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The Housekeeper - Chapter 6

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 6

     She was back again the next day, just like the day before.  And just like the day before she brought him his breakfast from Burger King which she allowed him to eat – naked at the table in the kitchen.  Then, like yesterday, it was back to the bedroom to get dressed for the day. 
     Unlike yesterday, she pulled a bra out of the drawer for him first.  Just the sight of it made him close his eyes, trying to calm the anger and frustration he felt at having to wear it again.  And when he opened his eyes, he saw the grin of delight on her face at his situation.  Like yesterday, once the bra was on him, she adjusted the straps until she was satisfied.  He wanted to ask if there was some way she could fix them so they wouldn’t fall down, but he already knew that such a question was senseless.  Hadn’t he seen women unconsciously fixing their own bra straps often enough? 
     He waited for her to select the panties next, hating the thought of them too.  Every pair she had gotten for him was overly frilly – meant only to humiliate him.  But instead of going to the drawer for the panties, she pulled a large bag out from beside the dresser.  She reached into it and he saw her struggling to rip something inside.  A moment later, she stood up with something in her hand that she was holding out to him.  He didn’t recognize it at first, but then what it was dawned on him.  He backed away, completely horrified.  “No…  Oh no…”
     She smiled evilly at him.  “Oh yes!” 
     He stared, transfixed by the item of horror in her hands.  “I… I… I can’t!” he said, his head shaking.  His whole body felt like it was shaking as well.”
     She took a step closer, still holding the dreaded item out to him.  “You can… and you will!”  She stopped, still holding it out, waiting for him to take it, relishing the horror that she saw engulfing him.  “I say… you do.  Remember?  You promised to be good.  Remember?”  When he still didn’t take it she added, “Worse awaits you than this if you don’t!”  Finally, he slowly reached out and took the disposable diaper from her hands.
     If she thought watching him trying to put a bra on was funny, it was nothing compared to the time he had trying to figure out how to get the simple diaper on.  The moment it touched his body down there, she saw him jolt as if a small charge of electricity had gone through him.  First he couldn’t figure out what was the front and what was the back.  Then he couldn’t decide if he should put the back of it up against him first or the front.  Either way, he obviously hated it.  And she was enjoying the spectacle way too much to give him any clues.
     But he finally figured it out, finally taping one side closed.  But as she saw him starting to tape the final side shut, she heard a small whimper escape him, and… was that tears in his eyes?  She actually giggled at his expense.
     Once fully taped, he turned his body back and forth just a fraction, he bent his knees just a fraction, doing everything he could to try to get used to – or maybe get rid of the odd bulk now surrounding him there.  And when he finally looked up at her again, yes… there was a single teardrop making its way down his face.  He wiped it away.  “Must I do this?” he pleaded one more time.
      “Oh… definitely!” she replied.  “Most definitely!”
     She let him finish getting dressed again, although his movements seemed to be more hampered by the diaper than she knew they should be.  He was obviously having a lot of trouble getting used to it – all the better!

     They left the house a good ten minutes later than usual so he had to drive a bit faster.  His laptop was packed in his expandable case.  He needed it to connect to the school’s printer to print the tests for later.
     Roger was having a difficult time getting used to the odd feeling of the diaper under his pants.  In some ways it was worse than the bra he had on his chest – although both were awful.  Now he not only had to worry about someone seeing his bra straps, but he also didn’t know if the bulky diaper would show.  And his jacket did little to cover that part of his body!
     Carol again got out of the car two blocks from the school and walked the rest of the way while he drove.  He parked the car and hurried in, trying desperately to ignore the odd feelings from the diaper and the bra under his clothes.  Since he was later than he wanted to be, he only had a few minutes to connect to the school’s printer and print the tests.  Fortunately, it was late enough that all the other teachers had finished with it already and he got it all done fairly quickly. 

     His morning was a nightmare!  He taught… and he thought he did a fairly good job of it again.  All the preparation the night before had been very helpful.  But the distraction from the bra straps, and now the bulky diaper under his pants kept eating at him.  Like yesterday, he frequently went into the men’s room between classes to hide in the stalls and pull up the bra straps.  But on one of those trips, he realized that he needed to pee.  Did she expect him to go in the diaper?  No way!  He left the bathroom still needing to pee. 
     The urge continued to build in him all through his next class – fortunately, one of the ones that he was giving the quiz to so that he didn’t have to stand up in front of them and talk as much.  But by the end of that class, he knew he couldn’t last much longer.  He hurried back to the men’s room where he again headed straight into one of the stalls – and again pulled up his bra straps.  But he had to pee too and he couldn’t do it in the diaper.   Opening his pants, he ripped the tapes open and peed into the toilet.  Pure relief.  But when he was done, the tapes wouldn’t stick again.  In fact, some of the plastic from the diaper cover was stuck to a few of them making the tapes totally useless.  All he could do was to pull the diaper back into place as best he could and refasten his pants.  Hoping that the pants would hold everything in place. 
     It worked… and it didn’t work.  It wasn’t long before he felt the diaper drooping and sagging – both front and back – and right in his crotch!  It not only felt strange and uncomfortable, but he worried more than ever about it showing – which he was sure it would now.  He tried sitting down behind his desk for most of the next class, but there were times when he absolutely had to stand up and write something on the board or to look at a student’s work.  He was not only overly self-conscious, he was downright scared!
     Fortunately, the next period after that was his lunch.  He knew she wouldn’t like it, but the diaper definitely had to go.  No underwear at all was better than this!
     When the bell rang, he stayed at his desk while the students all filed out of the room.  But he still didn’t get up.  There were too many people out in the hallway.  And if he went into the men’s room now, then it was all too likely that someone else would be there.  But if he waited just a little bit, then he was sure that both the hallway and probably the men’s room as well would be empty. 
     But he didn’t make it.  Not because of anyone in the hallway or the men’s room, but because she walked into his classroom. 
      “Having a good morning?” Carol asked.  The evil grin was back on her face.
      “No!” he replied.
      “And why could that be?”
     She had asked it so innocently.  He wanted to smack her!  “This damn diaper!” he hissed.
     She put a look of mock surprise on her face.  “You mean the bra isn’t giving you any trouble today?”
      “Yes it is, damn it!  I keep having to go out between classes and fix it.  It’s damn uncomfortable… and irritating!”
      “So what’s the problem with your diaper?  Is it maybe… wet?”
     Wet?  She had to be kidding.  “No!  The damn tapes won’t stick.  It won’t stay up!”
     She was very surprised now.  Why wouldn’t the tapes stick?  Everything looked like it was okay earlier.  She looked out toward the hallway, everything seemed quiet enough.  “Drop your pants.  Show me!”
     Totally frustrated with the situation, Roger too checked the hallway through the window in the door, then he quickly dropped his pants.  The diaper came down with them.  She examined the tapes.  “What happened to them?”
      “I had to pee and they wouldn’t stick again afterwards.  Now the damn thing is giving me no end of trouble!”
     She grew instantly angry.  “You shouldn’t have undone them in the first place!”
      “You didn’t tell me I had to pee in the darn thing!”  She said nothing, but he could see by the look on her face that she was angry with him.  He realized he was probably in big trouble with her, but just then he didn’t care.  “So what am I supposed to do now?  Can I take it off?”
     That was the last thing she really wanted.  But there seemed to be no other….  The tapes!  “Don’t you have any tape in your drawer?”
      “You can’t be serious!” he exclaimed.
      “Get… the… tape!”
     He pulled his desk drawer open and fished for the roll of scotch tape he used on ripped papers. 
      “Give that to me,” she ordered, “and hold that diaper back in place.”
     Reluctantly, he did as she ordered.  With the tape, she first refastened one side, then the other, much tighter than he had done it earlier.  But she wasn’t done yet.  Just to make sure that it wouldn’t pull apart again, she wrapped several layers all the way around him, pulling it tightly as she went.  Finally she was done and he quickly pulled his pants up again before anyone could catch them.  He actually breathed a sigh of relief the moment he was fully dressed again. 
      “Now make sure you get something to eat,” she said.  “We’re going to be busy after school today and I can’t guarantee that you’ll get any dinner!”
     But Roger was mostly thinking about all the tape she had just wrapped around the diaper.  “But what if I have to pee this afternoon?  How the heck am I supposed to do that?”
     She just smiled that evil smile at him again.  “Silly question!  It’s a diaper!”

     Roger considered the option of not eating anything for lunch, but the prospect of possibly no dinner didn’t exactly appeal to him.  Besides, he was hungry.  He had to hurry through lunch, but that was no problem since the five dollars she had given him didn’t go very far anyway. 
     The class Carol was in was right after lunch every day.  Again he feared that she would do or say something to make his life more miserable, but again she was silent, only watching him with a delighted glow in her eyes the entire time.  He gave the class the quiz which brought him a few minutes of relief from worrying about her and what she might do, but it only lasted less than half the period.  He half expected her to not take the test and order him to give her an exceptional grade anyway.  But she took it just like everyone else.  He was even surprised to notice the concentration on her face as she worked on it. 
     He was so glad when the class was over and all she did was leave with another of her miserable smiles.
     All through the afternoon, he still had to go to the men’s room to readjust the straps on his bra.  And by the middle of the afternoon he realized he had to pee again.  But he was fairly determined that he wouldn’t do it in the diaper.  The urge continued to grow and grow in him, distracting him more and more.  On one of his trips to the men’s room to readjust his bra, he finally realized that he couldn’t hold out much longer.  He had to do something to try to pee!  Pulling his pants down in the stall, he started searching the diaper for some way to get it loose.  But she had not only put the first tapes on in longer strips than the original tapes, she had also wrapped the tape all the way around several times and pulled everything much tighter than he had this morning.  There was no way to pull the tapes up and remove the diaper.  He tried desperately to pull the whole thing straight down, but the tape around it was so tight that he could barely move the thing.  There was no way he could really lower it at all. 
     Totally frustrated in so many ways, he was forced to leave it in place and go back to the classroom.  He actually made it through the next class, but not by much.  After class he again visited the men’s room, and again he tried to pull the diaper down.  But once again he had no luck at all.  Growing more and more desperate, he went back to his last class of the day.  Could he make it?  He prayed he would. 
     He tried to stay seated during class again, but the urge to pee was too strong.  It was making him too antsy.  Again and again he got up from his seat, hoping the movement would relieve the pressure and the need to pee.  And again and again he sat back down, hoping for the same thing.  But then a little tiny bit leaked out.  He froze, every muscle in his body locked in place as he fought to regain his hold on everything.  It was only a little bit – fortunately.  But the battle continued and soon more leaked out, and again he tried to hold it back.  Then it happened again!  Each time, a little more leaked out of him than before.
     By the time the class was over, he still had to pee desperately, even though his diaper was already somewhat wet.  He could feel the extra little bulk of the wetness between his legs, but fortunately the technology of the diaper kept it from showing on the outside.  He wanted to go home, desperately.  He wanted to rip the diaper off so he could pee normally in the toilet like he should.  But then he remembered something she had said… they were going to be busy after school today.  She couldn’t even guarantee him dinner!  The need to pee was driving him crazy!  What was he going to do?

     Carol showed up in his classroom faster than usual.  This time he was actually grateful.  “I’ve got to pee something fierce!” he hissed desperately as soon as she arrived. 
     She just smiled knowingly at him.  “Tough!” she said like it was no problem at all.  “We’ve got things to do and we need to hurry.”  He wanted to cry. 
     Once in the car, she told him to drive directly to the newspaper office, which really didn’t surprise him.  It was about half an hour’s drive and all the way there he squirmed and fidgeted in his seat.  A few times he heard Carol giggling at him, although she said nothing.  Twice, more of the pee escaped into his diapers, and each time he let out a long closed mouth scream as he tried desperately to stop it.  And each time, Carol realized what was happening and started giggling again. 
     They finally pulled into the parking lot and Roger was anxious to jump out of the car, hoping the physical movement would help to keep him from wetting further.
      “Stop fidgeting and wait a minute!” she ordered, stopping him before he could even get the door open.  “I need to tell you exactly what you’re going to do.”
      “But I’ve got to pee so bad,” Roger told her. 
     She smiled again, “Like I said, tough!  Now this is one of the most important things you’re ever going to do, so don’t screw this up!  Got it?”
     Roger had no idea what could be so important about placing an ad in the newspaper.  Mostly though, all he could think about was his desperate need to pee.  He let out another almost silent scream as yet more escaped from his body into his diaper. 
     Carol waited until he seemed to calm down a bit again, guessing that something was forcing its way out of him whether he liked it or not.  Once he was calm again – relatively – she pulled out his wallet and handed it to him.  “You’re going to need this.”  Roger gratefully took his walled and opened it.  His credit cards all appeared to be there as was his driver’s license.  The only thing out of the ordinary was the amount of cash in it, which wasn’t all that much, but more than he usually carried around.  Still fighting the urge to pee, he put the wallet away in his back pocket.  With the diaper under his pants – now wet – his wallet felt very strange back there. 
     Carol pulled a piece of paper out of her purse.  She had carefully recopied the ad her mother had written down for her in her own handwriting, and had added his cell phone number.  She handed the note to him.  You’ve got to arrange for that ad to start Wednesday – that’s tomorrow!  The ad has to run for one week and one week only!  Got that?”
     Roger looked down at the short ad and read it.  And that’s when he got his first clue.  He had briefly wondered about it once before, but other than that he really had no inkling.  But now the note made it very obvious.  It was the wording really.  No high school kid, even one as bright as Carol, would word an ad like that.  It was too sophisticated.  Too perfect.  And the obvious conclusion?  Carol wasn’t working alone!  Someone else was pulling the strings behind the scenes!  But the note only added more mystery to the pot.  Was he about to get a housekeeper?  And would the housekeeper be the mysterious string puller?
     He didn’t get a chance to think about it much more.  “Okay, now let’s get this done!  And so help me, you better not screw anything up!”
     Roger finally got out of the car, wondering what could be so difficult about placing the ad that Carol would be so insistent on it being done perfectly.  Still struggling with his need to pee, he went into the newspaper office with her. 
      “May I help you?” a woman asked from behind the tall counter. 
     Roger looked briefly at Carol before answering.  “I’d like to place a classified ad please?”
      “Sure,” the woman replied as she went to the computer on the counter and started moving and clicking on the mouse.  She asked for Roger’s name, his address, and his phone number.  Finally she asked.  “Now, what do you want the ad to say?”
     Instead of answering, Roger simply handed over the handwritten ad.  The woman looked at it briefly, then started typing it into the computer.
      “Please make sure that it’s worded exactly like that,” Carol spoke up.
     The woman looked at her and smiled.  “I’ve got it,” she said.  Then she handed the note back to Roger.  “And when did you want this to start?”
     Roger started to answer, but Carol beat him to it.  “It has to start tomorrow please.  It’s very important.”
     The woman looked at Roger.  He just nodded.  She typed in the start date.  “And how long would you like it to run?”
     This time Roger answered.  “One week, please.”
     The woman typed that in as well.
      “Will it start tomorrow?” Carol asked, anxiousness clearly in her voice.
      “No problem at all,” the woman replied. 
     Roger looked down at Carol, hoping she was satisfied.  What was there about the ad that was so important to her?  The woman quoted him a price and he pulled a couple of bills out of his wallet.  She gave him a receipt.  And they were done.  Very simple.  But Roger noticed that to Carol, every step seemed to be overly important.  Why?  What had the mysterious string puller told her?
     As soon as they were back in the car, Carol seemed to give a small sigh of relief, yet she still seemed anxious.  Why?  But she wasn’t nearly as anxious as he was since his need to pee was practically driving him totally mind-blowing insane!
      “That didn’t take as long as I was afraid it would,” Carol said as he started the car. 
      “There’s really not much to it,” he replied.  She said nothing. 
     Roger’s foot was very heavy on the gas as he drove toward home.  His need to pee kept driving him as he was driving the car.  Several times he lost the battle again and had to regain his foothold on his bladder.  He was getting wetter and wetter, but that didn’t seem to matter.  Only that he didn’t want to give it all up. 
     Carol was silent during the trip, seemingly lost in thought.  It wasn’t until he was nearly home that she spoke again.  “Look,” she said.  “That didn’t take as long as I was afraid it was going to, and I can’t stay long tonight.  So let’s go to Burger King and you can buy some dinner.”
     But Roger’s need to pee was too great.  “Can’t we just heat up another TV dinner when we get to the house?”
     For some reason, Carol was perturbed by his question.  “No!  I want Burger King.  Now take me there!”  Roger, and his bladder, weren’t the least bit happy.
     More and more often Roger was losing the battle with is bladder.  And while the pressure let up more and more, his tired aching muscles were growing weaker and weaker.  Carol told him to just go through the drive through and she told him what she wanted.  The drive through was maddening slow however, at least it seemed that way to Roger and his diaper… which was getting wetter and wetter.  He began to worry about it leaking all over his seat.  Finally, he got his order.  But after he paid for it, Carol asked for his wallet back.  He could only watch as it disappeared into the depths of her large purse. 
     By the time Roger got home, he had very little urge to pee anymore.  But now his primary concern was getting out of the wet diaper! 
     Once in the house, Carol ordered him back to the guest bathroom again.  She also ordered him to strip completely again which Roger didn’t mind at all.  He couldn’t get rid of the diaper too soon.  The moment it was off of him, he stood in front of the toilet and tried to pee, but nothing came out.  Nothing at all.  He had completely lost the battle.  Carol quickly locked the cuff around his ankle again and he felt totally defeated. 
     He expected Carol to bring him back his dinner now, but instead she showed up with the plastic container once again.  “Don’t take too long with it this time,” she told him.  “I can’t wait around all night!”
      “I can’t make any guarantees,” Roger replied. 
      “Well I can!” she snapped back angrily.  “I can guarantee that you’ll be spending all your time in those diapers for a very long time, and you’ll be doing everything in them!”
     Roger was surprised at her vehemence.  What did she have going on tonight that she had to be out of there so soon?  He picked up the container.  “I’ll try,” was all he said as he took the lid off and turned his back to her. 
     The difficulty factor was even greater tonight than it had been before.  His body was too tired from fighting with his bladder.  But he did manage it – although not until she began threatening to tie him up like her little doggie once again and also keep him in diapers at work all the time.  Her images scared him, but also somehow stimulated him... at least enough to get the job done. 
     Once again she took the container from him like it was radioactive and once again he figured she was scrubbing her hands in the kitchen. 
     Finally she came back and brought him his dinner and a drink.  A few minutes later she showed up with his expandable case which also held his laptop.  “I’ve got to go,” she said.  “Plan on being very busy tomorrow night.”
     And she was gone.  Roger was alone in his house again, naked and chained to the toilet.  He ate his dinner, he graded the tests – noting that Carol had done better than usual on it.  He played games on the computer, then he took a long hot bath.  And finally, he went to sleep – naked on the floor with only his towel for a blanket once again. 

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