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Mister Mike - Chapter 31 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 31 – Part 2 of 2

     Tuesday morning was even more of a rush for me than the day before.  While I did manage to get to work at my usual time, I didn’t manage to get a shower before I left.  Darn girl.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed clicking the lock shut on her onesie.  And I hoped that pink diaper I had put on her first started to leak all over the place before I got home.  And I hadn’t put those plastic pants on her either.  Let her enjoy being a total mess and miserable.  It couldn’t happen to a nicer person. 
     Joanna texted me that morning asking how things went.  I told her I had to hold Ashley down last night to give her the bottles.  Half an hour later, Joanna phoned me. 
      “Mike, what happened last night?”
     So I told her.  All of it. 
      “Thanks Mike.  I’m glad you let me know.  So how bad was Ashley’s diaper last night when you changed her?”
      “Pretty bad.  Believe me.”
     She sounded disappointed.  “I was hoping it wouldn’t be that bad.  Do you think she can manage to go from the time you change her in the morning until late at night when she gets home?”
      “I think the diaper will make it.  At least I’m pretty sure it will, but it’s going to be pretty horrible.”
      “Yeah, I’m sure it will be.  That’s why I got those plastic pants for her too.  Hopefully, they’ll stop anything from leaking.  I’m a bit worried about the smell too if she goes that long.  The plastic pants should help with that somewhat though.”
      “Yeah,” I agreed.  “By the way, just how is she going to get to work tomorrow?  Is one of her friends picking her up?”
      “Um, Mike…”
      “I’m afraid you’re going to have to take her.  You’ll have to leave a little earlier in the morning and drop her off before you go to work.  She’ll be very early getting there, but she’ll have to live with it.  Then you’ll have to pick her up when she gets off.”
     Not what I wanted to hear.  But what choice did I have?  “Uh…okay.  I guess.”
      “Good.  Sorry Mike, but until Ashley can afford another car, I don’t see any other way.”
      “Yeah, I get it,” I replied unhappily.  And Ashley getting another car anytime soon sounded nearly impossible.  How much did she make in her job?  According to her, not much.  And once she did start getting her paycheck, a lot of that was going to have to go to me.  Or at least it was supposed to go to me.  I wasn’t exactly holding my breath over it.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Ashley was sitting at the kitchen table with an angry look on her face when I got home.  “Let me guess,” she said as I walked in the door.  “You’re not going to change me until later tonight.”
      “That’s the plan,” I replied.  Oddly, I was somewhat happy about that.
      “I hate you!” she said before she got up and started out of the kitchen.  She stopped and turned to me.  Get changed!” she ordered.  “And bring me all the keys!”
     I sighed.  What fun…not!
     As I was walking through the living room, I saw a box sitting on the couch.  “What’s that?” I asked.  “Did one of your mother’s packages come in?  What’s in it?”
     Ashley looked at the box.  “More torture devices.  For me,” she said.
     Torture devices?  “Can I see?”
     She shrugged, so I walked over to take a look.  I saw babyish looking material with teddy bear heads.  I pulled it out and realized I was holding two more onesies…made with thicker material than the ones we already had.  And these were made differently too.  No zip up the back.  No locks at the back.  I examined the crotch of one of them and discovered a Velcro strip where it opened…revealing two D rings that when locked together would make the thing impossible to remove.  Lovely! 

      I stuck them back in the box and went to change.  Joanna was definitely making sure that Ashley would be stuck in her diapers all day at work.  And with these new ones, there was no lock that would show at the back of her neck while she was wearing her scrubs.  With her other onesies, her hair mostly covered that lock, except when she moved her head too much or she tried to pull her hair back.  For work, these would be much better.  Now the only question was, could she last that long time in just one of those pink diapers?
     After dinner, I removed those onesies from the box and threw the box away.  Ashley only glanced away from the TV show she was watching and then looked away again.  I had the feeling she didn’t want anything more to do with the new onesies than she had to.  Although ultimately, she was going to have plenty to do with them…like it or not.  I threw the onesies into the wash along with some other things.  When I put one on her tomorrow, I’d grab one of the locks I already had the key to.
     Believe it or not, it was a fairly quiet evening…up until ten o’clock.  We both sat and watched TV for the evening until one of Ashley’s shows ended.  I turned to her to tell her I’d change her diaper then, when her phone rang.  She grabbed it quickly and I saw her roll her eyes when she saw who was calling.  “Hi Mom,” she said as she put the thing to her ear.   “Yeah, just a sec.”  She put the phone on speaker.  “Okay, we’re here.”
      “Hi Mike,” Joanna voice came from her phone.  I just wanted to call and make sure you both know what’s going on tomorrow.  Did any of those packages come in yet?”
     I was waiting for Ashley to reply, but all she did was roll her eyes.  “Just one so far,” I told Joanna.  “Her new onesies.”
      “Oh good!  I paid for overnight shipping on them so I was hoping they would get there before tomorrow.  Have you put one on her yet?”
      “No, I’m waiting till tomorrow,” I replied.
      “Good.  I think they’ll work better under her scrubs than the other ones she has.”
      “That’s what I figured,” I replied.
      “Have you changed her for bed yet?” she asked me.
      “I was just about to.”
      “Okay.  Mike, while I’m on the phone, can you remove Ashley’s diaper right now and let me know how bad it looks?”
      “Horrible!  Miserable!  Fat!  Uncomfortable!  Sick!  Twisted!...”
      “Ashley!  Stop it!” Joanna ordered.  “I get the picture!”
      “Sure, I can do that,” I finally replied.  “Let me get the key.  I’ll be right back.”
     Ashley grunted and got up from her chair.  “I’m going with you.  It’ll be faster.  I just want out of this miserable thing!” she yelled angrily into the phone.
     Two minutes later I had her onesie unlocked.  She practically ripped the thing off her body trying to get out of it.  Instead of me removing her diaper, she ripped it open herself and let it fall to the bathroom floor.  “Finally!” she exclaimed.  “Damn I couldn’t wait to get rid of that thing.”
      “Mike…” Joanna’s voice came from the phone where Ashley had placed it on the bathroom counter.  “Take a good look at her diaper.  Do you think she can make it at work that long, or do we need to not do this?”
     I know what answer I would have given – without looking at that diaper.  Ashley beat me to it though.  “We can’t do it, Mom.  No way!”
      “I was afraid of that,” Joanna replied, sounding disappointed.  “Mike, what do you think?”
     I took a good look at the diaper.  “It’s pretty bad,” I said, “but I still think the diaper can go a while more without leaking.  I think half the problem may just be that she’s worn it for so many hours.”
      “So you think it’s doable?”
      “No!” Ashley exclaimed loudly. “It’s not!”
      “Mike?” Joanna asked.
     I looked at Ashley.  Her face was totally determined.  “I think it’s worth a try,” I told Joanna.
      “No!” Ashley screamed.  “You just want to see me suffer!  You’re just like everyone else, only out to get me.  You don’t care one bit about me.  You don’t care if any of my friends or the people I work with find out.  You don’t care about anything but getting back at me for everything I’ve ever done to you.”
      “Ashley!” Joanna’s voice sounded in the background from the phone – for the third time I realized. 
      “I hate you!” Ashley spat rather vehemently as her tirade finally ended.
      “Michael,” Joanna’s angry voice came again.  “Just like you made sure Ashley drank those bottles last night before bed, I expect you to make sure she’s dressed properly for work tomorrow.  And you know what I mean by that.  One of her pink diapers, a pair of those plastic pants, and one of her new onesie’s locked on her.”
      “You told my mother about last night?” Ashley yelled.
     I said nothing.  I only glared right back at her.
      “I hate you!” she screamed.
     Nothing new there.
      “Mike?” Joanna’s voice came from the phone again.  “You got all that?”
      “Yeah.  No problem.  It’s just like I figured.”
      “Now remember,” Joanna said.  “You’ve got to take her to work tomorrow morning, so I suggest you get up extra early to give yourself plenty of time.”
     I heard her, but it was all background noise.  Ashley was glaring at me with the most intense hatred I had ever seen from her.  I glared right back.
      “And Ashley,” Joanna continued.  “You’re going to be early for work, but I’m afraid there’s no help for it.”
      “You just want to see me stuck in those damn diapers for even longer!” Ashely yelled angrily.
      “That’s not my purpose at all!” Joanna shot back.  “Now I suggest you behave and do what I told you, or so help me I’ll drive all night if I have to, to come and pick you up and bring you straight back here.”
     Ashley said nothing, but her angry glaring at me didn’t lessen at all.
      “Mike, make sure she gets two bottles before she goes to bed tonight.  Feed them to her whether she likes it or not!  I want her to drink them both!”
      “I hate you,” Ashley said rather vehemently again, although far softer than she had said anything else in a while.  Then her face changed.  “What about him?”
      “Ash?” Joanna asked.
      “What about him Mom.  You didn’t say anything at all about making him drink from the damn bottles.”
      “Ashley, whether he drinks anything from the bottles or not is up to you.  Not me.  You’re the one who wants to keep him in diapers.  Not me.  I’m fine with him wearing panties all the time.  So dear, it’s really up to you.”
     Was that satisfaction I saw on Ashley’s face?  I really couldn’t tell. 
     Any questions…from either of you?” Joanna asked.
     Neither of us said anything.  Neither of us stopped glaring at each other. 
      “Questions?” Joanna prompted again.
      “No, Joanna,” I replied.
      “Good!  Now good luck you two.  I’ll be checking with each of you tomorrow.  Goodnight.”
     I’m sure the phone line went dead.  But Ashley and I were still glaring at each other.  I finally ended it.  “Get your shower.  I know you probably need it.”
      “Ha!  That’s an understatement.”
     I shook my head.  “Just get cleaned up.”  I left her to it. 
     It was a while before Ashley came out of the bathroom.  She was still glaring at me, but I had a feeling it was more put-on than anything else.  I was waiting for her with one of my big thick diapers. 
      “I hate you,” she said for the umpteenth time.  
      “So you’ve said,” I replied. 
     She laid on her bed on top of the diaper I had laid out.  I slathered plenty of lotion on her then pulled the diaper up between her legs and fastened it.
      “I hate you,” came from her lips once again.
     I locked her into the same onesie she had been in all day.
      “I hate you,” she said yet again as I clicked the lock shut.
      “Who cares!” I told her.  “Now are you going to finally unlock me so I can get a shower?  I couldn’t get one last night and there wasn’t time this morning…thanks to you!”
     She glared at me again for a moment, and again I got the feeling it was more put on than anything else.  “Yeah.  Let me get the keys.”
     Thank you God!  Five minutes later, I was naked and in the bathroom.  Using everything in there to my heart’s content. 
     When I came out, Ashley was waiting for me in her bedroom.  She had put a pair of flannel pajamas on over top of her onesie.  I had no problem with that.  Besides, technically I had no say in the matter.  The same fat diaper I had worn since I got home was laid out on the bed waiting for me.  Why had I bothered taking a shower?  But at least the rest of me was clean.  I laid down on it and she put baby lotion all over me like I had done to her, and then she added the baby powder that I never used on her, but she always used on me.  I hated the smell of that stuff.  It was so…demeaning.  A few moments later, that damn diaper was fastened back on me again. 
      “Get your nightgown on,” she told me.
     No onesie locked on?  No onesie at all?  Hooray.  I hurried into my room and slipped into the soft silky material. 
     When I turned around, she was standing in my doorway, watching me.  “Mom said that whether or not you drink anything before bed is up to me.”
     I nodded, unsure where she was going with this.
      “You’re not getting out of it!”
     Of that I had no doubt.  “Come on,” she said.  “I’m tired.  Let’s get this over with.”
     It wasn’t until I was following her up the hallway that I realized what I had heard in her voice.  Not total defeat, but she was at least leaning a little more toward it.  Perhaps, more like she was beginning to accept the inevitable. 
     We each filled two bottles with water, then headed back to the bedrooms.  I headed for mine.  “Forget it,” she said as I turned into my room.  Just come to bed with me.  I’ll feed you your bottles myself.”
     She set one of her bottles on the nightstand, then climbed up on her bed and moved over far enough for me to have room on the bed.  I set one of my bottles on the nightstand and laid down next to her.  It took us both some maneuvering to figure out the easiest way for each of us to do it.  We wound up laying very close to each other with one hand holding a bottle to the lips of the other.  Early on, our free hands somehow linked further below.  She was drinking her bottle, just as I was, but I noticed her eyes never left mine.  I didn’t look away either.  For once, I saw no hate in her eyes.  Only…acceptance?  I couldn’t be sure.  When my bottle emptied, I stayed there until she finished hers.  I reached over and swapped both empty bottles out for the full ones on the nightstand, then we both picked up right where we left off, except a few minutes later, her eyes closed.  I still watched her. 
     When we had finished both bottles, I started to get up, but she pulled on my nightgown for me to stay.  “What?” I whispered.
     I now noticed that sly smile on her face.  “Did you wet yourself yet?”
      “Not yet,” I told her.
      “But you have to go,” she said slyly.
      “Uh…yeah.  So?”
     Instead of answering, she climbed right on top of me and started grinding her thick diaper covered hips against mine.  The she stopped and looked at me again.  “Was that fun?”
      “I wish,” I told her.  “I can’t feel anything.”
      “Me either,” she replied with a look of frustration on her face.  Her face brightened.  “Wet yourself.”
      “You heard me, wet yourself.  Right now!”
     My eyebrows went up, but with her still laying right on top of me, I let loose into that thickly padded diaper. 
      “Are you doing it?” she asked with a giggle.
     I nodded.  “Yeah.”
     She laughed.  “Me too!”  A few moments later, she started grinding her hips against mine again. 
      “You know I can’t get hard,” I told her. 
     She laughed.  “Yeah.  That’s the best part.  But I’ll bet you really want to.” 
     She certainly had me there.  She was still grinding away at me as if we were having sex.  There was no doubt that my chastity device was shrinking again.  Big time.  She kept at it, moving more and grinding away harder.  That damn chastity device was starting to really hurt again.  I must have winced at the pain. 
     She laughed again as she watched my face.  “You want this so bad,” she teased.  “So, so bad.”
     What could I do?  The damn girl was doing her best to drive me crazy.  She leaned down and her hair spilled over my face.  She kissed my neck.  She moved her head up and kissed my cheek.  Then my other cheek.  She looked straight into my eyes with that devilish look of hers, her hair falling past both sides of my face…while her hips were still going back and forth against mine.  The pain from my chastity device was growing more intense.  “Mmph,” I grunted softly as she drove her pelvis even harder into mine.  She giggled again, and I watched as she lowered her face toward mine, and planted a rather passionate kiss right on my lips.  I wanted to scream.  That chastity device simply would not let me do what I so desperately needed to do…and I had no doubt that she knew it.  She was teasing me.  Torturing me. 
      “You want this soooo bad,” she teased again.  The delight in her eyes was all too obvious.  “You want it, but you can’t have it, can you.  My momma locked away your tiny little cock so that it’s now totally useless.  Didn’t she?  As small as it was before, she made sure it would stay even smaller – all the time.”  She laughed as she continued to grind away.  Was she feeling anything there…other than the pleasure she was receiving from torturing me?  With that super thick diaper she was wearing, she had to be just as denied as I was…except that diaper couldn’t hurt her like my chastity device was currently killing me. 
      “Do you want to cum yet?” she asked.
      “Yes!” I hissed as she continued to work away at me.
      “What would you do if I let you cum?”
      “A…anything?” I asked, more than replied.
     She laughed again.  “Anything?  I’ll bet you would.”  She laughed again.  “But even if I did decide to let you cum, I can’t, because I don’t have the key to that thing you’re wearing.  My mom is the only one with the keys.  So you’re stuck.  Stuck like glue!”  She laughed again.  “I sure hope you’re enjoying this, because it’s the closest thing to real sex you’re ever going to have again!” 
     With another laugh, she suddenly rolled off of me.  “Oh, that was so much fun!” she said as if she had somehow managed to get herself off while doing it.  Had she?  She had certainly put enough effort into it.  I was still breathing hard as I glared at her unhappily.  “Sleep well?” she said with a giggle. 
      “Yeah right!” I muttered as I pried myself out of her bed.  Most likely, I wouldn’t sleep a wink now. 
     She watched me starting to leave.  “Wait!  Come back here,” she said with another giggle.
      “What?” I asked as I turned around.  I really wanted to grab my aching crotch just then, but in that big fat wet diaper, what good would it do me? 
      “Come back here when you’re done turning the lights and things off,” she said. 
     She laughed.  “Because I said so.  And that’s all the reason you need.”
     Damn girl.  I left and made sure the house was locked up and the lights were all off.  Then I went back to her room.  “What?” I asked.
      “Turn my light off and pull my covers up.”
     What, she couldn’t do it herself?  I pulled her covers up for her and turned the light off.  “Goodnight!” I said rather firmly.
     She threw the side of the covers back.  “Get in here with me.”
      “Get in here.”
      “Yes.  Again.”
     Ugh!  I was tired.  My cock was still feeling way too much pressure from my chastity device, and she wanted me to climb up next to her again?  Double ugh!  Against my better judgement, I got into the bed though.
      “Roll over away from me,” she ordered.
     I had no problem with that one.  Anything to keep her further away from me, not that I was expecting to get any sleep for a while anyway.  And then I felt her snuggling right up against my back.  I heard her giggle.  What the hell did she think she was doing?  And then I nearly jumped out of my skin when her hand suddenly started wiggling its way between my legs.  She laughed again as she started pressing against the outside of my diaper, right over top of that damn chastity device.  “Aaagh!” I grunted as I felt the pressure building once again.  I felt her raise her head up closer to mine.  “Payback is hell, isn’t it!” she giggled.  “And I’m going to make sure you get all the hell I can for making me wear those stupid diapers to work tomorrow.  So enjoy your night Sissy Mike, ‘cause I’m going to do my best to make sure you remember it.”

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