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The Housekeeper - Chapter 7 (Part 1 of 2)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 7 (Part 1 of 2)

     One more day!  Just one more lousy day!  One more day till her mother would be out of that miserable prison and they could get on with their lives again – sort of.  Unfortunately, there was a long list of problems standing in their way that had to be sorted out.  But things were moving now… “rolling” as her mother often put it. 
     A big gust of wind suddenly howled around the outside corner of the house, sending ghostlike whistling sounds into the upstairs room.  It always did that when the wind blew from a certain direction.  Carol noticed for the first time that it was raining again, and it sounded like it was pouring pretty hard!  She hoped it wouldn’t be raining tomorrow!  Tomorrow had to be special!
     The two other girls in the room were still sleeping.  She got up quietly and looked at the clock.  A little early for the others, but she had been leaving early every day this week.  As a bonus, the earlier time had meant that she had less competition for the only bathroom on the floor.  She headed there again, glad that she wouldn’t be fighting for the little bit of privacy.
     When she was ready, she headed downstairs.  Mrs. Faye was in the kitchen taking care of two of the younger kids.  “Going early again?” she asked.
     Carol grabbed a pop tart that had just popped out of the toaster.  It nearly burned her hand.  “You bet!” Carol replied enthusiastically. 
      “Better take your raincoat.  It’s a wet one today.”
      “I plan to,” Carol replied as she headed into the mud room behind the kitchen.  There were coats and raincoats hung up on hooks all along one wall.  She grabbed hers and slipped it on.  Still munching on the pop tart, she pulled the hood firmly up over her head and stepped out into the driving rain. 

     Roger had finished shaving and showering a while ago, although he had no idea what time it was since the rain kept things much darker than usual.  Plus with the lengthening days, it was hard to tell exactly anymore.  A noise from a distant part of the house signaled that she had arrived.  He peered out into the hallway.  A moment later, she was there again, Burger King bag and all.  Her raincoat still looked wet despite the fact that she had been driving his car.
      “It’s horrible out there,” she said as she saw him looking out into the hallway.  Knowing that he was still where he was supposed to be, she turned and headed straight back to the kitchen.  She set the bag of food on the table and hung her raincoat over the back door knob.  Then she went to get him.
     The routine was becoming familiar now.  She unlocked him from the chain, then led him naked out to the kitchen.  He was allowed to sit at the table and eat again.  She didn’t even tell him this time.  Then it was back to his bedroom to get dressed. 
     As they entered the bedroom, he silently prayed that she wouldn’t hand him another diaper to wear.  It had been too much for him to handle yesterday.  He had to wait to find out though since she grabbed another bra and threw it at him.  He actually managed to get it on a little faster than before.  Once again, she adjusted the straps, snugging them tightly.  He wished there was some way she could adjust them so that they wouldn’t keep falling down off his shoulders.  That was a big nuisance all day.
     His heart fell the moment he saw her heading for the large bag next to his dresser instead of pulling one of the pairs of frilly panties out of the drawer.  He shook his head as she turned around and held the disposable diaper out to him.  “No… please… not again!”  He wondered how she could manage to make her smile look so wicked.
      “Yes again!  And don’t bother complaining.  It won’t do you any good.”
     Reluctantly, he took the offending diaper.  Figuring out how to put it on went easier than yesterday too, at least the mechanics of it.  But remembering the difficulties he had yesterday made the horror of it seem all that much worse.  Hating every little movement of the process, he somehow got the thing onto him and taped it in place.  “Can I get my other clothes now?” he asked, anxious to cover both the offending bra and the more offending diaper that was so bulky between his legs.
     She shook her head with a puzzled look on her face.  “Not yet.  Yesterday we had to put a bunch of tape on it.  I don’t want to have that problem again.  Where’s your scotch tape?”
     He thought about it for a moment.  “I don’t think I have any here.”
      “Well, there’s got to be something we can use.”
      “I have some masking tape, but it’s out in the workshop.”
      “All the way out there?”
     He nodded.
     Ugh!  “Wait here,” she said as she hurried out of the room.  But she didn’t get far before she remembered the roll of silver duct tape in the unfinished room.  She ran and grabbed it, then hurried back to him.  “I found this instead,” she said triumphantly as she ran into the room.
     Roger wasn’t the least bit glad to see it, but he had no say in the matter.  Before long, she was wrapping the tape all the way around him.  But the extra strength of the glue on the duct tape made the job much more difficult, so she had to pull harder to unroll the tape as she stuck it firmly all around his diaper – which pulled the diaper tighter and tighter against him.  Finally she ripped the tape off.  “There!  That should hold it!”  Roger had no doubt that it would.
     He finished dressing with his usual jacket and tie and was soon driving towards the school.  The rain was still coming down, but it had let up quite a bit.  She got out again two blocks away and walked while he drove on. 
     Like yesterday, Roger had trouble with his bra straps, but not as much as before.  He found that if he was careful and didn’t move his shoulders or arms too much, then they seemed to stay in place longer – which fortunately meant a few less trips to the men’s room between classes to fix them. 
     His bigger problem though was the damn diaper.  Yesterday he had ripped the tapes open to pee normally.  But today he couldn’t do that – although he tried.  He had gone into one of the stalls and pulled his pants down, but the super strong duct tape didn’t leave him any way to pull the diaper open.  And the fact that it was even tighter around his waist than yesterday left him no way to pull it down at all.  It wasn’t long before he gave up and headed back to his classroom, wondering what he was going to do about it all day.
     The urge built in him all morning, distracting him more and more, making him suffer more and more.  By lunchtime, he was positively miserable.  And that was when she walked into his classroom once again.  “Having a good day today?” she asked – so innocently. 
      “No!” he said.  “I’m not!”
      “Aw.  Why?”  Again so innocent.
     Damn her!  “I have to pee again – bad!  Real bad!”
      “So?  What’s your problem?”
     He was growing angrier with her and her “so-innocent” tone of voice.  “You know what my problem is!”
     She only shrugged as her reply.  “How about your bra?  Are you still enjoying that?”
      “Enjoying it?  No!”
     She giggled and leaned across his desk.  “Are you wet yet?” she asked.
     She nodded as she stood back up.  “Well, maybe you soon will be.”  She left him then to get her lunch. 
     Roger decided to skip lunch.  He was too preoccupied with trying not to wet himself, and anything he ate would only make matters worse.  He tried to busy himself instead with yet more lesson plans, but the distraction of having to pee so badly was making the work go very slowly.  He fidgeted more and more.  He got up from his chair to pace around then sat down again, all the while fighting to not lose control. 
     Just before the bell rang, she was back again, hurrying in.  Again, she had a big grin on her face.  “Still dry?” she asked.
      “Completely?  Not even a little bit wet?”
      “Not even a little bit!” he replied, clearly agitated. 
     Her face registered a moment of disappointment, but her grin quickly came back, then was replaced just as fast by her determined look.  “I suggest you wet that thing thoroughly before our class is over with, because I intend to check.  And if it’s not real wet, then peeing in your pants will be the least of your worries!”
     Roger was shocked.  More so because she had already proven that she could carry out her threats with no hesitation at all.  “But…”
      “Just do it!  Or else!”  She turned as the bell rang and went back to her seat.
     Or else?  Roger wondered what she meant by “or else.”  But after thinking about it for a moment, he decided he didn’t want to wonder about it too much.  She was capable of coming up with the most miserable ways to punish him.  And worse, he was fairly sure now that there was someone else out there who was helping her!
     When class started, the first thing he did was to return the tests from yesterday.  As he handed the tests to the kids in the front row to pass back, he told the class he was generally pleased with how well everyone did.  He was looking straight at Carol as he said it.  Carol looked at her test as it was passed back to her.  He had given her a ‘C’ and had written ‘Much better!’ on it.  She was a bit angry at him for it.  Okay, so she hadn’t answered all the questions correctly, but he still should have given her an ‘A’.
     She watched him closely after that.  He seemed to be moving around a lot more than usual, his movements were almost quick and jerky.  She could also see something of a tightness in him that never went away.  One time, as he was raising his arm to write something on the board, she saw his shoulder hitch a bit and he paused, lowering his arm slightly before bringing his arm up the rest of the way.  She almost laughed knowing it was his bra strap giving him trouble again.  But would he be wet after class?  He better be!  And just how was she going to find out for sure?
     Roger struggled more and more as the class progressed.  But now he was not only struggling with trying not to pee, he was struggling with her command that he had to pee – before class was over with.  It was the last thing that he wanted to do… but if he didn’t…  Worse, it meant that he would have to do it while standing up in front of everyone – although maybe it would be better if he sat behind his desk.  Yes, that would definitely be better. 
     With one little decision made, Roger finished up what he was talking about and wrote a bit more on the board.  Then he sat down to continue with his lesson.  Trying to teach while wrestling with a huge problem was not easy.  Especially since he didn’t want to let anyone know that he had any problem at all.  He kept talking and explaining, but now that he was seated and he had decided on a course of action, at least somewhat, he didn’t want to get up again – which was a problem because the urge was fighting him harder than ever.  He felt himself lose a little bit again and cringed as it leaked into his diaper.  He wanted to look down at his crotch so badly to see if any of it had leaked through, but he dared not.  Thinking about it though, he seriously doubted that any had leaked out at all.  Wasn’t that what these adult diapers were made for? 
     He finished up what he had been trying to explain, not that he thought he did a very good job of it.  The urge was again so imminent that he couldn’t talk anymore.  Teaching was pretty much out of the question just then.  “Please turn to page one ninety eight and do the first ten problems.”  He saw them all turning to their books, more than a few of them groaned.  He didn’t care, he had too many problems of his own to work on.
     He had leaked a tiny bit, yet the pressure hadn’t let up much at all, and now he felt himself leaking again.  He clamped down, but not as hard this time, and the leaking seemed to continue, and continue, and continue.  It wasn’t a huge rush of pee, but he could feel it trickling down all over his skin, all the way down to his bottom where it was being absorbed by the diaper he was wearing.  It was a totally miserable feeling and he looked back at Carol with nothing but hatred in his eyes.  She was looking at him, watching him.  He saw that sly wicked smile return to her face.  He looked away from her again, unable to meet her eyes as the leaking continued to go on… and on… and on.
     It was all Carol could do not to laugh out loud.  It was also all she could do not to share his problem with her friends.  While they were busy working the math problems, she had done none of them.  She was too intent on watching all the changes that had gone across his face.  She especially enjoyed the last one, the one where he had looked straight at her.  She could easily see how miserable he was, even though he was trying to hide it.  She had no doubt that he was probably peeing in his pants right then and there. 
     So now her big question was, how could she manage to check him without anybody seeing?
     The leaking finally felt like it was stopping, but surprisingly, it was hard to tell.  He decided to chance relaxing those muscles just for a second to see what would happen.  But there was no difference, he couldn’t tell if he was still peeing a little or not.  He could tell that his diaper was now very, very wet!  He chanced looking down – down toward his crotch.  No wet spots – yet – that he could see anyway.  The bottom and crotch of his diaper felt wetter than the front because of the way his pee had run down that way. 
     He had purposely given his students more problems than they could finish in the time left so he was glad when the bell rang and they started hurrying out.  All except Carol that is.  Unfortunately.
Carol wasn’t sure yet how she could check his diaper right under the noses of everybody else.  But as she approached his desk, she had a sudden inspiration.  “Mr. Brinkley,” she started as she came around behind his desk and stood right next to him.  She pulled her algebra book out and opened it to a random page.  “Can you explain this problem to me?”  There were still kids leaving the room, and more would be entering in a moment.  She set the book down in front of him and whispered, “Open your fly.  Hurry!”
     Roger couldn’t believe it.  She actually intended to check him, and it looked like she had actually found a way that she could do it without anyone else seeing – something he wasn’t sure he was grateful about.  He wouldn’t put it past her at all to humiliate him in front of everyone else.  In fact, she had already tried it a few days ago with the panties.  She was bending over the book now, right next to him, both of them behind the desk. She was pointing at something in the book and talking, but what she was pointing at was a lot of nothing.  Having little choice, he pulled his zipper down, trying as much as possible to make it look like he wasn’t doing anything at all. 
     She had stopped talking and was looking at him, waiting for something.  He managed to get his fly all the way down.  Looking at the book, it was his turn now to point and talk.  And the moment he did, he felt her hand snaking its way down to his crotch, then working its way right through the fly of his pants.  Then he felt her feeling as much as she could reach.  Finally, she pulled her hand out again and she stood up.  “Thank you, Mr. Brinkley.  That was so helpful.”  Other kids were streaming into the room now.  She picked up her book.  “Have a good afternoon,” she said as she flashed him a big grin.  See you later.”
     Roger hated her so much.  And now he was stuck here with a very wet diaper.  What was he supposed to do all afternoon?  Did it leak anywhere?  He couldn’t tell.  Did it show anymore under his clothes?  He couldn’t tell that either.  He had classes to teach.  What was he going to do?  As quickly as he could, he zipped his fly up again, trying to hide what he was doing.  Did any of the wetness show on the outside of his pants?  Did his wet diaper show through at all? 
     The worry drove him crazy!  He had to know!  He looked down at his crotch, but he couldn’t see anything.  He felt what he could with his hand and didn’t feel any wetness – on the outside anyway.  But the worry ate at him.  “I’ll be right back,” he told the student’s who had already come into the room.  Throwing caution to the wind, he got out of his seat and hurried out of the room.  He forced his way through the herd of students all the way to the men’s room.  There, he went directly into one of the stalls and closed the door. 
     He looked down at his pants, but couldn’t see any problems.  He felt all around and couldn’t feel any problems either, at least not any leaking problems. The crotch and backside of his diaper were much thicker now, he had noticed that all the way down the hallway.  He opened his pants and pulled them down.  No sign of leaks as far as he could see.  Unable to removed the diaper or do anything about his situation, he pulled his pants back up again.  Unfortunately, he had to get back to class. 
     He felt so embarrassed over his situation and worried constantly about whether or not anyone could tell that he was wearing a diaper under his pants – and a wet diaper at that.  The damn thing had felt bad enough all day, but now that it was wet it felt horrible and at least three times its former size.  Unfortunately, the class he had now required that he do a lot of writing on the board again – at least in the beginning of the class.  Praying that nobody would notice anything, he did his best to ignore his problem and act like there was nothing wrong at all.  And so far, nobody looked like they had noticed anything out of the ordinary.  But would things stay like that?
     Carol knew that she had taken a big chance with him – one that she probably shouldn’t have.  Her mother had explicitly told her not to do anything to make anyone think anything out of the ordinary was going on, and what she had made him do carried an awful lot of risks.  But the temptation was just too much to ignore.  Besides, she had made him wear a diaper yesterday and he had wet it before they got back to his house – and nothing had showed through at all.  So she felt like she was fairly safe.
     As soon as school was over for the day, she hurried to his classroom.  He was still at his desk explaining something to one of the student’s from his last class.  The student soon left.  “Have a good afternoon?” she asked, almost laughing.
     He didn’t reply, but the look he gave her was pure hatred. 
      “Any leaks?” she asked, more than a bit concerned about it.
      “Not that I know of,” he replied, still clearly angry with her.  She didn’t care.
      “Stand up and let me check,” she told him.
     He stood, then a moment later he turned all the way around.  “Anything?” he asked anxiously.
     Carol was relieved to see no sign of any leaks, but in a way, she felt a bit disappointed about it too.  But over all, no leaks was for the best.  “Nope!” she replied.  “You’re still good to go.”
     Roger didn’t exactly see it that way.  “Now what?” he asked.
      “Now you meet me at your car as soon as you finish here.” she replied.  “Do you think you’ll be very long?”
     Roger looked at the materials on his desk.  “I shouldn’t be.  No more than five minutes.”
      “Good.  We have things to do again.”
      “What?” he asked.
     She leveled her angry look at him again.  “Things!”
     Carol went outside to wait for him.  The rain was coming down again, but it was only a light drizzle.  She could see where the periods of heavy rain throughout the day had flooded parts of the parking lot and grounds around the school.  But that was all normal and it would all soon run off or soak in.  She hoped again that tomorrow would be nice and sunny – a real spring day.  She wanted everything to be perfect for when her mother got out of prison. 


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