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The Bet - Chapter 54 (Wednesday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 54 (Wednesday – week 8 Part 9 of 9)

     Mel trudged up the steps to her apartment, her arms laden with not only her usual things, but also the box holding the new contract.  The minute she opened the door, she was assailed by the strong smell of spices from Sissy’s cooking.  “Mmm!”  She wondered why they bothered to go out to eat a few times a week?  Everything Sissy cooked was much better.”  She saw him running around from the corner of the kitchen.  She smiled as he curtseyed.
      “Welcome back, Mistress,” his silly lisping voice said to her.
      “Mel was a bit startled as he curtseyed again, but she said nothing about it.  She certainly didn’t mind.  “Thanks Sissy,” she replied.  “It sure smells good in here.”
     Chad curtseyed again.  “Dinner is still going to take a few more minutes,” he replied.  “I’m trying to get it ready as fast as I can.”  And then he curtseyed again.
     Mel noted the double curtsey again.  “That’s fine,” she replied.  “Just let me know when it’s ready.  I’ve got lots of work that needs doing.”  She watched as he hurried off toward the kitchen – but not without one final curtsey.  It looked like that was one thing she wasn’t going to have to complain about to him tonight.
     Five minutes later, she was again carefully reading page after boring page of the contract.  But her mind kept wandering because of the smell of Sissy’s cooking.  She tried to think about the contract, but she found it impossible to do so.  Her stomach rumbled a bit.  She dropped the page she was reading and closed her eyes for a moment.  She remembered her lengthy conversation with Robin earlier and let her mind roam over what they had discussed… and with her eyes still closed, she smiled… and let her imagination go to work. 
      “Mistress.  Dinner is ready.”
     Mel quickly opened her eyes and saw Sissy standing in front of her.  Had she fallen asleep?  She wasn’t sure… not that it mattered.  She watched as Sissy curtseyed again and hurried off toward the kitchen.  She set the work that was still in her lap aside and got up and followed him.  Yes, dinner did smell good.  The food on her plate looked good too – it was obviously a different dish than anything he had made for her before.  She sat down and picked her glass of wine and took a sip.  Without looking at him, she said, “And where do you belong?”  She purposely continued to stare at her plate as he hurried off toward his perch in the other room.  When she looked up, she smiled again as she saw him stuck in his corner once again. 
      “Soon. Very soon,” she whispered to herself.  “Soon I won’t have to worry about keeping you wetting all the time.  Soon, your position will be permanent.”

     Chad stared at the blank walls of the corner in front of him for only a moment before he closed his eyes.  There was no need to keep them open – there was nothing to see.  He hadn’t bothered to grab another baby bottle to keep him occupied this time because he wasn’t the least bit worried about making his leaking deadline.  In fact, he was more worried about setting a new leaking record.  And if he did, then knowing Mel, she might make his deadline worse! 
     He hoped she liked the dinner he made for her tonight.  It certainly smelled good.  He had snuck more than a few sample tastes as it was cooking.  He really wished he could just sit down and eat a normal portion of it, but his normal portion tonight was going to be a normal portion of baby food instead.  He wasn’t happy about that, but at the same time, the thought that he had been reduced to eating baby food like an infant also sexually thrilled him.  And as with his uncontrolled wetting now, he figured he better enjoy it as much as possible while he still could, because all too soon this bet would be over with and he would be done with the sissy stuff… at least as far as Mel being his Mistress.  Such a shame, but he had to win!
     The dinner he had prepared didn’t come from his recipe book.  Most of the idea had come from the back of a box, but he had made more than a few changes.  It was however, still mostly low-calorie food.  One thing that cook book had taught him, was what worked for diet cooking and what didn’t.  This was the most he had let himself experiment with her dinner yet.  It tasted good to him… but would she approve?  He could only hope. 
     Boring, boring, boring.  Nothing to look at, nothing to hear.  Just stand uncomfortably on his perch and be out of the way.  The only thing he was allowed to exercise was his imagination.  At least he still had that!

     Mel sat back and grabbed her nearly empty wine glass again.  Dinner had been really great.  Maybe the best thing he had cooked so far.  She briefly wondered again why they even bothered to go out to restaurants several times a week.  His cooking was much better.  But she knew the answer to that.  Convenience.  There wasn’t time for him to cook anything on Thursday or Friday nights since they had other things to do.  Not to mention, she got a huge kick out of the humiliating circumstances the restaurants afforded for him.
     She smiled as she got up from her seat and walked softly over to his corner.  As far as she could tell, he hadn’t moved a muscle since she had sent him there.  The bar he was perched on looked terribly uncomfortable, but that was part of the fun of it – for her.  She was fairly sure it was fun for him as well – only in a different way. 
     She walked around to the side of him, up against the wall.  She could see his eyes open, staring straight ahead into the nothingness of the corner – waiting for her to speak.  “Dinner was great tonight,” she said.  “One of your best meals yet.”  As she hoped, he didn’t move – didn’t react in any outward way at all.  But she was sure he appreciated her remark.  “Get down off of there now and get your dinner ready.  We have a lot to do tonight.”
     Chad took a big breath as he extricated himself from the perch and the corner.  His legs ached, but he was glowing inside from Mel’s compliment.  She had actually complimented him!  He wasn’t sure she had ever done that before.  He was smiling as he curtseyed and hurried into the kitchen to pull jar after jar of baby food out of the cabinet for his dinner.
     Mel wandered over to her paperwork and stared at it for a few minutes to give him time to get ready, then she went back to the kitchen where she locked him into his highchair, put his bib around his neck, and placed his dinner and a fresh bottle on his tray.  Then, while he was eating, she refilled her wine glass and leaned back against her counter to watch him for a minute.  He looked so ridiculous – he was so ridiculous!  But that was all part of what she liked about him.  And she herself had made him that way!
      “I talked with everyone who knows about our bet today,” she told him.  “I asked all of them if they would be willing to judge us fairly.”  She saw him look up – with the tiny baby spoon still in his mouth, he somehow managed to look positively infantile.  Something inside of her giggled at that. 
      “Derek is willing – but he’s not interested in being fair, so he’s out.”
     Chad was relieved.  Derek was the last person he wanted to be judging.  But of course, he was fairly sure that nobody they knew would be on his side, so what did it matter. 
      “Gloria flat out said no, which is a shame because I think she’d be more likely to be completely impartial than anyone else.”
     Chad hadn’t considered Gloria.  And Mel was right about her being his one chance at someone being totally impartial.  It was a shame she wouldn’t do it.
      “Andrea said she’d do it, and not only that, but she insisted that the only way she’d do it is if she’s totally impartial and fair.”
     Chad was surprised – and pleased.  Andrea was another one he hadn’t really thought about.  Mel was certainly being thorough.  As far as Andrea was concerned, he was chalking one up for his side.
      “Both Cassie and Sandy have also agreed to judge us fairly as well,” Mel added.  “And while I had some worries about Sandy, I think she’s being sincere.  I think both of them will be honest about it.”
     Chad wasn’t so sure, especially about Sandy, but it was better than he hoped.  At least he felt good about Andrea.  He still mentally placed both Cassie and Sandy firmly in Mel’s camp.
      “I also asked Robin,” Mel continued. 
     That surprised Chad… and worried him as well.
      “She’s not answering for now.  She wants to think about it.  I’m not sure she’s willing to do it – let alone be impartial about it.  So we’ve got three for sure, which is a perfect number – no tie votes.  We’ve got our judges – if we need them.”
     Chad looked at her.  Two judges he was sure would probably side with Mel no matter what and Andrea… possibly her too.  But then, he didn’t have any friends who knew about what was going on who could possibly be on his side.  “Most likely, we won’t need them,” he said in his silly lisping voice.  I’m pretty sure this will all be settled the first day anyway… on Friday.”
     His words troubled Mel, more than she expected.  She would have argued with him about it, but his complete confidence that he could still win unnerved her too much.  Saying nothing, she left him to his dinner and went out to concentrate on her work – which was impossible since all she could really think about was how sure he still seemed to be that he was going to win.  It was a very troubling sign.

     Chad was doing the dishes – and watching Mel’s latest batch of green tea that was cooking in her big pot when he heard the phone ring.  He was glad he didn’t have to answer it.  He could just picture himself trying to speak to some stranger on the other end in his stupid sissy voice and get them to understand him.  Impossible! 
     He realized he was peeing yet again into his freshly changed diapers.  He paused in his task to enjoy the brief feeling.  It seemed like more and more lately he never noticed himself peeing anymore. 
     He heard Mel answer her phone… and he heard her saying hi to Sandy.  He also heard Mel saying she’d see her in a minute… which meant that Sandy was on her way over.  He remembered the ballet he and Mel had been working on, and he remembered the fact that Mel and Sandy were going to change it.  Which meant – dance practice tonight.  Well, that really wasn’t so bad.  He had done far worse things in the evenings.
     Since Sandy would be coming to the door in a moment, he wiped his wet hands off on the dish towel and slowly started heading toward the front door.  He saw Mel was back to concentrating on her paperwork again. Wasn’t Sandy on her way over right then?  Did he misunderstand?  Someone knocked on the door.  Hopefully, Sandy.
     He only had a moments worry about who was knocking as he opened the door – and was relieved to see Sandy there.  He curtseyed.  “Hi Sandy,” he said before curtseying again.
     Sandy paused a moment at seeing his double curtsey, but she didn’t think anything else of it.  “Hi Sissy,” she replied.  “Ready for some exercise again?”
     Chad curtseyed.  “I think so,” he replied before curtseying a second time.
     This time, Sandy took more notice of his double curtsey, but again she didn’t say anything because obviously it was the latest thing that Mel was requiring of him.
      “Hi Sandy,” Mel’s voice called.  “Come on in.”
      “Hi Mel,” Sandy replied as Mel got up from her seat.  She could see the top of the sofa covered with several large stacks of papers.  Sandy held up the CD she had in her hand.  “I brought some music for you to check out.”
      “Great!” Mel replied.  “I appreciate you helping me like this.”  She pointed at the papers on her sofa.  “As you can see, I’m a bit overwhelmed with work lately.”
      “No problem,” Sandy replied as Mel turned her stereo system on.  “Actually, I enjoyed putting this stuff together.  I just kept Sissy in mind the whole time and it because a lot of fun.”
     Chad went back to the dishes while Mel and Sandy listened to the different musical pieces Sandy had found.  He was quick to realize that every piece of music was childish nursery rhymes.  He was going to have to do a ballet dance to that?  A serious… sort of… dance to music that was ridiculously childish?  With a sigh and a shake of his head, he whispered to himself… “Whatever!”
     When the dishes where done, he started pouring Mel’s boiling tea mixture into his empty bottles.  Ugh!  It was bad enough when Mel made the tea and fixed his bottles for him.  He only had to put up with drinking them then.  But having to do this part himself was like adding insult to injury.

      “I think that one is definitely it!” Mel declared as they listened to one of the pieces for the third time. 
      “Yeah, I think that one will work the best,” Sandy agreed.
      “Then I guess we just need to put it all together,” Mel declared.  She turned toward the kitchen.  “Sissy… ballet time!”
     Once again Chad was subjected to ballet practice – with lots of time to drink from his bottles as Sandy and Mel decided on changes to the present routine he already knew.  Fortunately, those changes were minimal.  Chad had an idea that Mel and Sandy intended to make his next ballet performance far more humiliating than his last one, but he had no idea as to what they had planned.  He was fairly certain though that he wouldn’t be doing it in the privacy of Mel’s living room.  That was the one part that worried him the most.  As to the dance itself… he tried to do his best to do everything correctly, the way Mel had originally taught him.  It was the best way he knew of to keep things from being even more humiliating. 
     As soon as his diapers were leaking again, Mel finally called a halt to practice and Sandy went home. Ten minutes later, Chad had added plenty of protection to the top of Mel’s bed and Mel was securing his arms and legs to make sure they would stay out of the way.
      “You did better than I expected tonight,” Mel praised him as she started to remove his chastity device.  “You didn’t forget as much as I thought you might.”
      “Thank you Mistress,” Chad replied as he concentrated on the now strange feelings his genitals were beginning to feel.  As piece after piece of the device was removed, he felt more and more cool air hitting places where nothing was usually able to touch.  It felt so strange.  And when Mel suddenly pulled his diapers over him and held them there, he realized he was peeing again without knowing he was doing it.  So strange. 
     A short while later, Mel had cleaned him up and locked his now useless penis completely up again.  She encased it all in layer after layer of thick cloth diapers and stretched a pair of his plastic panties over top of it all.  Then she untied him.
      “You better go home now, Sissy,” she told him.  “I suggest you go to sleep as soon as you finish your three bottles.  I’ll be getting you up a lot earlier than usual again tomorrow.”
      “What’s going on tomorrow?” Chad asked as she untied his final wrist.
     Mel smiled.  “I’ll let that be a surprise.  Good night, Sissy,” she said sincerely.  “Sleep tight.”


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