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The Housekeeper - Chapter 4 (Part 3 of 3)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 4 (Part 3 of 3)

     She left him there, nude and on his back while she put things away again.  When she came back, she was carrying more rope and a sharp knife from the kitchen.  Carol had been thinking about this next part the whole time she was waxing his body smooth – and it really did look so much better now.  This was going to be the fun part – for her.  This was the idea she had gotten from the internet that she wanted to try. 
     She grabbed one of the pieces of rope she had just brought in.  “You better not give me any trouble!” she warned as she knelt down next to his right arm.
      “No, Miss Carol.  I promise,” he told her for the thousandth time, praying that she would finally release him.
     She pushed the rope under his right arm and left it there.  Roger felt a huge amount of disappointment wash through him as he realized that he wasn’t going to be released yet.  And he had promised!  Carol worked at the knots holding his arm to the wall.  His struggles had only tightened them, making the job much more difficult for her.  Once she had that arm free though, she bent his arm at the elbow, bringing his hand up to his shoulder.  She quickly wrapped the rope several times around both his lower and upper arm just under his armpit and tied it off.  Then she cut the excess rope away with her knife. 
      “But I promised, Miss Carol,” he complained.  “I’ll be good!”
      “And I’m making sure that you’ll keep that promise,” she told him as she started untying his other arm.  Just as she had done with his right arm, she now did the same with his left one, rendering them both useless.  He could wiggle his hands and fingers, but unless he was trying to grab something attached to his shoulder, his hands were basically useless.
     Then it was time for his legs.  She untied his left leg, but since he was lying on his back, she couldn’t bend it the way she needed to.  Pulling on it, she rolled him completely over onto his stomach.  Then she bent his lower leg up against his thigh and tied it off like she had done his arms.  His right leg took less time since he was already on his stomach.
     Roger was no longer fastened to any of the walls, yet he couldn’t untie himself in any way because he couldn’t reach any of the ropes.  But at least he was lying down for a change.  And that was when she told him to get up and walk.  He tried to turn his head to look at her.  She couldn’t be serious.  Obviously she wasn’t!
      “I said get up and walk!”
     He flapped his useless arms and legs a bit.  “I can’t!” he replied.
     She laughed.  “Yes you can.  Get up on your elbows and knees.”
     What?  Yes, she was definitely crazy. 
      “Do it!” she urged. 
     Trying to brace himself with his useless arms, he pushed himself backwards while trying to get up on his knees.  And it worked.  His head was spinning as he suddenly found himself up on all fours. 
      “Now walk!”
     Crazy!  But he tried to move forward.  It took a little trial and error, but he managed it... just a few hesitant, painful steps on his elbows and knees. 
     She laughed, obviously delighted with his situation.  “Good!  Now come out to the living room with me.”
     To the living room?  Walking like this?  Ugh!  She left the room, looking back to make sure he was following her.  Turning toward the door took some extra thought, but he quickly got used to moving and finally followed her… slowly and painfully. 
     She stayed ahead of him, looking behind her to watch him all the way down the hallway.  It was slow going, but he was following.  She laughed once again as she got to the living room.  “Just like a little doggie,” she proclaimed as he slowly entered the larger space.  “Wait a minute!  Waite a minute!” she suddenly said.  She ran to the bedroom and returned a minute later, her new cell phone in hand.  She aimed the camera at him.  “Okay, keep walking now.”
     Ugh!  How embarrassing!  But Roger dutifully continued on into the room as she snapped picture after picture.
      “Keep going around the room,” she said, her eyes never leaving the screen on her phone. 
     Roger made it all the way around the room and then some before she giggled and sat down on the couch.  He stopped and looked at her, unsure what to do with himself now.
      “Can you say ‘arf-arf’ little doggie?”
     Roger rolled his eyes. He wanted to say something far worse than arf-arf, but he dared not. 
      “Come on, speak little doggie,” she coaxed.  “Let me hear you say arf arf.”
     She was simply confirming what Roger already knew very well, Carol had a very nasty cruel streak in her.  “Arf-arf,” he said, fed up with the whole situation.
     She looked disappointed.  “Oh, come on!  You can do better than that!  Now speak little doggie!”
     If he didn’t do what she wanted, then she would only keep after him.  “Arf-arf,” he said again, this time with a little more intensity.
     Carol wasn’t really pleased, but at least it was better.  “We’re going to have to work on that,” she told him.
     Ugh!  Roger did his best to act like a little dog while Carol played with him and coaxed him to degrade himself that way.  But a little while later, Roger realized he had a little problem – or maybe it wasn’t a problem!  He had to pee again… and in order to use the bathroom, she was going to have to release him – at least somewhat if not completely.  “Miss Carol,” he said, breaking the play cycle since she had told him she only wanted him to bark.
      “I told you, you can only bark!” she yelled.
      “But I have to pee,” he replied quickly before she could do anything he would regret.
     That stopped her.  “Oh!”  She thought for a moment.  “Well, doggies usually go outside.  So…”
      “But I can’t get down the steps like this!” he pointed out quickly.
     She was momentarily stopped again as she tried to think of something else.  Finally, she let out a small growl of frustration.  “This isn’t working!”
     Roger felt much happier hearing her say that.  Maybe now she’d untie him!
     But Carol wasn’t going to give up that quickly.  “There’s got to be another way!”  She quickly started walking around the apartment looking for a solution – any solution!  As she headed back down the hallway she stopped and turned back to him.  “Well aren’t you going to follow me?  Little doggies always follow their owners around.” 
     Roger wasn’t happy about it, but if it would get him out of the situation he was in any faster, then he would do anything.  He slowly began making his way up the hallway behind her.
     She looked into every room, quickly searching everything for a solution, but naturally she found none.  They finally got to the kitchen and she again looked around.  Nothing!  Again she let out a growl of frustration.  “There’s got to me some…”  And then her eyes fell on the pot she had used to melt all the hot wax she had used on him.  “Yes!” she declared happily.  She grabbed the pot and quickly carried it over to him.  The speed with which she moved momentarily made Roger fear that she was going to hit him over the head with the thing!  But instead, she got down on the floor with him and pushed the pot directly under him. 
     She looked under him at his now totally bald penis to line the pot directly under it, but his shriveled penis wasn’t facing straight down.  It was facing more toward his stomach.  “If you pee now, will it go straight down into the pot?” she asked.
     Roger had no idea where his penis was focused.  “I don’t know,” he admitted.  “I can’t see anything down there.”
      “Ugh!” she growled again.  Roger wished she’d just give up now and untie him.  But Carol simply wouldn’t be denied.  Hating having to touch it, she reached under him and grabbed his little – thingy – and pulled it so it was facing straight down at the pot under him.  “Okay little doggie.  Let go now.”
     Roger was stupefied!  Why didn’t she just give up?  But her persistence had now foiled every excuse he could possibly think of.  Having no choice anymore, he forced himself to pee right where he was – still tied up and acting like her little dog!  He felt so embarrassed it wasn’t funny.
     Carol was delighted to see how well it was working.  “Well, that turned out to be an easy solution,” she said in a very satisfied voice as she continued to hold onto him lightly so his pee could keep going in the right direction.  But a moment later, her fingers felt something odd happening to him as she held him.  He was growing a little.  Surprised, she looked back under him to see it again.  Yes, it had grown – a little bit anyway.  And that fast, she locked onto another idea for later.
     For the rest of the afternoon she kept him acting like her little doggie.  She knew he hated every minute of it, but she didn’t care in the least.  Carol marveled at how much fun she was having with him – especially since she could easily see how humiliated he felt at it and how much he disliked doing it.  The way she had him tied up, he could move all around, yet there was no way at all that he could get loose.  In fact… 
     She decided to tease him a little more.  She quickly walked around the house checking all the outer doors – making sure they were closed securely.  “I want you to wander all around the house,” she said to him, “and if you can get outside, then I’ll untie you completely – right away.”
     Her offer sounded great, but he knew it was completely impossible!  He had no way to open any of the doors.  He just looked at her dumbfounded. 
      “Go ahead,” she urged.  “Go try and get out little doggie.”
     Knowing it was completely useless, Roger headed to the front door, but once he got there, it was closed.  The door handle was way above him.  He couldn’t even think about grabbing it.  He heard Carol giggling behind him.  He also heard her snapping more pictures. 
     He headed towards the door leading out to the garage, but that too was closed and he had no way to open it. 
      “One more door,” she said laughingly as she followed him toward the laundry room and the back door.  Roger already knew that it would be closed, and indeed it was. 
      “Aw!  Poor widdle doggie,” she said, mocking him.  “All the doors are shut and he can’t get out.”  She laughed.  It was too easy!  And Roger felt nothing but stupid, stupid, stupid!  But what could he do?”

     For dinner that night, she fixed two TV dinners.  His she cut up into bite sized pieces and put it on a plate on the floor for him in his usual corner while she sat at the table.  He tried laying down on his stomach to eat it, but she wouldn’t let him… threatening to make him pee all over his food and then feed it to him.  He had to spread his arms, or as she called them – his front legs, out to the side in order to get his head down far enough to eat.  He was getting awfully tired of eating without his hands!
      “You’re getting really good at eating that way,” she said at one point.  “Maybe pretty soon, it’ll be natural to you.”
     Roger didn’t even want to contemplate that idea.
     Shortly after dinner, she made him follow her into the guest bathroom.  He thought that maybe she would cuff him to the chain again and then finally untie him, but instead she walked out and closed the door behind her, leaving him trapped inside.  Once again a simple closed door, not even locked, foiled him.  He was starting to realize just what any dog must feel in similar situations.  He laid down on the floor on his stomach to ease the strain on his hurting elbows and knees.  Damn her!  She had put him in here and left him helpless.  Here… in the bathroom!  And now he needed to pee again!  And he had no way to use the damn toilet!

     Carol had closed him away purposely… and it had been so incredibly easy.  But she didn’t do it for any of the reasons he might think.  She did it because it was almost time for her mother to call again and she didn’t want him to hear. 
     When Janice finally called her daughter, she could easily hear the delight still in Carol’s voice.  “What’s happening dear?  You sound a lot happier than you did this morning.”
     Carol laughed.  “Oh Momma, I’ve been having so much fun with him.”  Carol went to great lengths to tell her mother everything she did to him and put him through all afternoon. 
     Janice listened carefully and even laughed with Carol over some of it.  She was somewhat familiar with the way that Carol had tied him up, and she knew that it could be very affective.  But the thing that Janice found the best was Carol’s absolute delight over his situation.  She decided to file that piece of information away to possibly use at another time.  “And how about making him put his nasty juice into the container,” Janice finally asked.  When are you going to untie him for that?”
     Carol was silent for a moment before she answered.  “I was thinking of doing it without untying him, Momma,” she said softly.
      “But dear, he needs to touch himself to do it.  He can’t do that if he’s tied like you said he is.”
     It took Carol another moment before she answered.  “Um… I was thinking of helping him, Momma.”
     This time it was Janice who didn’t answer right away.  “I see,” she finally said.  “Well, you’re there and I’m not.  You just be careful, you hear?”
      “Yes, Momma.  I’ll be very careful.  You know I will.”
      “Yes, I know you will, dear,” Janice echoed.  “But don’t leave him like that all night!  He’s got to be in school tomorrow and he’s got to be able to teach – normally!  Remember, nobody can know that there’s anything out of the ordinary going on!”
      “I know, Momma.  I know.”
      “You chain him back up in the bathroom again like you did earlier before you leave there.  At least he can relieve himself and he can sleep well enough on the floor.  And you… you make sure you get back to the foster home early!  We don’t want anybody asking the wrong questions!”
      “Don’t worry, I will Momma.  I will.”
     Roger had almost fallen asleep when the bathroom door suddenly opened – hitting him in the head because he hadn’t gotten far enough away from it.
      “Come along little doggie,” she said as soon as he had backed out of the way.  Roger followed her out of the bathroom as she headed towards the kitchen.  She went straight to the refrigerator and pulled out the plastic container she had made him jerk off into earlier.  “It’s time for your little job again,” she said as she carefully took the lid off.
     Roger wasn’t the least interested in going through that again with her.  This morning had been bad enough.  But maybe she would finally untie him now!  But he was again shocked as she got down on the floor next to him and she shoved the dish underneath him.  What did she expect, that it would just automatically drip out of him as if he were simply peeing?  He was further shocked when he felt her fingers gently grabbing him again, and not letting go. 
     Slowly and gently she began massaging him with just a few of her fingers.  She remembered how long it had taken before, so she mentally prepared herself to do this for a very long time.  She was very surprised when he started to grow bigger under her fingers almost immediately.  She giggled with delight.  “I see my little doggie likes this,” she said as she continued working him. 
     Roger hated it, but he couldn’t help it.  As helpless as he was, his body simply couldn’t resist her touch.  He somehow felt like his body was betraying him.  And like it or not, the longer she kept at it, the better it felt.
     Carol was amazed at how big he was growing in her hand.  She had to pull it down now so that it stayed aimed at the plastic dish below.  And all the while she worked him, she kept up her constant little encouragements.  “Good doggie.  Such a good doggie.  You really like that, don’t you doggie?  That’s my good little doggie.”  Much sooner than she expected she saw his chest starting to heave.  She looked down.  Little bits of his juice were leaking out of him, dripping straight down into the dish.  Realizing that he was close to his climax, she had one last command for him.  “Bark for me little doggie.  Bark like a good little doggie who likes this.  Come on, bark for me!”
     Her words actually kept him from going over the edge, although he knew it was only prolonging the inevitable. 
     When he didn’t respond, she dug her fingernails in and squeezed cruelly.  “Do you need those nasty panties back in your mouth again to do this?” she asked menacingly.
     Roger could almost taste the foul panties back in his mouth again.  “Arf-arf!” he said.  He was rewarded as her hand went back to making him feel good again. 
      “That’s it, little doggie, keep barking like a good little doggie now.  Let me know how much you like this.” 
     Roger kept barking, which made him feel all the more humiliated as she kept bringing him closer and closer to the edge – till his voice finally locked up and he couldn’t bark anymore because his body was too busy releasing his load, straight down into her little container.
      “Keep barking my little pet,” she coaxed.  He tried again and managed to get out a rather prolonged little bark.  Then finally, it was over, and he was exhausted.  “Good doggie,” she crooned as the last of his load dripped down into the dish and his manhood began to shrivel again.  “Good doggie.”
     She quickly put the lid back on the container and stuck it into the refrigerator.  Then she seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time thoroughly scrubbing her hands at the kitchen sink. 
     Finally she turned around and looked down at him.  You were a good doggie today.  We’ll have to remember that for the future.  Roger would just as soon forget it – forever.  “Come along, little doggie,” she said as she headed back up the hallway.
     Once again, she led him into the guest bathroom, but this time as soon as he was in far enough, he felt her fastening the cuff attached to the chain around his ankle again.  Was she finally going to release him?  He didn’t even dare to hope anymore.  But once his ankle was secure, she did begin untying him.  Once he was free, mostly, Roger stretched his limbs out luxuriously as he laid on the cold bathroom floor.  It felt so good to move them again. 
      “I have to leave you now,” she said, no longer sounding like she had when she was playing doggie with him all afternoon.  Make sure you get some sleep tonight.  When I come back tomorrow morning, I expect you to be shaved and showered too.  I need you to be the best teacher you can be at school tomorrow. 
     The best teacher?  She had to be kidding again.  He hadn’t even thought about teaching all weekend.  In fact, he hadn’t even had time to put his lesson plans together for next week.  Teaching was the last thing on his mind just then.
     A little while later, he saw the light from the living room going off and the hallway just outside his door grew much dimmer.  He heard her going out through the garage again, and the house suddenly felt colder and empty.  And even though he was chained naked to the toilet in the bathroom, he breathed a sigh of relief.

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