Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gina’s Three Day Weekend – Post 2


Wow that was a long night, but I finally got a change this morning.  She has me in full makeup right now.  I got a big grin from the guy last night at the Wendy's drive through when I batted my huge eyelashes at him.  It was fun!

She has had me go out full femme before.  It is a challenge, the really hot weather makes it difficult though, but we are expecting a cool front.

Oh, the chastity is driving me crazy....

Victoria likes your blog, and just suggested documenting some real world diaper slavery on it.

Mmm, diaper rash itches....nap time now, she wants me to rest and wear my pretty black nightie, hose stay on though.


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sarah penguin said...

Aww, someone needs a change into a clean one diaper, and some diaper rash ointment!