Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Weekend For Gina - 3


It is a rainy day here in Texas.  Between major rain bands Mistress Victoria had me take the dogs for  walk.  She had me wearing my wet diaper, plastic panties, OB girdle, and opaque pantyhose.  Not to mention male shorts and my sissy ballet slippers.  In daylight.  We had a good walk, and of course met two teenage girls. One of them smiled at me, and we kept on walking.  My legs in sheer nylons were obvious, and I just had to grin, and keep going. 

This evening is more smoking and wetting.  I find the chastity and crotch rope so effective.  I so much am cycling, but cannot release.  At some point I reach a mind set I never want to come.  This is submissive space, and prolonged chastity increases that.  She has me putting on a new layer of mascara every hour and my lashes are huge.  She wants me to go to church with the lashes, and will inform me of my attire in the morning.  She told me if I can roll a twelve with a pair of dice at nine pm tonight I can have a cummy.  Otherwise, no release until approved.

My long, black, rubber plug awaits.  

Well, time for more sissy porn.


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