Monday, September 10, 2012

Gina’s Three Day Weekend – Post 3


The Wendy's experience was fun for both of us, the young hispanic guy gave me a big grin.

Saturday evening was full femme time, lots of careful makeup, but way, way too hot to go out with a wig and girdle and diaper and hose.  Victoria gave me a break, but she had me milk myself, gave me a blessed diaper change, and sent me to bed.

Today at church I was diapered and underdressed, including a bra with no breasts, and very light makeup.  My church is very GLBT friendly, so no problems.  Victoria wants me to go to church full enfemme sometime this fall, and I will, and that will be very cool I think to be accepted there. 

Otherwise today has been the cycle of waiting for permission to wet, smoking and walking in my four inch heels.  The weather is cool and dry for a huge change, and we are grateful for that.  Wifey comes back Monday, so tonight I need to pack up and clean up.  But she will go again for another long weekend end of the month, so Victoria is planning for that.

I want to go to church full femme, I have been out only once in Houston fully, and I had a blast, but it takes a lot of work.  Shopping for an outfit and shoes is mandatory, and upgraded makeup....all good stuff.

Oh, the diaper rash....and you know they build with time.


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sarah penguin said...

Yup someone definately needs to go extra-girly to gets a bonus change wif extra diaper rash ointment!