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The Bet - Chapter 54 (Wednesday – week 8 Part 6 of 9)

The Bet
By Karen Singer

Chapter 54 (Wednesday – week 8 Part 6 of 9)

     There were a lot of empty spaces in the parking lot as Chad drove back to work.  Not many people around yet.  But as early in the lunch hour as it still was, he didn’t expect to see very many people.  He parked his car where he usually did and got out with his purse slung over his left shoulder.  He opened the back door and pulled his diaper bag out and threw that over his right shoulder.  Then he went back to the front seat and grabbed the bag that held his large hamburger and fries.  He had gotten large size because lunch was the only time he seemed to be allowed to eat “normal” food lately.  Everything else was just baby food and he wasn’t going to waste one of his few opportunities to eat something better. 
     Careful not to let his diaper bag fall off his shoulder, he reached in and grabbed the first large sized drink out of his cup holder and transferred that into his left hand, then he grabbed the second drink from the other cup holder and set that down on the floor next to the third large-size drink that he had placed there when he bought them.  He only had two cup holders in the car so he had done his best to hold the third one in place with the heel of his shoe while he drove back to work.  And it had worked – surprisingly. 
     He leaned his whole body in into the car and carefully grabbed all three large size drinks at the same time between his two hands.  His purse slipped off his shoulder to land with a jarring pull on his elbow.  Fortunately, he didn’t drop or spill any of the drinks.  He stood up and kicked his car doors closed and headed toward the building, his hands totally occupied with trying to carry so much.  He had to use the pinky of his right hand to pull open the door to get inside – that had been difficult, but he made it.  Then it was just a matter of traversing the hallways in his sexy heels all the way back to his little cubicle where he gratefully set everything down on his desk.  Whew!  He could have managed it all much easier if it was only two large drinks.  But three!  And the worst part was that he was fairly sure Robin would make him drink all of them before the day was over with – one way or another.
     He gratefully dropped his purse and diaper bag on another area of his desk before opening the diaper bag and pulling out one of the empty bottles.  He knew he should really rinse the thing out first, but he wasn’t about to chance any more trouble by going down to the ladies room to do it.  Especially not going down there with a baby bottle in his hands. 
     He carefully pried the lid off of one of the drinks and opened the empty baby bottle.  He filled the bottle slowly to the top, then screwed the nipple back on it.  He looked into the cup he had poured from.  The liquid inside had gone down more than he had hoped for.  He realized that the ice in the cup was still taking up most of the room.  He also quickly realized how much less he might have to drink if he poured all the liquid out before the ice melted!  With a bit of a smile on his face he grabbed more bottles and kept pouring.
     The first drink had only completely filled two bottles and most of a third.  Unfortunately, not quite enough that Robin wouldn’t make him add more.  He finished filling that bottle with the second drink and also filled the fourth and fifth bottles.  He sixth and final bottle only got a little in it from his second drink cup.  He finished filling it from the third.  Before he did anything else, he put the lids back on all three large size drink cups and put the two that now only held ice into the trash.  He was still left with a third that was about three quarters full.  But that was better than he expected. 
     Feeling a bit better about things, he sat down and gratefully sank his teeth into his hamburger – fully enjoying the pleasure of the taste and the chance to actually chew something solid.  The French Fries were just as good.  Having to wash it all down by drinking from a baby bottle didn’t even register on his mind – he was that used to it.

      “Hello gorgeous!”
     Mel smiled.  “Hi Ray.  How are you?”
      “Great, baby, great!” he replied. 
      “I heard you had quite a night last night,” Mel told him before he had a chance to say anything else.
     That wasn’t what Ray wanted to hear just then.  It sounded like Gloria had already told Mel about his little visit last night.  Not exactly the best of situations for asking Mel out on another date.  “Uh…  Yeah, I guess you already talked to Gloria.  I hope she didn’t say anything bad about me.”
     Mel almost laughed.  “Bad!  She was positively ecstatic!”
     Ray smiled.  “Well then, wouldn’t you like me to make you that ecstatic too?”
     In a way, Mel was a bit put off by the fact that Ray had made her best friend so happy last night, and now was trying to two-time her already!  But then, that was Ray.  And both she and Gloria knew that about him. 
      “Sorry, Ray.  I told you yesterday… and the day before.  Not this week.  Next week either for that matter.  After that, well… like I said, just don’t give up.”
      “You’re still going to be stubborn about it?” Ray asked.
      “Sorry.  Got to.  But I know for a fact that Gloria wouldn’t mind seeing you any time she can.”
     As much as Ray almost hated to admit it, he knew already that he was going to see Gloria again.  Glorious Gloria!  Gloria the tiger!  Gloria the… damn the woman was good in bed.  But Mel… Mel was rich!  “I’ll keep that in mind,” Ray replied.  “But I want you to keep me in mind as well!”
      “Don’t worry, I won’t forget you,” Mel replied.
      “And I won’t forget to keep asking – every day!  Just like I’ve been doing.”
     He was persistent!  That was one thing that Mel could say about Ray.  Persistent!

     Robin hurried through lunch and got back to the office early.  As she approached Sissy’s cubicle, she slowed down and stopped to look in.  He was there.  She saw him turn his head towards her with his mouth stuffed with food.  A little bit of a hamburger was still left in his hands.
     Chad saw Robin looking at him.  He quickly put down what was left of his hamburger and got to his feet.  With his mouth still full of food he curtseyed and tried to say hello to her, but what came out was mostly muffled nonsense – not that his silly lisping sissy voice would have been much better.  He curtseyed again, despite how unintelligible his words had been. 
      “Still eating?” Robin asked as she came all the way into his cubicle.  She saw the baby bottle full of what looked like a soft drink on his desk.  She also saw one large size drink there as well.  “I thought I told you to get three drinks,” she said.
     Chad stood as he swallowed, and curtseyed.  “I did.  The others are in the trash.” 
     Robin peered over him to his trash can and saw the two other cups.  “How many bottles did you fill?” she asked.
      “All of them,” Chad replied. 
     She took the one drink he had left and opened the lid.  There was still a lot in the cup.  “When you’re done with that bottle, make sure you refill it again.  Looks like you’ve got plenty left to work with.  But I’m glad I told you to get three drinks instead of two.  As I suspected, two wouldn’t have been enough.”  She grabbed his diaper bag and walked out with it saying, “Enjoy your lunch.”
     Chad wasn’t thrilled about having to refill the bottle, but then he had half expected that she would want him to.  He also expected that she would keep him refilling the empty bottles – and drinking them – all afternoon.

      “Andrea,” Mel said into her office phone, “any word from Feinbaum yet?  That contract should have been here by now.”
      “Sorry, Mel.  Still nothing.”
     Frustrated, Mel hung up the phone… and picked it up again, this time dialing Feinbaum’s office.  Three minutes later, Dick Feinbaum answered her call.  “Hi Mel,” he said cheerily into the phone.
      “Hi Dick,” Mel replied.  “I’m checking on that contract.  I haven’t seen it yet.”
      “We’re still waiting here too.  Slatter said they were having some technical difficulties.  Personally, I think they’re trying to delay things.  I promise we’ll send your copy over to you just as soon as we get it here.”
      “Okay, Dick.  Thanks,” Mel replied.  She knew for a fact that things like this happened frequently.  Very frequently.  And there was nothing that anyone could… or would do about it.

     Chad stared at his computer screen.  All seemed quiet enough, so he opened up his spreadsheet for tracking the bet.  He stared briefly at the number of days still to go – nine.  Just nine more days.  They were down to single digits now.  But somehow, nine seemed like an awfully big number still.  He tried to mentally compare it to twenty, or thirty, or even forty, but he was unable to do so.  Nine days, and after all he had been through, it still seemed like a long time. 
     His gaze moved to the column of reasons for winning the bet – chief among them were self-respect, friends, and a life.  He wondered again if they were good reasons and decided that yes, they were good reasons, very good reasons.  Reasons that shouldn’t be ignored!  They were reasons he had firmly believed in – just a very short time ago.  So why didn’t they seem so important to him now?  He had no answer for that. 
     He closed his eyes and realized he was peeing a little bit again.  He had dreamed of being incontinent.  It had been one of his strange fantasies for years.  Powerful enough to become one of his primary sexual thrills – for years!  He had thought it would be wonderfully humiliating.  But was it? 
     And now, like it or not, whether he actually was or wasn’t incontinent, his body was acting like it was.  As if, unbelievably, his dream had somehow come true.  But was he really enjoying it?  Was it everything he thought it would be? 
     He had been in diapers continuously now for almost two months.  For much of that time now, Mel had devised ways to force him to not only not hold back from wetting himself, but those games had forced him to continuously try to keep wetting himself – nonstop!  And even when he wasn’t being forced to wet himself continuously, she was seeing to it that he drank so much liquid all the time that holding back would be virtually impossible anyway.  He never had a chance to hold back anymore!  In fact, he felt more normal now trying to wet himself than not trying.  Just the opposite of what he used to be… what the rest of the world was.
     He opened his eyes to check his spreadsheet again.  According to his last entry for holding back, it had been almost a week now since he had even tried.  And the result?  His body was now behaving like he really was incontinent.  It was behaving – the way Mel wanted it to.
     But was he enjoying it?
     He briefly thought back to some of the things he had been through over the last two months… things he had endured over the last two months.  As always, the reality was far different than the dream.  Far different!  But he had to admit – truthfully – that he did enjoy it.  And… he was still enjoying it.  Despite all the pain, despite all the horrible embarrassment, despite all the inconvenience, despite all the unbelievable humiliation he was forced to endure – day after day, and despite ruining his life… he had enjoyed it, and he was still enjoying it. 
     It was his dream.  He was doing what very few ever had the chance to really do.  Live their dream.  He was living it – and then some.  Perhaps with a big emphasis on “and then some!”
     So bottom line?  While it wasn’t exactly everything he thought it would be, it was still horribly exciting, and fun… and dare he say it… sexually fulfilling – despite Mel keeping him from being able to orgasm properly. 
     But the bet would soon be over – nine days from now.  Which meant that the games and the fun would be over with – nine days from now.  And his dream would be ending – nine days from now.  Unless…  Unless he threw the bet and pretended to be totally incontinent so he could continue serving Mel – for the next year anyway.  But while doing so briefly flashed across his mind, he knew for a fact that he would never do that.  He had to win!  He was no longer totally sure of why he had to win, but he had to.  Self-respect, friends, and a life were all very good reasons – top of the list, but he knew there was more to it than that.  He simply had to.  And fortunately, he still knew for a fact that Mel making him totally incontinent in just two months’ time was impossible.  Completely impossible.
     So since it was so impossible, he would enjoy the situation while he still could.  He had always dreamed of the delicious humiliation of being totally unable to control himself… of needing to be in diapers like a baby because he really had to have them… of having no more control of himself than a tiny baby.  He had dreamed of it, and now, as long as he didn’t fight it, his body was behaving just like he had always dreamed it would.  So he would enjoy it while he could – for nine more days.  Nine days to enjoy the dream. 
     And suddenly, nine days seemed like an awfully short time!

     Robin stared at the screen in front of her.  They were getting down near the end of the project now.  Although she was fairly sure it wouldn’t be totally finished until next week sometime.  And since Sissy would be off on his vacation then, she would have to finish it up by herself.  But before next week, all the work that Sissy needed to do should easily be finished.  There wasn’t that much that she was worried about anyway.  It was all stuff she knew she could do herself – just not as quickly or as well.
     She glanced at the time.  “Sissy!” she called over the wall.  “Get in here!”
     Chad heard her and immediately stopped what he was doing.  He hurried around to her cubicle.  “Yes?” he asked in his lisping sissy voice as he did his first curtsey the moment he arrived. Then he curtseyed a second time.
     Robin looked at him and shook her head.  “Why isn’t your thumb in your mouth?  Go back and try it again!”
     Frustrated with her requirements, Chad curtseyed and hurried out, only to turn around again, this time with his thumb in his mouth.  He got to Robin’s cubicle and stopped this time before removing his thumb and curtseying.  “Yes, Robin?”  Then he curtseyed and put his thumb back in his mouth again.
      “Better!” Robin said.  “Bottle time.”  She pointed at the diaper bag she had deposited on her desk and let him pull one out himself.  She watched as he sank down onto her cubicle floor with it and put it to his mouth.  Then she turned back to their project again.  Should they change anything?  She really liked most of it, but there was just something about it all that bothered her.  It wasn’t like her to second guess her own designs – or work, but was there was just something about it that bugged her.  Not knowing what it was, she pondered it while Sissy finished his latest bottle. 
     The moment she saw he had finished, she took his bottle from him and said, “Help me out with this.”
     Chad stood up to look at what she was talking about.  “What?” he asked.
     But Robin just shook her head.  “Why can’t you learn to curtsey every time you open your mouth?”
     Chad mentally screamed.  But outwardly, he curtseyed, then asked, “What do you need help with?” then he curtseyed again.  But Robin just continued to glare at him angrily – until he stuck his darn thumb in his mouth again and actually sucked on it.
     Then without saying anything else, Robin pointed at the screen.  “Look at this. Do you think it looks right?  I mean, do you think we need to change anything?”
     Chad took his thumb out of his mouth, curtseyed and said, “Change what?  I think it looks great.”  Curtsey, thumb back in his mouth again.
     But Robin wasn’t sure it really looked that great.  She started pointing out this and that, asking about this and that, and basically going through, in great detail, every little piece of their project, on every page.  Their conversation about it all took forever.  Under normal circumstances it would have taken a very long time, but since Sissy had to curtsey and worry about his thumb every time he opened his mouth, it took ten times as long.  And the way Robin was speaking with him required him to do that constantly. 
     It took long enough that they had to stop halfway through so Sissy could drink another bottle.  And by the time they did finish talking, it was time for yet another bottle.  And as Chad sank down to the floor with his latest bottle, he realized that as soon as he finished this one, it would be time for break.  Oh joy!  More to drink!

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