Thursday, July 11, 2013

Second Life, Second Chance

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had written another entire story while you were all reading chapter 3 of The Housekeeper.  That story is titled:  Second Life, Second Chance.

 This one is not like anything you have read from me.  Trust me!

 My little teaser for the story is this: 
Carl Lambert wished he was a girl his entire life.  But that was something he always kept as a closely guarded secret.  Now he finds himself with a second chance… but he also finds that he has mountains in his way.

 Sorry, but there is no humiliation in this story.  No femdom.  No sissyness at all.

 This story just contains courage and determination.

So why should you read it?  That’s a very good question.  And I don’t have an answer for it, other than to say:  I think it’s a great story, and it deserves to be read.

This story so consumed me when I wrote it that it kept my stomach twisted tightly into knots the entire time I was writing it.  Now, almost a month later, I’m still not free of those knots.  The more I worked on this thing, the more it consumed me.  Some stories have hit me hard as I wrote them, but none has ever consumed me like this one did.  None!  At work, I finally gave up all pretense of doing any of my actual job and just wrote the story.  Fortunately, things were slow and I was able to get away with it.  Fortunately!  This story simply wouldn’t let me think about anything else. 

Since I finished it, I’ve reread everything I wrote so far in The Housekeeper to try to get myself back into that story, but I’m afraid I’ve only had limited success.  This new story hit me that hard.  And when I go back and try to analyze why it affects me so much, I can’t find a reason for it at all.  Nothing really jumps out at me as a reason for this thing to affect me like it did.  All I can say is that it simply did.  Don’t worry about The Housekeeper.  I was already working on chapter 15 when I started Second Life and I have managed to add some to The Housekeeper since then.  So life for me is slowly coming back to normal.  I just can’t get Second Life, Second Chance out of my mind.  I’ve edited it a number of times now and I keep finding myself wanting to go back and read it again – continuously.

For some of you, I suspect that this story may hit closer to home than you may be comfortable with – but I still think you will enjoy it.  I suspect that the majority of you won’t find this one to be all that sexually stimulating – but I still think you will like it.  I suspect that for many of you the subject isn’t going to be one that you would normally want to read about – and yet I still think you will find it interesting.

So now I’m going to offer this story to you.  But I’m not going to post it here in my blog.  This is a story you have to sit down and read without it being broken up into too many tiny segments.  Eventually, I will be posting this story out to Fictionmania with my other stories, but it will most likely be December before I do that.  I want to finish posting The Bet there first, and then give a little time before I add this to their story repository.

Um… before you go jumping out and wanting me to send this to you, I’m afraid I’m offering it in a different format than the simple text files I always sent out before.  I have this story saved as a Microsoft Word file (.docx) and that’s the only way I’m going to send it.  I don’t think a 146 kb file size is too much of a problem for most of you to receive in your Inbox.  Most of you will have systems that can open the thing with no problem at all, but if you don’t, look around the web and you should easily find something that will open it for you – they’re available for every type of computer if you look around. 

So if you would like to read Second Life, Second Chance (and I do think you should) then please email me at siskarensinger at yahoo dot com.  I’ll be glad to email you the story back by return email as soon as I’m able. 

Oh, and after you’ve read it, if you want to drop me a quick line and give me your impressions of it – for good or bad – or both, I’d be more than grateful.

Today, I’d like to wish you all… peace in your heart!


sarah penguin said...

Please read it eberyone, it's good!

MommysSlave said...

I agree with Sarah Penguin, this story is incredible. If you've ever struggled with your gender and wondered what you would do if you could go back and change some things you've done (or not done) in the past, this story will really hit home with you.