Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gina’s Three Day Weekend – Post 1

One of my oldest on-line friends, Gina (who in the past as also acted as my Mistress during a few play periods long ago) has a three day weekend.  And Gina’s Mistress, Mistress Victoria, has suggested that I post his emails to me on my blog.

Since I enjoy reading about his various plights so much, I figured others might as well.  So I will try to add them for your enjoyment.

Here are the first few.



I told Mistress Victoria I have a 3 day weekend alone.  This morning I got a text:  go buy a bag of diapers, when you get home put on your nylon chastity, take a pix, then the diaper, then your plastic panties, then thigh top black nylons, take a picture and send it to me.  No wetting until approved, be sure you have cigarettes and deep red lipstick.

That was about 11 am, so I am dressed as specified, and sent the pictures.  About a half hour ago I was given permission for my first wetting with a smoke, with lipstick via another text.  She said she had lots of time this weekend to play.  So, it could get very intense.  Typically she keeps adding to the feminization.  It is nap time for me, with my phone by my side, waiting further instructions. 

There is reality for you, I am her diaper slave until she lets me go.  

So, where should I pick up reading your story?  

More later as it progresses.



Oh Karen,

Victoria has me in double nylon chastity, two layers, the last secured with a plastic zip tie.  She says she will not let me cum all weekend, but she is going to have me prostate milk myself several times.  No diaper change, but it is time for a wetting and smoke now, with deep red lipstick on.  Then I am to put on my long fake eyelashes and take the poodles for a walk.  

Torment....and I am leaking....




Putting the long false eyelashes on correctly is difficult, but I managed. Back from my walk, it is so hot here!  The poodles enjoyed it but I leaked.  I told Victoria that and that my thighs are a bit rashy.  Of course she told me to add another diaper!  No changes. I am surprised the lashes survived the sweaty walk, and they rub my eyeglasses. They are well glued, and I love the look.

 Now I am told to drink water, cool off, watch some sissy videos and wait for wetting instructions, after that I am to go through the Wendy's drive through wearing black thigh highs, and shorts, add a bra and my breasts, freshen my deep red lipstick and no dark glasses and to bat my eyelashes at the attendant.  I also have to wear heels.

Victoria has also suggested that you, yes you, add my emails to your blog for all to enjoy, and to increase my humiliation.  That is up to you, but it would please her.

Oh, the diaper bulk and plastic panties...


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sarah penguin said...

Oooh a non-story post! We haven't seen one of these in a while. Thanks so much for sharing these, looking forward to me, hopefully! :)