Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another Weekend for Gina - 1

My wife is away for three nights, and so my diaper slavery to Mistress Victoria resumes.  Actually all week she has had me in chastity and constant pantyhose wearing, and I mean 24 hours/day except for showers.  This morning it was back into a diaper at work and wetting and smoking for her. Getting home she granted me a dry diaper after securing me in nylon chastity.  Instead of a zip tie, I am wrapped in a long shoelace.  My afternoon nap resulted in the desired "cycling" trying to get hard in the nylon prison caressing my sissy clit.  After the nap she put me in a tight crotch rope, tied just right.  The crotch rope further "displays" my sissy clitty beneath my diaper and increases the frustrating cycling.  The long shoelace is also tied tightly into the crotch rope making the entire device just very tight in the right places.  Over all are silky black pantyhose.

She had me buy long, shiney halloween false eyelashes.  Those will be applied shortly and with more makeup beside the deep red lipstick.  I am to wear the eyelashes all weekend.  She has a fetish for eyelashes. She inventoried my girdles and the black, OB one and nylons are selected and ready for wiggling myself into at her command.  

She texts commands and demands pictures, complete micro-management.

I love it so.

So, there is the start of my weekend. 

More will come, I am sure and she mentioned inserting my long rubber, black cock-like plug soon.

She would appreciate you posting my progress to your blog, if you are willing.



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sarah penguin said...

*giggles* Hewwo agains Gina! Habs a good weekend stay soggy! Mebbe your Mistress Mommy will let you go pick yourself out a baby book and some toys from da toystore and da bookystore...