.  Was he going to get through the day with no problems?
     Class ended and he was relieved.  She came to the front of the classroom to talk with him.  “Have your bra straps fallen down again?” she asked with that same devilish look.
      “Yes,” he hissed.  “Both of them!”
      “Then pull them up.”
     She shrugged.  “You may as well.”
     The last of the previous students were still filing out of the room, but some from the next class were already coming in.  Angrily, he put his hand inside his jacket to try to grab the bra strap under the arm of his shirt.  As he fished to try to grab it, she finally turned and walked away, never once looking at him as she walked out the door.  He pulled his hand back without doing anything about the errant strap.  Damn her!

     The teacher’s meeting after school was mercifully short… although in a way he wished it would never end – if only because when it was over he would have to face… her again.  Afterwards, he walked back to his classroom to look for her, but she wasn’t there.  He waited in his classroom for a little while, but she never showed up.  Was he finally going to be free of her?  He didn’t have his wallet, but he did have his car keys.  Would he be allowed to just go home and be by himself again?  Hoping for just that, he grabbed his expandable case and walked out to his car.  And that’s where she was waiting for him.
      “Took you long enough!” she complained as she got into the passenger side.
      “I was waiting for you inside,” he explained as he tried to stifle his anger.
      “I’m trying not to be seen too much more than usual with you,” she explained. 
     He nodded as he started the car.  Smart kid.  Too smart!  “So do you want to go to the newspaper office now?”
      “No, that’s for tomorrow.”
      “That’s what I said, tomorrow!  So don’t worry about it!”
      “Okay,” he replied, sorry that he had asked.  He drove straight home instead, stopping only at his mailbox to collect what little was in it – which she took from him.
     Once inside, she had him strip, totally, again.  And before long, he was once again chained to the toilet in the guest bathroom.  “Do you have anything you have to work on tonight?” she asked.
     He found that a strange request.  “Lesson plans…  a quiz!  I’m sure there are some bills that need my attention too – if I have any money left.”
     She nodded.  “Don’t worry about your bills.”  But a moment later she added, “Some of them may be late this month.”  Of that, he had no doubt.  “What do you need for the other stuff?”
     He shrugged.  “My case… my laptop.”
      “I’ll get them for you,” she offered.  Carol left him while she went to get his things.  He certainly wasn’t going anywhere since he was chained to the toilet again.  She unhooked his laptop from the kitchen counter and unplugged it too, bringing both the laptop and the power cord to the hallway just outside the bathroom door.  She set them on the floor, well out of his reach.  His case he had already carried into the bedroom. She went after it, but she didn’t get it right away.  She took the time instead to use his master bathroom and check her hair… and to think.  She still had something she had to make him do tonight.  Something important.  But beyond that, she thought about how the day had gone.  Surprisingly, she realized that she had enormously enjoyed knowing that he was uncomfortable and having trouble with the bra she had made him wear all day.  Even if nobody else knew and nobody else could see it, she had known.  She imagined how scared he had to feel. 
     Yet despite how much she had enjoyed it, she still would have liked something else… something that would have caused him even more discomfort.  But she didn’t know what more she could have done.  Not to mention she would really like to be able to show off to her friends what she was doing.  But she knew now how important it was to keep this all secret.
     With one last adjustment to her hair, she left the bathroom and picked up his case.  It was then that she caught sight of the one unopened bag that remained in his room from the weekend.  The bag from the drug store.  Setting his case down again, she opened the plastic bag and looked at the top of the package of disposable diapers.  She was fairly certain he didn’t know about them yet… how could he?  She had kept him tied up all day yesterday. 
     Gleefully, she closed the bag from the drug store and grabbed his case.  Like she had done with his laptop, she placed the case on the floor of the hallway where he couldn’t get it.  Then she went back to the kitchen.
     With nothing to do, Roger sat back on the toilet and waited, pretty much twiddling his thumbs.  She finally appeared in the doorway again – but instead of bringing him the things he had asked for, she was holding the plastic container she had made him jerk off into the day before.  He wasn’t happy to see it!
      “It’s that time again,” she said. 
      “Why?” he asked.  “Why do you need this?”
     The truth was that she didn’t know.  She was doing it because her mother had said it was important.  She just couldn’t let him know that.  “You ask way too many questions today!” she snapped angrily.  “And you don’t need to know!  All you need to do is to get your filthy juice into this dish again!”
     Roger backed off, realizing that he had probably pressed his luck a bit too much today – although she had seemed a bit more reasonable all day.  He watched as she very carefully pried the lid off – almost too carefully.  What was she afraid of?  She set the dish on the counter for him to pick up.  He hesitated, just looking at it.  The entire bottom was filled with his sperm.  But what good would it do her?  If it was a baby she wanted, it certainly wouldn’t work, the sperm died fairly quickly once it left the warmth of the body.  And the container felt cold enough that she must have kept it in the refrigerator.
     She saw his hesitation and was afraid he would refuse to do it again.  “Do I have to truss you up like I did yesterday?  Like my little doggie again, and do it for you?  Cause if I do, then you’ll stay that way all night long!”
     He quickly picked up the dish as images of playing her doggie flashed through his brain.  Anything but that!  But how to do it?  If it would work at all that is.  He figured the easiest way would be to just set it down on the toilet seat and have at it.  But that would put his back to her.  Did she care?  “Can I set this on the toilet to do it?” he asked.
      “I don’t care… as long as it gets done!” she replied. 
     It took him a while.  A long while.  But eventually he managed it… spilling his seed directly into the plastic container that already held two previous loads.  The level of the liquid went up a bit, but only a little bit.  She had come over to watch closely again just as he was about to orgasm, which didn’t surprise him at all.  Afterwards, she pushed the lid across the counter towards him.  “Put that on – carefully!  Don’t you dare spill any!”
     No, of course not.  He closed the container and handed it to her.  She took it like it was radioactive and hurried out in the direction of the kitchen.  It was a while before she came back again.  He figured she was probably washing her hands again like she did yesterday.  What did she think that stuff was?
     She finally came back again and handed him his laptop and expandable case.  Then she was gone again just as quickly.  He opened both and got to work, using the bathroom counter as his makeshift desk. 
     When she came back, she had another TV dinner that she had cooked and a glass of water.  She set them on the counter for him.  “You’ve been pretty good today,” she said.  “A few too many questions you shouldn’t be asking, but overall, you were good.  Tomorrow we have to do something important, so be ready.”
     He wanted to ask what, but she had just said that he asked too many questions.  His first guess was that it had something to do with the newspaper office.
      “I’m leaving now,” she said.  “I’ll be back in the morning.”  And then she was gone again, leaving him naked and chained to the toilet in the bathroom.  Not even his bathroom, but the guest bathroom.  But at least it was an improvement over many of the things she had done to him previously.  And at least she had left him with food and water, not to mention something to occupy his time. 
     Having nothing better to do, he got busy on his class work.  The quiz, lesson plans, and anything else he could think of.  He ate, he worked, he took a long hot bath, and he slept – naked on the floor with only a towel to use as a blanket.

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